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Ragdoll Arena

Ragdoll Arena for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Sellsoft Games located at Glasgow United Kingdom . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its pretty fun, but there are two problems. 1, when you get a bat or axe, you have it only until you die. 2, how in the heck am i supposed to get 500 coins if i can barely get 20?
Hello i'd like to sharereviw this game Controls are very hard to control because the joystick are so small but other buttons fine Gameplay is ok but there is some BROKEN script in your game like im stuck in lvl 5 but no enemys spawning nor lvl 7 too or etc and the main menu is laggy (my phone is new) and the coins are very hard to get because yoy added value of coins to 1. Graphics are ok but the physics are broken because when i jump to stairs i got Flunged Hello if any dev or owner pls fix
What really bad about this game the screen gets purple and it does not load the whole screen was purple i give this 1 star. please fix it.
It's a great game by playing for a long time hoping that when I killed somebody would get coins when I die and then I only got one and I just make it easier to get
I like this version but the old ones are better. This game used to be fun but now it's a little bit boring.
its amazing i cant stop playing it and it would be cool if there was a sprint button and a crouch one but either way its amazing
This game won't let me install it it's like a guard from a mall and trying to get in and it won't let meh in
The ragdoll is actually quite realistic. They have muscles and joints and we become a ball when falling in ragdoll! BUT ITS HORRIBLY OPTIMIZED! Keeps crashing every 5 or 6 minutes
Super Fun I Have An Idea And It Works First Go To The Stair Thing Go To Left Or Right If Left Jump Through The Thing And Go To The Punch Thing Since They're Not Programmed To Climb
I play this on my grand mothers phone but the only problem is that every thing in this game is too epensive and its hard to beat your enemy
This Game Needs A Better Ragdoll (No Body Foetals),More Maps,I Hate When Everytime When I Defeat an Enemy They Poof Away Make Them Knocked Out To The Ground Instead,Reduce Lag K bye 😀😀😀
It's almost impossible to get coins I've fought five times and have one coin also,you always get stuck in random places and your character moves way to fast.
Dude like why give one coin ever like 10 kills how am i going to get 500 coins if i get one ever 10 kills? This sucks dude. Lvls cost way to much.
Oh my god guys I wanted to get a new character and I was going to buy some coins but when I DID the game crashed and when I opened the game up again I didnt have any coins so I had just been scammed. And stupid me did it again and the same thing happened so DON'T BUY ANYTHING AND DONT PLAY IT.
It's alright it runs smoothly on my device, but game progress is the only problem. Please make the game have a save file or something. Also make the opponent responsive (have him fight back)
Hehe finally... a ragdoll game I love ragdoll! Just a little more stuff, I think you should make more maps I think you should also add some more weapons.
When equipping weapons, it glitches and freezes me from movement(game doesn't crash). Also, maybe you should have waited until the game was polished before uploading it.
This game is funn but opp i think that the ragdolls are like scary of jump scares and also it but it was funneh because i traped the other ragdoll by following me to the punch hand and they fell 3: 🤣🤣🤣🤜
This game has alot of potential. I have a few suggestions. Try and make the hud look a bit more...original? Make it so you get points for each hit. Make a bigger map maybe? But I genuinely do think this is a hilarious, fun game
This game is really fun but when I press buy on the the stuff in the shop (the stuff you pay with real money) it gives me the coins but doesn't buy? The menu telling me to buy doesn't come up so I'm not sure if I'm buying something
Nice but can you lower the prices and put a new way on getting coins? I couldn't go through too much time trying.
Ragdoll arena is quite fun but it's a bit boring because you can spawn zombies but you need a lot of money to buy this the game is so boring....😒
Dude, fix your game. everything is so expensive, but you get one coun on occasion. also, the dummy's don't spawn on occasion. Make everything cheaper if you're not going to up the coun value.
The game seems to have big changes. but unfortunately it doesn't work on my device . The game starts with heavy lag and after a few seconds it crashes
U need to make like more money for each hit cause its so hard and can take hours to get alot of coins so u need to add that and make it fun
This game is pretty ok but it's hard to earn money and make more attacks also make it it give you more money
This is a great game but when you tripped or fall to the ground the baseball bat slides to the void!can u plz fix this bug so i can rate it 5 stars!
I Love ragdoll Game well this is be take long time to get coins but if you never play this game you will be level 1
Now I cant get the axe on all levels and on level 3 I can't move after getting the bat and the zombie will not come back after it dies please update this game
To b honest I like this game I played it a couple years back and I was impressed and I think the game should need a few tweeks to it but overall I like the game
It was boring to play and you should have music to the game, and you should be able to kick but the radoll its good and you should get 2 or 4 coins when you kill radolls in the the game ( and fwi the guy who gived it the ratings 5 how its B O R I N G who gived it 5)
I give this a 5star becuase its funny 😄😄😄 but on my samsung ipadd i was playing but it was lagging but its fine
Ragdolls are fun and in this game I keep tripping them OMG it's a very good game so I don't see y scins and maps cost 500 it's insane very and I recommend it to EVREY person that likes having fun with ragdoll tripping and tricking and surprise and attack it's so good and ecspelaly great mythical morning so play it it's good Ina way
please add the spawn boxes where you can just walk up and spawn a npc,also please let the npcs fight back i miss that. Thanks.
I want the old Ragdoll Arena back where you used to fight other ragdolls you used to do parkour in the parkour map teleport to other places I thought you were going to update like the other places that weren't made yet cuz we used to go in those ones that used to just crash the game so can you bring back the old Ragdoll Arena thank you if you bring it back I'll leave a 5-star review and I'll go into 3 accounts and rate five stars
Goos ragdoll game but I GET MAD CAUSE WHEN U BUY WEAPON IF U FALL YOU LOSE IT and make it waaaay easier to get money in this game please
its kind a hard but i like it the reasob why this is hard because dummy keep pushing me into the map this game should be fix i dont want to play this with a bug fix this