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RAGNAROK : Poring Merge

RAGNAROK : Poring Merge for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. located at 서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로 396 누리꿈스퀘어 연구개발타워 15층. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
You have completely destroyed how the ads working after maintenance. the whole gameplay is based on ads and we cant watch ads to continue playing. before maintenance ads system was working perfectly fine. also freaking gameplay is not synching between devices. add a SYNC button to the game. Edit: I have already opened 5 tickets and nothing solved or not a proper answer given. I also noticed your fake purchased app reviews. Edit 2: I have provided you details. Also provided screenshots.
Progress and purchases were lost due to a bug when using multiple devices. Created a ticket to get help. Delay between responses took as long as a month. They closed my ticket without resolving my issue and I had to open another one. At this point I'm just looking for a refund.
What the, My poring is stuck at boss tower 70. boss keeps charging at my poring until poring is now advanced than boss and they're not hitting anyone anymore. my poring keeps jumping to nothing. what the heck BUG!!! Devs. Please fix and also please add report bug option to the game. tsssssskkkkkk.
Game was fun, but to be free2play youd have to watch dozens of ads to even try and keep up with the pay2win players. Then after playing for 2 weeks the game glitched and wouldn't even let me watch ads anymore, this meant no more increased battle speed, no more auto merging/summoning porings, and most importantly no more rushing levels which made it take forever to return and obtain resources to upgrade units.
So far it's not bad, however sometime ads don't work or it load twice before I get reward. When ads don't work I have to either exit and enter app a few times or ignore it. Especially the 3x in garrison.
It's an ok game as far as mergers go but, This game is a buggy mess: text will stop displaying randomly, game progression stops if win a stage too quickly and your settings dont save.
There are some issues in the graphics. Switching the game or watching ads after makes the game broken. It is still working but the graphics get broken at some point
Fun game, the progress is slow but still enjoyable. My problem is when I play long enough, the text in the box keep disappearing and leaving blank box. I can still play, but it kinda annoy me. Restarting the game fix it, but still annoying
Game is okay, but the ads are far too expensive to remove. 30 dollars to remove ads for a game you don't look at is ridiculous.
So day 2 and the game won't even load up. 50% loading bar turns into TV-snow repeatedly and crashes. Would give it 3 stars if it wasn't for that. Overall, I enjoyed this very much and the ads are optional. I barely watched any by force. (Edit) updated to 3 stars after devs quick reply. Will follow instructions if it happens again (redownload and it was fine)
Wow interface is messy and complex and game wasn't fun at all. I've played similar games and I've played RO, but this game didn't catch good stuff from either genre. Not recommending this to anyone.
good exploration experience sadly the ad is a bit too much. i mean for auto itself u need to watch 6 ads. 3 for explore and 3 for merge poring. can u make it just 1 for explore and 1 for merge poring?
There's so much optional ads all the time, yeah it's optional but the game feel slow enough that you have the time to watch ads so in the end you spend 50% of your time if not more watching ads
There is a game amongst all the ads in this application. Be prepared to watch 30 seconds to claim close to mediocre rewards. Otherwise, you can pay money to progress infinitely times faster than playing normally.
Game is fun but I paid the obscene $26.99 for the pass to remove ads and still receive ads. I have gone through support and the best they could tell me was "it shows you made the purchase on our end and shows it's working as intended" and closed my ticket. I am close to demanding a refund and uninstalling. The game itself is fun but def not without bugs.
Game is not design for RO lovers. Just for people to pay stupid amounts of money. If not that, the RNG is set so low it's designed to make you watch at every second chance they give you, and still not give you anything in return except false hope.
I don't mind the ads, it's not like it pops up and we don't get anything. I like that I can auto merge or double my gold. It takes 15s each time which isn't really bad considering where I am is still on lock down lol ):
Good game...simple game...and many system we can play and not borred game.....maybe if u can add system chat world and add system world boss with other player , and add dungeon system for party with other player...it will be good game. Im from indonesia...realy like this game, pay 2 win but still can fight to win .
Do not recommend! Gameplay is okay at best even considering the type of game it is. $26 to just remove ads???? Most games charge $5 to remove ads and they aren't a huge IP! -Edit- And seems like the response team to reviews can't read because I said nothing about name change. I'd change to a lower rating if I could.
An easy platform to find other games :) Literally, every action has an AD option, I have spent more time watching adds then whatever they think the GAME of this app might be
Fun game but like many games out now, the prices are so high, you might as well buy a new game system. Most people understand the "worth" of digital purchases so all these game developers are hurting themselves.
my original review was a tad harsh, yes, the scouting odds are low, especially abysmal for units above rare, but its only been out for less than 10 days which I did not know, for a game with less than two weeks into release its great, nobles that ive seen so far, and the sort for the units is such a relief, i hated the others like this specifically for that. Could never merge unless you dug through a pile. Not here, just keep up the good work, you'll fix the percentages eventually. 5☆ when ya do
they're up to date keeping the bugs out every update, good support and responsive. I've reached tower level 124 and hope to get higher more and more. Thanks for keeping us updated and removing the bugs.
Amazing game, although I noticed that the total power of the team doesn't increase as you lvl up your heros, you need to relog to see the total power increase, please fix, other then that the game is really fun!
Addictive! Not like the usual Merge games, this one has more to it. It's a semi-idle game where you get to level up your heroes which you can get at random or buy. The ads are not too intrusive and are reasonably placed. To me, it's not as bad as the comments say. The Porings are cute. I love this adaptation of RO. The update is great too, where the dungeon now becomes a palace, a healthier environment for Porings. Still hoping to get my Gunslinger, but the odds aren't in my favour.
It's not the worst game ever but I will say the content becomes very stale and stale very fast. If the devs are reading this please release the guild function so that your player base has more to do in game or else your game will die really fast.
Fun little idle game. The cash store is insanely expensive. Almost 30 euros just to remove ads. 10 euros or maybe even stretching it to 15 euros would have been far more tolerable. There's also an optional monthly sub for another ~30 euros.
The buying remove adds is bugged out, it buys the poring pass?? even though it's at the BOTTOM of the page, down side is I bought two by mistake but I refunded one at least. Plase fix this, I want to buy remove ads! was going to buy the pass later this week but not right now! edit: Can't get into my account even though I didn't use the product, which it says when you go to accept it. "if your accept this then you can't cancel your transaction." so I didn't and then banned me anyways for their buggy store. :(
It's what I expected, but I came for cute blobs but half the units are ugly demon things... like bears. More blobs plz, remove demons; not cute at all.
This game is definitely money hungry but after paying for the extremely overpriced add removal, it got way more lax and fun and with pvp just being an option and not a requirement rn, I don't feel the need to and haven't bought anything else because there's no pressure and I like that. A lot.
Very enjoyable and very good for an idle merger, BUT... The Ragnarok Online game has a great soundtrack, but in this game the music actually loops after like 10 seconds, a true shame. I also really wanted to buy the no ads version, in the end you watch an ad for everything, everything! Refreshes, extra chances, quick progression, another extra chance, resets, really alot. But even then the cost is wayyyyyy too high for ad free. I have since uninstalled, but it is fine for f2p (cept for the ads).
Very fun but was convinced to pay 40 dollars to stop ads and get the gold pass due to a depresso spending. Its way to much but under that, a very fun time waster. The gane though has too many ads and crashes periodically after playing fir more then 30 minutes.
This is a cute Ragnarok Online inspired idle merge game using the series slimes as the units. There are 2 issues that prevent this game from being 5 stars: Scouting and Ad Heaviness. The scout function is a complete crapshoot if you scout a Rare or Above unit. 20 legendary units over a week of scouting and it fails every time, even with ad refresh. The game has ad views for several functions making it very tedious to play because of the amount. $27 is a ridiculous amount to ask to disable ads.
Game actually isn't terrible but it's basically just a platform to watch hours of ads.... It's brutal and really takes away from what could have been a fun time killer.
Text display are missing on many menus. I have a 8gb ram on phone(4gb free), not overheat, and not many apps opened. Playing other games much more sophiscated than this and never had the issues. The main problems is this game itself, and then they are blaming our phone? I hope your team can responded well to critics for solving the problems and not the otherwise.
So far, I've ran into a few bumps, but I'm looking forward to future updates. In the Lab, if I touch any of the upgrades while scrolling through, it'll use my gems, or red gems instantly. Sometimes the game will open to an entire black screen, I closed the game and reopened it and it was fixed. Can you please add something that will increase scouting chances? It's a new, cute, and simple game, and it definitely has potential. 3 Stars for now. Best of Luck moving forward.
Gravity please, make a real game. All your mobile titles are flops. I spent so many years playing iRO and its so sad to see Gravity releasing these kinds of games and pushing in-app purchases so hard. I would rather pay for RO Battle Offline port instead of these kinds of games. If you need a gaming advisor, hit me up.
Constantly "could not connect to server" after I do something which ends up rolling back progress. Its a singleplayer idle game come on... Edit: already tried all that, it's not my Internet for sure.
Love the game, epic, and cute porings, just, i have a lot of heros that I won't use sooner or later, please add that so you can sell you heros for coins and gems, side note : pls add more hero slots!
The texts kept on disappearing and then reappearing few minutes. Wow, releasing a VERY INCOMPLETE game... (EDIT) And the AUDACITY to even blame my device about this! I can play RO Eternal Love/Genshin Impact here perfectly and you're saying I can't with this mess of an incomplete game? What a clown.
I have to be honest, this game is overwhelming. I feel like they have thrown waaaaaayyyy too much content all at once and without good explanation and constantly asking to view ads. I understand why, money making purposes at all. But I can't seem to find the enjoyment playing this. I expected something more relaxing, but I got something really confusing instead. I will still play some and update my review as it is really cute but.. I really feel like it's just a bunch of stuff thrown together
I dont mind spending money but there isnt enough content for me to pay over $20.00. $26.99 just to take ads away if you dont pay you would have to watch a 5-30 sec ad for everything you need to progress, even if you deal with the ads after a while the ads stop working. Just another cash grab gatcha game nothing special...
been playing for a day and merge lvl 10 porings over 30 times, no heroic at all. 25% my foot. plus $37.99 just to remove ad? ive seen other games makes 4.99 or at most 9.99 with some extra purchase currency in it. i know this games is still new but do some research before putting out sales and pricing edit: i link to my facebook, and the game put my original name as my ign. i dont want people know our real names geez
Hahaha funny and interesting game. Very nice characters. Very nice progress feel. Needs a strong device for playing this game. I have a powerful device but for some players you might experience alot of lag. I personally experience quite a little lags when my stage gets very high. But otherwise great game, great background song theme, not too addictive and not boring unlike other afk games I played. Keep it that way.
Does not start when it can't connect to tracking Server and ad server. PS: I am on a stable connection, I reinstalled the app but the tracking URL and the ads go through my adblock. If this doesn't change, it will stay with 1 star cause it's not usable.
Feels like a rehash of gacha and merging games. You might like this if you like idle poring because it features the same autoplay gameplay, except with some other features. But one thing: I've played many gravity games before but the number of ads and rewards through ads is really high.i don't mind watching ads here and there but it feels like I spend more time watching ads than discovering new content. Uninstalled after playing just for 2-3 hours due to repetitive reincarnation mechanism.
Even if there are small bugs, the game is cute and fun! There are only 2 small problems : shop is way too expensive OR diamonds are way too hard to get AND I did not have the choice of a username and I can't find anywhere to change and and it's frustrating to see my irl name everywhere
It's okay. Same as other merge games. I was hoping for something a little more innovative. When ads pop up during claiming rewards such as scout tickets. You will lose the reward/scout tickets. That just burned what little hype I had.
it's basically an ad simulator. new content is simply them releasing new units that are exclusively Pay to get. side events rewards are useless. legendary units and scouting rates are beyond horrendous. many hackers everywhere. and last but not least, the game's currency is completely overpriced. you need to pay 120$ to max a single unit. in short, this game will have a very short life. stay away.
Tiring, for about a day's worth of gameplay I watched ads nonstop....then ads just got tiring because there were ads for everything. $26.99 to get rid of them? I'll just go buy a pc game with that type of money. $9.99 or even $14.99 is a better deal imo. I understand you're trying to profit and we should "support the developers." But that's asking too much. So after a while of watching ads nonstop you won't be able to keep up unless you continue watching or spend $26.99.
Could not screen shoot it was to bizarre it fixed after that just letting you guys know of a possible visual bug. Did not effect game play oddly.Other then that great game my game was slow at the start after the tutorial geting another two lvl 9s was extremely hard the 2nd time almost had to put together 1,000 lvl 1s. But later it was much better. After I decreased summon time and put double chances for 1 though 9. Now not starting so may have to uninstall/reinstall4stars. 5stars ifnotrepeat.
There are about 12 recent reviews for the official global launch, which i was notified 30 mins ago, majority of the 5 star reviews are fake, literally say the same things in broken english. Majority of the real reviews (including most recent) are very low 1-3 stars complaining about lots of ads, bug issues, support issues, lost progress issues, etc. So the game is still very much broken, and the star rating is false.
ads on almost everything and ads removal price is quite too high, actually it's really high on most products. overall game is... acceptable but not that original, there are many games like this before. So if u r not RO fans, it's not that bad to try but don't expect too much from this one... anyway, it's just a beginning so I think there would be many improvements along the way and I hope for better overall basic UI and upcoming exciting fetures.
I've enjoyed this game for almost 2 weeks, however since yesterday it has been intermittent when I can play ads in order to obtain extra things, making it frustrating for a free to play to be able to do much. I hope this issue is correct soon. Aside from that I'm a long time RO player from when transcendence first was introduced to classic and I don't know what it is but the charm of the game convinces me to play some versions and this is one of them. ♡
I gave this a chance because ragnorok online was fun. This is a complicated mess of a merge game. But hey maybe that's what your looking for.
Standard "merge" formula in the cutest aesthetic possible. Easy to play, generous with the currency. Suffers from some minor performance issues on a 2 yr old device (galaxy note 9). Would be a five star game if it had anything unique to add.
It is a relatively good and fun game, you don't have to watch ads unless you want bonus rewards or items etc. I just can't log in after the most recent update which is why I give it 4 stars. I really wish I could continue playing.
Enjoy the game ad free. (Otherwise you won't enjoy game?) Is what the game tells you when you watch an ingame ad. Three hours to change scout list, no guarantee to succeed getting them. It's usually junk like lvl 5~8 poring or a random blue hero. The English translation sucks. Good luck figuring out what stats mean or game mechanics without visiting reddit or Google search. There's thousands of dollars in game purchases, just to forge a poring. Lmfao.
bunch of red flags: ragnarok game where you cannot customize your character. incremential auto battler where the stages take 40+ seconds each with 3x battle speed. ad remover costs $25(!!!). merging system is a LOT of busy work for what is ultimately trash 96% of the time.
Developers are sneaky greedy ones. They did matinance to just remove ad system so people will be have to forced to purhcase remove ads package. Before maintenance you were able to watch ads but now ads are always in loading form. They never loads. You cant watch ads to play the game and the game is simply unplayable without ads. I also opened multiple help tickets and they just dont care. 100% money grabber game at the moment. Greedy ones.