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Raft Survival Forest

Raft Survival Forest for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by TryFoot Studios located at Lahore Pakistan. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i have not played the game yet but I looked at the pictures (the word Raft is in the title of the game) and bid not see any thing about a raft (except in the back ground in one of the pictures) so maybe the developers should put in a picture of a raft bit so people know that the game has SOMETHING to do with a raft.#ps, this is just a suggestion. remember i have not played the game yet.
too dark at night Bigfoot is SOOO CRAZY LOOKING, and he's just all around crazy we should start with a flashlight.
This game was really bad i picked up the gun and i can do anything else because of the ads and when i was trying to explore I gliched through the ground and died. And I dont like how you have to do everything it tells you to do.
Here i was hoping for an actual survival game and what did i get? A finding game where i had to search an island for half an hour to find a stupid apple just go get through what i can only guess was the tutorial i wouldnt suggest getting this
Awesome Game. It Looks Like It's Still In It's Testing Fase... But Eh.. It Had Ads But You Can Just Play Offline.. Or Online.. Either Way. This Game Is Playable And I Love That It Actually Has Bird And Ocean Sounds. I Love It.
People need to jump and u can't. And when u get to the yedi thing it shouldn't be 35 logs! It should be at least 12 logs I mean seriously! Also, there is no point in this game, it gets boring really quickly!!! Ugh boringggggggggg
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make some improvements..please its said watch video for 2x hint..but its not working.. no backpack.. you need to buy the whole hint or unlimited hint.. how would i know where those woods i pick up goes!!and also does'nt know how to swim, the picture looks like a soldier but why he does'nt know how to swim is this for real??? i like it so far but i deleted..
No it is not good i have played just now it is not interested to me but i have gave 1 star be happy 不不不不不不不不不不 now i am going to uninstall this game不不不不不
This is a really a good game but the only thing is why a ywti qhen u can put in a camible orr something better other than that its a relly good game but aomwtimes the rest of the rope doea not spawn or im not looking hard
Actually, this game have lots of room to make game progress, but too bad the gameplay is rather short (4 to 5 task and thats it). I've finished the game after few hours. Good sound effects, landscape is nice, but you don't even has a chance to live there after build the raft. Not similar to survival game I used to played, coz the game didn't have hunger and thirst bar to take care of, and no crafting system.
Raft survival in forest and ocean, very good graphics, different from other raft survival games, have to survive bigfoot or yeti. great work loved the game.
I like it how you can find bigfoot but mabe make him abit more slower and mabe make this game muiltplayer
very very .............. great game i loved it i am not having word for tell this game very very ........... good game
One thing i hate is the monster that attacks us it is so annoying and comes out of nowere and kills you
Ads bombarded me from the start. I couldn't even walk a couple of feet because of laggin. I have a Samsung Galaxy 7edge, its powerful enough for most games.
it is awesome and I love this game if you've seen this and not my other ones than go look at them I even respawns to tales of wind guys so I will play if you want me to do a YouTube channel like this comment my name is Mackenzie all you need to know.
i love this game this game like life after but that graphics its low it s okay pls fix graphics 算算算算綾拎拎
Glitched and died inside the ground, cant find one supply piece and the game just provide u the exact number of it which made me go around a hundred times and made me pretty dizzy. Redone the obj and picked up the axe then my controls are gone. And im gone because bye.
Terrible. The controls are so sensitive that its impossible to pick things up. You cant even play the game because the ads are so bad. At least let us play to see if we want to pay yo remove them.
complete trash,i hope whoever made this knows they are a failure.You cant do anything without it glitching you the other way (DO NOT DOWNLOAD!)
Guys dont download this becaus it fake beacause the ilsland is so small and i cant build any thing this is very bad than other survival games this is broken its a fake and trash game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best bt i just hate the part where the beast comes in because when i know need a sticks to build my house it just comes in with out even giving me achance and ruins everything so i,ll rate this game 3stars only im sorry but pls try your luck next time. Like the way the controls are.
Game has too many flaws at this stage. If you pause the game for a few minutes, it deletes all of the supplies you've accumulated. Also, once you draw your gun there's no way to put it away again. I could never get anywhere in it, and am forced to uninstall.
There is nothing to do other than what it tells you. You cant build anything other than what it tells you and stuff is way to hard to find. Also i was walking and i just fell through the map and i lost everything. (WOULD NOT RECOMMEND)!
You will hate this game the first play yellow things you will get and second mission is to find you will find bush and there is no yellow and if you swim in water you will die and the control is so hard don't download this game互
I am giving 2 star because at this game add some devlopment please add map navigation to find itoms because at a level i play near about 2 hours but i cant find one items please add this map navigation to find items i will give 5 star
I install but I no play the first I give comment because I see so entertaining thing in mind. That think give 5 Star
It sounds interesting but as I hit start game I got a add it load a bit and the game crashed I did even get to play.
i dont like the yeti .... BECAUSE YETI IS FOUND AT SNOW BIOMES NOT ON A BEACH or something.... much better if that one is called bigfoot
very basic game, looks like its still under development. was looking for grass to build fire, fell through ground and died. ads pop up every time you press pause. restricted views to move and look around with gun and option buttons for gun. Keep developing guys you will get there.
I liked this game but i died because i drown which is understandable. But i came back and i got the axe to knock down the wood. But then i grabbed the axe and some of the controls were gone and i couldnt knock anything down only picked things up. It also lags. I was kinda disapointed but other than that it was fun. Hopefully you could fix this problem.