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Rabbit in the moon

Rabbit in the moon for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by DEVFLOOR located at 서울특별시 금천구 가산디지털1로 145 (가산동, 에이스하이엔드타워3차) 807호 / A104. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just another excuse to get your data. I'm so tired of the, "summon strolls, upgrade troops fight bigger bosses no real plot," bit. I don't want a game that I have to keep giving money, and there's no am end. Good games are like good stories, beginning, middle end. This is not one, and requiring all the Google permissions and network access to play? No, you can't have my data in exchange for the same darn thing I tried and uninstalled from another app "developer". Can we see something new already?
love the art, alright gameplay just... disappointed. game description says "Bored of repetitive automatic battles?" and u know what? i am. sadly, this game Has auto battling and is one of the first few things introduced in the tutorial. ..kinda felt hypocritical. also game mechanic itself is kinda auto battle-y ... will follow to see any other future games from this dev but this wasn’t the game i was looking for i guess...
Honestly I really love this game. It's fun, it's casual, and it gets pretty addictive. Characters are cute and gameplay is pretty simple. My only gripe is that the characters would zoom in and out each time a special skill is used. Almost gave me a headache cause of the constant zooms.
Was OK. The tutorial is so painly long. Just as a tip, it's ok for players not to know everything, let us explore if we want. Artstyle was very nice. Characters aren't really the best, the ChiefCommander is very annoying. Overall, this game did not really stay on my phone for long, there are other games that are similar but just overall better.
each other. David Petraeus, and the other hand, but I think the other hand, and I have to be careful not only is the first of the other day.
Slot machine based attacks mean some easy battles go heavily against you. Just played a round where the enemy got 43 more hits in than I did due to rng. there were no warning signs at the bottom of the screen.
Just installed the game, so far so good. The gameplay is innovative and the story is interesting. And i want to mention that DEVFLOOR's replies to the reviews are so adorable and that T.T emoji❣i can't. Thanks for being such nice devs.
One of the worst Gacha games out there. Wether you are p2w or f2p (money or no money), you are wasting your time; nothing new or imaginative with how the game works to distinguish it from other Gacha games- unless you are suckered in by its style.
Pros - Gracious developers/lots of events/quests - No resource only obtainable from real money - Modes that utilizes all your characters - Lots of items and creatures to collect, craft, and upgrade in a variety of ways - Abundant Gacha (character summoning) opportunities - Levels give randomized rewards - Ability to grind in idle, and yet still requires skill for difficult battles Cons - in game purchase popup upon opening game - Repetitive turn based style - RNG in battles can be frustrating
carefully furnished. just wish the character had some depth. overall f k u guys for keeping me awake and grinding. :) does your company need a markete ? this game needs mass publicity and carefully thought marketing. add some strategy mechanic and tons of character you can make money and blows. i have some business strategy here and steps
Cannot play this game unless you are on Facebook or Google Play. I have not Facebook and I cannot have Google Play because it fouls up my other important game. This seems dumb to hang up play on this issue. If there is a way to continue I'd like to have that explained to me. And as for "are you commenting on Google play", I can use the Play app to buy games - but I cannot use the Google Play Game center, which it what it is trying to have you download. Those are two different apps. Please don't give butthurt answers to honest reviews.
I like the game but sir recently i am disturb by ads thats popping over and over in the game . Please fix tnx !
even though I haven't played your game yet it looks like the most coolest game ever and I don't care if there's ads because ads don't do anything to the game the style is really unique please make more games.
A few desires and PLEASE do this cause it'll make your game even better. Please add guilds and obviously more characters. An infinite dungeon would be great, as far as you can go. Make alternate skins. Some you can buy for your Rabbit and some to be forged with materials. 300+ characters pleaseee.
it looks nice and im sure it plays nice too like all other clicky games like this.. but i dont have time to play the tutorial for 10min and read all the dialogues. should have ended the locked tutorial after the 1st or 2nd fight.
I've had this game for a few days only, and so far I absolutely loved it! The characters are cute, moonstones (mainly used for summoning new heroes) are quite easy to get. I expected an offline rewards system, but I think the power saving mode + auto battle compensates for that. The pandora's box system is also something I like a lot about this. The only thing I'd want is a way to reset heroes to level 1. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this! Keep the good work up, dev(s)!
Well, if I could continue the tutorial I could give a complete review. However, I'm stuck on a spot where I'm apparently supposed to open the center chest as that has a check mark over it. I can't. The tutorial guide is squarely pointing at the third chest, that I can't access, clearly because i haven't achieved it yet. As such, since the guide is driving, i am only permitted to access the inaccessible, and this we are at an impasse and i cannot continue.
Got a problem with facebook log in and they took action as quick as possible 5 stars as promised and keep up the good work and tia for the code you gave me
I rarely ever leave a review on a game but this one is really exceptional. I've played for a couple hours today and I haven't been bored once. They give you enough premium currency for 10x summons or just whatever you need it for. I haven't spent a dime so far and I honestly wont even need to, if anything I'll buy something just to support the developers. Good work!
Editor's Choice huh? For this type of game, it is literally the worst kind i've played. Game Play : Unique, but doesn't mean GOOD! Gacha? sure you can take my money or my time to grind.. but for this one? nope! Story? well, basically the jealous Rabbit rebellion ended up being in jail.. (now that is badass!!) Making item (and everything.. all things), 9 Hours, don't wanna wait? sure! PAY UP! Good Game if you have godlike patient or pocket-change!
I Got This Game. I Can't Have Facebook. I Don't Have Google Play GAMES. I Only Got The Game B/c I See a Rabbit In The Moon , And So I Would Make a Cute Home For The Rabbit On The Moon. (PS: If You Are Not 13 Yet You Can't Have Facebook.) (This Is't The Name At The Top. It's: Little Demon Child. )
Makes me say yes to my Google play account each start up. Would also like to see ability absorption take the best of both units and merge them. If I have a B rank with a higher potential than an A rank with a lower, I don't want to merge as it will overwrite with the lower potential.
Awesome. Left a comment about the game and they changed the game to improved at their soonest. Have been playing close to a year and am still playing. Great overall.
Very fun and simple at first but didnt last long for me because the core gameplay has a major flaw. It is 100% rng based. Going multiple turns while doing nothing because of bad rolls makes grinding so much longer, harder, and boring.
cute, good for passing time not too hard at the beginning hard to get to level 15 right away but you can get close fast just dont spend all your moon stones too fast and make sure to collect some from new characters you get from their bio. (their bio is very last option in the bottom)
Maybe there is a game in here somewhere hidden beneath all the Ads....but i cant find it. It actually plays ads while your playing the game...after playing ads. Avoid!!
If you draw a super rare and 4 a units the game forces you to add the a units to your party in order to get full squad star at end of level and units attack in order so even though your sr is 1million attack you have to wait on the other 4 a units before it attacks again. Even worse if you can't find weapons or armor for the others they hold you back even more. Arena chest with 24h wait time...
the money reward is to small, upgrading evolving use to many of the currency and you doesnt have a free gem or gold just by watching a video. so ya 1 star only i can give to u. and there is no daily show to buy an item for upgrading your hero.
A Gacha for those who left their previous one in frustration. There are a LOT of modes to gain resources and strengthen up, even 2 mini games that are 100% not ptw. As you get better, you'll get more resources in a rewarding over grinding feel. Rng unit/gear odds scale up as you level, "next pull will be better", has merit to it! Within a year, I collected every version of every unit as a ftp player, yet new gear keeps it fresh. Developers constantly support it too.
i wanted to play this game but the only options to sign in is google game center and facebook. I don't have either so Incouldn't play it. 3 stars because the game looks prett decent.
The number of odds you need to overcome; 1. Potential for Unit and Equip 2. Rolling SR+ units (esp Commander) + duplicates 3. Correct Equip stats 4. Smelt 5. Costume n stats 6. Mats for building ^These are Pre-combats For Combat; 1. Rolling Atk (towards mid to late alot of times Enemies/PVP will roll 3x attack on streaks re-rolling doesnt help much) 2. After rolling Atk, pray that it hits because from mid to late, it is common to miss Atk till you lose even if your team is Stronger
Enjoyed for a while, but as soon as exp gain slowed dramatically around level 13 and I noticed that automatically using items costs $47, both the appeal of manual and auto play died out. Hope others continue to enjoy.
Gameplay is good and refreshing. Rating it a 1 star because it requires internet connection. Like really? This is a single player game. Why? To force ads because turning the connection off while playing would trigger ads. Such a shame. A good game tarnished by greediness.
cool picture. but that's it . i downloaded the game. installed it. as soon as i open the game. it ask me to login using either my Google account or facebook. i don't feel like using either. so for those reasons i couldn't play the game. fix this.
The slot based attack system is unique, but very annoying. I end up rolling for the enemy most of the time. Even respinning multiple times barely does anything. It's just extremely annoying when many of attacks can miss when the enemy never misses.
The game in general was fun. However,after a recent update, there seems to be alot of lag time in between movements etc. Also there are additional pop-up message regarding item collections. Please remove them. It would have been smoother. Kindly change back to how it is previously. Thanks.
I love this game. It's on my keep list, and if anything under ten dollars comes up as a special deal I might need to buy it to support the dev. May I suggest, though, that the open button be followed up by the go button in the same space, with the resin button bring moved to the place of the go button. So, just switch the two. Makes resin more of an active choice and quick game play easier.
Great game in my opinion BUT - the p2p (pay to play) features are very expensive. Lower the prices or increase what you gain otherwise I don't think people will want to play.
I can't say why, I keep telling myself it's just another battle, build & collection game, but somehow I just keep playing! It's just "one more " round and all of the sudden it's AM! help me please!
First time trying a game with such combat system. Refreshing gameplay with many units to collect and most if not all units are needed for Specific contents. Just hoping there are more ways to get Gold as it is never enough. My only concern is the sudden rise in difficulty due to poor rolls. Not sure why it's fairly consistent for enemy, be it PVE or PVP to roll 3x Attack, even rerolling does not help. Seen 3x enemy Atk for 3-4 streaks for so many rounds. Bound to lose
Can you help me check please. I used 1200 to summon 10 but there was an internet issue. I lost the gems but got no monsters. This already happened for the second, but can you check the issue for today at least? Thanks