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Ragnarok: Labyrinth

Ragnarok: Labyrinth for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by GRAVITY Co., Ltd. located at 서울특별시 마포구 월드컵북로 396 누리꿈스퀘어 연구개발타워 15층. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Addictive mechanics and the nostalgic ip will get you hooked fast. Unfortunately the game is rediculously pay2win. Don't even bother to participate in any form of PvP as a free player. Also, as soon as you hit job-lv 40 you will hit a brick wall and progress will become painfully slow. At job-level 50 progress will force you to pay because a free player cannot effort the upgrades. In addition the game will throw adds at you once you hit a certain level. Such a shame...
Not sure about connection issues, I've not had a single problem running the game. Its very fun. You are always advancing, acquiring new items and gear. It's very action focused and there are many things to do. I love the collection aspect also. Just wish everything wasn't so monetized, I've never seen anything like it! Between packs, premium currency, and items, you don't even need to play the game and earn stuff, you can just buy your progress. Companies need to learn this is not the way! Smh.
I'm not sure what I expected but it wasn't this. It plays like an auto battler. Levels, quests, and information coming at you fast so its difficult to track what is happening. I'm not going to say its a bad game because it seems like it could be enjoyable if this is your thing. Its just not my thing.
New update Is meh, infinite tower is horrible, can't even beat floor one with 3 star companions and lol 80+, on top of that can only enter once a week. Game itself is pretty fun, but it is absolutely "NOT" and idle game.
Do you like tons of quests with nearly no reward? Do you like constant grinding instead of actual progression? Do you like running a single app without closing it for 6 hours a day? Well this is the game for you. For all the other sane people out there, I'd recommend just moving on. 2 stars because its at least not throwing ads in my face everything I go to the home screen
Revised: This game has been out a long time in other countries. My feedback to gravity wont matter. But people are here to know what an average person thinks and is no cash cow, no bias. Sharedevice, the afk system, only works based on upgrade and if other players ONLINE hire you. Guild content but no friend system, or rather "future update". MVP are an eyesore, quests are too difficult, etc etc. But of course, you are welcome to spend dozens to thousands just to progress further.
After a rough first day the game seems much more stable now, the game is a huge nostalgia trip for me and I like it so far, interested to see what more they'll add to the game, hope to see all the classes in the game in the future as well. If you're an RO fan and like "semi-idle" games give it a try~
I enjoy this game waaaaay too much! I used to play Ragnarok PO or some other Rag game but stopped playing it. Maybe space, maybe new phone or most likely boredom after a good bit. When I saw this in the app store I was really happy! Playing this isn't the same as the one I used to play but I think this one is even better and can't wait for more content/events. I'd highly recommend this game!!! It's an idle game for the most part but still is surprisingly fun!
Final review until I uninstall. Game forces you to build full agi, not much variety. Offline play is bad and forcing you to leave game running on your phone. It lacks content and builds to be more interesting. It has so much potential to be good, but makes several fatal mistakes. I don't think this game has many months until it is shut down. Has some good ro feeling on it, but that's about all.
Launching a game most of the times stops at 'checking resourse version'. I have to restart my phone several times to get to the game (Samsung Galaxy S9+). It is the only one add with such a problem here
2 stars just becuause it's Ragnarok but this is a VERY frustrating game (1 star if it wasn't Ragnarok). You are forced to use RNG to create items to advance and it is extremely frustrating and fails WAY too often. The end game items require you to go through this RNG process multiple times for each piece of equipment. Seriously a 20% RNG chance (which is more like 2% chance) to create items that you have to grind and farm for hours or days to get the materials for..NO Thanks!!
I was playing for a week, then after a couple of days of not playing, i logged in to a character selection. I lost my lvl 12 character and over a thousand of the in-game currency. Times out on customer support. I want back my old account, or reset again since it put me in a class i dont want. It didn’t select the actual character at all. Yeah, reached out two days ago, no response. 1 star remains. This is the service you get.
First I have to say, it is a good time killer, what you expect of an idle game... Looks nice, and crisp. It is a game to grind, reminding me of the old RO. But have a bunch of cashgrab and premium bs to ruin your experience... Marketplace(plater to player trade area) is locked by a "RO points" mechanic... If you want to buy something and you have enough zenny, well too bad you algo need 500 extra Ro points to complete the process, and it is a pain to get those... Intermittent connection fix too
I havent even played the game yet but i can already tell its gonna be bad. So first, "enjoyed by 1,000,000 players worldwide" yet it only has 100k+ downloads. Second, the rating is terrible. Third, the one second of gameplay that it showed inside of the add was really laggy. I got 6 more reasons but this is already a bit too long.
WARNING. Crashes instantly. Caused other programs that i have run for years with no issues, to crash. I had to reinstall a few of my other apps to get them working properly again. Avoid this game/virus. I did play the game for an hour or so before crashing. Was laggy to do any actions. Screen even freezing for several seconds after doing something. Leveling up an item took forever because of this.
This game is a cash grab and only wants to take your money and then push you out. I cancelled a single small purchase I clicked by accident with all their pop up purchase suggestions. They blocked my account after I had made many purchases so I cancelled every one since they refuse to unblock it over 1 accident atleast google has good customer service don't l Play this game wish I could give it 0 stars Update they still don't care and treat you horribly don't play this game.
I only played for a short time because I lost all my data even though I made it past the tutorial. Cheesy and boring story and the gameplay is.....stale, really. Loading times are an abomonation and sometimes I felt the game was frozen altogether. There's a lot going on, on the screen all the time and a lot of different things you're going to have to keep constant tabs on. If I didn't lose my data i'd continue but...
Great so far! Thoroughly enjoying the gameplay I've watched so far. I'm totally good with waiting for the download time because I get it's a big game. All these people complaining about the downloads are just being immature and impatient. Don't give a 1 star review for an issue that isn't the developer's...please check your internet or don't hit the 'Install' button! These people are mad about waiting for a MOBILE GAME to download... 🤦🏽
No story mode and it just another idle clone game. It become so boring. I lost the interest now. I am just playing for while before i uninstall it.
This game is all about chances. There is no guarantee for good gear if you want to craft because the chance to even craft the material is often small. One of the item has a chance of 10%. I crafted 100 times, which means I was supposed to get at least 10 successes, guess what, I only has 2 success items crafted. Stuck at main quest 123 in which you have to craft 5 star gear and your dispatch for the jewel I need only earns around 26 jewels in 2 hours and I need 500 of them. Nah...
It's better than the expected, but it could have less barriers between one quest to another, welp, it's a good game to pass the time though. :)
Edited: So far server is getting better. Changing my previous review to 4 stars Hey devs after that market update the connection is very unstable. Any plans to do any maintenance again? Pls optimize the server if you care about the players.
I'm actually disappointed in this game. There's nothing labyrinthine about it. False advertisement at its finest. It's just another idle beat 'em up in an already oversaturated market. The only time you even begin to actually move your character is to find an elite enemy or a boss. Gravity can surely do better than this. Do not download if you are tired of idle games.
I usually have one idle game and this is the one for me. Also brings back childhood memories. HOWEVER, since update I've been having MAJOR connection issues on multiple different networks. I left the game running on my spare device and I had apaprently disconnected hours ago without the game logging out. When I tried to use the interface I got the notification. Logged back on and all the progress was lost... That is unacceptable...
Not very well balanced (I get stomped in DPS by people with half my BP), not actually idle (I've been running this game for a solid month since launch since the offline share system is just super bad), and not fun. And I know none of this is changing, so anything gravity put attached to this is to make you the reader think they care. I am/was one of the top players, and I assure you they don't.
TLDR: Lots of broken mechanics blanketed by impressive looks. -RNG is a lie. 20% is more like 5%... -Sharing character is broken and useless. You level too fast to be hired and you hire levels too low for your stage. -Hitting a brick wall in this game is like going head-on against a freight train while riding a scooter. -New things are added, but they too are broken. Market for example: No sense in having to pay zenny when you will hardly ever have the RO Coins that accompany it.
Quite enjoyable. Admittedly heavily influenced by the nostalgia factor. More of a semi-idle game than most as it has a good few aspects that are more hands on than others. Wish the Prize Wheel had a multi spin option. I let the chances build up too much and not using them all feels like more trouble than its worth.
Fun idle game, theme of ragnarok, keeps u hooked until the higher job levels (72+) and notice that the stages are whooping u so u need to craft. That's where u begin to realize, crafting rates are really low for the main material u need to make a 4 or 5 star piece of gear. I've been playing for about 2 weeks to get to this gear wall and spent 3 days to gather gear to break for crafting materials. Had 25 chances to make 1/5 items I needed. Only resulted in 1. The grind is rough & time consuming.
Decent bit of nostalgia, but overall an extremely heavily RNG-based game. Had to quit after failing a bit over 100 times in a row on a 20% chance. Progress is only reasonable when you are burning battery with game open. Need to artificially lower your character's strength or it won't get hired, which is the only way to get any progress offline. PVP can be manipulated in the same way, as AI companions are based on your level and lowering your own strength matches you with weaker opponents.
Not worth your time. The game expect you to play 6 hours a day to get the full play time rewards. And the devs felt your time is so worthless items labeled as free requires you to watch an ad to acquire. The pay wall is just way too high for such a game. Hopefully this doesn't get deleted like my last post.
The "Sharvice" feature is asinine. When you get to a certain point, you're too strong for most people to use your character and those that can won't because they're playing on maps where a weaker character will just die constantly. So now I'm getting nothing overnight and in order to make any meaningful progress I would need to leave the game running on my phone as I sleep. How was this thought to be a good idea?
New update- game is about p2w as you get. It's actually so bad that players in the top 5% are saying they can't even compete with the growing paywall. Been playing every day since it came out, spent some money here and there and can't even clear the 1st boss in the endless tower that came out, heck I didn't even do any noticeable damage and this is floor 5 out of 100. Standard horrible.rates, impractical trading, no real content.
Follow me on Twitch.TV/Yugen_Mix for more mobile game updates. It's not a bad game. Can be very addictive at first. Your basic idle game, but with ragnarok. It can be F2P, but it will just take forever for things to get done. You can pay to make things go faster, but in the end you will reach the same result. This game brings back Ragnarok nostalgia. Keep in mind that the game is still new and they still need a lot of updates. Community is small, but very active. All in all 4/5 stars for me.
Yikes, another nostalgic franchise being ruined by overly greedy Pay2Win mechanics. The game is unstable, buggy as hell and definitely not ready for release.. but of course the $$ cash shop works perfectly and that's all that matters.. Don't piss your money away on this, they could remove 80% of the Pay2Win mechanics tomorrow and it would still be an overpriced dumpster fire that will likely sour any positive memories you have of the Ragnarok franchise.
Was really enjoying the game, it's a standard IDLE rpg so if you like the genre you will like the game, if you want more engaging gameplay you probably won't enjoy. Since last major update, stability has gone down the drain. Had no problems, not even 1 dc but now with the marketplace update, dcing and lagging constantly
It's a fun time waster, but it's not without it's faults. The characters are cute and the leveling/skill progression systems are gratifying enough to keep me coming back, but the dungeons and labyrinth islands are monotonous and the controls are floaty and hard to control on my phone. The weapons and armors look really cool but you can't see item skin changes without having to buy costumes or finding pieces. Also wish there was more character customization. It's fun, just needs a lil bit more
Unplayable. Game crashed during introduction. There is my character in the middle of the screen, but everything I touch says "unavailable during tutorial". Can't move or do anything except uninstall and leave a 1* review
I downloaded the game for nostalgia reasons was having fun at first but after new update the lag is making it unplayable. Disconnecting in the zenny and exp dungeons when time is essential.
The lag it's insane! I originally gave two stars to this game hoping the market will open new path for a f2p user, but after realizing that 4 stars equipment costs an additional 1k ro points I think I will quit directly. As a nostalgic I miss the market the most, but buying one piece of equipment every 15 days it's just boring. You definitely need to pay to enjoy it a little bit, buit be mindful on how much you spend as the rates are as low as they can get.
This game was designed for one thing only, bleed players wallets of their money and give them nothing in return that's worth the value of money they spent. This game is beyond pay2play and is designed specifically to penalize those who don't pay. I miss the days when games were created for the playing enjoyment and not "get rich quick" schemes by greedy people. It's games like this that ruin mobile gaming for me.
You have to stay online to list item on shop. It's an idle game that you cannot get offline. Can't transfer items between alts nor sell to or buy from your alts. What's the point of having an alt? PVP is absolutely horrendous. The top BP wins all. No matter if you're a new player. PVP matching is a joke. Buggy as hell. Freezes constantly.
Neat concept, but heavily P2W. Collecting Duel Pieces is limited to five attempts, and you'll have any pieces you collected taken long before you can recharge your attempts and complete the set of eight. Not a bad game, but that system is frustrating, defeating the purpose of even playing a game. Uninstalled.
Fun for a while, then huge pay to win wall. After lvl 50+, the dueling and PvP become impossible unless you spend to get the stronger units (which could easily be 500+$ if you're unlucky) Its incredibly unbalanced with no ladder in duels, so you just get stomped on. Also, you have to win a set of 8 pieces (lose one on defeat, gain on victory) to get the materials for stronger units! It is not going to get fixed or balanced, so it's an easy pass if you're not a whale who loves RO.
It's alright, a little predatory with how it wants you to spend money by using psychology targeted towards certain people. Other than that, it's pretty fun and not really difficult.
The game was really fun until the recent update that added the market. Now the server lag makes for constant disconnects and a horrible gaming experience to the point of being almost unplayable.
This is closer to an idle game than a clicker. To reach new zones summon your friends and burn down the boss. Some side quests you have to actively play.
Dull, if you want an idle game there's better out there. Edit: They asked for more stars, so 1 less stars it is. Yes I'm aware the game will update, but at the moment its a shell of a game that it could be that underperformed compared to other similar games on the market. I've seen early access indie games bring more to the table than this with a significantly lower demand for me to spend money. To be blunt it's a waste of the Ragnarok franchise, a generic idle game that the only thing that feels Ragnarok is the assets. Combine this with plenty of 'micro' transactions labelled at over £60, it feels like a shell of a game that exists purely to milk cash from those dumb enough to waste it. (Average 'micro' transaction is around £20 though Edit: more reason to give 1 star. I've noticed how the quest complete confirm button and the purchase button for random pop-ups line up, meaning you can accidentally go to purchase random garbage when trying to complete a quest, should the pop-up appear the same time a quest completes.
Not for F2P. Different types of currencies. The trade system requires not only Zeny but also RO points. Zeny is difficult to obtain because you can't sell your items to shop on players while you only get "1" RO point per day. Zeny is bought with $ and RO points is bought through $ packages. Jobs doesn't matter in this game. Only Clowns and Professors are the only two you should choose. Tanks, Dodgers, Or Healers do not exist in this game. Pure P2W. ALL best gears cannot be crafted only Bought $$
For whatever reason my review was removed but whatever. The crafting system needs to be changed, I have been on craft a 5 star item for 5 days now because the crafting chances are so low and the material count is really high. I cannot progress until that quest is fulfilled. So please fix the crafting system in the game.
I would give this game a much higher review, however, the PVP aspect of the game is just garbage. If you could skip the PVP and continue to progress it wouldn't be bad. My progress is being held up from PVP due to the fact that I didn't get lucky enough to pull anything more than 1* PVP companions although my main character is 4k power above everyone I'm being out up against.
I love the game!! The only bad thing is that sharing is difficult since you always get the "This information does not exist message." Another thing I don't like is that the game kinda seems p2w and it's a gacha but otherwise fun! EDIT: game won't even load dud to failing an ssl connection. Everything else works fine on my end and I already uninstalled webview so this is obviously an issue on the dev's end. I shouldn't have to delete webview in the first place since I need that for other apps.
an auto play type of game, a lot of systems to work with to deal with to make your character(s) stronger. still cute and fun tho. writing this review those to get the developers to add an auto clicker button to the lucky wheel. i let the game run and ended up with 1200 coins. if there's a con that bothers me is that if you pay enough you can become a unkillable god in pvp against free players.
Basically, power growth is quite stable and there's some unique builds for each class which is somewhat alright, elements system doesn't have too much impact because either you get out powered or you powering your enemy. Cards are alright as an extra source of stats, depends heavily on RNG same for everyone else. You probably have to plan which equipments to build as it's not easy to just farm mats, game is okay I guess if you don't mind the unbalanced paid player in PvP.
Strange cross between afk square zone based rpg and an idle clicker. If you do the idle clicker part in the form of moving your character to a boss that spawns in regular intervals and pressing a button that requires u to hire other playrs to your party (of which is charged by item that you cant buy with a farmable item, to just get more upgrades.
People should probably stop digging up and abusing the dead RO body. The thing is, Labyrinth might not be a bad game overall, but it is pale shadow of RO and it is not RO and it will never be.
I was initially impressed by this game, and it pains me to rate a game with such nostalgia for me personally, so low, but it has to be done. This is supposed to be an idle game, but unless you've got a device you can run online 24/7 you're going to fall behind because of their miserable shareservice mechanic. In order to collect rewards while offline someone needs to "hire" your character, but even at rank 4000 in power no one can hire me. No offline rewards gets this game an abysmal rating.
The lag problem was fixed. However, there are some definite downsides to this game. It is very pay to win, even more so than many other games on the play store. I actually don't think I've come across any that are more pay to win. The premium currency is needed for pretty much everything and is hard to get if you don't pay. Otherwise, you advance super slowly. The whole game is also auto. The controls are really cumbersome in the mazes. Overall, not a very enjoyable experience
Don't install this. Boring. No gameplay whatsoever. It's all on autoplay. The only input the player has is what skills the characters will use. And what equipment to upgrade. That's it. A far cry from the original. It's not a game it's a gloryfied cookieclicker.
Not very F2P friendly. Perfect example is the market place where players buy/sell items to other players. The problem is in order to buy from other players it requires both zenny and RO coins. Although you don't need to spend money to get RO coins, the amount you get is trivial and could easily take a month or longer to gather enough RO coins to even be able to buy a weapon using zenny.
It's RO really simplified. I love it. Cards are easier to get, just random from a box, gear is easier to get too. However, I do NOT like the share system how it is. Its a great idea though. But if I'm in Geffen and a level 46 joins my team, they just die. Doesn't help me. And the timer runs waaaaay faster than it should a 4 hour hourglass is done in less than 2 hours. Needs to be fixed. The system is nice, just needs tweaking. Overall a good game though. Craft % is WAY off. 3/40 @20%? lol, k.
After the "market" was released the game became very laggy and constant crashes. It became clear this game is a lost cause, it is so expensive to purchase items from other players that the market is basically only for the whales or people who play non-stop. DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME, the rng is so atrocious (0.0005% chance of getting 30 RO coins, you need 2000 to buy 5* gear) that it's clear the company doesn't want us to succeed or have fun. PvP is also RnG/ P2W. Don't waste your time
Decent, slightly idle conversion of the original RO with the entire OST (Tracks only). It is EXTREMELY lackluster in original sounds, and definitely missing some QOL things. Also, if I spend $79.99 on your game, it needs to be worth it - Rolling garbage 3/4 star items on expensive purchases only serves to irritate donors. In my opinion, all mechanics for dungeons need to be re-imagined. Airship is alright, but very boring. All in all, neat game with potential.. Less blood-sucking please.
It had everything to be a good game, but the market and the Labyrinth Island (Multi) are just trash, it's as they didn't even try to make something decent. To buy something on the market you need RO Points, which make only ppl who waste a really good amount of the money to buy, for light payers and f2p ppl it's really difficult to buy something, not because you didn't grind enough but because you don't have enough RO Points, for the developers pre set A LOT of RO Points when you try to buy item
The connectivity to this game is infuriating. The app freezes when you try to login. You have to close it 2-3 times before logging in.
Re-edited review. If youre an RO veteran and have META build references and guides, with a little bit of purchases you can get by some boring grinding before you hit another wall. Gameplay is like nostalgia auto hunting which is fine depending on what you have time for. You don't have to pay to play, but pace is pretty slow if you don't spend some coins.
I enjoy idle games but this one is a bit unfair to those not wanting to spend money on a game. PvP is ruled by the whales who spend hundreds of dollars to be unbeatable. The gameplay is somewhat slow unless you have boosters, which can be crafted but take a while to get.
I JUST got the app and it took half a gig and also, FORCED me to buy stuff for full builds and stuff. I can't believe its already that bad. I might update my rating if you stop begging for stars in every 1 star reviews saying "BE SURE TO GIVE US STARS" and doing nothing about the problem, repeating replies to reviews and I also might update it if you stop begging for me to purchase stuff. Just stop being greedy. I deleted the app now, my tip is stop begging for 5 stars and stop being LAZY!!! 😡
i find my self loving this game.. its entertaining and fair some what.. but i wish the controls for dungeons were more easier..thats my only complaint.. other from that, i see my self playing this game for a long time..