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Raid the Dungeon : Idle RPG Heroes AFK games for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Quest Games Co., Ltd. located at 17F 1703, 171, Simin-daero, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, KOREA. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The devs acturally support wars between players, only online game where i've seen the devs encourage players to maliciously attack each other by deleteting information and posts on other discords just to try to screw each other over. quite funny hoping this shows hope for the future of the guild content where it will be a no rules war between the guilds.
GAME IS AWSOME IM ADDICTED also quest games sorry for the frustration of the 1 star ratings all of them who say pay too win clearly haven't progressed.And don't have patience the game is not pay to win at all everything about this game is perfect people say gears become useless like what do these people expect have they ever played games?? They surely don't thats how every game works and what makes it good getting better gear.And the pvp is fine good game quest games :)
Gets pretty slow and boring when you hit level 5000 Farming for gold is 90% of the time to upgrade gear to progress on other dungeons just to hit a wall and farm gold for a month or to again. Average gear rank should be automatic gold gain multiplier but I doubt the greed to try to make the idiots who spend money on mobile games is too strong for that to happen... As is always the case.
It would have been better if they lessen the price for season pass or atleast make a way to gain quest points. The game is cool and all but players who's paying got 100b or even more and upgrading stuffs in relics are kind of impossible specially if you don't pay up since the requirement is quest points. It's always about the quest points.
Been playing about 2 months and love the game. Paying definitely gets you ahead quicker, but is not necessary as they are very generous during events, etc. I'll be playing this for a while. Thanks!
At this point it is very easy to spot the free to play and pay to play players. It's like seeing the difference between peasants and nobles at the street. Hope to see new updates that gives both F2P and P2P players some equal ground. Same spotlight but different kinda experience y'know, It's a hard request but heck. Hope you can make this dream work Lol! Haven't seen any games like these with that kinda feel to it.
This is a fun game. You can leave it going and do other stuff, u are constantly busy, nice system... but PLEASE, PLEASE lower your censorship system. words and letters are being censored for no reason, and everyone finds it really annoying. Especially if you are just trying to reply to someone and a word gets censored for no reason. Please fix this and ill give 5 stars. And please add a friend system and gifting system. It would make the game much better.
Ads are broken. It's like they want us to top up, even though they're already getting money from the ads. My character is very unlucky in draws, yet the new ones gets all the good items. 1 time I opened 45 KOP and got nothing. Please don't install this game, it's a pay to win app, it has a lot of broken bugged features and everything depends on luck. My IGN is "Unforgiven" give me some luck next time.
I'm loving this game but it took a while to get going! best tip for new starters is BUY AS MANY COMPANIONS THAT YOU CAN THEY MAKE IT SO EASY. its telling me to update the game but it won't update don't know if thats the game or the internet but it aint workin'
It is a great game. My only issue is it crashes sometimes and I lose gold randomly but other than that it works fine and is rather enjoyable. Keep up the good work you guys do a great jod.
The game's great and could have been perfect, but that 'no rewards in guild boss' bug breaks it for me. Every thing i could have to get stronger is important, and not getting gems and eternal tokens from guild boss is just frustrating. Other players said it's been going on for months and the devs are not really fixing it. Sad, really. Even new players are not spared from this. Unplayable for me at the moment. I'll check in next update on May 11. If still not fixed, i'll just uninstall. :(
I love it so fun to play easy upgrade and easy lootting rift gives you a lot of exp daily rewards are OP you get well uh.. armor mark of rift and more it so fun come and play it its fun you can level up easy but you are level like 1100 you level up slower so yeah its fun I LOVE IT and also I kinda want to have a trading section we can yrade with our guild mates and trade accesories and donate section you can donate gem and coin
Best battery saving feature out of all afk games I've ever played, but just as other afk games the hype falls off pretty fast after some grinding. Progression gets really slow and items are hard to come by. There is no real rewards for joining a guild. Pvp matchmaking is bad. Dungeons gets hard way too fast. Inventory management is very bad.
It's an alright game. Easy to play very hard to master. Not p2w or P2P at all which is good. One downside. I'm level 145 with quite good loot thanks to the new player campaign so the campaign is very easy. Maybe add a hard or extreme mode which increases rewards but also increases difficulty? That is my only flaw. Love this game hope you could consider my idea. Thank you for reading.
I tired keeping up with this game but it's near impossible to keep up in pvp. Too many people probably dropping who knows how much money. Outside of a biased pvp system, I don't have anything negative to say against the rest of the game. Just don't have time to try and keep up especially with the holiday event they have going on.
Game is good and easy to get good gear but 80% of the things are locked behind ADs. you want to finish your dailies? watch 5 ads to finish your dailies. you died and wish to not lose your limit dungeon tickets watch a 30 second ad and still refreshes your game making you lose the ticket anyways. The monthly pass is worth like 15 dollars way too pricey for a mobile game. Overall its not pay to win but it is pay to convenience. Also not really idle game when game requires you to play for 240min
Fantastic game.at first I cudnt figure out a few things n still not sure how to change my heroes name before it gets taken by another player lol.im having great fun here and the sound n music are nice too.ive been up half the night cuz I just can't put this down n go sleep..worth it!
Honestly very fun BUT would be even better if you made this so it is more skill-based. Give us more control of the characters with left and right movement. Just make mobs come from both sides at once, have arrows indicating enemies when the round is ending and completely disable autoplay. Or have that option in a separate league with mandatory new characters so everyone has a fair shot who are f2p. I'm just sayin, but it'd be awesome if you guys didπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
Best game ever this game was some much fun and amazing all in all a well rounded game five out of five stars.thanck you for reaching out to talking to me I have no clue how you would make your game better.
Been having a lot of fun with this game so far. Had some strange error where the game failed to load so I had to reinstall twice now but luckily was able to resume progress after reinstall.
You know I loved this game, and yet I just logged back on after being away for awhile and all my progress is GONE!! All those months gone, what little money I invested in it gone, im done with this game.
Thoroughly enjoying this idle game. Lots of fun, and I've played a ton of them over the years. One of the best.
I've been searching for a good mobile game for awhile that's not pay to play or to even enjoy. This game is so much that and ads aren't forced on you, you choose to do so. I did end up spending on my second account and for comparison; my 6 day free acc is at the same level as my 2 day donation account. So free is completely an option, but I have no problems donating to a brilliant game like this. Looking forward to the several hours of enjoyment out of this one. Cheers Devs!
I like this game, easy to play, very addictive. I like its graphics and story. But I found out that, I think you should atleast consider changing the Payment crafting of Gems to Coins, because I think no one or just those who can purchase Quartz can afford to combine their gems. Like I said this game is absolutely good, that's why I'll continue playing it. I'll change my rating if you hear my suggestions.
I downloaded this game before but, it just crushed after it finished download and just can't enter the game! So i uninstalled it but now I've that there's some new update and some fixed issues about the game, I'm just so exited to download the game again and guess what happened? It did it again! All my exitement on just turned into madness and disappointement, but if there's some way fix this problem plzzz tell plzzz cause i don't wanna waste mbs on getting nothing 😭
Awesome game. Recommended for busy pips out there with work. Friendly and if you'll spend here it is really worth itπŸ˜‰
Hello devs, it's been 2 months or so since I've sended my review and complains, still no update regarding to players who's stuck in endless loading screen? Quite disappointing how the lack of universal usage this game has, so much potential and I'm willing to spend cash here but sadly their game LIMITABILITY is what's stopping me, so sad dev's I just hope you push more time on fixing the underated issues you might encounter in the future.
Overall a decent game, however the ranks and too players are all heavy pay to win, and if your not willing to put in $50-100 a week you will never beat those who pay to win.
Cute graphics, on the grind-y side, all around decently distracting when you need a break from the chaos of life.
I've been playing for over a month and really like the game. I just switched from IOS to Android recently and the game performance seemed to have dropped. I'm having issues with the game screen completely lagging. It only happens 1-2 times a day, sometimes resolving itself, sometimes doesn't do anything and other times needs a complete restart. That's all the bad i've seen. The good- The games interface is pretty easy to figure out, generous to new players. Just watch a guide or join the discord
The game is good, it's easy to gain powerful equipments, you can be strong without spending money (but you can be stronger if you spend money), there's so much freebies, the game is not selfish and so easy to play, so far, in my gaming experience of 8 yrs, this is the best game for me, I recommend to all rpg players to play this game
This game....is so awesome. I just don't know where to start, it's beautiful chaos and carnage. There are so many details and thoughtful polish on everything from interface to display options zoom etc. There are so many beautiful 2d sprites so many awesome designs and it is so satisfying watching your team obliterate waves of anything you can imagine. I love it. Added to my collection il support w monthly membership. Awesome side scrolling idle rpg action
Why do they shut down the servers just because of an update? It's honestly stupid. I only have a limited time to play this game, and yet the game is soo stupid, the graphics are bad, the game is just stupid, its like every game except that it shuts down whenever an update, I literally just downloaded this game yesterday, there's no reason why the main character beats monsters, shut down the game because its stupid, idiotic, and just a way to annoy people. You're just gonna get tired of the game.
The game is nice and all, but I keep getting frequent game freezes when doing something, like starting a Rift or Adventure. Speaking of the Rift, when I toggle on "Obtain Gem Chests", it toggles off after a run and it feels like a hassle to have to toggle it back on after every single run. Not sure if it's a bug or if it's intended.
fun Edit: been playing for a while the community is wholesome and the games discord has all the info you need! Also the devs have a "suggestion for future patch" nice to see some of the suggestions are being patched Loving this game hope it just gets better from here on out.
I really love this game. There are so many ways to synergize your gear and skills! Also, I would love to get my hands on the music files, specifically the PvP track. Devs, help me out!
The game crash every few min i dont have a problem on my phone and internet connection. It always crash when i open it after few min it will crash. There is no indication or sign that game crash its just bring me back to my home screen its annoying. I like the game im having fun with it but the crash man... Pls fix it asap!!!
Game is fun an interesting kind of p2w. I've spent a few hundred an never had any problems until I accidentally bought the wrong mount. Edit: The game is fun an the community is great so I raised my rating I don't want to lower the rating over 1 bad buy. Just be careful when buying items make sure you're buying what you want for sure.
PVP matchup is total B.S. I automatically lose more than winning so what's the point in even playing if I lose more trophies than to win them. New!! Ok since I have made my hero's better I'm getting a better result in PvP but still I get matched with a player that one hits me. I see this is difficult to do because of being matched with similar trophies opponent could differ because I see if a high player did not play PvP much then that means they have low amount of trophies. Thus one hitterquitr
The game was genuinely great. But most people can just use money to get better than you jn an instant. So I would recommend only playing it casually. Otherwise you would have to pay.
This Game is awesome really fun and time killing but I've been playing for an hour now and I'm level 145 and I logged off for 5 minutes and now it's saying login failed and I can't get into the game I just hope I haven't lost my progress
Awesome game lots a cool stuff in the game like grinding / afk / collecting stuff its a good idle game and for the effects /animation of fighting its so awesome this is only idle i played couple weeks its great ( i want this game more events and more content so its fun fo play πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ)
Now that ive played the game for about 3 days strait. I can say im already level 3000, have spent $50 dollars or more. I say well spent. Already have eternal armour, in one of the top ranking guilds and currently holding rank 500 in pvp. Tons of way to get high rank armour, still trying to understand the best alagarethem to beat rift 12. Even at lvl 3000 I can't get past it. Very fun addictive, well made game. Can't wait to see what the creators have instore for RTD, because im hungry for more.
This game use to be absolutely amazing. The community, the game play even how currency worked. I never felt pressured into spending money. Now with the update that just dropped the game went from being one of the most f2p and spend if you want to games to purely p2w. The new crafting system basically is for the most part hidden behind a pay wall. Really dissapointed in the devs but i guess all good games need to die eventually.
A boring and shallow game. It appears you can experience almost everything the game has to offer in 15 minutes. The gameplay loop is boring and repetitive. The limited art is decent but it usually goes by too fast to notice it. Waste of time.
Played this for an hour or two and it was alright but then I received a notification saying my profile was locked due to use of macros or some other behaviour. As this is not true, I'm a bit pissed off and won't be playing it again. Glad I didn't waste any money on this, still annoyed I wasted my time. Seems the devs are very anti consumer and just willing to block at random. Don't waste your time.
Fast pace and easy to understand in my opinion great game and I'm having a lot of fun plaything this game props to the creates this is a good game
Review, after complete the 35 days login bonus. Diablo 3, that's what the developer trying to copied or at least inspired by Diablo 3. Rift, Dungeon, Extract Skill like Diablo 3 Kanai Cube, Disenchanted Equipment for materials & the list goes on. But, unlike diablo where you immediately allow to experiments with new gear and equipment you get after grinding, this game force you to grind like maniac to upgrade and enhanced your gear. Not worth your effort, Remember, this is an idle game. Just dat
The game has been great up until about a week ago. Now the game crashes every time after login. I tried reinstalling and clearing the cache, and data even but it didn't help. Please fix this problem!
Its oversll a pretty simplistic game, its nice to play when ive got nothing to do or just bored. I also like that they help beginning players get on their feet and beyond with those daily login rewards, been playing for around 3 weeks now and ive got a full set of eternal armor and skin. It not hard to progress in this game and i like games that do that. Mother of god i just realized how long this rating is, im going to stop now.
Fantastic game.at first I cudnt figure out a few things but it's all started to make sense.im having great fun here and musics nice too.ive been up half the nite cuz I just can't put this down n go sleep.graphix are bright n cute.tonnes of gear n equipment to collect too.which brings me to my 1 issue.im beccomming bit confused by the shear volume of gear I'm accumulating.i am givn options for several gear configs + skins.cud be simpler n wish I cud equip skins without a visual display
Really fun no matter how strong u get in the game u still have something to look forward to, and i like how i can fight other players in the arena mode, and its also not easy to get the best items in the game but its also not to hard.
Amazing simple and great posts i always check on them everyday this isnt a problem or anything but can you add like monthly quests cause weekly quests are not enough id be greatfull for those alot of freebies and not like a pay to win game the best idle game and add more features like cutcenes for a boss you defeated great game ( if not id still be greatfull with it)
This game is great.. tho it's a bit hard to be strong if you dont use money... But thanks to coupon code to cover that up.... All you need to do is to play real hard. Make some effort. Suggestions?? Release more coupon codeπŸ˜‚
Waking up every 12 am waiting patiently for the reset for Christmas event dungeon only to find when buying the Christmas box I always get single costume, ALWAYS. At first I thought my luck was bad but man it happened about 10x. Please fix the Christmas event box rate I don't know if it's just me or there are other players facing this issue with me. I don't want this to be the thing for me to completely abandon this game. I may sound wishy-washy but as a f2p player pls understand my concern
Hey uh, it's been a while since I played this game and it's still great, but there's a problem, when I was playing this, for some reason every time I finished killing a boss I get a message saying "connecting" even though I have good wifi so I still waited for it to finish but it was so long so I tried it again but it didn't work. Pls tell me a reason on why it's doing this and pls fix it, thx!
The Game is cool and all, Graphics are in it's Finest, the Gameplay can be sometimes confusing... Yet it is in it's own phase, so memorizing it is the key, controls are really simple during battles, and so much more. Only problem is that I may have been enjoying the game, yet the Graphics can't be reduced. Overall it's a wonderful game. Keep up the good work!
The game is great, but i can't do the rift mode it keep crashing and the pvp mode is not balance. 3 star for now if the issue is fix i'll give 5 and buy some so e VIP points.
I cant access anything in my guild. The commander was given to somebody else for some reason. I cant acess anything or change the designer of the guild banner or tag or whatever it is.
This game is good, f2p or p2p fair environment. All you need is luck. Keep upπŸ‘ . Review update: this was suppose to be idle game why you must add a quest where we need to play for 240mins? Think about it again
It would get 5 stars, but the game doesn't explain much about currency or materials needed to create certain items, nor does it explain the ranking system with companions. Aside from that this game is really fun.
I've played a lot of idle games due to my busy life. This game takes the cake though, I've spent more time on this game than any other idle game I've played. This is one of the very few truly idle games out there. Would recommend to anyone who likes a grind and idle experience.
I've been playing for almost a month and I'm still enoying this game. I'm still progressing and collecting new gear. I finally broke down and spent money on the only game currency that is purchase only. I usually don't choose to watch ads and I'm not fed any which is really nice. Pros: good progression; no solicited ads; fairly straightforward gameplay Cons: Currently the app crashes (20%?) when entering rifts; the one purchase-only game currency; guild chat is unusable (most guilds use Discord)
ive only been playing for a month so dont know what end game will be like but the devs give plenty freebies to get you going and plenty as you progress also....great little time waster
I would give it more stars but after 1 week of playing I am already tired of the game crashing on me. It mostly crashes with ads but has other random times as well.
CAN'T load ADS as f2p. Hard to get cube's for progress. You are lucky if you get 3 cubes per month. But you put 3 for 1 RANDOM Mythic craft! P2W rush to the top by 2-3 month. If you're top - you get more resources. All for p2w players. Player's left the game, soon you have 50 top on 1 server and low lvl player's who just installed the game. Hope you will be happy with that future. Good luck. Waiting Void rift, if there no changes deleting the game
Great so far lots of free in game gifts an rewards for a game that falls into a pay to win style however there is 100% free to play accessible for those who like grinding. However I do recommend if you like the game after week like five to give a little time to time like I definitely will if I'm still hanging around.
Grindy, but enjoying it 2 days in. I just know that later game will be a pain Put 4 stars at first because of that reason but I changed to 5 because is a decent game. I haven't any issues yet although the items become cumbersome quickly. Good job devs
Fantastic game.at first I cudnt figure out a few things but it's all started to make sense.im having great fun here and musics nice too.ive been up half the nite cuz I just can't put this down n go sleep.graphix are bright n cute.tonnes of gear n equipment to collect too.which brings me to my 1 issue.im beccomming bit confused by the shear volume of gear I'm accumulating.EDIT 2:I'm an idiot.lost my data but only had to switch server.increased rating back up to 5 stars.sorry for my mistake devs
Now I see why this game has high scores. The game is very simple, straight forward yet very fun to play. The animations and effects are very good. The design of weapons and armor as well as companions is wonderful. I'm currently at level 2506 for 14 days of playing. The daily rewards are generous. Combine what you can farm in game with the daily rewards, made you feel the sense of progression. You don't stuck at certain level for too long. So 5 Stars from me. Great game. Thanks Dev!
I don't get why the frost dungeon keeps you frozen until they kill you. Hundreds of strikes and you just sit there. Update: game now crashes all the time even while loading not even worth 1 star rating
Simple... And though at the same time, now, to explain that with a little detail: the most useful item requires a currency you can only get by crafting it... But one of the materials used to craft it is also a rune upgrade item... Which you get from disenchantment of equipment... That you get from adventure or rift, equipment you could get from rift increases with which stage of rift you do, gems only give you a chance to get good items and you even get free rolls daily
This game is great except I think you should change the pvp system. When I fight in pvp I am constantly up against what it seems like, more OP and experienced players that have been playing for a while. While I am just a noob. It really is difficult to get higher on the ranks when your not up against an opponent that is on your level, and it seems like the odds are stacked against you.
a fun little game, takes me back to Atari days ^_^ simple enough to play but strategy is no joke here, you will hit a wall of enemies eventually and have to check your equipment, abilities, enchantments and more to really figure out the win.
I'm having a hard time trying to get through the tutorial only because everytime I log in and attempt to tap adventure or other things ingame it freezes or prevents me from tapping anything. I hop this get fixed I may like the game but right now I cant do anything. Thank you.
It has good gameplay but can you bring down the paying like quest points because you can't earn it but you have to pay also sometime it crash while enchanting my gear and sometime it keep loading when i finish a dungeon but still the game is great is does not forced you to watch ads
The game is super fun to begin with and although it turns into a grind fest in the later game its still fun finding the best gear to suit you and leveling it up aswell as maxing our your companions your gems and skills there's tons of features to keep you busy in-between your hours of grinding I've got close to 200 hours in the game as of writing this and I'm still enjoying it.
The gameplay is so easy and upgrading is so simple to do in the game, I like it alot and also the leveling up is just amazing πŸ˜πŸ‘
A nice, great but ahead of time this game getting bored due to its simple mechanics and lack of updates, please give more updates to this game, please add a chatbox bellow the main screen to get more ppl to chat, please add inbox function so we can connect with other ppl more effective, please add more tiny games for us to do more things inside the games, at first i played this game around 4 to 5 hours a days, after a month i played less around 1 hours a day since theres nothing much to do now
It's very cathartic watching huge damage numbers pop up while screen-filling enemies explode. However, the arena matchmaking system of this game is incredibly broken. People who have quit the game get ranked low just like new players (lowest, as in 1000 points, the lowest you can go). Even worse, every week after rank reset, it's possible to match against players with tens of millions of HP, much higher power, full rosters of all eternal equipment and companions, and so on. It's possible to literally lose 20/20 arena matches in a row even at "Novice 5" which is almost as low as the Arena system goes, even if you've been averaging "Bronze 3" otherwise. This game is either designed specifically to make you lose, or is otherwise so buggy, there's no point playing it. Or are they going to claim that a 30-million HP team with 6 Eternal companions, and some kind of artifact that reduces their HP to half, but basically instantly kills your entire 7M HP character and all companions, really is ranked near rank 1100? Sorry guys, I don't buy it. I gave this game 2 months to get better, and it never did. Uninstalled, and I'm going to badmouth it at every opportunity I find.
The games really pay to win hard, pvp matching is awful (doesnt choose bases on power or skill, just random enemy who is 90% chance is hundreds of times stronger and further then you) and it spams notifications every minute now.
Can't find any fault with this game it's just so much fun! Knew it was too good to be true has to loose a star because as with every game the PvP is extremely unbalanced everytime I play it 1 hit and I'm dead. Doesn't take anything away from the rest of the game though still awsome!
Now this is the game I have been looking for, its F2P friendly and not so much pay 2 win, its balanced, its gameplay mechanics are good, its very enjoyable and overall its a very good game, it deserves more love and attention
Everything seems good, but there's no storyline, less than 24 hours playing you can reach 2000+ levels, the gacha seems a bit too low for certain items or pets as you don't get it with the gifted 40k eternal tokens.
So far, the game makes it easy to grab good loot, but will have to see if this is just a burst of adrenaline. Payments of ads are sprinkled around, which is understandable. Overall enjoyable but will have to see if it lasts.
FINALLY!! A fun and addictive game that really doesn't require a lot of real world currency to stay competitive. Awesome.
Awesome! Hope the game provide more freebies since its very hard to lev up to 10,000... Hope considering giving a chinese new year event or XP to x10 by the numbers to reach lev 10,000... Been playing this for 180+ days non stop, 24/7... Hope to gain more experience to reach lev 10,000... Hope someone can read my request to reach the limit of this game...
Great game the graphics are very good and the level process is so short and simple i got level 20 in one day.no money spent and not a pay to win game and a very good rewarding system great game keep up the work:)
would like to rate it 5 star but the latest patch seems not a free to play friendly cos you can't even play the ads for 2x speed.. might drop this game for now til they fix that sorry
I like the game because when you enter GACHA200 you get lots of stuff then when you battle you look super cool with your companions!
my problem is the transfer it was better when i used my gems now i need some kind if ticket to transfer it
It was good, but the game seems to be crashed in few minutes sometimes, the icons are unable to be pressed, and literally stuck since i can't press anything, it won't works and need to re-open the apps. please fix this πŸ™πŸΌ
Easy grinds, very good art style, and the game play is epic! Would rate 10 if could. Keep up the good work and your game will continue to grow!
good game but pvp jas to much ppl also its hard to keep up with everybody being insanely powerfull also the problem is at the start you get insanely good equipment so its not that hard to kill beast but over all its a good game
Pretty fun idlish game. Enjoyable if you really like a wild action idle game. The overall customization makes it all the more enjoyable.
Very addicting and fun i really love the art style for this game its amazing you guys should add some more cool skins! Not saying there arent already amazing skins but please add more i want to collect!
Great game overall and will definitely recommend it!! been playing this game for 5 months and didnt missed a day. Very fair for both p2w and f2p players. the only reason why i only put 4 stars in this review is the daily rewards system. i find it not so helpful especially for players like me in high level already. it almost doesnt help at all. i will definitely appreciate if youll increase it a bit depending on the players level. thanks!!
Quite possibly one of the worst games on GP. Game play stinks, graphics are pretty bad, the developer tries to lure players in with new player bonuses-which yes are generious in the beginning there lays part of the trap.- but as time goes on it truly becomes a p2w of the worst sort. Save your time & money. Stay away from this stinker and give your support to other deserving developers. Couldn't uninstall this fast enough.
Quite a fun hero idler. You even get to dress your hero up with cosmetics, and each piece of equipment also has it's own appearence.
I mean it's a great game and everything but I need beginner tips. I already have a full set of 5-star Griffin Armor as well as the shield and spear. I'm planning on maxing all that and evolving it, turning it from a yellow tier item to a red tier item. I need tips... What's the best way to farm Quartz?
Hello it's me again I'm just gonna say this because I think we really need this because I already finished the adventure in my three accounts and if you really make new levels in adventure also add some difficulty and increase the rewards in every difficulty and that's all the game runs smoothly no problem.
Fun, stress-free game. Nice graphics and no ads (that I've seen). The runes, enchantments and whatnot seem a bit overwhelming at first but it gradually makes sense. The mounts and companions are a nice addition. This is not a game you'll finish quickly. It's long and progressive with repetitive themes. A game to play casually. Good luck & have fun.
I'm playing this game on my Chromebook, and everything about it is just very smooth and fast pace which I did not mind. I thought it was honestly just going to be those games where it would take you awhile to upgrade and such, but there's a lot more you can do which I absolutely love <3
Pretty fun Idle grind style game. Its very generous with gear and gold, the amount of grinding you can do isn't hard capped by things like energy so you can grind as much as you feel like doing. My only complaints would be the weird chat censorship so everyone uses discord instead, and that there isn't a lot of in game information outside of the tips in loading screen. I learn more from loading screen than anything else.
I've been playing since before the major update. It was great, and the update was great as well. The game has become more generous in materials and all and my progress became faster. I'm a f2p but I was able to get the rarest equipment in the game in a matter of days. It's not p2w if I was able to get strong af being f2p. I can challenge people of my level and win. It depends on the sets that you wear and the companions you have. Tho I never felt pressured to "catch up", as idle games should be.
This has been by far the best game i've ever played and its my favorite too. This review isnt paid or sends you gems for rating 5 stars or something, this is an honest review. You gotta download this. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
The game has been great up until about a week ago. Now the game crashes every time after login. I tried reinstalling and clearing the cache, and data even but it didn't help. Please fix this problem! Update - A month later and still no help from the developers. Play at your own risk, I can not progess due to lack of support.
One of my Favorite games of all time. The game is f2p friendly and i like how you can get stronger by just grinding. The weekly quests gives a lot of helpful resources. And the chibi characters are so cute specially when you get skins to customize your character.
Very enjoyable and easy to play but the reason im giving it 3 stars is because every time I leave the game, it resets my progress even though i signed in with face book. Help please.
Very Great Game. Decent Graphics get a lot of rewards when your are new very fun non stop action easy to level up!100% Free to Play (F2P). My only problem is its a bit hard for me to get gems :<
It is nice you are trying to give new players a lot of everything at the beginning, but I felt totaly overwhelmed by 30 new skills after a few stages etc. Not willing to give the game another try.
Jumps to like level 200+ within minutes poor explaining of basically everything since you unlock it all dang near at once. Had so many Summons had the 2 highest gear making me believe this game isn't worth my time sorry
Nice game, rewards are given greatly, you don't really need money to get stronger because you can get stronger without spending any money on it and I recommend this to everyone who likes like afk game and recommend if you're interested in this game. πŸ‘
Please fix the reward system in guild boss.. I run 3x in guild boss but there no reward... I spend my money to improve my stat but this game is so insane in reward system 🀬🀬🀬🀬🀬
It's good and fun to play no problems with it to my knowledge and even tho it's easy to lvl up it still a grind to do it as well.
Probably one of the best rpg games I've played on a mobile tbh. A game that let's you actually get involved with your hero rather than watch your heroes attack is automatically beating any other game. Just one thing that ive notice so far that could make this game better is that when you open your loot up after coming back from adventure, you can either scrap all your items or none, should be able to choose which ones to scrap from that menu rather than going into your inventory and selecting..
False advertisement. You dont get 200 gacha you get a gem here and there but you have to spend crafting to get anything its very very confusing
The game is great, you can progress even when you are doing something, thats an idle game for you. The developers are hands on and they provide good updates and services to the complaints of users. Its a very nice game.
Was excellent, Now lacking. Ive been playing for several months,, and until now I found the experience to be excellent. Now, the game consistently crashes, and every other time I launch the game it won't even load to my character screen, I can't even select the server option - Update feb 7th, back to usual excellent experience, bug is patched 🀘
Hello I love the game so damn much but the only problem is that it's to easy to lvl and be way over powered I've only played about 5 times left it for half hour just running and got about lvl 100 or 200 just out of that and leaving the game waiting a day or night and u can reach lvl 500 just like that but that just to be improved right so who cares at the moment but other than that I completely love the game and hope for more like this and others
This game is so good it much be better if you create a 3D New game of this game. The game is sick and this game is part of my childhood I promise that you would enjoy grinding and upgrading your weapon to become stronger and stronger.
Really detailed game. I just started play it but it seem easy and relaxing. Is it btw? No, it can be better without buying things. Overall great game! Keep up the pace guys!
Been playing this game for half a year. A recent update created a huge error, the game now deletes companions when you upgrade them, or it will not add rare companions to your inventory when you get one in a reward crate (disappears). This game should not be live-access until the developers fix this. Update: CS Reply to me is they pretend no problem occurred, and even used player data to show that there was (wait for it) no record of LOST DATA. So disappointed in these people. Trash.
So I have been playing for a few months and so far I'm enjoying it. This is probably the best RPG I have played in my life time. the reason why it's 4 stars is because sometime the game crashes and I get kinda annoyed. After a while it finally loads. Over all this game is successful in my opinion. Anyone reading this, download this game right now.
Since very complicated hope it's not a money game as everyone can achieve the max play this game with bit by bit. As can play everyday to get items enchance the ammor. Hope can get everything without top up money.