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Raider-Legend for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 4399enGame located at RM 19C,LOCKHART CTR. 301-307 LOCKHART RD.WAN CHAI HK. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood, Suggestive Themes) and required Android version is 3.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Although I had problems logging in with my previous account and needed to settle with a new one, I still think this game is great! Thank you for giving us a wonderful gaming experience 😊
This game wouldn't let me get a full scroll down so that i could accept the terms to play the game!!!
Forget the scrpit kiddies I play straight. No topups no hacks and I'm still on top. 《€}{@¡N¿》.
How this game has got high reviews is beyond me! Pretty much the same gameplay as most Rpg's on mobile devices. Graphics is not something to rave about and defentaly no 'stunning visuals. And most of all just copied loads of stuff from other games such as darksiders, world of Warcraft etc! Please come up with something new and not stolen!
i wanted to love it... installed, asked for permissions, i click agree... then nothing but a black screen. i even tried to uninstall and reinstall... still nothing. ☹️
The game is great but you guys could do better with the animation and probably widen the role choices
Game was fun at first. But now every other mission it tells me i need to level up more beforw being able to do mission. Id understand if i was deeper into the game but im not and now its just stupid. Instead of being able to play for hours i can only plet for a few minuets.
It's a pretty cool game! I don't know what the Hell i'm doing, but i'm doing it anyways!!! I've never played this type of game before but i'm going to keep at it!!!
I dont know. I cant play because it wont open once installed. Please fix. I would love to try the game.
I gotta admit. I had to go through some difficulties to play this game.The installation had some issues, but once u get past that, the game is quite enjoyable. I just started it. So far, it's good
OG beta tester.. was good but now it's no point of playing if you start a new server every 15 days. the server will just die out. all the noobs. will switch. guilds will die. nothing but the strongest to prideful to leave all that hard work behind.
I really wanted to play this game, but every time i load it and agree to terms and conditions, i just get a black screen :(
I am looking for a few minutes ago by clicking the button on my phone number is the best of luck for the use game is vee
it's a great time killer hell I've been playing for what feels like an hour and it's already been six LOL
Dear developer i am unable to play most of the events in my server or game like FFA. RED GEM COMPOUND. GLUID EVENT'S. and many more what to do. i think I have bugs in my game pls solve this problem
My biggest problem is that it turns on auto over and over, so there is no fun in playing the quests by yourself and no real way to take your time/ play at your own pace. Give an option to disable auto-play please. It ruined it for me that it kept turning back on.
all negative comments they are all bobo means you have to go in your settings then open permissions.so that u can download all the files these game is so great dont just put negative comments if you dont know whats going on ask first before you complain mga bobo haha
Seriously I'm fed up with the event section not opening again!!! How many times will i have to uninstall and reinstall it again to fix this? This is getting really annoying now!!! please fix this once and for all!!!!!!
There should be some sort of protection for new players from high level players. Like a you can't attack 10 levels lower for example. And the upgrades are the real killer for me. Just too much data. It might be free overseas but I have to pay for data.
Fun but support system lousy, many bugs, lots of cheating, wrong players get banned randomly, right players don't get banned ever...I will take my free gift.
Like what 2 true-blue (genuine) 1-star reviews said, this is sadly garbage with auto-play, dog (extremely) repetitive gameplay, pay-to-win mechanics creeping in after reaching level 38 too quickly, awful translation, dead (complete) dearth (lack) of voice acting, bribed 4-5 star reviews for fake rewards, a generic plot, 3 types of in-game currency, etc.
Just like most of the other reviews: the game didn't load after receiving ad info permissions, just a black screen. Deleted.
great game spending money is not required with this game you can play just fine without spending a dime
"Autoplay" sucks. And i dont care if i have to enhance or smelt or whatever leave a little "!" like a normal game or make the pop up last for like 3 seconds. that all you need otherwise it gets annoying af and it's pretty much the only reason i uninstalled besides the broken thing you call autoplay. Honestly, better rpg's on the play store
Game is good. Can play anytime and anywhere but today I can't log in. Please let me know what action I need do?
Lost acc log in with facebook character and everything is gone cant find it on any server whitch took so dang long 3hours to look through every server
Lol nice work as I've read from other reviews just like them I could only download the game when opened all I see is a black border white page with text on it stating something about permission which I gave it, I can see there is more text below but I can't click on or scroll down or up to read it..... Good work...... Uninstalled
5 mins and im level 10 and still have no idea whats going on. Plays by itself. So why do you even need me for.
Game is so good it's a scam..... Don't download lots of fake reviews all it does is ask you if you agree to let it have your ad ID then black screens
if I could give 0 stars I would. I've tried 5 seperate times to load up the game and all I get is a black screen and before anyone asks, yes I have restarted both the game and my device and it still doesn't work.
The heck in first its fine then i can't move i click all the function for the move button it didn't move. I need to exit so that i can move again then no other functions in system. I thought its cool but now i dont know!.
This game good to install and it is Better then Crasher...and advisable just play for free. (Edited 30.8.2019: Everything good on game but Game is shuting down on 8.9.2019 as at Raider's FB notice. So will delete and uninstall this game sadly seems no point in playing the game as game is to be shut down.)
having same issues as a lot of people. downloaded and agree to the pop up. but waited 30 min on a black screen hoping it to load but dont. done this twice
Nice game but I downloaded that local file and additional files whenever i open this game I give you five star because it was good but the way you handle my data and details are bad usually I won't give this kinda review to any app but sorry to say this...
Fun game good play style. Auto play is good fast leveling a lot of good drop rates overall great game and very fun!