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Race the Traffic

Race the Traffic for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Play365 located at 9709 Kenneth Oren drive Charlotte, NC 28213 United States . The game is suitable for Teen (Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Simulated Gambling) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
i can rate five stars if i want to but i won't, the game is really good from the pictures to the control but what i don't like is that no matter how u upgrade your car u can never fast pass the computer and it's makes me to dislike the game gradually. I wish this issue can be adressed. Thanks Bryan .
I'm trying to download it now cuz it looks interresting .it downloaded fast enough for awhile but now its at 66% and hasn't gone any further for awhile ...I hope it'll get there yet cuz i really would like to play this game !!😒😉
Please don't download it is such a head ache game from the beginning was good but after one day it become a cheating game you hardly won the speed is loss control .
I haven't played this yet but I can tell you right now I am going to love this if you like car games you'll love this game.
The reason I gave this a one-star it's because I don't remember downloading this game but now I do actually remember it and I didn't like it because I thought it was just a game when you just get to drive car I was not paying attention of the name of the game yeah I didn't know it's going to be a racing game
if I get accident with 3-4 cars then I will loss the race but your computer operating car accident with 6-7 car, still it continues race so pls update this future..
It's a very cool game. I don't know why everyone is complaining about it its very fun. I love how when you dump into multiple cars you take damage the you lose its very realistic and fun.
this is the worst game [email protected][email protected] even if i win in one on one match, it says you lose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first it was good but then it became a trash!!!!!!!!!!! please fix this glitch!!!!! then i can start playing again
Ads! I was given 3 ads before I got to the menu. I didn't even see the menu, the ads ruined it before I could play it.
One of my favorite games. Especially the one on one race, if I race like 10 times, I win 9 times or at times all times, am faster than the computer car 💪💪💪💪. And this efficiency comes with practice, with time you learn the computer car tricks and you get skills on how to outdo it. I win more when dealing with the the fastest cars than the slow ones.
It is a nice concept but bad execution. Graphic quality is low. If your opponent hits you, you slow down. If you hit the opponent, then also you slow down.
Garbage, didn't even show the game before ads. yeah that's going to make you play the game. Developers, you can play the game yourself and when it goes belly up, make sure that it gets taken off of play store
Ads are too intrusive and ruin the entire experience. Try a different ad structure, one that doesnt grind the game to a halt.
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Mandatory ad before even getting to the menu screen? If the game was any good, ads would not be this prevalent. Immediately uninstalled.
clearly you did not get my message I will not pay to remove ads for a dumb mobile game this shows that this is just a robot writing these and not a real person writing these
i like this game because there are best cars for racing. The day and night mode make this game more attractive. I think everyone should download this game atleast one time.
Unlike my son A2, I'm slow on anytype of game, wether it be consol or computerized on line. But, eventually i come around. I've enjoyed 1on1 play with the computer & feel i can race & beat him. . Color's & graphics are very good, handling & sounds as well. I love it. I also appreciate the advertisement of other games. As they @ times intrigue me. So far only a few games have i downloaded as i have only so much online time & this game is gr8!!! Andre' Sr. 9/29/19
Bots are to good and when they crash they come back in 0.1 second with full speed and they always win this sucks and it's not even fair and how many ads are there like there is no point of playing if the only thing u do is watching ad and losing by an unrealistic bot so this is very unfair
The one vs one option is broken because your opponent is faster than you, can ram into any car without going down to 60 kmh which means it's basically impossible to win
So basically the game is cheating literally on the one on one challenge the other car will deliberately hit u and I HATE I HATEEEEEE that my speed slows down but the other car gains more speed from hitting meeee. This game is wack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this app is awsome , to drive the last car (buggati) is bit challinging , you must add some more cars ,categories to the game.
I get that ads pay for games but if there's an ad first thing after installing, before even a menu to play maybe 1 game to see if i like it, I'm deleting it.
This game is fair but what is not nice about it is that everything is automated even the road your are following
good game but when ever I go against the CPU when they crash I hear like a horn but its sounds weird idk if that's or glitch or not
I dont like this game if you win from the match and bump to something you will lose from the match please fix this glitch
Terrible the controllers are horrible way to many ads I would get ads in the middle of a game terrible experience do not recommend
This is so good i recommend you play it but please enough ads!!! Please and a slight update. Please also change the graphics a little...
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Ads are really annoying. they show up during the race on top which blocks the road. there is no exit button which is also annoying. Gameplay doesn't make sense to much. you buy new cars but you always race one on one with the identical car. what is the point?
the game is so cool with the graphics and easy control....the challenging stage also made it more fun...
Horrible game, controls suck, and this is just a copy of an original game. If you're gonna maka a game, be original and don't copy from oyher games.
This game is unfair to the player due to the fact that the other car can crash into you and run you off course but you can't do the same
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nice game racer traffic game but control graphic not properly and level not completed this game proeprly way this game.
Great game. I do wish there were more cars and more paints for them though. Other than that there's not to many ads and it's a fun game.
I think that the control should be done by turning the direction of the phone if phone is used and use the current one for computers
This Game is Nice But if you do race, your against car will Win more times. Yet This Game is Soooooo Good.
This game is the worst game i have ever played It is tooo dry and boring The graphics is somehow Please don't download!!!
Fun but unrealistic, it seems like the game makes some moves impossible. Not only that but one on one is terrible, the other car constantly smashes into you and recovers more quickly than my vehicle. Just FYI