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Radiant Free

Radiant Free for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by HEXAGE located at Hexage s.r.o. U koleji 1604 252 10 Mnisek pod Brdy Czech Republic. The game is suitable for Everyone (Mild Fantasy Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Simple and addictive control, great story. However, many of the bosses were a let down, especially the last one. Their goons with no shooting pattern is actually much harder to get through.
....then it was over. Would rather see a few adds personally rather than charging me for the full game. Looks good though and is fun while it lasts.
Unplayable when the change weapon is hidden under the pause game button on the LHS, otherwise i'd buy this game :(
I loved this game☺ People keep complaning that the aliens keep going under the ship but i never had that problem.Heck,the only boss i had trouble with were the saucers or 'hunters' as its technical name.
I first heard about this game a few years ago and then I forgot about it. It's so fun even in the few version--seeing which upgrade path world best and all in the second and third playthroughs. (It's not the lazer one.)
Really fun to play. It doesnt have much to offer for the free version though. Make sure to buy the full thing.
I payed 1.99 in the app and nothing happened.......why may i ask? Have i been ripped off?! I wanted the full version ;~;
Garbage game. Why do you not allow to go back to the shop? Now I'm on the second map and I accidentally didn't upgrade anything and it's almost impossible to continue. Secondly, how can you make the small things go beneath your ship, come up and shoot instantly and kill you? Whoever made those decisions is brain dead plus they didn't even play their own game to realize it. Like how...?
fun game only gripe is that when switching weapons the menu screen gets activated especially when ship is on the Left side of the screen. please fix this by making the weapon icons bigger or having them show up in the center of the screen. Update: purchased the game but whenever I launch it, it starts from the beginning. Why is it not saving my progress? No stars until this is fixed.
I loved it. I would buy the full version but I'm broke. So this 5 star rating and positive review will have to do instead 😁 great game!
When me and my sister went to Mexico I saw my dad playing this and a few days later I started playing then. I got addicted
To those people who cant get past level one cause it says you have to pay. Just press no and you play the next level. Idiots
Great game. Its an amazing time waister but the only problem i have (i have the paid version through this version) is i wish there was some way to tell how much damage you're actually doing to the bosses
This is the best plane shooter game I've had since sky force. Simple but great 8-bit style graphics, smooth animation and awesome story. It's worth the buy! Hope for sequel lol
A Wonderful mess of a game that left fantasy droppings after I finished it and here I'm playing it again....but seriously Hexage...... we need another franchise!!!!
This game is great, im not trying to bring it's reviews down but it is unfair when you have the smaller minions coming from underneath you and shooting while you focus on bigger targets.otherwise, I totaly think this game has good graphics and is well made.
HOOO BOY! You have GOT to love Radiant. Who ever knew Space Invaders and Galaga combined would be a good thing? The best retro type shoot 'em up on Android. HANDS DOWN. I got to look for money to get the full version!
This game is by far my favorite. Loved the color and style. Simple but very nice. I never put a review for games but this game has earned my review and my money. I loved the story and the characters personalities. Sorry about the lack of commas. Also the game play mechanics are amazing. People complain about minions coming from under you which is a problem I didn't have. Avoid them maybe? I'm not sure. I was never killed by that. Just keep an eye around your craft.
I really miss it. Forgot about it even. I'll probably buy the full game. Still looks good and sounds good. Great game, great job, glad after all these years she's still up!!!
Like a combination of Astroids and Galaga but much lamer than both. Slow space ship that only moves side to side and auto fires. Graphics are such a cheesy knock off job it's laughable.
Brilliant game and a lot of fun. One thing i would love to have is the ability to use some of the guns together (instead of switching).
Not even in the full version, this game is incredibly charming, fun, and absorbs time like I absorb ice cream. gameplay is incredibly simple and fun, but has enough of an edge of difficulty to keep the player intrigued. In addition to it's simple arcade style gameplay, they add in a few new mechanics, such as enemies moving around sperratically, and a marketplace where you can buy up to 6 weapons, along with additional lives. 10/10, very fun and recommendable.
If you need help on the final boss on the first stage. What you do is use the Vulcan cannon to take out the seeking missiles and the laser to destroy every thing else
Looks the part and plays so well. It's very addictive and I liked the inclusion of the asteroids. And I'd encourage you to pay the tiny amount for the full game - you could lose more down the back of a sofa!
Enjoyable and rather simple, not over complex, a bit of rude humor, and fun boss fights keeping me entertained for years, but what does Bio blaster do, seems useless.
The free version is good, not flawless but enjoyable while it lasts. That being about half a day. Still the best spaceinvader-esque game I have come across to date
Best game on the market! Easy, intuitive controls, stunning visuals, and replayability make this a must have. And at only a buck.99, the full version can be unlocked, which the levels are hella fun btw. Enjoyed it so much that i also bought radiant HD, even though its the same exact thing! One issue i would like see fixed however is the location and size of the pause/menu screen. It gets in the way when on the left side of the map, making changing weapons impossible if you are anywhere near the pause button. Maybe make it to where you double tap the ship to bring up the pause/menu screen.
This game combines all the best parts of old school arcade games like Asteroids and Space Invaders with the strategy of shoot 'em ups using different weapons, on screen power-ups and upgrades in between levels!
How the hell can you make money when you kill the targets off screen. The damn credit pick ups are half the time way out of reach. Waste of nice art style, you cant even make enough money to continue...infuriating, Ftg
Love this game but when i bought the full game so i could stage 2 i had no power ups is this supposed to happen?
This is an old classic arcade game I love old school arcade games 🆒🉐🈹🎮📺🎵☺ and I saw the movie pixels and it had pacman ☺ donkey Kong galaga etc.👍👌✌
Great story keeps the game fun. Only wish there was more missions to go on. Max Blaster finally gets to eat his cake.
Crashes on load, literally unplayable. Shame, I think I'd love it. Phone is a droid 2 if that helps
On the final fight with the first big boss I keep getting trapped in the corner and missiles kill me thats not fair at all
Hello guys, i really live your game for which i also paid for, but i cannot retrieve my progress because of redownloading the app on a new phone that i got. Please help me fix this, i really want to continue playing; it's too bad that i will have to delete the app because i haven't got the patience to start over. I will give 5 stars if you fix this, but this is not normal especially for a game i paid for.
Great game, but enemies shouldn't be allowed to go beyond the bottom of the screen, or even within the collision area of my ship. I find it irritating and it has become one of my least played games because of this. I enjoy that how you've taken the genre and somewhat simplified it, and the weapon choices are satisfying. Build up due to credits are kind of slow, but I don't think I've made it very far yet.
The 2nd level on the hardest difficulty is impossible to get through. There's simply no defence from the enemy fire and missiles coming sideways. It's also extremely irritating that weapons can't be switched while playing on the left side of the screen. Devs, can these issues be addressed?
If you like relaxing handheld nostalgia similar to Entex Galaxian 2 combined with the weapon store addiction of Vigdal's Warblade (Deluxe Galaga) buy this. Only wish I had bought the HD version from the market instead of in-app b/c the title of the bought app still reads "free". Works great on Sumsung Galaxy Player 4.2!