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Racing Fever

Racing Fever for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Gameguru located at P.O.Box 16111 RAK FTZ Ras Al Khaimah UAE. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Thank you I can log in now but there's another problem when I go on a matching keeps on saying "There was an error while searching for an opponent try again later." Pls fix this even though thanks for updating log in, great gameπŸ₯³
Game is very good but arena in not working please fix this problem as soon as possible so i gave 2 stars
Not a good game for me Previous last two year I can also play this game. I think that now something new in this game but all features are old .
Super and fantastic game....the reason why I rate 4 stars was because...you can also add some more cars like SUV types...etc.... example: land rover , range rover , Lamborghini urus , rolls royce...etc
Wow! I really love this game. Its features and graphics are awesome. But my little problem i have is that, i can't sign in. I will give it a 5 star❀️🌎.
It's funatastic game , but there is no missions in this game , so I suggest please add one more function like missions
I like this game but when I try to vs my friends it refuses wat can I do . Improve on ur development 😀😀😀
Facing problem in loging in with Play Games. Hence, not being able to restore my purchases. Otherwise, the game is elegant.
When I saw the game is just 63 MB i thought the game will be really bad but when i saw the graphics i loved it sooooo cheers but yes you must get updates like the other game or it will not be popular so please update it .
this is a good game but as well as that it also has a few minor glitches on my device. for example when I first got a good decent car all I did was update my phone and them all my effort and work on this game had been lost. so I prefer most of the people of the world to not waste your phone memory in this decent game.
The game is good but every time I go on Arena It doesn't work and weeks later I try again It doesn't work and when I go on two ways sometimes it lags
I am uninstalling your game for many reasons. Number one is boring you never change anything. Number two the icon does not show on my home screen in the game does not open why don't you remove this piece of rubbish. The Freehold New Jersey review King
The game was good till now but now when I am searching for an opponent I am getting an error "error while searching the opponent please try again for past 3 days". Please fix this.
This game is the best aff ever tried and aff been playing for over a year now just the ads keep adding
This is a very interesting game because of it's grafics and because It has both single player and arena mode
Everything about this game is awesome starting from the mechanics to the graphicsπŸ”₯..it will keep you going forever and ever and the best thing is that you can buy your own carsπŸ€©βœŒοΈπŸ€›βœ…πŸ’Ž...I play it almost everyday and I do d no mistakes in this game.....shout out to the makersπŸ€›
The game is not working properly since last 2 weeks...the arena mode isn't working...fix it ASAP...otherwise game is good...but I'll give five stars only when game is fixed..
I have played this game for a couple of years, and I have enjoyed it quite a bit! I enjoy the solo player mode, or racing against other people around the world! My only current issue is that whenever i press the "sign in" button on the main menu, it does nothing. Other than that, great game!
I downloaded this game a couple of years ago and it was fun. In 2020 there has been virtually no change in development of this game. Everything is exactly the same. The features that were "under development" are still absent from the game. There are no new innovations - except perhaps for the payed subscription option. So, sadly, it remains a repetative game that quickly gets worn out. Even the social features which may have given a little life to the game havent been implemented.
Unskipable ads after every race, annoying. But it's OK, all I do is exit the game and go back in. It's faster than playing the ads. 05/16/2021. That's it, I'm sick and tired of your stupid unskipable ads, have your mother watch them, I'm unistalling and deleting the annoying thing.
I used to play with online opponents but now i can't do it anymore, When i try to go to search for an opponent i see an error message! I only enjoyed this game racing online opponents!
The game is amazing and fun to play u can play it all day . But please improve the graphics because you have a lot of competition and make the car sounds, sound realistic besides that I highly recommend the gameπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
One of the best games I have played (but sometimes it freezes less than 3 seconds) I highly recomend you to play it
It's a good game with easy controls. But I think it would be better if there are other modes on it like maybe night mode, summer etc cos I have one other game like that not up to this standard with night mode, rainy days and night with thunderstorm even with horn......I think racing fever 2 will be awesome. What do you think.
I do enjoy but my opinion is the graphics could be much much, better and the levels of this game are near enough the same, but it should not be like all if you were to put some missions to be done , it would make this game worth playing much more, and its needs to be more exciting.
The red sign in botton is not working can some one please guide me I have checked the reviews about sign in but it seems that the developers not reads the reviews Now simply can someone help me in signing in ...?
I would have given you 5 stars but for a few ommissions. I like the game and i play it everyday. Is very addictive. I suggest you make it more fun by adding a horn to warn other drivers of possible collusion. Again, allow trade-ins and the loss of coins/points for traffic offences. Big ups Hey!!!! What the hellnis that stop clock beside the brake for???? Get it offffff!!!!
the best racing game ever i live everything about it from the cars to the gameplay its really amazing πŸ”₯the graphics are great the controls are nice i love it❀❀πŸ”₯
Wow! This is game is soo good.. if anyone of u are searching for a ideal car game, I guarantee you this will satisfy you. Everything in it is so gud, graphics, controls, sounds..
I cannot sign in as the red sign in button does not do anything. The gameplay however is really enjoyable and the game is fun to progress through the different cars. The only other snag is that there is no career mode. Some kind of visual progression would be preferable like in racing fever moto. Overall I think that it is a good game that is worth downloading to see for yourself how it is.
It's a great game. Arguably one of the best car race games out there. But, as usual, there's always room for improvement. First, you guys should add more stages and scenes to the game. Make new roads, plenty to be exact, so people can get to choose. Also, a storyline would be great. It'd boost your ratings. Add stories and adventures, get creative. I assure you, there'd be a stunning leap. Good luck, guys. ❀
After going through arena, I know it is multiplayer mode but when I have selected car I am unable to choose the level.Why? But only this problem is, there is no more problem in this game, now I have given 1⭐ but when I will get the answer I will rate it 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. One thing more that I am not playing arena (multiplayer mode) in VIP .
This game is one of the best game I ever played...But I think you should upgrade this game...Specifically the graphics... The graphics of this game is not so good... Also you should add some more features such as some more roots/roads, horn button, light button...Day and night features and some rainy season, rainbow. Also morning, evening, night- different different time adjustments...Last, some more cars needs to be add...Also It doesn't let you sign in...so you can not get your data back...
it sucks, and what i mean what it sucks is that when i was about to win the jackpot, the cars automaticly goes to the right side of the road, and so i crashes, there goes my 50k coins. and after you got all the cars and upgrades for it, it is just getting premium.(€4 a week for just no ads a lot of coins that i don't even need and a few tickets to win coins...)
It was my most favorite racing game ever in 2016..but this is Dec. 2020 and there's no single improvement. No new cars or roads. Arena hasn't been working, "find friend" has been under development for about 5 years now. can't even sign in to access achievements and leadership board. Good game still, thumb up Game Guru.. ..but the world is moving. You either move or we move πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ
Only suggestion is to increase the road visibility range for a faster driving.and reduce the storage space. Suggest an endless highway to be kept with stray traffic for fast driving. The present traffic is for a strained and boring drive.
This was a very good game still now , but now when i try to find a opponent it says try later after some time
App opens up into a "VIP pop up screen that prompts your child to sign up for a 3 day trial, followed by a $181 charge for the yearly subscription. And another $36 after. 3 year old installed this app on my phone, and purchased the subscription before even seeing the games main screen! refunds are refused by both google play and PayPal, whose despite claiming that authorization is required, make it waaaay too easy for a child to spend $200 while thinking he's closing a pop up window..
Please solve my problem. I am not able to play games in Arena mode. When I click start then there is only 1 flag waving and nothing. I can't play in Arena mode
Awesome app if only you would fix the VIP cars not to appear with the other cars and give them there own section and allow people to watch ads to get daily bonus tickets but other than that it's an awesome app
Don't get me wrong, it's not necessarily a bad game, but it advertised something completely different in the add that made me install it. I mean there was a video that advertised gameplay like in the old Toca series or the CMR 2005, but ain't holding a candle to those.
1 The graphics&gameplay are great. Wish it had more customization although you can customize paint,decals,&rims. Fun sometimes addicting. 2 CONS I understand ads for games to be free but an ad for everything is a bit ridiculous an ad after each race the ads are longer than your races. 3 I installed this on a new device&that new device was replaced a few days later I contacted the devs login but but wasn't working never got a response at did start working but sign in as for trophies NO BACKUP
The game is superb but more features required so that you can play a competitive game with my friends or neighbour next to me.
This used to be a 4.5 star game. But once again arena mode does not function. It`s been down for many days. Not the first time either. Have emailed developer...no response.
Need major uprade to the performance of the game but its great Add some cars so that it will be more fun And please create a new control in camera
Its a pretty interesting game, great time killer and it is great how you have to really earn your money to get new cars. The only downside is i wish there was just a little more selection with both vehicles and customize options. Thanks for the game!
Boring, online multiplayer is fake. To validate in the middle of the race just disconnect your internet connection...
Racing Fever is an absolutely amazing game to play! Multiplayer mode or arena mode is awesome because you get to race with people head to head in traffic! I suggest that the developer lighten up on the amount of "ADS" because it's extremely annoying to say the least! That being said, I would highly recommend this awesome game because it absolutely rocks...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
very Awesome I never thought this game will be so interesting indeed it's playable and it creates a vibe of winning though the contestation it's very high. Though the Editor needs to make it more real with the intrusion of 3D which will maximise the interest to all the game players. the negative part is that it uses data's to play if we don't have then the game it's useless we can't contest online which I think needs an intervention from y'all.
Well, it's good but less of a thrill because it only has straight roads and no option to play against computer-generated racers. It has an option to play against a friend but sadly, it doesn't work. because of these, I only gave it a 4-star review.
nice game,very addictive, I would have given you guys 5star but I'm angry, had a new phone and lost all my previous trophies and everything so I'm starting all over again and ever since I started playing this game,have not won the 500 thousand from the spinning ticket,it's very annoying.if there could be away of having once previous account the better. Please i think in the next update there should be like a bend or a round about instead of just a straight road.
In case you are wondering why you are not getting the V is because of many different reasons you refuse to add new cars and Roads and the game is beginning to become very boring. I think the game should have more customization for the vehicles. A long time ago I suggested for you to please fix or remove yourself from the Play Store and stop wasting people's time add old muscle cars for pickup not and you refuse. Most likely will uninstall this boring game Traffic Racer was also uninstalled for the same reason you think you have a perfect game but you do not.
It's good enough. But the only thing I don't like with this Game is that, when you want to race with an opponent, you can't,it Denise you. I hate this your problem!Fix it.
Ads Ads Ads Ads whenever I want to start playing it Ads appear, when I cancel them it takes me back to the previous screen, please help me please please please!πŸ˜“πŸ˜‘
It's quite a good game, cheers you up when in a boring mood I really do enjoy it .. even though I get tired of it I just happens to redownload it over and over again..But we are moving forward development , we must walk together with development please πŸ‘πŸ‘
Your game is stupid the more I crashes my car is turning to AD like stupid and buying coins and tickets pensive I want delete this game in play store !!!! And the graphic is stupid and car's stupid app
Was an excellent game, looks like the developer has stopped updating it. Arena mode has not worked for a week now and not getting fixed.
I am trying from yesterday but arena mode is not working, although the internet is good and i have signed in, but still not working.
Foolish game. Whenever i am try to play Arena , the screen directly becomes blue. I can see nothing on the screen. I would like to give it no star but it is not possible so i rated it 1. If possible please give me reply i.e. will this game improve or not. With respect , Prajwal Konde (Deshmukh)
A excellent and good game. Drive , control and other systems are good . And the ticket spins are very good . The customization of cars are excellent .
Everything is best up to the mark . I loved games graphic .cars design , control,sound is amazing . Loved to play .this game is perfect for car racing lovers .truly appreciate developer's work ,keep going forward πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
A few years ago I download this game and it had online mode now when I download it back online mode isn't working, why I don't know