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Is a Action game developed by Flippfly LLC located at W8621 Brown Deer Dr. Wautoma 54982. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
See guys the game is cool ok you can put ads in the game ot maybe for revive or for bonuses but not to let me play the freking game if the game was with ads but they show up in the screen i would give it 5 or 4 stars but now i will give it 2 stars
A perfect time killer. Not for the light hearted. Way to complex to understand in a day. Soothing graphics. Easy controls. Interesting abilities on levelling up. Gotta have patience. The only problem- once you lose all Ur 3 lives... You have no choice but to wait 30 mins. Or buy the unlimited version. If only the time would have been under 15 mins.......
Amazing. One of the most honest games I've come across. Earn in game currency by playing, not by paying. The game play reminds me of the sega hit StarFox. I enjoy race the sun a lot. Great work guys!
Sb excellent and addictive game. Will recommend downloading it if you, as the title implies, like challenging games. Has a beautiful minimalistic world with soothing music.
i loved that game back on PS Vita, i was really waiting for it to be ported on Android and even though the game is still fantastic, the free to play mechanics are just making it worse. I would really pay for it again instead of having to watch ads.
It is an incredibly fun game, definitely worth the few quid for infinite lives and no adds, happy to support a small game company aswell! The customer service is also brilliant with an almost instant reply on their Discord. Very addictive, and the map also changes every 24 hours to keep things fresh, would definitely recommend!! One improvement would be if there was a 'Zen' mode when you can just keep on going without dying!
Such a fantastic game on pc, and console and is now a complete and utter disappoint on mobile. you wanna play more than 5 games in a row? welp u cant, wait for YOUR LIVES TO COME BACK. if u have a pc or console, just play it on there instead of waiting for lives now. i thought i was going to be the perfect android game. apparently not.
Extremely well designed game. Map changes daily and keeps the game exciting. Love it and therefore 5 stars. Other games from Flippfly are also very entertaining to play.
The PS4 of the game WAS awesome to me until I found this version yesterday and seeing new customizations for the glider took the cake from the PS4. The heart system could disappear but it won't keep me from playing. If you put customizations on the PS4 it would be amazing.
You have to wait to restore your tiny 3 lives or watch an ad or ofcourse pay. Any of these solutions are horrible because im, obviously, playing the game as a time killer and have no time to spare, if i am needed to wait to play it again i will simply play something else, watching an ad is often unavailable when i have no internet acces so i cant restore my lives and paying is simply not an option for me currently. If i wanted to pay i would much rather buy the game and not spend money on lives
This has a really slick design and is challenging and addictive. But I cant give it 5 stars as of right now. Recently the app has been crashing my phone and glitching. Another small issue I have is that when you complete all the challenges it has become almost boring. Otherwise I love it and still find it fun when the app doesnt completely stop my device from working.
They want your money, so the game becomes irritating. Constantly you are hit with requests to get in your pocket, worse than the ads imo.
One of my favorite time killers. I was introduced to this title on my PS3 years ago. Mobile version isn't quite as good but it is as good as one could reasonably expect. I can play this game for hrs on end. Incredibly addictive, simple & most importantly - FUN!!!
Perfect android racer. Be warned though, it's so good that you'll no doubt become hopelessly addicted in no time. Would really like to see some sort of multiplayer based on the same design.
I am going to be honest. I enjoyed the X Box version more than the phone version. I think what would improve the game is if we added the other modes you can choose from in the X Box. Other than that I think this game is okay.
This is an ok game but also a raging game because the turning when trying to dodge something the turning isn't sharp and the speed boost that should let me go through the object
Good game but really......with the energy or hearts or whatever, you killed this game, having to actually buy this game just so I can play it more than 3 times is absolutely ridiculous, this is clearly a scam
It's a fun game to play but the spaces are a little to tight and the colours are horrible and you cant see what's coming up proply. Not enough customisation options, music gets annoying controls are sort of fine and power ups are trash.
The idea is awesome. Controls are intuitive and I love the graphics. I could see myself playing this A LOT! Why am I giving this only 1* then? The execution is horrible. You have 3 lives. When you run out of lives (which happens pretty quickly) you have to watch an ad or pay. If you can't watch an ad, the game forces you to wait 1 ½ min. You basically have to watch a 30s unskippable ad for few seconds of pure joy and satisfaction. I'd rate it 5* but those lives ruin the game. DO NOT RECOMMEND!
It's a great game but it does only give you 2 lives after the tutorial which is not enough dew to they are only just getting used to the controls but other than that you made a great game
one of my favorite games ever (edit dec 2020) ok now it is my favorite game. I just finally made it to the 5th I think board, and there is all this new crazy stuff happening! Bombs and I don't even know what the stripey things are yet but thats awesome. That is putting love into what you do. Most games are done once you are past the "honeymoon" phase. Thank you and what a great team you all must be.
Love this game. But too many ad's. Why can't I pay to remove ad's or buy a full version or something. Very annoying. iPhone version is paid and has no ad's. Would have given 5 stars if it weren't for this.
It's pretty good. The controls are nice, the graphics are great and it's easy but challenging. although, I would like to see the qoute's in the beginning, under the title. That is just me however.
ZooooOOOOM and then BOOM ! Excellent adrenaline booster. I love the new obstacle course every day. Flying at such a perceived velocity can be tense but rewarding. A little bit of funny wit also. Fun flyer game.
Great game! Really fun to play Graphics are simple but the gameplay is sure to keep you hooked. Im glad the lives regenerate now. It's a good move. I just wish we'll get accelerometer controls
Before u download it you have to know : no colors, 2 stars for graphics, bad slow controls, no real levels, ugly 3 planes is the only u can buy, and it have many bugs, and the last and the Most important thing that it sometimes freeze the phone and not even bottoms work for nearly 3 minutes then it show a black screen!! So don't be tricked by the name or logo because it's a #%$! Lie!!
To preface: I've been playing RtS since it first came out, so my standards are high. This is a solid mobile version of an amazing game and worth the $5 purchase. Only the default mode is in the game, but there are exclusive ships not found in the PC/console versions, which is nice. My only knock is that on the touch controls, pressing jump will nudge your ship slightly right or left if you don't push it dead center, which can cause crashes. If this is ever fixed, consider my review five stars.
Great game but there are 2 problems 1, there are only 3 ships. 2, just one ship costs 5000 points each. But put those aside its amazing, besides those 2 problems, race the sun is arguably the best fast paced game Period
It's nice but I feel like it needs more polish. It plays like the old flash game such as cube field yet the potential allowed by being a mobile app doesn't seem to be realised. The game changing daily is a nice feature which keeps gameplay fresh. Upgrades are very expensive and gameplay has started to get repetitive for me already. There are some graphical bugs such as objects appearing bright white when they should be dark grey which causes you to crash.
It's just like the old game. You got to get used to the controls first, but besides that, it's pretty much the same. Of course, there's the new added thing about advertisements, but don't worry about those. You don't have to watch them unless you want to get some extra TRIs or get extra lives to play the game, and they're not usually that long. Two new things that you can get are different ships, and new light trails. if you love the original game you're definitely going to like this one.
I have this game on Steam. First time playing it there i really thought it would make for a great mobile game, so when i saw this in the Play Store i quickly checked to see if it's the real deal, and sure enough it is. Maybe I'd revisit playing the Steam version some day...
The best game ever so addictive the more u play the more better u get in the game the only problem is the amount of life's u have for example people would like to play for hours if they had unlimited life but on the other hand the it will keep u hooked on the game and it makes it more challenging so thanks for making a good game
Great Game!! Its a fast paced game that really could have me stuck to it for hours, however if it were to get better (if thats even possible!) i would personally like to have upgrades available for the hovercraft and the power-ups just to make it that more fun and challenging
the gameplay is good but it lacks vercitality in terms of different ships skins powerups upgrades and an arsenal of other particulars so -1 the game also lacks proper settings on visuals, controls, and map...the quest are way too simple and a lot of people hate it when the game is free from the outside yet only to find out that it's just a limited or a demo version of a paid one...so -1 again although the controls were painfully rigid, it's manageable for the first two levels
Race The Sun is an amazing game. I found it on my 12-year-old son's phone and helped him download it. He enjoyed it lots. Later, my six-year-old daughter asked me to help her download it on her phone as well, and I agreed, of course. They enjoyed it so much that they practically begged me to write a positive review, so... here it is! Thanks for reading and apologies if there are any spelling mistakes or errors. 😀 My six-year old daughter wishes to tell everyone to download it on their iPhones
This used to be perfect. What happened? Now the app crashes so much it's unplayable. The frame rate is terrible. Please revert back to the original version, because these "added features and bug fixes" has ruined this game for me.
Plane go zoom. :) Cool game, didn't like the music much, decided to have it off most of the time. Low polygon style, which is fine, not very creative although.
Some checkpoints would be nice. Or levels not having to start all over again. Too repetitive in my opinion.
The one problem is i keep being no 2 on daily ranks is suck i went to region 8just one time this game is challenging and thats what i like. Regions are never in same order. I loved
Its a fun game and all, but after a while, i just forgot about it. While there is a new map everyday, thats not enough for me to want to sit down and play. Just not enough content. Theres nothing to really work for other than mostly cosmetics. Its still a fun game though. Just could be a little better.
Cool game but it starts from the top always when your plane crashes. Why can't it just resume where it last died or atleast from the start of the new level that I'm on. And oh god the ads!!!!
Another greedy ass games. With time constraints for game play. Woukd have been better if not for the limited playthrough. Would not recommend this. As its just another bait. Better free games are available to play and better ad ons. This game is just like a cheap trailer even if you download it. So a thumbs down from me.
It's a good game but you can only play 5 times then you have to pay money or wait that's the cheapest move they could play I would give 5 stars if they toke away this
I already have the game on steam and being able to play on the go is really awesome, but I really like it to have a option where you could tilt the phone to turn instead of tapping the screen. Overall the game is awsome and feels good and smooth to play
This is a really fun game. However, a bug surfaced yesterday which has made the game unplayable. Everytime you crash, the game locks up, and has to be force closed. Before this started happening, the game is a solid 5 stars. Until the bug is fixed, has to be 1 as it has become entirely unplayable.
After 3 crashes, you have to wait 5 minutes for another life. I own it and play it on the regular on PS4 with a maxed 25 Level ship. The experience is much better on PS4. Unlimited lives and no ads. Can play for hours uninterrupted and that's nice. The trails on the mobile version should be implemented into the PS4 version.
Cool game, but very short selection of vehicles and effects. Also, no music selection- the same opera like song keeps playing for every level. Would be better if we could play music from our own library and the ships were more abundant and customizeable.
Good game hope there are more things to come. If I were to see new updates I'd like, if players reach max level they can have unlimited lives/retrys, an endless run without too many obstacles in your way, online race, ships upgrades like rockets to rid of things in your way, new ships an invincible ship that cant get wrecked or destroyed, a ship that goes more faster and long high time fly, different new portals. If there is race the sun 2 I'd like to see above features and mabey a story...
Okay so whats next after you maxed out all 24 levels...i stil play so i can get past regon 6 mxm lol its tough but the missions made it more exciting, please add new ones and upgrades Like add tunnels, gravity reverse or big jumps or guns lol evens rockets to we can break our way thru stuffies u check, thank you.
Very nice. The aesthetic is amazing, and the gameplay is super satisfying. All I'd suggest is a few more items in the store.. rn it's a little empty
I really enjoyed this game and I'm looking forward to buying the full version. I'm surprised that this game has a really low rating just because people don't want to pay to remove ads. It's cheaper than a Switch game ;)
I have the Steam version already. Gameplay on this version is identical and I'd give it five stars for getting me so addicted, but... I ran out of lives and I can either wait ten minutes for another, watch an ad for 5, or uninstall and play something else. I can deal with games that give you bonuses for watching ads because sometimes I'm in the mood, but they can't force me to watch an ad to play their game. As far as I'm concerned, that should hurt them more than me.
So awesome, I love the soundtracks so much it just fits perfectly into the game, all the ships are awesome and trails too! Looking completely forward for the next updates!!
Been playing this game on Steam for over a year at least, don't remember how long ago it was. But even though I maxed all the levels I still came back to it from time to time. Thanks for finally releasing it on mobile! Sadly, I maxed the levels on mobile already too. At least let me continue to do the challenges?
Game and it's graphics are amazing but theres only a issue of lives for being play the game there should not limit to it.
Over of my favourite games to play when bored. Unfortunately the game now crashes as soon as I crash. Reinstalling hasn't helped so no longer fun to play :/
Limited lives, must pay to buy more. I cannot give any more than 1 star to a game that restricts the amount of times you can play it. Sorry.
Hugely frustrating and extremely addictive. I have no idea why I keep playing this game; there is no objective to it and you always end up smashing yourself onto the objects or winding down due to lack of solar power. And let me tell you the sun goes down very, very quick. I put it down in frustration and pick it up the next day. I guess I need professional help! Madness, I say, madness!!