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Racing Limits

Racing Limits for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by SBK Games located at SBK Games 1427. Cadde, 06530, ร‡ankaya/ANKARA Tรผrkiye. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have a great feel when l play this game,because lt's so real game .l like the part that you can change the traffic . when you where in high speed lt is not work very well .but lt's good .The grafic lt so perfect too!
Very very very outstanding and one of the best game I have ever played in my life :D. But please add steering wheel in it :D
Very nice but the competition must be with the same rating car and it will make the race more enjoyable. Pls developer look in to the matter
The game is great... But I'm worried about an issue happens when you exit the game, once when I press exit I hear a weird noise in the speaker and that really worries me... Kindly see what can be done to it...
Love this game!!!!! It's super cool and we could change many many things for our cars..........never leave this game. My last ipad had a lil small screen but then when my parents got a new ipad (this one) I started playing it was looking so cool and big. NEVER EVER UNINSTALL THIS GAME ON YOUR NEW IPADS
Add Dsg Shifting sound for the Golf and M4, better sound on Hondas, ability to add friends, more rewards and that's it, i Love the game but it can be better so that it can grow its online community Please add E90 M3 G80 M3 Toyota Supra Mk1 R line Jetta Vr6 Bugatti would be Nice too Just add the flare it needs
I have Love this game very much . It's graphics are to good than I expected . I wish others also download the game
Nice game. But you should upgrade the roads...... Include cities, traffic lights,off roads and weather conditions for more enjoyable game..... .......try copying the simulator truck
Very good game, i've been playing thia game for about 6 months now as a daily arcade game. very nice graphics, but if i may suggest to developer... 1.Some New cars in diffrent segments (classic/sport/suv/...) 2.Changing car order to be based on Maximum achiveble performance rate (PR) 3.some new levels and maybe even a storyline with several chapters in which each chapter rewards a car 4.car bodykit and etc customization options 5.multiplayer race vs players with similar PR 6.longer MP Maps ๐Ÿ˜
Just as amazing as real life driving but only one problem is there!!:- please add an infinte multiplayer mode...:)
Graphics: 5 out of 5. Gameplay: 5 out of 5. Controlling: 5 out of 5. Best ever realistic racing game in small size i think.
I love this game you can also add a group race and also you can add a speaking mode tat we can speak wit others now iam giving you only 4 stars, i think i can give 5 stars in next update. This is my last comment, but now i have already rated it and still it is asking to Rate us.This is not good๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข still iam giving it 4 stars
This is the fantastic realization of driving a car on road and we have to tackle with the traffic on highway. But this game has one problem i.e.when our mobile data is on it started showing ads. I dislike that thing.
The game is very excellent i love grapics levels and more but the problem is the game has many ads and hard to get money please can you make it some easy but the game is excellent i love hard๐Ÿ˜
Amazing game but one issue please update the game and gave new features started online game and all players show id's and there pics and upgrade this game to like pub g mobile or need for speed pls so amazing game
Nice racing car game. I would like to suggest some rooms for improvements such as to add random Weather condition effects such as raining or snow, or storm. If raining, the vehicle is possible to slip which will include additional challenge to the player to drive safety. Add some cops that will chase thebplayer if you caught overspeeding or not following traffic rules. Very good game. Keep it up. Hope you consider this suggestions.
Multiplayer Fails to connect with added Friends. Would have been a fantastic fun game, if connect with known friend option is available.
Very good game. Lots of things to do. Good multiplayer game. but i think you should be able to go through your rival's car because i have died multiple times because the person who dies respwans right in front of me
This game is absoloutley( dont know if spelled it right) amazing! Love it although the reason i missed 1 star is because the lag man the damn lag is soooo annoying. I keep crashing in races due to it and the matchmaking in multi-player is very unfair plz fix these and i will rate 5 stars
Awosome ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘but I think the multiplayers race time should be adjustable, more be beyond that, that time is too short for better competition
My experience with this game have been joyful, I've given 5 starts but there's something still missed in this game that is the customization of cars. I'd like to have more options for customization e.g. multiple colors or different painting styles. Other than that I've had no complain about anything yet. Cheers.
Nice but i suggest to add curved lane and please add additional signal light,right side mirror, hazzard etc, and how to park correctly when you are arrived at your designated area.. add also gasoline station along national high way,vehicle shop. We want complete gaming experience . Thank you.
Fun game and everything but the controls keep on glitching, that's why I gave it 3 stars, every time I exist the app my controls start glitching other than that would advise everyone to download it, it's very fun
The game is awesome but it is a good copy of Traffic rider so only 4 stars The career missions are copied from Traffic rider Because traffic rider is released on 2016 and this game 2018
The game is not bad...its entertaining..but its more like a driving lesson type of car game...and there should be ability to race without having to look for someone to race against online...but apart from that its nice
This game is awesome it is very easy to use and you can use but in this game many points to learn specifically children age of 18 and above age do not overtake any car, bicycle, truck, motorcycle etc when you can overtake any car you can get anncident and imported points to learn do not increase the speed
Ok graphics are 5 stars, game play 5 stars.. my only complaint is I wish the upgrades were more In Depth. Like add turbo, maybe tune the car. If these were added this would be the best on app store hands down. I still love the game and will be recommending to friends. Thank you for the hard work and look forward to the updates. Plz consider the upgrades. Turbos, exhaust, intakes ect.if these were implemented I would purchase this game for sure. Thank you again. Keep it coming!!
Very fun. Cars are kinda expensive if you arent playing 3 hours a day. Still a great game. 10/10 would recommend.
This game is great!!!! Good Graphics!! But some features are missing!! But almost game good... That's why I am give u four โญstars....
It's a good game with fantastic graphics. I rate it 3 star due to Low quality sound on my radmi note7 pro. Fix the bug asap.
I love the app. The speed of the range rover SUV makes it amazing. Don't dull to download it. The ad is good to my liking The settings and the high way I like so much. It's also a learning curve. Kudos to the admin.
Good fun, I have my fiesta in blue like my real car love it. Tilt steering straight line driving but changing lanes to avoid traffic. Good fun wee game
Alredy I Have An Experience In Traffic Rider, I Love Stimulating Games. In That List, Traffic Rider Is Great Simulator. And Next Racing Limits..!! And I Hope I Wish To Develope Turning Roads And Inflated Roads And Drifting Options And Like this More Graphics. For Adrenaline Lovers.. ;)
This game is so nice. This is most reachable game. I like it this game.many people play this game. And i,ve been play for 2 months.You also play this game.i rate five star.
Game is ossom graphic editing and all fabulous enjoying to play this game its fantastic I have played lot of racing games but like this i have never enjoyed. If its crashed its getting damage and again I have to repeat same level. Game is ossom.
Deserves total 5* but wish availability of cars would be easier to buy. Yet a good race game with all grt car smooth road catchy graphics and a enjoyable auto-sound.
Awesome expiernce ,love to drive car ,it seems like we r drive a real car and in real crowd. Grafics are also good. Best game expiernce.
Everything goes smoothly with coloful items. But gameplay are the same and you earn a little money after wining every stage so its a bit time consuming to change your car or tuning your vehicle.
The game i didnt know i was looking for. Theres Traffic tour but the always requirement of internet to run the app itself made the game buggy sometimes.
I love this game (: It has the BEST graphics and I like the gameplay. It has been making me very busy playing this game :D Only one thing: I hope you can add police cars it would be even more cool. Thanks for such a game :D
Excellent graphics nice controll and I like how I can adjust sensitivity according to my need. good job 5 star from me.
I love this game this is fantastic game in car racing wow but I want big coins game in multiple player mood
Great racing game. Only drawback is: when you race online vs others, all roads are the same, no curves, just straight road highway.
Cool little racer. Enjoyable, looks good. Time limit can be a bit harsh, though. That's the only issue I have really.
Hate hate hate! The badest racing game in the world! In the first times that i played it was not bad But after two months it always stops between the game or doesn't have movement. I don't suggest it to you
Best of it's type by a mile, nothing similar is anywhere near as good. A few bends in the road and maybe different weather conditions would make it even better. Fully recommended for anyone who wants to just drive.
OMG! this game couldn't be better! Everything from the graphics to the cars and sensibilities are just AMAZING! I'm blown away. I totally recommend this to anyone!5 stars because it's the best racing/driving game out there! WOW!
Very good game but I can't understand why it always Turns left when I play in any mode and also I cannot play in multiplayer mode even I have strong network so please fix this issue
Loved the thrill of the driving it gives, the animation is fantastic. The sound of Nos gets me back to old F&F vibes! Great game!
Beautiful game ,but please add fuel refining option, and weather condition,rest all good ,please update this and made this game awesome.
Really wish that they would update this game ... Add more locations ... Include some weather ... Make it to where we pass a large truck is double the value ... A longer distance in multiplayer ... Fix the multiplayer feed ... So much more can be done to this game ... What did you do with the money I have already spent here? I guess this is as good as it gets.
Well game is really good but there are few things left that must be added to make it more exciting. First add option to add friends with whom we can play matches ( minimum 2 friends and maximum 5 in a match). Second match making is not good ( Everytime i get opponent who has less performance or more than me in rear cases nearly same ) fix that too.
Very good In Car experience. Control is realistic. Graphics is acceptable at low size game. Pretty good game for a "Free Time Game" for busy life people. But a big problem is, Play with friend doesn't work on my device. Do anyone was able to play with thier friends?
A very nice game.But In the control system,there should be a steering wheel option for the drivers who are comfortable and expert to drive with steering wheel.
Cause it's a good game I just with you could hey out of your car and let police chase u and that you could have ๐Ÿ”ซ
This game was a imprecise i am Lot's of fun in this game I'm enjoying driving this game i like this game it is feathers are very nice add a some route and a car Swift forchunar etc. It's control was very nice and garafics is the best you saw in photo and video it is in game really that i like game very much
Very good game, i bet you'll really enjoy it, good graphics,interior and exterior are very good looking, no disturbing ads. But there should be chat room maybe after each multiplayer so that players can interact with each other
This game is sick veryyy sick you can change your camera at the top right you can play multiplayer if you insttaled the game you will play it every day๐Ÿ˜‚
I gave it five (5) because I enjoy playing it all Day all night and also the graphics are good but you need to fix your controls sometimes they don't respond you need to double or triple tab them to respond especially if you touch to visual controls but I love it team keep it up guys Hope you reply to my comments Regards
I have fallen in love with this game, the graphics are 101%. Everything about the game is super. Well done team Race Limits
It's a good game. Though it's not really enticing for a grown person to play... You shd make it more dynamic, but it's jhs static and monotonous gameplay.... Boring a bit... It's not realistic... Make it more like the asphalt, or others of the same kind
Animations are excellent and I feel that I am driving a real car but some technical issues I faced when I am connecting with my friends.
Amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ wow can be played with your friends in multiplayer mode if you don't have network you can play offline in career mode graphics its like a pc Game and no additional file is required all in one game ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ supports my 2 gb ram phone too ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ soooo good no lag ๐Ÿ˜ thanks developers for a awesome game ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
It's a good game you also must provide some more cars and include a simulator mod it means to drive the car were the driver wanted to go its a good game compared to others in the play store Please add the mod i humbly requesting
Very Nice Game I Have Played in My Life. Graphics are Very Good Which Feel Me Having Like Real Driving. Playing in Multiplayer Mode is Superb Idea But Might B More Fun If We Can Add More Then One Friend in Same Race And Race With Them Together.
Super amazing app This game is the idle example of how every car simulators and racing games on smartphones should be just a suggestion if u could add 2 to 3 new cars every 2-3 months as i have the best car and it now just depends on my driving and just dont add expensive vehicles add some in between and all around Thanks Amazing performence Keep It Up!
Very good game. Very realistic. I like it very much. The different dashboards of the different cars are amazing. But it should have more options like indicators, left and right direction options. If there will be left right options, it should have reverse gears. There should also be traffic signals working and cars run according to the signals which will make it more realistic. It should have headlight option at night as it is only on when horned. It should hold upto 5 persons in multiplayer.
Awesome game, but there's a huge problem how you can buy the next car just to find out how you wasted your money on a worse car...then it will take you a really long time to get more money to buy a better car so you can play the next level...please fix this, the next car in the garage should be better than the one before it...not worse! And also the multiplayer is just players with the best car in the game making money of beginners...that's not fair! There should be levels on multiplayer!
Well, I didn't expect this from this game....The Graphics are amazing..controls are Good..Game runs smoothly...by far this is the best Car racing game i ever played!!!
Fantastic control by far the best just wish I could indicate like the cars I pass otherwise awesome game..I'm in love
Everything is good, but the distance i have traveled is horrible. I am running at 170 mph and the distance is just under a kilometer. The distance is running so slow. It doesnt go with the speed I am taking. Please fix the distance.
Great time killer ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐Ÿผ Graphic - 5/5 Control - 5/5 Gameplay - 4/5 ( need to add some drifting skills also.) . Game would be more fun if developers try it to update to an driving simulator game with some drifting skills. Overall rating. 3/5 ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โœŒ๐ŸปโœŒ๐ŸปโœŒ๐ŸปโœŒ๐Ÿป
I LOVE this game all the features are amazing, but there is one problem i've been having when racing with others sometimes when we both are driving slow their car can go through my car and other cars. PLEASE fix this.
Great game I love it. And I really don't play games especially mobile. But this one is different. I love it guy's. Thanks for the app ๐Ÿ™‚
I gave 5 star to this game because this game has attracted me very very much. I am loving it. Its gameplay is very much smooth & good as well as the graphics. This game is providing a very smooth performance. The main issue for me about this game is that the developer team can make this game better than its present state by providing some new cars and new levels. Not only time races or overtakes but there can be also versus races like usual racing games or you can add some new features to it.
To be honest everything in the game is quite nice! But in multiplayer mode when u try to connect with "friends" despite entering the same code,it shows that its loading but nothing happens,if someone wants to play with his/her friends,iw wont work at all! Please take action regarding this issue,im not the first person with this issue!
Game is superb but please add a feature to add online player as a friend so that we could play with them in future...... Please ...needed that feature๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
Truth be told..improvements can done to spice it up but look..if u pay attention the Attack 4da has is decent n u can change the D.View..k.i.U (Sbk.Games)
I should lose when i hit the side of a car or at least there should be hardcore mode and a friend mode with more than 2 players and the engine sound isnt that realistic or good
Omg wow graphics controls amazing if u guys add like events,or increase reward by winning according to car owned,the expensive the car the greater the winning reward....
Very poor game๐Ÿคฎ if we play multiplayer when opponent crashed and come back on road if we strike on him then our car is also crashed veey poor eeuuuuuuuhhhhhh๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿคฎ
The game is fun, but when in multiplayer, somehow the opponents are able to go through the other cars in the traffic.
It is a good game If you add some more Indian cars and even some super cars like Lamborghini urus, aventador,etc.even add some more roads like traffic city, ghat section roads etc. Even give options of driver avatar and many more. When we start the game first we will get the yellow colour car,but it is not a nice car. In that yellow cars place put some Indian suv, sedan cars. Thanks ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
It was going brilliant, fun game fun cars, and the most enjoyable part was the multiplayer with friends... Unfortunately that stopped working. And would be great if we could choose traffic density when playing with friends.
Despite the straight line map in every level this game hits on most points of a good racing game. It requires precise braking and steering. Upgrades make marked differences to gameplay. Requires intense focus. This game is highly simplified but still just as fun as a good console game when that isnt an option.
One request, please include clutch in manual controls. The gameplay in dashboard view of the car is superb. Especially the side view mirror and rear view mirror are functional which many racing games in this segment are lacking. Definitely do give this game a try.
OMG !! This game is Unstoppable, unbelievable. I have played so many racing games till now but I have not played such a game ever, this game seems really real & feels real. Its REALISTIC. When I play it, I feel like I'm driving. I downloaded it so readers a.k.a players you may also download it, its worth every bytes of your internet.
I appreciate the team behind this awesome piece of work. In case of visuals, control, audio, and the multiplayer feature, each and everything in this is awesome. I recomend the team behind this to please add some more car models like the Nissan GTR R35, Lamborghini Aventador, BMW M8, Tesla Rodster, Porshe 911 turbo S, and even the McLaren 720 S. I personally recommend for a chat facility in this gaming app so that we could have small conversations with the person with whom we race with.
This is the game I have never seen before! It's very interesting I love it so much. But try to remove that thing says ads ads okay because it delays the game a bit. But the game is very nice dats why I hv given u five stars all
Great graphics, great experience, addictive, for the whole family. I wish it had more super cars and more different roads
This, by far is the best designed racing game. Easy maneuvering and unlike many racing you can't oversteer. A+++++++ love it
It's a very entertaining game but please give option of Right hand drive so that it feels much more realistic (That's the request from every country where Right Hand drive runs)
Its realistic and really fun to play, and there aren't as many ads as I thought there were gonna be, so great game!
I just decided to rate it 5 star just because the game is awesome. I've been praying to see a multi-player motor racing past years and here it is. You're the best. But my complains goes like this; this game doesn't work on Techno POP 2+, it's not available for POP 2+, too bad when you xender it to POP 2+ it plays slow. And again I just don't know if you can add a chatting button in the multi-player section so we can be able to talk to our opponents. That will be so cool, please add a chat button
This is a fantastic game with cool features. The only problem is that the overtaking trials are too much and if you don't get closer to the vehicle it won't be counted
Hello developer...must have options to change car before the timing to race..maybe can set up max 3 cars in the change options...so can race with the exact car with opponents in multiplayer....
Good game,Good graphics and the gameplay is good.But please don't add many cars on it, please improve the physics instead of adding more cars on it, it's wasting your time, I've played this game and your another game called rally racing dirt both, it's not bad game at all.thanks
Fun game with plenty to do. Has multiplayer, time trials, free ride, main levels and some really decent looking cars. But there are some issues I have with it, of course ads, while there are way less then usual they still make the game less fun, and the buttons, please make these moveable and resizable. the buttons are way too small and are too close together and I often ruin or waste complete runs because I accidentally tap the wrong arrow and go the other direction. please fix this, thank you.
It's a very interesting game and sort of addictive. Played it all night the first time. Lots of races and tons of cars to upgrade to.
experience was amazing ... but a very special option is missing or i could not find that we can't change stayring controls from left to right.