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Ragnarok Tactics

Ragnarok Tactics for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Gravity Interactive Inc. located at 7001 Village Drive, Suite 150 Buena Park, CA 90621. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The game is pretty fun, especially if you're like me and love Ragnarok Online as it keeps true. Couple different play modes which is nice. Big downside is that you cant actually mute the game fully. You can turn off all the sounds they let you, but summoning and roulette will still make full volume regardless, some events will even turn on all sound in the game without your permission, so keep that in mind
Cannot connect to gateway 100, HTTP error, error no. Unknown error (check version phase), any solution??????
Good game, but the events can be super buggy, for one event I never even got entered in the ranking even though I should have been 17th out of 50. Emailed them with proof and they never got back to me either. Fun game but my experience is that the developers may not care much about the individual players. Hopefully they will see this and change to help the game become even better.
I can't deal with these horrible voices. Give me the option to turn them off during the tutorial before I jam a pencil in my ear drums.
I love ragnarok games. Lots of ways to strengthen your team. Generous freebies. Very cute ragnarok chibi characters.
Last maintenance removed my access. My account is lost and there is no support. Too bad, I liked the game, but the server chaos4 seems to have been brought down
Nice game, fun battle mechanics that doesn't get boring and you always feel a sense of progression. People that say its pay to win probably wants everything at their own pace and forget that this game is like pokemon, it should take time for you to get exactly what you want or else it would not be exciting (by time I mean a couple of weeks or so)
Has one of the worse guild systems ever. There is a cool down of 24 hrs before you can join another guild. You can't see the members of a guild or see how active a guild is. In order to search for a guild you have to enter their ID# instead of the actual name of the guild. The guild listing function doesn't refresh to different guilds and most of the ones on my list are approval only.
Been trying to play for a couple weeks now. I think I actually logged in once but it always fails to connect. Cmon gravity whatre you doin??
The game is fun and the artwork is really nice. Very pleasant to play. Will update my review once I play this more.
Game great yes except for one thing i equip a bear with a dark item suddenly my screen go's black and then i had restart the app game.
Very horrendous of a game. It is glitchy, buggy, takes a lot of battery power and makes you lose access to your account after investing countless hours and money into it. Not to mention a lot of typos and the description of skills gets cut off. These people don't know how to code well.
Liked the game but it was crashing a lot on my phone. I tried clearing app data, and a full reinstall to check if it would reduce the crash frequency but now the game won't even download it's additional packages an run. It is just stuck at the loading screen with images overlapping each other and not downloading anything.
When I saw the tactics title I hoped for something more like final fantasy tactics. This is more about spamming skills while ai pieces mash into one another. I like Ragnarok as a series of games but this is a wasted effort on the developer teams part. A really poor showing.
A very good idle game with tactics elements added to battles,sadly it is just like all other RPG idle games you need to spends lots of money to advance in pve mode without talking about pvp and that because of the monsters upgrade system ,upgrading one from 5 stars and up, requier the same copy of that monster and other monsters and there are total of 10 stars to max out a monster,so imagine that monster is an SS grade then spend money and summon to try to get an insane amount of his SS copies
So far the game is much more fun than other idles because it actually has gameplay. It's really refreshing after games where you can just watch.
Invested over 10,000 dollars into this game and it is full of glitch, bugs, and developer never got to fix my last two issues for the past several month. The recent update last week locked me out of my own account and they decide not to do maintenance this week which is frustrating because I am losing daily value. I feel like quitting and getting a game lawyer as I don't know what happens if the game just kick out out after heavy investment. I really don't recommend this game.
All of a sudden, 90% of the player base left the game... Looks like a game bug... My guild is almost inactive, and people are leaving the game everyday.... It's not that bad of a game, but it's very expensive to grow up and take lots of time... The events are repetitive... They cycle the same 3 events every month... At some point, there's nothing much to do other than the dailies, and if you want to improve characters, you need to spend a lot.
So far so good. I like the gameplay, the graphics, and the monsters. I just started but i love so far
The game ia fun until a point where you get stuck for a few days to get coins and TRY to get good monsters. Otherwise the game a is a big pay to win. If you spend a lot of money you can get everything otherwise you have to try hard and be very lucky.
the game is amazing, but I cant play the game, ever time then a champ use his ability my game crash, please give the option tu turn off the effects, is not like I must see
I had given a 3 star but now i can't even connect to the game im getting a gate 102 error on top of constent crashes... Looks like my time on this game is done.
More of an autobattler than a true tactics game...the game itself is fun and probably worthy of at least 3-4 stars however after trying to play on a different device(and somewhat brashly deleting the app on my old one) I was unable to get back into my server. Only options exist were for 3 most recent servers..Luckily I just played this as a side game for several months and didn't really put too much into it FeelsBadMan gotta be joking me mon
I was enjoying the game and spent some money to get the monthly passes and a character skin, but when I got a new phone I discovered my character was just gone. Message to support got no response, maybe Ill have better luck on here. Update: after messaging the support though facebook I was told to contact global support and literally zero response. Its clear you have no intention of fixing issues.
Played for 40 days + straight. Did all the daily and what not but hit a wall. Can't progress, upgraded 3 champs to 180 and the wall is still there . Just uninstalled but it gets heavily p2w. I was level 72..
Lost access to my main account for no reason. Still see it on the channel selection but couldnt log in. It keep log in to a new account.
There are a couple of bugs that make the game infuriating to play. First of all, if you're in a fight for too long the game will disconnect you from the server. If you win the fight it won't register and kick you out! Secondly I have lost monsters when increasing them to 5 star. Just now I was levelling two Harold's to five star to level Sheci up. When I got my second Harold to 5 stars it disappeared from my monster list?? Incredibly frustrating and tons of progress lost for no reason.
Cute game, nastalgic as hell! Very fun tactics rendition (my favorite type)! Love the idea of using not only an army of monsters, but also a teeny lil horde of their own :3
I like the game, but it's kind of frustrating not being able to complete the events without spending a lot of money, not to mention the game crashes constantly. Aside from that it's a love letter to old school RO players.
I was liking the game so far, and it became with an update and I simply lost my account, with all the things that I did, they merged the servers probably due to a lack of players and on this I can not log in anymore on my account, very nice, you guys lost another player on this mess.
Good game, nothing ground breaking. This is the kind of game you can open once or twice a day and progress over time or sit down and do all your daily content and progress faster. Ragnorok fans will like the monster you can collect and the background music.
EDIT: Now that the dust has settled, the quality of the "events" start to dwindle very quickly. Most events are just a drainage for your resource instead of rewarding for playing. Not even gonna talk about how it's a blatant P2W game but you should have that in mind before playing. Not a recommended game at all. However, I would lie if I said the music didn't brought back memories from when I used to play the MMO back in 2004.
Whatever you guys did now my level 65 account that I paid on that resides in Chaos1 cannot be accessed and no matter what it brings me to a level 1 account. So thanks for taking my money you guys suck as usual.
Devs getting lazy. Not worth investing your time. Go next. Try other games and thank me later for saving you a lot of time.
Totally pay-to-win garbage. Can't do much as a f2p, nor achieve anything relevant. For anyone who knows, it's the same trash as Idle Heroes. And it's less fun, even for me, a big fan of Ragnarok Universe. Uninstalling.
Unable to log into my account on Chaos 1. It puts me into a new account, despite seeing my normal account on the selection. I see others having this problem, and no fix or responses yet. A bad look.
I've been playing Ragnarok Eternal Love for over a year and I love it. I'm gonna try this one out for little bit. Let's see how it goes. Edit: the game is fun but you have to spend a lot of money to keep it up with the other players. In the beginning you'll receive lots of rewards, however after a couple of days it'll get really hard to get stronger equipments/monsters.
afk reward limit should be 24 hours, as the about this game says "Idle leveling system without having to log in 24 hours easy convenient item and Zeny farming without logging in". We're only getting half of that time.
edit: drop rates became trash after my first 5 or so multisummons, monster balance issues, i was stuck in the same place for almost a week. The game crashes or gives me a black screen and freezes every time i start a fight, ive tried putting graphics and fps as low as it can go. have to use bluestacks to play. I want my money back, I use to play ro for years, that's the only reason why i spent money. dont download, its just a cash grab.
Great game but I take off two stars because it broke randomly. Stopped letting me login for a while, loading screen would get stick at 80%. When I finally got it to login again, all my progress was lost. No idea why but others are having this issue. Big disappointment. I'm glad I didn't spend money on this game, and I won't because of this problem. Fix the bugs and I'll go up to 5 stars.
This game is WAYYY too pay to win and I mean unplayable pay to win. You can't even get a unit to 5 stars without sacrificing an exact copy, meaning you cannot 5 star any SS unit unless you have double. If that isn't enough to immediately turn you away then what if I told you that 5 stars isn't the max and units can go up to 10 stars! Not only that but you also need a ridiculous amount of lower tier units as well which are unfarmable and can only be acquired from the Gacha draws... Garbage game!
Personally I love this game even know I have barely started it. So idk what happened to people last year but I'm sorry for those people.
so far I have been doing pretty good in the game with good rng, but I have to have my phone turned on most of the time because of the bonus for being online. using any other app is very punishing in the game because the game makes you log in most of the times you go to your phone's home screen. I hope in the future there are "mercy" draws for specific monsters with previous notice so we can save in advance and not just roll at the mercy of RNG.
The game it's a good low phase idle heroes format, I'm a huge fan of Ragnarok online, the problem is that the events are focused purely on profit, I like to play and pay for some stuff, but I can't invest 200$+ per event in order to actually enjoy it. My recommendation would be to focus events in f2p population and give us people who support good deals in the shop, there's no 10 summon tickets deal for example, which it's a must. Feel free to check out supercell games offers.
Worst customer service ever. No answer yet about the cheaters and why they are still active, what's the point of spend cash if the game can be cheated. No answer about this in the social media or the CA office. This people don't care about the community.
One of my more favorite games since brave front., the graphics are smooth and high quality. The progress feels spot on as the quests and rewards are perfect. Also, pulls are quality as you can get an SS with in 2-4 10+ pulls. Overall great game.
Im a true RO fan; promising launch, bit too many bugs at this time though. i.e butched english writing (many typo errors) rock-paper-scissors system is inverted*?! You messed up type colors it should be opposite(green strong against blue not red, etc) AUTO battle is bugged (when you switch it off it still casts spells), some visual effects etc. Also please change or just remove tutorial poring's voice (horrible). UI design looks good otherwise, lets see where this goes
I was excited to try Ragnarok Online spinoff by Gravity, but it only takes about a couple of days to realize that no amount of cute RO animation makes up for the lack of substantial game content. Despite being titled 'Tactics', not much tactic is actually involved, nor is there much control. It boils down to pay to win or grind to win.
This game if you love the Ragnorok series is great. I am one of them. The only think that is distasteful about this game. You cannot go back to previous stages to 100%, once you beat a level you go on to the next one. Which I'm sure is fine with the CASUALS, but for me playing this game and hacking to play on asian servers when they hadn't yet come to NA. I feel slighted by this gameplay. BUT hey 10/10 all around.
Despite being extremely P2W, the game can be quite fun and addictive. Overall a good game, but it seems as though I can not connect to the server using mobile data. The game only works when im at home and connected to WiFi. If the server connectivity issues could be fixed, the rating would be higher.
loved the game, the idea is just a little raw because some people can find it repetitive, but I believe that with time and some good events, the potential is huge.
Tried again later and was able to get past updating. The game is pretty fun so far! Still learning but from what i have played i am going to enjoy it!
I expected this to be a boring clicker game but with the nostalgic music and illustrations, decent graphics, interesting gameplay mechanics, absolutely gorgeous interface and UI (and disregarding the terrible voice acting for the tutorial poring, though im starting to grow fond of it), Im already 2 hours in. EDIT. I'm playing this indefinitely, lmao.
It's a nicely designed game.My gripe is like all other games cause of Google's only for baby standards the games not mature enough like 90% of others.It's very childish the average gamer is between 18+--40 years old.The community standards are pathetic.Tech supremacist.Gambling games for kids designed look bad.very bad.Under 18 isn't a good business model 20% actually work.Honestly this looks like a 4yrold game. I'm a adult however it's just not mature enough for me at all. Sry I must uninstall
I played this game for 3 days only for there to be a maintenance and have my account/server completely removed. What? I'm glad I didn't end up spending any money on that account prior to
So far, excelent. There are a few things to fix tho. For example, on todays event im required to pass Floor 55 on the Geffen Tower to recieve the my reward. Im on Floor 102. Where is my reward? Im rating 5 stars for the potential it has. Also it doesnt feel like a pay to win despite the amount of players who clearly put money into the game because there are many ways to obtain the special currency. However there are certain events the reward how much money you put into game. So idk about that
I haven't played much of this game yet. I want to get further into it but the options to turn off music and sound don't actually work. After setting both to off the town screens are mostly silent but some weird errant tones still happen. Then if you start a battle the sound and music turn back on completely, then stay on even in the town screens even though the menu still says they're off. It's a deal breaker for me as I need these games to be quiet. Will update rating if this is fixed.
This is a fun and cute game, the rating came early, so I can't just 5star it on the first day. I am enjoying it so far and I want to see if it becomes a "Chore". If it does not be a chore, then I will 5star it. Because many mobile games start great! Then require you to login daily and do vigorous task. Which to me defeats the purpose of Mobile Gaming. But so far great! Game, have to see end game stuff to cement a 5star
Its a good game, but after something like 30 minutes playing my cellphone gets overheated and the game just closes. Additional to this i would love a little bit more box tickets as rewards.
Fun and straightforward so far. Decent stable of monsters to provide variety. Combat is engaging to a point but I expect it to become more demanding the further one gets.
im enjoying my time playing this version of ragnarok. I dont feel presured to be compative and taking my time powering up, probably just expierence from other games but so far im enjoying the pace this game has set. 5 stars for giving me a fun good start