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Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D

Racing Xtreme: Fast Rally Driver 3D for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by T-Bull located at Szczesliwa 33/6.B.14, 53-445 Wroclaw, Poland. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Amazing game awesome best graphics along with control one of the best racing games do download and play.
You guys suck at trying to be a developer. How much will you pay me to lie for you. I know your scammers by the 5 star reviews. They can't even spell. Oh yeah one more thing, don't quit your job at 711
Quality graphics and a very well presented game I would recommend it to anyone who likes drag racing.
It's a good game to play you got to shuffle around in the beginning with different races so you get more money so you can buy parts and upgrades but besides that it's a good game
racing xtreme is a fantastic game the races are fun and the engine upgrades are cool I like the controls and the graphics are good
Fun game runs smoothly don't like that i have to wait for gas but all in all it is a great game. Even better when u buy unlimited fuel then u can play all day
Total fun, I would love to see the truck bodies refresh as you buy their rim and body upgrades. Mad Max meets drag racing feel. Sometimes tapping my screen a bit hard to get the gears to shift!
Upgrading and tuning isn't as deep as it says. If you don't but upgrades you don't win races so the "tuning" is just selecting different levels of upgrades but once again if it's not maxed out you'll lose. Gold is extremely hard to come by for how much gold some cars are. The silver is obtained at a decent level but cars and upgrades get expensive. Just another micro transaction game.
It would be much better if the view is from the back n not side, dusty roads, smokes n fire exhausts, nitro....n upgradable body parts....plis
Good graphics and quality. Struggling with the revving of the car but futher on there is no problem just fun
Please make more games like this i love your games man and i suggest and i will say every one to install this game which is full of thrill ☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠
Very hard because the controls are hard and I don't know what to say so bye game sucks never download this game so bye
Love the game great way to kill some time and it's fun. Dont like the gold for videos it didn't give me my gold after I did what it said to get the gold
In this have nothing to play you can't even tell u r racing... I taught real monster truck game r one like in the cars 3 movie scene monster truck fight but it wasn't only u can do is upgrade r perfect shift u can't even buy a car because everything is so costly 😄👿👿💢💢😠😠😠
Super basic drag racing game. You have to have fuel to race. Games that require energy to play are pretty lame and a waste of time. This game feels engineered to make you spend money. Probably better choices out there. Need lots of upgrades which are pretty easy to get at first, but I'm sure are harder to get as you go alone. Don't waste your time with this game like I did, save your "energy".
This is lot like CSR! I really like this game so far. I've already beat 1 boss. And I think I'm ranked 22. Keep on bringing them improvements! God bless everybody that help make this game and others like it.
Friends the game is so nice that you can play once and you will fill like to play continue from my view the game is outstanding
Game is fun and entertaining but the price of the car needed to win the final master race is so far out of reach that you pretty much have to spend your own money if you want to win.
I love the game overall its exciting good job👍👍not boring...great graphics great control...if you install it youll love it to play everyday
Worst game. You can't race yourself. Just press acceleration in certain time is called by them as race
Awesome game features and idea is very brilliant ,and I thought that the person who had make this game will be a genius
Very bad game. And the mistakes are, there is no handle,and any other things . We have only to change gair. Bad graphics also . Worse game😡😡
i really thought this was a cool 3d game where you could actually turn corners hit jumps n modify cars to any potential. but no its just drag racing. sucks. uninstall
This "game" is a lie, a scam, false advertisement. This is NOT "racing"! What IS it really? You tap a button 4-5 times at "the right time" and that's it. 20 seconds of nothing. A one legged dog could do this. STOP LYING about your product! The only thing even remotely "apocalyptic" is a generic looking background that you cant even appreciate because your looking at a stupid "rev meter" so you can push a button a few times and then it's all over.
It is tough but not too tough my advice is please download this game it is a too much good game.THANKU.💓
It's a Really Wicked,Awesome, Game.I really love fast and unusual looking trucks,cars,SUV's and all that and beating really huge Monster Trucks with my gear shifting.It reminds me of the Need For Speed(Underground) game i had on Playstation 2 .Another great game girls and guys.
Well, itz a very awesome and addictive game, but I still like it. It keeps my kids busy and they don't disturb me
I don't like your game beacause i finished all levels in one month and all cars with full upgrades so can you add more levels and more cars well....... The game is fun thankyou 😃😃
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Pay2play (not even win...👎) Just to have fuel, you need to pay... Plus it's a drag race (no steering, just gear shifting), which is not clear from the game's name or graphics/ad. Uninstalled.
Nice game very easy to play and has very simple controls but one thing i noticed is that even though you lose the race you still get paid
Ok racing game. Basically csr but on dirt with a lot less customization. I expected some actual off road tracks but it's just flat. If you're into that then it's a good game.
Decent game so far. 20 mins into it no complaints and my 3 year old son Wil love the Monster truck drag racing lol
I think the game is very nice. Easy controls si my lil brother lived it (4y/o) thanks for the good game!!
The control are good but not sound and graphics because graphics should good when the figure is clean. Please download this game and enjoy. THANK YOU
Just sitting there ancipating not to miss the gear window to change gears cannot even concentrate on what is happening in the game..
super basic drag racing game. graphics are meh, interface is there, but not inundated with ads, just "one time deals" of micro transactions.
Haven't bought anything yet but the prices for items are alot better/cheaper then other games. I do like that.
It's a fun game and easy to play. Even though i have not played it for very long time I like it so far.
Nice game , i must say . I suggest fans of this game should also try top speed drag racing. Believe me, this game is awesome. It is also produced by. t bull. It is very addictive. God bless the producers of this game..
This game is best drag game avalible.not any in game ads unless you agree and you have ability to play and gain not all about in app purchases..great game
dear t-bull i had an idea for this game when you win a race you get subparts and money and gold. it was just an idea. could you do the same for top boat
This game was a lot of fun until I finished tier 5. Your reward for completing the final tier is access to a really expensive Pay-to-play...seriously?
It's a good game, nice combination drag and wasteland scenery. But the display is not full screen support on new device (notches device) please to fix this. thanks
Throttle control is a joke, really just a crapshoot. You just have to guess, to get a good launch. Just your basic drag racing game, nothing special, just a knockoff of CSR Racing. Uninstalled.
I did a recharge of 12 rs after tat my game won't open.. I feel scammed n cheated.. Stupid producers.. Refund mfs.
Fun so far but I can tell it's going to take cash to really play it it's limited to waiting for your "fuel" to refill..
Good games, good graphic & different of vareity of cars you can choose & buy with your reward from achivement.
cool to play wanted stage is monsters truck I like only monsters cars I thank that person who made this game
Not what I was intending for its a drag race I thought it was third person style but it's a drag race so unless you're looking for that get this game
Because you can race and upgrade and they're actually boss levels and you can buy new cars and there's no ads and I can watch ads for feel
an enjoyable game so far, it would be better if it had more (involvement). plenty of room for great improvements! 🔨🔧🏁