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Raidfield 2 - Online WW2 Shooter

Raidfield 2 - Online WW2 Shooter for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Alphatik Inc. located at Cihannüma Mah, Mehmetali bey Sok, NO10/1 Beşiktaş/İstanbul. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, War Themes) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There is a lot of bugs like when I show the player board the in game interface still shows up I can't exit out of so I need to switch teams in order for the screen to go away, also the joystick has 2 of them
This game is cool but it will be cool if you add a offline mods because when i play the game is very slow it will be cool you added a offline and have a AI running arround being tanks planes and soldiers that offline mod will be cool but ather than that the game is still cool
the reason I am giving you a 4 star is because I cant see if I can upgrade the tanks and planes I cant even click on it
kinda a mixed bag. the concept is very great, the gameplay is decent, the controls are better after the update, you could try adding more maps and more gamemodes, but the one thing that annoys me, is the reward system ( basically the cash/economy i the game) winning a battle then only winning 146 cash? while the weapons cost like 29.000 ? unfair for me 😔😔
Pls make the ai and zombies less overpowered pls and add more settings for controll and pls developers were begging you just pls and also add more maps from ww2 and more weapons and skin pls and also add jumping and crouching plsss and when you login it says mostly username and puting my email doesnt work bruh fix it
wish add more weapons tanks of ww2 planes of ww2 and add that you can crouch and prone to hide in your enemys and add more bigger maps
it's horrible. I got one shotted by a pistol wheres I go ten headshots with a Thompson smg. the controls are horrible. you cant customize it and the aiming is terrible. the worst part is the vehicles. to use a plane they give u around 20000 bucks(trust me that isnt a lot in this game) to get around five planes (they are like lives so if you die you need to waste more money to get init) but they only pay you 750 per round if you win.(merely impossible) .i dont recommend this game until ot improve
Its a great game but can you add in FPS? Thats all i really want also offline mode? Where you can use AI,anyways thats all it. Its a good game. Also about the register thing,you cant really register if you have a really long password since it gives you some limitation. Meaning you cant register unless you have a short password.
I must say, you've improved this game. although, I do have 2 minor complains. Firstly, why can't we earn battle points while using a vehicle ? I mean we do KILL other players with it. And secondly, pleaseee add new and larger maps, we desperately needed it. Well that's it. Keep up the good work 👏👏
To be honest this game would be better if it weren't 3rd person and the game would be better if it didn't exist. To sum this game up I would say all you do is run around,die, then get blown up by nothing.
why is there no control customization? The default control layout is horrible. Thisbgame is unplayable with the lack of control optimization.
great game but they should make the map more bigger and also have it to were we have access to explosives gun.we should also be able to shoot down enemy planes
To the dev: Raidfield 2 is an awsome and fun game to play, i even played it every morning but please fix the bugs and glithes. It is very frustrating to play the game when with bugs and glithes still happening, also please add a report button and ban all the cheaters and modders on this game, these people ruin the fun out of the game. so please fix all the issues and most importanly the cheaters that ruins people fun playing the game
theres not much to say other than this games all around sucks,controls are horrible, vehicles are op af, nothing renders unless it's like 2 feet in front of you,third person perspective does not do this game any favors,its just bad. edit:oh dont worry it's not good theres nothing good about this game,I figures out the hitmarkes basically never come from the direction your actually getting shot from. so ya great game(pure sarcasm)
Awful grammar, awful graphics, and you should be sued for copyright, because this is a RIP off of Battlefield 5. All you did was just try to hide anything that resembles bf5, but I noticed when playing that the maps were just like bf5. Awful!!!! I would give this a -1000000 star rating, and if you take this down, I will just keep on reposting it. Good day, and a bye bye
This probably the worst game it says I'm banned and I just started the game I watch people on youtube play it an they also don't like it I would not suggest this to a friend this I think is the worst I would give it 0 if that's even possible 😡😡😡😡😡😡
I love this game but u really need to get rid of the zombies that spawn right on top of you and kill you and the boys are invincible and they kill you in one shot you shouldn't have to pay for the planes and tanks and there needs to be in game chat and you to be able to join a room with actual people in it instead of them all being bots and the planes are impossibl to control you would have to play the game in a plane to know what I'm talking about but i still love the game its fun
Best Game Ever!!! i've played these for years....Hi Dev Can i Suggest something..can you add offline mode? cause my internet suckz and i always lag quit and i cant play properly..By the way Nice Game.
its ok but why cant you go inside tanks and inside planes really bad gamei uninstalled. also aiming is horrible
The servers are all dead every time I try to play ther is just no one or even if I'm lucky I get one person but they end up leaving because it's just a 1v1
Very poor optimisation it's incredibly choppy and laggy this game needs a lot of work done to it I'm very disappointed. A great idea with poor execution.
This game is really laggy so when i go on a battle it just freezes then i have to close the app. PLEASE FIX THIS
good game but there's a glitch when you choose the Germans you're American when you choose the Americans your German can you please fix that
Review post patch update 1. No Customizable HUD still 2. No button to Crouch and monkey crawl 3. Private matches with friends - as per new patch this feedback has been considered and I'm thankful but the first 2 still stand which make this game kinda unplayable when other games already have the customisable HUD option.
great concept its just the freaking lag spikes it makes the game impossible to play thanks to that i have 6gb ram and 64gb space how am i getting lag spikes while i also have 60fps
This great all in all, but there are a lot of bugs where you just stand still and can't move , Where the game kicks you out randomly , and last cheaters 1/15 games has a cheater and i have screenshots of them.
The game is fine over all needs more content eas dont make this game play to win it will ruin the battle feild type exprince the running is a littel slow it makes kinda slow pace could you make the running faster for a little and the guns make them set for what they are but over all great game
everytime I want to start playing it doesn't load a server for me no matter how many time i hit the play button please fix this
Hi developers and customer support, I am unable to play games as it kicks me out of the game constantly and just loads ads instead. The game is therefore unplayable. I will change my review if the bug is fixed. Thanks :)
Raidfield is like battlefield in your pocket and its a lot of fun when it works right but just like battlefield there are just as many flaws here that leave nothing but utter disappointment. For a low poly game the framerate is terrible and lags like crazy even on good devices it needs a lot further optimization. It also could have a bit more in the world, it feels so empty and wide open in spots. I also wish it had more than just 3 maps but that's the least of my worries. Still fun at least.
The game is okay but I'm playing on a j7 pro and this game usually keeps freezing and it is slow and I'm playing on servers with the lowest ping in the game on the other servers the pings are like over 200+ sometimes and so I played on the European server which is the lowest ping so please fix this when you can
Can you fix the lagg like before i joined a server it already lagg can you fix it plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssplsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssszszzzzssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssss
Anyone who has seen atleast a video of the PC game, Battlefield 5, will surely understand that this game is a complete rip-off of Battlefield 5, only difference - this game is for mobile. Well, whatever.....still it is nice enough.
This game is fun but you get spawn killed all the time and planes are to OP. Also, why do you have to pay money to spawn as a tank or plane? This game is really fun and keep up the good work. EDIT: I now made this three stars beucase it's very frustrating when I get killed right when I spawn in and I am now constantly watching ads to be able to use one tank per match and other players who buy money so they can use a tank all the time. EDIT: Now I am VERY frustrated please fix spawn killing!!!!!!
u guys should make transports and new maps with water and make it Esser to update and a update every month and allow good suggestions
The new update ruined this game. The previous version was great with only a few problems. However, now the game lags like crazy, and you can only have one loadout which totally ruins the gameplay.
i give 4 stars because the lag is... a nightmare plz make it less lagy and do yoir best, its a battlefield 5 or 1941 rip off dosent matter now i got a battlefield 5 rip off wich it lags alot i want a higher FPS plz thank you!
Game is fun but its hard to get into a match with a lot of players that hasn't already started and the game is a little laggy but it reminds me of playing battlefield boats should be added as well as bigger more dynamic maps
This was a good game before..but when i played it again the BOT is so OP coz if he shot me twice im dead already just nerf it or make it balance..i hope you will fix this game and make it fun..Also the control is a bit hard i hope you fix it too..Thats all i want good luck Devs..😉
I love it, it kindo is like battlefield but If you put first person shooter that well make the game great again and add new country like soviet union, Poland, Czech, norway, china and Canada so I hope you read this message that the game will make even more fun for the people that can enjoy better than everyone and the game will make more enjoyable and fun.
I go in loading loading loading after 5 minutes i checked my wifi i tried playing Minecraft and other stuff and it's working i tried putting the cable wire on my phone to get more wifi still not working i tried too be patient and waited 20 minutes and it's still loading pls fix that
Please wait ......(loading) due what the heck is this I cannot play this game I will give you -5 rate for this
It was one of my fav game but why i can't register? I keep pushing the register/login but nothings happening why is that? I need help pls😭
love the game but can it be made that you get a gun whene you reach the level like reach level 10 then get the sniper for free and plz make earning credits more easy thanks
I love this game it's fine, they just need to change the crosshar on the machine guns to the pistol kind and maybe add a fps veiw
It used to be good now it's horrible I like nothing now and there's always a tank and when the bots shoot it's like the bullets turn into a pencil it just goes straight I hate it
really fun and awsome. but can you guys please add weapon costumization and add new weapons also make character custumzation, new vehicles, and ragdoll physics, also destructible environment, and also get to revive knocked or dead players as a medic. can you please add a single player campaign. can you please add crouch and prone to the game. but i absolutely love this game, you guys keep up the great work.
Fantastic. Just improve the details. And fun fact. If you exit the tank sidewards and exit immediately before it hits the ground. Like for example. Your tank fall down from a bridge or high ground. And you exited before it hits da ground. Once you get in the vehicle. The tank will automatically go through the ground and into the void nothingness
Thanks for the zombie remove and please ad ragdoll to the enemy and player and please new maps and servers to choose and new guns and tanks and country and planes please ad boats and water map thank you
This game is good when I was playing this in 2019,now is just garbage cause the bot is strong,Annoying zombies spawn in 5 SECONDS!,this game is unplayable with zombies,why is still a holloween map ITS NOT HOLLOWEEN!
When i tap on deploy button i go back to menu game. I can't even play your game. Please fix your game or it will never get to be popular
Love everything except for the fact that bots instantly kill you before you can see them if you get too close and zombies randomly spawn and they can kill me inside the tank
Ill give it 3 at best since well, players arent really players they are just AIs thats super OP. If your gonna have AIs then maybe you should make the AIs less powerful and also maybe make a mode where you can control the settings and Ai, maybe at the start of the match make it so each team Ai spawn as an Squad of 5 and 2 tanks which would make it more intresting. Also the FPS is a little bit buggy and.the scope sensitivity is not good, same with the controls. Thats kinda all i have to say.
So I do agree with the other guys but it was really really nice. I loved it but please put in some of the stuff from the old one
The game is great man but the controls are a bit out of place. Specially the move pad. Its too far down the corner and very easy to miss and having to keep tapping the screen to find it. Would be nice to have an option to cuztomise them
this game was a masterpiece before but now it's a piece of garbage. developers fked up the game. i was a huge fan now i don't really know if i want to reinstall it again. if the developers bring back what it was years ago then it could be more perfect than it is now
Alphatic inc are you guys improving the graphics and adding more classes and battleships for the ship battle and adding The Plane for parachuting (i don't know what its called) and more animations because it's been a few Months. Or maybe you guys is in a vacation because you're not commenting to us.
The developer still hasn't fixed the bots they say they "Improved Bots" but didn't fix anything except make their tracking range futher so the instantly lock on to you with 100% aim bot and it take one or two shots for them to kill you which makes it impossible to play the bots just constantly kill you even in you peak a corner they snap to you and kill you in 1 second.
this game sucks after awhile it's not fun people been on here for a while they can one shot you it's very annoying not worth looking into!
Its unbalanced in terms of vehicles i think planes bomb radius should be bigger or give us a top down camera angle to see where their gonna drop. tanks should take longer to repair and thats about it. I think you should add a class that can place down a barricade that protects you and your teamates. add a crouch and fire button and make them optional cuz ik alot of ppl don't like to many buttons on their screen which leads me to my last point which is let us customize our HUD. thats all thx
The game is pretty good but I want them to but FPS and TPS but they but TPS. So please but FPS and some another mods
Cool multiplayer game . Still i want some updates. 1: plz make some bigger map and atleast a co op bomber turret and some battlefield like only tanks are allowed.
Its a great game fun and everything but more maps is needed and maby custom maps to be able to play with friends and maby add some extra game modes
Game to slow and too many glitches. and im pretty sure people are AI and whenever i get shot i get an ad which kicks me out of game and i dont get a refund when i for example buy a tank or plane ingame i spawn then after about 20 seconds i get an ad so im like "ehh ill get an refund" but NO THIS GAME DOESNT, AND THE VEHICLES ARE TOO EXPENSIVE oh yeah and did i mention (i know i did) that this game IS SOO LAGGY plus when i freeze i get sent back to lobby and i dont get my exp and cash I DESERVE.
An ok game but so many thing wrong with it. after taking the only 1 or 2 objectives you will get spawn camped for the rest of the game. there is a delay for movement on spawns so most times you die before you can see the enemy and it will spawn you right in front of enemies. being killed by people who arent there or shouldnt be able to see you happens too much as well. the lag is attrocious. you will get kicked from most games back to the menu for no reason. you will get killed by 1 bullet ALOT
Bad game, the character is very slow, tank is super op, graphics even at ultra are disgusting, plane controls are terrible, and most of a very bad attempt at Making a good ripoff of Battlefield V
It needs work like a crouching micanic. It could also use more tank destroying weapons and it needs the controls to be worked on.
Awful experience on my phone with a lower end processor. It's funny how I can play PUBG Mobile on medium with over 20fps but I constantly get 15 and lower fps with this game on low graphics. Controls are horrible and default sensitivity levels are terrible. Low fps + awful controls make this game absolutely unplayable. The fact that the game is 3rd person does not help anything at all. Putting those aside, the fact that tanks are op and maps are overly huge make this an awful experience overall.
It is so good and now you can jump and crouch it is now one of the best games I have played and my favorite fps game
The game sucks now. The obvious bots never miss, and I can't even play the game without a tank. Nerf the bots or delete them. It isn't even multiplayer anymore. Most 5 star reviews are either old or fake.
AI sucks to many adds graphics suck so so much please improve and why is it have a 2 when there is not evan a first game please make another game based on ww1 o and you stole the title raid feild from a game called ravenfeild ypu do not have to copey other things just make up a name oh and you copied the sounds from battle feild 5 oh and you copied the name
I think there should be a ww3 version of this, with the infantry, tanks, planes, it's going to be the best experience. like war thunder or battlefield mobile.
RUINED BY UPDATES!!!!!! It had so much potential back in its earlier version. The graphics were way more smooth and clean, detailed. The class system was the very best about this game. THE BEST!!! THEN YOU DEVS REMOVED THAT FOR NO GOOD REASON!!!! Now the game is but a shell of its former self. Now it has stupid characters that don't make sense, weapon skins that don't look great and the graphics went full potato than it was before. Shame.
i wanted to say for this... everytime you win... and the rewarding mission doesn't make sense for doing them so hard it's almost impossible to beat them so can you please make it better
like the game. but i have an issue.every time i play the maps it just KICKS YOU OUT OF THE MAP!!.PLS FIX THIS ISSUE!!! (no problems with wifi connection)
every time i go to a match the game let me play for 30sec the its over and when the game just even started no one has points the magically the enemy will have a 45 points please fix it the game is good and make the vehicles more controllable
Can't even play the game. Everytime I press deploy, an ad pops and when it ends it sends me back to the lobby.
I can't start a single game ads come from starting , why you don't put ads after match, irritating, becouse i can't play(start) single game
It was so much better before they removed the preset classes. With the preset classes, there was different uniforms to represent what you had on you. Now, you have to buy your way through uniforms that are very different from the ones you got when you selected a preset uniform. Pretty disappointed.
i first thought this would be bad, apart from some bugs its really fun. can you add a friend system so we can play with our friends
The game won't even let me play it it just sent me back to the lobby so I can't play my game so plz fox this
This game is fun but you get spawn killed all the time and planes are to OP. Also, why do you have to pay money to spawn as a tank or plane? This game is really fun and keep up the good work. new update fixed most stuff good job :)
add more vehicles like AA tank, light tank or half tracks that can transport people, new anti infantry tanks like puma or sdkfz 222 or on the allies you can add the american version of halftracks, jeep willys with 50 cal (can damage tanks) and british tanks like crusader MKIV or Churchill MK.VII and american tanks like M26 pershing, M48 patton and lots of things. and the ui update always overlapping at eachother, in the battle of wheatfield where an a.i (?) is making a weird pixelated 2D shapes
the controls are hard to use and if there is a computer one then the controls on that are probably easier but can u add joysticks that the mobile players can see please
EDIT: The game has been updated and it's way more playable now with my fps averaging over 20. I've also come to getting used to the controls (still not customizable) and the big maps. While the game has been optimized I still didn't enjoy the game. Spawn killing happens way too much and if the opposition has already captured points winning is almost impossible. Hit markers seem inaccurate too. The devs seems to be listening though so I'm hoping the game can be improved on with more feedback! :)
This game is fun and exciting but it's graphics could be better so if that could change the i t wold be 5 and a half stars and the other things is that you can't earn gold so change that and this game is golden
5 stars. Good game like bf5 for your phone but less graphical. Also a low majority rating like bf5 too.
can you can ban cheaters i found 2cheters. they using tanks they use the chets are aim bot and auto matic shots please is a ban option
A word to the developers the game has great potential and its pretty fun right now but I have experienced a bug that caused me to uninstall the game when ever I was kicked out of a match or Left a match I lost a lot of money. and when you lose money when playing a game especially a lot of money it's kind of not worth playing anymore
Good Update but there are a still bugs , cheaters 1/15 games has a cheater and i have screenshots of them. Also there's a glitch where i cant see the objective and recieve my daily reward
Fun rarley but most of the time the game is super low quality, the matches are un alanced with spawn trapping in nearly evryone and unbalanced matches due to the baility to buy tanks and planes with infantry not being able to destroy them at all
When i open this game it always do please wait please wait the worst game ever also i have delete it and download it but it do not work i have 200 gb package and the speed is also coming good but it did not work i wish you should make a good game but its nice the graphics are awsone
This is a great game and if it had more game mods maps or guns it well be like a battlefild also make a oppantsion plz add more
The FPS mode has no effort put into it. All they did was change the camera position and its incredibly buggy. Also theres a low playerbase for a reason. The gameplay is nothing like the images. Theryes lot's of bug's and i dont expect them to fix it. They used Unity Assets which is a huge bummer since the tank's can't drive over them. And they ripped off Battlefield V. No thought into the game which means it has bo potential. F$#k you.
Not good controls features, fps drops sometimes. results to lack of players, which leads me to uninstall this. Please fix this and I will play it again.
its a fun game until someone from the enemy team runs to the back side of your spawn and takes control of the over powered basically impervious antiaircraft gun killing you everytime you spawn. you can kill the turrent but then you have no turrent, and they usually bomb you with their aircraft before you can do that anyway. the spawn killing issues as well as the fact that anyone higher level than you has way better guns and upgrades so its basically impossible to play.
The game is terrible the planes don't turn good if u turn with a plane it's gonna turn forever if u don't touch the joystick 🕹️
could have enjoyed but the game mechanics are too annoying. first up you get two smg's to choose from but too bad for you people camping in your spawn will three shot you.i dont know how hard it is to master third person shooting should be like you could have copied the exact movement and aiming in pubgm or fortnite mobile you would have a lot better than what you have.game has potential but not in its current state. p.s. fix spawn camping if you want new players to join the players
The game is improving update by update, yes bugs exist and the weak anti cheat system is being exploited by hackers. However knowing the developers, I see this game is going to be better update by update, with the amount of dedication and hardwork that has gone into this game. Remember, this is just an alpha and rumors say that the beta is soon to be released. In any case, many thanks to the people playing it and giving feedback it is helping the developers a lot. Enjoy the raiding. ;)
Is it so hard to add crouching? Edit:YES! CROUCHING! FIVE STARS! This game is perfect! I highly recommend this game. The Negative reviews vary,but I like this game.
very very good game i like to play it i made video about this game on my youtube channel JM GAMING1011 but for some reason the stoped working its been 2 months now since i played my yt channel is in the hands of this game so pls help me fix it when i start the game i gets stuck in loading i open it everyday hopin for a new result but nothing pls help.
1)Almost all the players are AIs which act very oddly. 2)There are a few bugs and sometimes the game becomes laggy. 3)We should get rewards after watching long unskippable ads. 4)Sometimes we forget which side we had chosen before entering the match. 5)The game freezes when I commit suicide while using the anti-aircraft gun. 6)Springfield's fire button doesn't work sometimes. 7)Add battle chat and the option to send friend requests. 8)Sometimes the 'Enter Tank' button appears only when I jump.
well i should say for this game looks interesting a battlefield like but the rewarding is just way hard and really not good for getting reward even the size of the tank is just terrible like the Panzer I and others (cause how they can be targeted so easily by the defence turret) and should have a good transportation vehicle such as Half trucks, motorized vehicles and so on still fine and good and yes... i know you worked so hard for this game cause how cheap you madr
Cool Concept game but the aim can be really shaky. Also players glitch out during matches. Flying Planes work when fireing. And we need vehicles like a bike or truck cause your avatar move so slow.
I love the gsme as how u can be a tank plane or soldier however i do wish there was a feature to add freinds and to play as more teams so like allied forces together so u can play as American or British and so on and axis Germany italy and so on and bigger maps and more vehicles
Honestly the game was a beast but now its like 😐 I also wish we could customise the characters ourselves and if the bots would like calm the hell down like 2 shots and your dead also I think there should be a bigger map and more vehicles 🥸
The update did nothing and it is still Halloween themed and it's February. Zombies are overpowered, new AI is overpowered, and planes are Impossible to control. It used to be a great game, but it is just horrible now. DO NOT INSTALL!
you guys need to fix the air cannon when an enemy or Allie used a air cannon and the cannon won't destroy only enemies make prone update too
When i play the game first i have lot of fun the gameplay is good and i love the fancy graphics of it, but the game needs lot of fixing and updates, please add new maps and new character avatar, and the game has LOTS LOTS LOTS OF CHEATER LIKE SPAMING OR UNLIMITED GRANDES AND THEIR GUN IS MODED TOO PLEASE FIX THIS CUZ IT'S RUIN THE GAME