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Radiant Defense

Radiant Defense for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by HEXAGE located at Hexage s.r.o. U koleji 1604 252 10 Mnisek pod Brdy Czech Republic. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
the ultimate hardcore tower defense game. on one level it's pretty much impossible not to lose no matter how you place turrets and walls
Feels like there's only literally one solution for all the levels past 3 or 4 levels. Might be exciting experimenting until you get the right solution, might be frustrating to find out your theorycrafting being useless and my experience is mostly the latter.
WOW this game had so much potential. The art is charming, the dialogue is hilarious, and I had so much fun at first. But even in the second and third levels, they'll throw ridiculously impossible waves to defeat that are only weak to weapons in the purchase packs. There isn't a difficulty curve, there's a difficulty CLIFF. And I haven't been playing long enough to justify throwing money at it. I'd hate to think that the only reason I'm passing levels is because MONEY.
Its a really good game but on the lvl that has 12 rounds i cant beat lvl 11 there is 100 blood squids and i just xant beat it i tried like 4 times tried different strats and nothing worked..Im gonna keep it but not gonna play it.. Maybye for like a month or so
I love this game so much i had to rate it 5 stars I really want more missions and free upgrades so please expand the game.
The best tower defence game on mobile device. Bar none. Upgrades help but you can get a long way playing free and not being bothered by ads.
Developer just charge for the game. Don't make it free but impossible to progress without paying. Sleaze tactic.
This is one of my all-time faves. I just don't get the negative reviews. Keep at it and you solve any level.
Best defense I ever played, only problem is it's too short. Hopefully you can add more missions and new mechanics.
The icon is bugged and I can't move it to my folder with games. Actually I played this game in Microsoft Phone but I wanted to try it on Android. Unfortunately if icon is bugged and I can't move it where I want, then I'd give 1 star only. These are small things, but let's be honest... You don't want to mess up your home screen just because dev didn't spend time to make icon movable...
Best tower defence game ive ever played. Cant find anything even close in terms of entertainment. Anyone claiming its pay to win is judt just bad st the game and needs to git gud.
It's amazing and it's funny. But connecting my ps4 remote don't work I hit all the buttons and they don nothing... Well it does work when I hit right and left on the D-Pad but that's it could you make keybindings it might help alot. Also is there gonna be more levels and towers this game is fun. Heck a 2 player mode could work 2 with 1 player being aliens and the other being tower placer.
Epic, I've pretty much played every TD on here, this is the best. You will need to buy the upgrades, but the graphics, sounds and gameplay make this game great
It's a fun game. Colorful and engaging. I like it. But the separate paywalls for individual cannons is simply excessive. I will gladly pay for my entertainment, but I won't be nickeled and dimed for it.
Best TD ever period ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I have the luxury of playing the full version on Windowphone for 0.99$ (still playing it on 950XL in 2020 to push the score boundaries). The game is design to play with full weapon packs(so forget it if you want to gain 3 star beyond Mission 5). The free tags is let you player experience the gameplay untill Mission 5(which is close to impossible to beat if lack the fund came from Xenobiology) or lack weapon to create focusing high dmg deadzone to hold the creeps.
Great TD. Impossible to beat without buying the right packs. Unfortunately i purchased the wrong ones. Not going to buy more packs just to finish the last mission. Cheers! Maybe an update with more missions might bring me back. Hint hint.
Easily the best TD game, and should be considered one of the best Android Games. Great graphics and weapons. You can create your own paths for enemies which makes for lots of replay value. This feature is key and something missing from every single other TD game on Android. I just don't get it. Wish Hexage would revive this game.
Kindly return my money as I find this game not worth the amount I spent with the money I earn by working 6 hours. I dislike the way you have to pay to play by purchasing a tower to beat 20 to 30 level per mission. It is not worth wasting my time to be robbed for wanting a tower.
I like the type of games that HEXAGE offers. But Radiant Defense is the best one! Ignoring the fact of PAY TO WIN that other raters talk about. I consider this game as one of the best Tower Defense Games I've ever played.
The game is practically forcing you to use your money in order to continue because it's so difficult that you can't even get pass 3 map, that's just not fair
Great tower defense game. Decent variety of towers and great variety of enemies. The module system allows you to edit the map as you play for most levels for a neat new dynamic. There is one fatal flaw, however. The tower AI is absolute garbage. The player has no access to targeting options, yet the towers seemingly can't stick to one. This leads to an unfortunate reliance on RNG if you want to play conservatively.
Nice idea, relaxing sound and graphics, but I don't relaxe so much because I can't beat mission 3. It's frustrating. It's thrice I downloaded the game in a year, last time I bought 2 packs and still cannot beat it, I'm uninstalling it and I'll only come back if I see a decent update that modify the situation. I'll keep an eye for updates because I really like the idea and the concept, but I can't play it, so, why waste my time?
All your games are so hard, i need to purchase to win a level, some of your games are a bit boring but this game is the best.
Love this game! I have been playing it for years! Everytime that I get a phone I play it again and try to beat previous scores! Please add more levels!!!
This is my personal favorite tower defense game. Hexage's games are unique, and strangely satisfying for their dark themed backgrounds and music. I really wish they were more active...the games are showing some age already, and there seems no word on any sequels.
Purposely made certain levels harder or impossible to get money off of you. Great graphics, good product. Would have preferred to pay for the complete game, then download the free game and be expected to pay for in-game upgrades. Stupid developers with money on their mind.
Amazing! This is a unique tower defense game, not only because of it's bright colors but also how it will force you to really think about your strategy. The game isn't impossible without upgrades, but it sure does help. I've played it for around 5 years and it never gets old (at least for me.) I do hope they can make a follow up story and maybe add a few more levels. Or maybe add a feature where players can make their own levels and show it off to the community for others to play.
Without paying money to get the packs for other towers its literally impossible to get passed a certain point....1 star....there should always be a path to victory with a free game. Its disingenuous to say a game is free and then force players to pay for tower packs that are vital to beating the levels ahead
Pretty decent TD game that does not require additional paid content to do well with if good strategy is used (played up to Lv.8 3* F2P) Retry mechanic is a very good quality of life boost. Major problem is however the insufferable tower targeting AI which does not prioritize those closest to the end.
I wish they would continue this series, it's great. Lots more ideas for a second game. Levels are hard but not infuriating, hits that sweet spot between hard and impossible, love it.
It is really fun, but too hard and I am only on mission 3! Either make it easier or add an easy mode pls. Thank you.
There is a serious problem with the game right away. Enemy targeting for towers is almost always misdirected towards less important enemies along your defense. For example, my turret targets enemies in the back of the invasion whereas the front of the alien invasion can easily slip through my defenses and eventually into my base. Fix this. Otherwise, game itself is beautiful. Love the design choice, its setting, and how bubbly the art is and its colors.
Starts decent but quickly becomes impossible unless you fork over money to get the more powerful towers. Dont waste your time.
Sadly cant even get pasf firdt level. Does not do a good job of explaining the upgrades. The enemies dont give enough to even be able to buy you more towers. I hate all this pay to win stuff on adroid or deal with a terrible amount of ads.
This is a fanatical and cray cray game!!! I reached halfway playing before I noticed I HAD to buy to get other tanks and other resources.... Please make it a little more free pls... Although that's happened this game is still beautifully and wonderous and there before needs to be in the top 3 best defense games!!!
Amazing game, one of the best on the Play store. Graphics are flawless, gameplay is smooth, and I even found myself chuckling every now and then at a character's witty line which is a nice bonus. Many different ways to win, using various strategies, although after a while it becomes nearly impossible without buying the weapon packs (which are definitely worth the money) but still a great game nonetheless.
A great game with eye-catching graphics. The problem is that it get unbelievably difficult as you progress, aso the music is brilliant.
I fun to play it but when I was at the third level one single person touch it ista kill it and I dont have money to get starter weapons or get the research. Please fix that.!
I like the game, cool towers, etc. But. BUT! Why do the cool stuff have to be premium? I wouldn't mind, if all the towers weren't available from the start. It makes you feel like you are all ready in late-game, and there aren't many towers.
Brings back memories I see a lot of comments complaining that's it's impossible to beat without buying. I beat this game withing 24hrs without buying anything great game and it takes me back years when I first played this game as a kid and getting stumped on the last levels.
This game has really nice visuals, a clear interface and good variety of turrets and enemies. I rate it only 3 stars however because it's frustratingly difficult. I understand they want people to purchase the upgrades, but as someone who's bought every single one I still can't get passed level 4 and I've tried countless strategies. The amount of money earned to get better defences needs to be increases by around 15-20% imo or weaken some of the enemies. Just makes me want to give up
Since first playing something about it was always so difficult it was outright unfun. And I just figured it out. Beyond the blatant moneygrab nature of all the better tools, there's the fact that the credit payout per round is abysmal. It doesn't scale adequately, what can get you through level one just fine won't get you a tenth of the way through level three. There's also the lack of cohesive understanding for the units and upgrades, aka we need to see how much they do in the first place.
Been a while since I've played, but it's a fairly good tower defence game, more colorful than any I remember, and sometimes kinda funny with the dialogue! The main irritating bit I remember is if a mission you're retrying has dialogue, you have to run through it all, every retry. Also, probably intentional, but things are somewhat randomized, so that you can play the same mission, in the same exact way, and have very different results! BONUS - my progress was kept after I switched phones!
This game is interesting, with the wide variety of towers and the modules, but it's ridiculously annoying to get your desired outcome, because most of the towers' AI doesn't fire at the enemies closest to their objective, which ends out in death, unfair life loss, and having to restart the wave just to ATTEMPT to get a desired outcome. Also, some towers are insanely weak, such as the tesla, or the poison gas spray (forgot what it was called). Aside from those things, this game is great.
Money Grab Overall it is a great game. Great graphics, controls, and the gameplay is nice. But cant even get passed the 4th level without being forced to buy the games in game purchases for more towers. Which ruins the experience for me... Which sucks cause i started to really enjoy it... But cant get passed even level 4 of i think like 10 or 12.
2019: Though it leaves you wanting more, I have not stopped playing so that says it all! 2021: The visuals aesthetics are beautiful and the gameplay is enjoyable but compared to other TD games it now falls short - Cost of upgrades that are almost required to beat the game - Not enough playable stages for long-term & insufficient credit received - No detailed specs on items to know *when/where/on what enemy* to use so just left with trial & error Please update and expand this game!
It's actually really good. I would give it a 5, but this one level... at first I thought I was just bad at the game, but then I played it a few more times and that's when I realized that the people who programed the game MADE the level hard so people have to pay for more money or something. Besides that, this game is a 5\5.
I'll leave a real review; there is a lot of potential for replay ability in the levels with modules and unique weapons, but some of the levels are extremely hard to beat f2p, if not impossible. That being said, I did buy 2 of the packs in the game, but I still had to use guides sometimes as I wouldnt have the right idea otherwise of how to beat the levels. A challenging but fun tower defense.
forcing players for purchase. I remember back then that the "burning pack" is not needed to be bought
I love this game! The atmosphere it makes is amazing, the effects and sounds are used to great effect! As for the actual gameplay, its a bit rough. Trying to get past Mission four is near impossible for me, and i had to eventually resort to looking up a gameplay guide. If it wasnt for the difficulty spike, I would say this is the best tower defense game there is! There are no intrusive ads, which would break the amazing atmosphere, so thats a plus too.
This is an awesome TD game! Possible the best Android, TD game I've played!! PROS; Great graphics, Ability to restart wave(instead of the whole map, like other TDs), Ability to change path of the enemy, Somewhat funny story, No ads! CONS; Unable to select which enemy your turrets are targetting(Global or selected turret, I'd like to aim for the foremost enemy instead of enemy in the middle of the pack), Incoming enemy description doesn't show strength/weakness. Thanks for a great game!
BEST GAME EVER!!! This game is most likely AWESOME. But the reason i rated 3 stars is why you cant make levels, or share your levels.
This is unwinnable from Level 9 onwards. It seems that the Andriod version gives less money for wins. So any help doesn't work. I have done level 9 every day for a few months. I have to quit now. Even giving you payment doesn't work.
this is one of the best tower defense games on store. but it becomes very hard to proceed without buying stuff from a point. yet most of other tower defense games are either money trap, have harassive ads or developed by a team of potatoes. give it a shot and it will probably worth your time.
Although I really enjoyed it, I can't rate it higher because of how much forcing there was for paid upgrades. I like the difficulty, but the missions are not made to be done with the base turrets and it gets annoying after the 5th mission
Extremely good game! This is one of the best tower defense games there are, kingdom Rush 1 2 3 and 4 and radiant defense are the best tower defense games that there are! This game why I've been playing for literally 5 years maybe longer, there are so many different ways to beat the levels and they are very very challenging and the colors and music are great it's just a very good game!
This tower defense is the very definition of inconsistency From enemy movement to tower behavior and even pathfinding The only good part about it it's the customizability of the stages but with the terrible pathfinding and enemy movement you can't use it to it's fullest potential Also towers randomly decide to stop shooting enemies in range
Seems P2play and p2w. However is a very well made game with a great art style. Maybe just have a premium paid version instead of making in game p2w elements.
Can we fix the fact that the bar at the bottom of the screen covers the lowest layer and I am unable to build modules there. Fantastic game!
been my fav TD game for 6+ years. the aliens look cute and the graphics are cool. a lot of different strategies and a bunch of enemies. this is perfect for me.
Came back to play to this game again, levels got challenging but it is the best TD game I've played so far. Great Music and Graphics.
This game is a tad too pay to win, but, I like replaying old stages and it's a good TD game with aliens 'n stuffs, if you want more HEXAGE games, maybe play REDCON, which is where WWI never ended. Also, ken ken, the poison gas thingymabob is called the Pandora Biocid sprayer.
It's great at first then at the 3rd level wave 11/12 it becomes impossible to beat without buying some weapon pack. Pay to play games are no fun. I had hope for this one :(
This game looks great but it's stupidly hard your defenses are useless you have to pay for defenses that should be in the game for free.
Way, way, way too hard. I got stuck on Lvl 3, I tried legitimately 50+ times with many different strategies and couldn't get past.
Great game honestly I had a lot of fun pls make like a sequel to this awesome game if you don't want to then it's ok don't push yourself too hard anyway awesome game( ✧Д✧) YES!!
Great game, one of the best tower defense games on the play store. The graphics and sound are really nice. My only complaint is that some of the maps past #6 seem impossible to get 3 stars without buying microtractions. The game is fun enough that it might be worth the few dollars though.
I was able to brute force most of the levels people here are complaining were too difficult without paying (e.g. mission 12), but their point still stands that if you don't pay for better equipment/towers then the game will either be too difficult to be fun, or very grindy and trial-and-error based. I did enjoy all the levels that got difficulty right (read: were fair), though, and the graphics are wonderful.
The story is just annoying, cant set targets, cant upgrade towers longterm, cant play endless. Im sure kids will love it.
This game has a lot of potential...but they don't give many options for creativity and the fact that there are 4 different "packs" that you have to pay for just to make the game fun is really upsetting.
Love the game just wish you would add more levels, I have been playing since it first came out, it gets boring after a while playing the same levels over and over
I really liked this game. But should have an update for more levels and i wish we could make our own level. Please bring it back for live!
In-depth, well plotted, paced, challenging, imaginative, and absolutely addictive. I have played every map through and through, countless times.. Puzzling through each wave is a stimulating lesson, and getting good is just so fun. Highly recommend Radiant Defense! Baught every expansion like 4+ years ago.. still play this little gem from time to time. Profound work Hexage!
Great game but WRONG PRICING. Only 2 level (5 min) is free. Then you have to pay and i don't know how much? Each upgrade 2 dollars but how many they will ask? They asked 2 dollars only in 5 min. What if it will go like that. Not trustworthy. I would pay if the game had full version price, like "colonizer unlimited "
Just gotta say great game What I gotta say is the laser does really not shoot the sheilds so targeting should be good, also Im that addicted that I even make them 3D modules.
Visually attractive game, however a few levels into playing and the difficulty ramps up to the point where it feels like the game is forcing me to buy better towers with real world money, one of the towers you can pay real money for literally doubles the money you get per kill in-game. It's a fun tower defence but it would be better if you had to pay for the game as a whole up front, instead its a fake free to play game and after a couple of levels becomes a disappointment. Shame.
Colourful, fun but lacking excitement. I'm no Tower Defense expert but this is to simple for me, would be great for a younger audience.
I've played this game fully 3 or 4 times over the past few years. It is well-made, but the underwhelming earnings from kills and underpowered weapons totally kill creativity. There's only a couple strategies that actually work on later levels for a 3 star score, but only barely. When levels are 30+ minutes it is disheartening to be three quarters of the way through, have a fully upgraded weapon placed just 1 module too close or far and no money causing you to lose or drop from 3 to 1 star.
You have gotten 1 star for free, to purchase additional stars you will need a payment of $1.99. This isn't a game, it's a cash grab.
Very well done game with just about everything,story,grafs,and a lot to do!!!I highly recommend anyone to play this because of its 5 star content!!!Well done to the creators and good luck!!!
This game would be incredible if you could Pause the game AND deploy / sell / upgrade turrets at the same time. All tower defense games should allow pause and configure mechanics otherwise the game becomes an arcade mish mash instead of a strategic tactical masterpiece which this game missed out on. Change this and I'll change my review and buy all upgrades, choice is yours.
The game is very entertaining and difficult. It has nice little vague tie ins with Radiant, one of my favorite mobile games, and has the same type of campy humor. Anyone telling you that the game is unbeatable without the packs is honestly either really bad or weak to in app purchases. I've beaten all but the last two without packs, and then I decided to buy them to support the devs. It's a difficult game, and it's very particular about turret and module placement. Learn to play.
Cool aesthetic and presentation, but made exceedingly difficult by locking extremely useful towers behind a paywall, which according to other reviews used to be free. If you're f2p it's absurdly easy to set up a good defense of basic towers that fails utterly because you didn't know it was coming and plan for it in advance. Wave retry would be nice qol if it weren't basically a requirement to frequently use if you want to avoid paying, and I don't want to pay away forced tedium and difficulty.
I re-download Radiant D after years of not playing. Works very well, very pretty, very smooth. I was surprised to find once free features hidden behind pay walls. Hence the 3 star.
It's a good game, but it's paywalled by the purchasable towers. And I'm not saying you can't beat the game without them, I'm saying it's really hard to.