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QuizUp for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Glu located at 875 Howard, Suite 100 San Francisco CA 94103. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's very f interesting wonderful and Fantastic game it even gives you great knowledge I love it. everyone has to download this game the adds are really really small and everything is fine you can even chat with the people and if the person who you chat or play with is like not online so you can even choose a random opponent , πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ THUMBS up
Always used to really enjoy this app but some of the changes made in recent years have basically meant that I no longer use the app. ---- I think the frequency of adverts is my main issue with it as they disrupt the flow of the game quite a lot.
Use to be a nice app but since the past few months its become horrible. Its says again again "failed to download config file" idk what that is. But the app won't work at all. It sucks. And too many adds even in between gameplays.
A wonderful quiz game. I know how great it was 2014 when I joined and how many technical issues (and others) there are now. Instead of adding so many ads that cost space,why not ask everybody to pay say 3€? This app is absolutely worth it. I'll gladly support it if the technical glitches will be taken care of. And now these stupid comic figures? Are these supposed to attract 13-year-olds? Believe me,nobody needs these! Instead of wasting time with this nonsense, why not work at those issues?
Forces you to watch an ad entirely without even asking you. Questions are very unrelated or very odd and nonsense. They are nowhere close to today's trends and are absolutely useless.
I think that this game is absolutely amazing. There is almost every topic in this game one wishes to play. The game has lot of advertisements but still according to me , its just fun and knowledgeable.
I used to play this game all the time with friends. I recently remembered it and wanted to play again, and was so disappointed to see all the new flashy unnecessary nonsense. I understand that some players might like the new extravaganza but it would be nice to have the option to just enjoy the bare bones game - simple quizzes with friends without the cartoons, the multitude of prizes, the daily rewards and whatever else.
I haven't played the game in months. I come back, and there's some thing called a qluzo. Whatever the heck that is. It is EXTREMELY difficult to understand how they work, how to change them, how to pick who goes in what slot. When you put one in a slot, the others are deemed inactive. How do they work? Who even knows? Seriously. Who knows?! My whole game crashes after a game ends sometimes. It freezes.
This game has a serious problem that when i open it from my Apps menu it takes too much time for loading but when i open it from "Play Store" it directly loads and also when i play multiplayer i feel like the game gives me very less points comparing to my opponent even if i give the answer fast and i lose, idk why this happens but i want you to fix this.
Its an absolutely fun and informational game. Can you also please add the multiplayer challenge feature involving more than just 2 players. The more friends attempting one quiz at the same time will be even better and more fun. Ideally at least 4-5 players please. I hope to see a response. Thanks
Used to love this game then it started glitching. I would try to open the app and it would crash, I would try to log in and would crash. Sucks since I really liked this game.
I love this app!!!! And after knowing the fact that this would be no more after 2 months i was devastated, i really wish they don't discontinue this app. I have no idea why they are doing so😒I am gonna miss quizup so much😭
Good game, too bad it no longer has support. You should at least let players know that they can't add topics anymore, even better, remove the feature entirely before more people lose hours trying to figure out why their topic is unplayable.
It's a very good app, I've been playing it ever since it released, but in the last couple of years, they have introduced extremely frequent ads as well as a paid-for in game currency. I feel that too many ads and paid content are the banes of any good game. Ads should at least be reduced in order to give users a better experience, as I feel that not many people will be willing to pay to remove ads. Otherwise a very good game and if ads are reduced, definetely worth a 5 star review.
It used to be a great app... It's okay to show ads but you guys just destroyed it's features... We love previous versions. Will edit this review if see any changes
This game was good when it first came out. Now it is way over designed, with pointless loot systems and every pointless feature under the sun. Its a mess and ruined. Take it back to how it was when it first came out.
Nice game but the amount of ads is annoying, why is there an ad in each end of a game, there's an ad already on the top then there's a pop-up ad after a game. I know it's important for a game developer but the amount of ads is annoying. The 3 stars is the best that I'll give for this, it should be 2.
I used to love playing this but just recently rejoined and now can't get past the screen of little characters and playing the same basic knowledge quiz over and over. Why did you guys have to add stupid little characters and other stuff? I used to love tournaments etc. This is just childish looking.
So many popups and unnecessary embellishments like "gold box". Extremely annoying to play with so much going on. People just want to play quiz games and not get annoyed by extra stuff!
Great variety of games. Fun, fast paced and keeps me on my toes. I love the different topics that you can do quizzes in; such as Food, Game of Thrones characters and Flags. I have made new friends as well, thanks to the add a friend feature.
This used to be a cool trivia app.I've had many funny games competing with mates I'd recommended it to.You can message your mates too,which I thought was a cool twist for a quiz app.BUT, it recently had an update and now it won't allow me to log on,so lost all progress.Now when I go to play,mthe redesigned loading screen appears & doesn't recognise my details,urging me to create NEW account! Uninstalled.
I like the gameplay, but I'm not happy about the fact that after 6 days of logging in and getting in the 2x score boost, on the 7th day it bumped me back down to 1x boost and won't go back up. What's the point of the daily login if it takes away your boost after a week? Even with more daily logins and boost-claiming on the little calendar button up top, it has me at 1x boost. Hopefully this is a bug that gets fixed or something. Will update if fixed
Zero Stars This app constantly crashes on my modern android smartphone and somehow wants to CONSTANTLY open up links to random apps on Google play store even though I'm not pressing any buttons or touching the damn screen. this app is a piece of junk and you shouldn't waste your time on it when there are better quiz games on steam, FFS! I'll be uninstalling it immediately!
Used to play this game years ago and thought it was great. Now it's rubbish. Absolutely no idea what the purpose of the 'wildcard' categories are for? Every 5 questions forcing you to answer a question on a completely different topic than the one you originally picked. Makes literally 0 logical sense other than creating an incentive to force you buy the in game currency.
This game is soo good I really like this game so much.... I don't think there will be any more best social trivia games anymore.... Cuz... This is sooo nice...!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•.. But I don't know why this app is going to be cancelled.... This hurts me so much...!! We put our usernames having #Save the App after what our username was... PLEASE GLU,,, DON'T CANCEL THIS APP.... This meant so much to me... Pleasee😩😩😭😭
Used to be a great quiz app. Now there's just too many ads and too many confusing additional things (bunch of game currencies, boosts...) just to add more and more microtransactions.
I used to love this app but the ads are HORRENDOUS now. They have banners, pop ups, and multiple ad spaces on almost every screen. They also incentivize with skins and characters and daily rewards and it's just way too much for a trivia app. I literally have difficulty figuring out which buttons to press and how to navigate it because it's so cluttered. I understand developers wanting to make money but there's a way to do it without ruining the experience.
I used to love this game but recently whenever I open the app to play it always connects me with a quiz up bot or it does not even connect and sometimes when I open the app it says sorry there is a network error and closes itself and it kind of irritates me please do something about it otherwise I am going to uninstall this app right away so please do something as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I would have given it 5 stars 2 years ago when the ads were manageable. It is an embarrassment to this app the bombardment of advertisements displayed. After every match, and in between every topic category, in the feed, at the top of the screen... Edit: gave it an extra star because I just found out I can pay 4 bucks and play with no ads. Honestly best 4 bucks I will ever spend.
It is a excellent game . We get many options for the topics of quiz . It is very useful for studing and we get lots of knowledge by this app. The thing which I din't like is it asks for updating the app , if we update the apps our mobile gets hanged.
This used to be the best trivia/quiz app out there and it would be today if the people behind it cared about it. I feel like it was abandoned. It seems like the questions haven't been updated for about 2-3 years. Qluzo characters are kind of ugly. Maybe the overall design of the game needs to be updated (just a tiny bit, though). Aaaand the worst of all - you're playing with bots most of the time. :( I wish someone would take care of this creation a bit. :/
This app use to be so fun I loved it so much. Then they covered it with ads and got very lazy and now the servers are legit garbage... I so wish they would show this app some love and care. I just wish this app wasn't abandoned it had so much potential...
It's the best social trivea game I've ever come across. It's so informative and knowledgeable. I'm still learning so much from here. And it caters to all ages. It's actually learning with fun.
On 8/6/19, I couldn't log in via Facebook. *Problem has been resolved. Aside from the occasional glitches/bugs and occasional ads, the game is full of rich and (mostly) accurate content on hundreds of interesting and diverse topics. The tournaments and single-player mode add an extra level of fun to the already addictive core gameplay; the game would be five stars if questions were added and/or updated more frequently.
I am giving 5 star as I love this app on the play store but still there is problem when you play a tournament you have to give tickets and if you have no tickets you can't play expert. I wish it get removed because of it I am not getting first place in tournament.
It used to be just a fun, straightforward quiz game with lots of different categories and cool titles. Now it has all kinds of extra junk that isn't fun or interesting (Qluzo? What is it and who cares?) and tons of ads. Still functions as a quiz game but doesn't need all the extra, unnecessary, and distracting stuff that doesn't add anything to the game.
Really need to be downdated (No users need extra useless features). Quizup was a brand on itself until it came with a worst update of ads per game and virtual currencies. But just 2 stars bcaz tbh I've learned many things from it. I'd give not 5 but 1000 stars if they gave us back the previous non-updated version... I'll edit my review if I saw any "real development"
It used to be an excellent game. Now it has developed a bug which prevents me from opening it again after exiting. This is the fifth time I have had to reinstall it in two days.
Very good game. i play this all the time. But way too many advertisements. I mean i know u guys need to earn to make the better. But please one or 2 ads when app is opened. everytime i fonish match i get 30s ad. its very annoying. and i beleive whosoever is playing this feels the same with ads. please fix
Cool game, but very bad ux and interface. Too many things going on and difficult to find what you want i.e. your favourite topics in or just replay the same topic. Also you need to watch about 3 Ads every minute!
I used to love this app very much, 4 years ago. Now I reinstalled it and Ads everywhere. It's so annoying, plus it doesn't connect with real persons, connects only with Quiz Up bots.
I've been using this app for the past 5 years now, however recently there have been a lot of issues. Every time I try to connect or play it flashes 'error connecting' or 'unable to load questions'. Even with a stable internet connection. I've uninstalled and installed the app various times, in an endeavour to get rid of this problem but it seems to persist. Please look into the same!
Have been playing this game since it came out, used to love it but Idk what you've done to it but now it's not as enjoyable. It was great when it was just a quiz game and I had my titles from being in the top 3 but then you changed it and added all these unnecessary things and micro transactions. Not to mention ALLLLLLL the adds.
Used to be the best. Then they decided that the way to make money was by letting lazy and uninformed users pay to win. That people could get to the top of the rankings by buying boosters, passing up those of us who learned the subjects and actually won matches, killed the app's popularity. But it's still fun to play non-competitively. I go head to head with my friends, and also play against bots in categories I want to learn more about. Since the app's userbase was driven away by the booster-buying cheats, those are really the only reasons left to use it.
Good app for the childrens. It is a intresting game about the knowledge. In this game children try to win the quiz always so they study about many things so they can win the quiz. If children not know anything then when he play quiz the answer also show and they remember that answer because whenever this question ask again any time then they could give answer.
Developer.... 1.please add an option to delete the previous posts, 2.App keeps on crashing all the time please work on this prob, 3.there are many annoying ads...which make it irritating to play with random opponent, 4.Add an option to delete followers to keep a check on whoever is following us,so as to keep our profile more private.
Quiz up nice, knowledgeable app i am cutting two stars because of two reasons: 1) specify the topics more so we able to get more deep inside. 2) Server problem everytime so please this fix this.
I used to play a long time ago but I lost my account without being able to retrieve it. And now when I finally decide to create a new one the game doesn't even opens on my phone, it just does a black screen before closing itself. I'm quite disappointed because I like the gameplay and all.
I used to love this app. But I redownload it and remember why I left. You guys complicated it way too much. There is just too much random stuff now that I don't care about. I just want to play with others around the world but it's clear that a lot of the player base has left given how terrible the experience in the app is. It is just an intolerable amount of ads with a quiz in-between. It's obvious that the creators themselves have just turned this into some kind of self destructive cash cow.
The best by far !! There are so many choices to pick from that I often loose myself playing. Suddenly I realize that hours have passed, and I'M BINGE PLAYING QUIZ UP !! LOL One of the features I absolutly love, I get to compete with people from around the world!! Learning With each incorrect answer I give, I learn more and more about new things. Thanks to everyone involved with developing this game8 improving it making and app! You rock ️ ❀️
I like it. Surely it is a knowledge booster but also on the other hand it is interesting. One thing I loved about it is that it has many topics. You can select any topic and know or test yourself how you know about it. Also there are tournaments, not the one that give real money but to increase your money in the game. You can see feeds of people that are really interesting. I damn challenge you to download it and if you don't like, then talk to the owner not meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A really amazing app Thanks
Great fun but there are way too many oh-no-we-have-a-glitch messages and the "report" button doesn't work. It would be nice to be able to get rid of some of the stupid stuff. The above review was written in 2019. After a long hiatus I am now playing again in 2021 and the same problems are getting in the way of playing. Obviously the developer doesn't give a damn.
Great game but I have a few issues. It doesn't appear to be formatted for my galaxy s10 very well. It cuts out some of the screen and I can't really see mine ir my opponents points. Also titles such as "Best in..." are not showing up in the pregame when you see your opponent.
Really bad experience when i want to play with friends. The notifications doesn't come and it is just loading continuously challange section. In rest everything is fine. I bet it could be optimised.
This was one of the best "quiz" games, a lot of category's and really fun! but now the ads are annoying and some of them are unskippable... but the worst thing it's "Qluzo" horrible desing and adds nothing to the game. Just keep it simple and clean! or at least put the option to occult the character cuz a lot of ppl don't care about it :/
I've had quizup downloaded for about a year and have spent half of that trying to open the app. Whenever I click on it, it takes a lot of time to load and ultimately shuts down with the message"Unknown Network error" even though my network connection is perfectly fine. I used to love this game. I hope you solve this problem soon.
Very entertaining. Keep up good work. Although, the feed feature isn't really interesting and doesn't really make sense, so consider dropping it.
Absolute one star, you only get five hearts to play with, and when you lose a game, you lose one heart and it takes 30 minutes to fill up that heart again, if you lose all of the five hearts, you need to wait 2.5 hours in order to play again five games in case you lose each one. You literally cant play the game as long as you want, and there isnt an option to buy hearts with money.
Awesome app. So many quizzes . And a chat box. You guys should really download this app. It's awesome. But only one issue, when it needs an update it does not work well you might not ever be able to play on that app again that's what's happening to me right now and I'm really upset..... you might be able to play again only of you delete the app and then download it again but then all of your high scores and followers will vanish away.....you might get your followers back or your high score......
TOO MANY DAMN ADS. I've come back after a while and honestly these awful 'No work but rich' ads are making me quit the game after 5 minutes of playing. I used to play for 2 hours in a day. Now I can't even stand 10 minutes. You got recognition for the game... Remember where you started...
I used to like this game. Now it's just a hot mess. Lots of tournaments which require tickets to enter. You CAN earn them by watching ads. But their apparent endgame is trying to get you to spend money by buying tickets and other nonsensical virtual currency. It used to be a nicely-designed game. But now.. way overdeveloped.There must be some name for this type of software syndrome where it's made more and more complex past the point of usefulness. Yep. That's what happened here.
It has a serious working problem. It stops all of the sudden. It has bugs. N i don't know who placed the topics in it or set the questions but there should be some better criteria as i have seen many topics with questions without any meaning.
(ADS EVERYWHERE) I have been playing this game for about 8 years and I've always loved it. It's for sure the game I kept coming back the longest BUT the ads have become insufferable. So much so that I'm scared to lose a game while playing single mode because I don't want to deal with the ads. I understand monetizing the app but showing an ad everytime a game ends is just unbearable and somewhat disrespectful to the fans that have followed the game for so long.
While I love this game and used to play it years ago, after reinstalling it recently the app keeps crashing and shows the message "Just a Moment...". Even after clearing cache and data and uninstalling and reinstalling, I still get this message after just a few quizzes, often right in the middle of a game. Extremely frustrating.
Disappointed to hear you intend to discontinue the ap....such a shame as it is a good quiz ap that appears to be well used. Such a shame the introduction of those pesky boxes and removal of banners was so detrimental. All we wanted was a good quiz which is what we had....please reconsider removing QuizUp from the ap store.
Too many useless features. Adds are out of control and force-fed. Also the create your own quiz feature doesn't register new questions entries nor allow the quiz to be playable. There are a lot of things that need fixing.
I once gave this app 5 stars. Now it's down to 1. Wanna know why? The ads. The freakin ads. Ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad after ad. I hope the person who thought there should be this many ads gets... You know what let's not finish that sentence.
The app isn't opening, when I clicked it, it automatically closed.. please fix the bugs and resolve it as soon as possible.
Nothing but garbage ads all over my screen. Also have to watch a video between each question AND only ten seconds to answer a question. Worst "game" I've played in awhile. Its one big commercial.
It's really very nice there are many quizzes in this game , if you write singers, dancers, just add magic, peppa pig chotta bheem etc it will give you each and every quiz. Therefore, I gave it 5 star, even my sister plays, and the best part is your opponent can be of any country USA, argentina, Italy, Spain, India etc.
Please don't get rid of it!!! Loved this app so long. I live far away from family and we use it as a fun way to stay connected with each other. There are SO many options to choose from. So many quizzes and you're able to rank up and favorite them. There's a chat area so you can talk with friends and challenge them. It's been one of my favorite apps for years now. Love you Quizup!
Used to love this app but found out this app will no longer be available. Not exactly sure what happened or why but this may explain a few of the bugs and glitches that have been going on. Hopefully will be able to find a similar one in the future.
It used be a great app while I used it last year. Somehow I'm not able to login or create an account on it now. It says error and doesn't work. Please fix the bug or help me out with it.
Fine if you don't mind massive stability issues and constantly getting, oops something went wrong messages Actually it's getting worse, I just played a quiz where I didn't get shown a picture and even though I didn't even have my phone near me, my partner got a notification saying I was online
Back in 2013-17 this app was great (I gave it 5 stars), it was enjoyable, bug free and polished. This app is a ghost of the old experience, it's buggy, ads are forced down my throat, stupid unnecessary features such as avatars and gifts have been added. Everytime I see an advert I'm reminded I'm paying these out of touch, money grabbing incompetent developers - the only fesible and unfortunate win is that I uninstall this failure of an app, thereby saving myself the pain of using it.
This used to be a great app, where I could play both single player and against others and have fun on my chosen topics. Introducing random topics I HAVE to answer questions for with zero interest in them is just stupid. I can understand ads, I can understand pay to play, but then let me play what I want.
Excellent app! Great for finding friends from around the world. It would be great if you could fix the glitches that appear in the app from time to time. I cannot open it sometimes. The quizzes are amazing too.. please update all topics. I gave it five stars because of the social platform and the amazing quiz topics.
I loved this game so much that I'd have given them 5 stars but for last few months now there's so much bug. I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling and it stops just after 1 quiz with the pop up "Something's wrong, shame on us".. Well guess what.. SHAME ON YOU
It was okay. I kille# it in the Family Guy and Spongebob categories. I just wish there were customization options for the avatars. That would be cute and you could earn points to "buy" the different customization options with. Great otherwise.
It's great and the ads are moderate. But the one thing i think you should add is the ability to make you're own quiz on mobile. I tried searching and theres no create a topic button for mobile. It's a lot more convenient and it's better for people who don't have a laptop or pc.
Guys if you experiencing issues while booting the app, so, uninstall and then re-install the app. I was also experiencing the same issue. That is how I resolves it.
Same questions over and over. Especially about Harry Potter. I have no interest in Harry Potter. Banner ads during every game and forced full screen ads after. 3 dollars to remove ads, wish I could get a refund.
Like the game - some challenging questions but dome easy one too. My main issue is the queston text is WAY TO BIG. Some questions end up having 5 lines with 2-3 words per line which makes it incredibly hard read. Also cannot stand when words get split & hyphonated accross 2 lines - makes it so much arder to read quickley
It was a really good educational app but now I really disappointed with it. The questions I am adding are not being counted in the topic question list. Also recently, I created a new topic and entered around 150 questions but now, it is saying that the topic has no questions and unplayable. I created the topic for my regular university study and I am very disappointed that my whole day's work has gone to waste. Please fix the bugs as soon as possible.
Awful interface. Cluttered and confusing. Ask your interests but questions on other things anyway. Very USA biased overall. Confusing progression. Very poorly designed.
I used to love this until I became very very sure that I am playing most matches against bots, disguised as real people. I don't know why do you have quizup bots AND separate bots pretending to be real people. These bots just squeeze out the fun. I wanna play with people. At lease tell me these are bots. I don't how Richard from Wyoming can beat me in Indian History. So many times. Except this, I love the app. Playing with friends is fun. So is with real people. Also, ads are TOO much recently.
Really fun game, but two things: 1️⃣ There seem to be a lot of obviously fake players (or at least reused avatars). That takes a lot of the fun out of playing competitively when you're just playing a computer programmed to succeed or fail 2️⃣ Qluzo or whatever is obnoxious. I lack the words to tell you how truly profound my indifference is to that failed Izzy level Olympic mascot and his silver and gold boxes. At least let me skip the boxes instead of making me open every one.
Poor UX and UI design. Meticulous ad system. No review system for popular quiz sets. Quiz rounds lacking depth and sometimes short. No flexibility or feature for custom round mechanic in competitive quizzes.
It takes forever to load, slow and most of the times might just get stuck on the loading screen. Why does it have to keep reloading the home screen. Its a great idea but just poorly implemented
There is so much going on in this app, it's really hard to know what you're supposed to be doing. Icons absolutely everywhere, buttons everywhere, random characters, gifts and power ups...who the hell designed this utter disaster? All I really wanted was a simple quiz game to play against some friends. Uninstalling.
I used to play this game a while ago. Now when I installed it I lost my ID and I am not even able to restore it back by connecting it with facebook. Please restore the issue. Thanks.
After selecting ready in a single player game it takes you back to the main menu with no record of the game. Thought it was just a one time fluke but it happened 3 more times. You never know when its going to happen so it's not worth trying for a high score when you could get 20 questions in and it decides to strip the game from you. I used to like this game. Sad.
Such a shame, this game was so good a few years ago, redownloaded it recently and it is now over complicated, cluttered and difficult to use UI, used to be so easy to scroll through a range of quizzes. All round terrible and unnecessarily complex.
This game used to be great, but it's awful now. Several things are annoying. Firstly, ads are ridiculous. Secondly, the is absolutely no point to having Qluzos, it really doesn't fit into why we play this game. Thirdly, and a huge issue...an error message keeps popping up when you want to challenge friends, and it's impossible to do that now. Why have the function if you can't use it?
It's a well game cum knowledge provider too. But the thing is, it causes many errors while opening the app & also when we start a game or any tournament in the app. If I have a good internet connection too,then also it takes a lot of time to open & the occurrence of errors are also irritating too. So, I hope you will repair it soon. Regards.
The problem, the deal-breaker, is bots. I'm realizing I'm sitting here playing a game by myself, against nobody, which i am not gonna do, period. And they aren't even honest about it. Unacceptable. YOURE PLAYING AGAINST A BOT.
If I could give a negative star, I would. I have been playing on and off since 2014, I earned many titles and top spots, now I can't even log in to my original account. The simplicity of the original app was what made it the best, adding single player mode was the last great thing. It has exponentially degraded and is pitiful. Disappointing doesn't even describe how horrid the game has become.
I am using this app for nearly 1 year and I am highly addictive to this knowledge expansion based game.. Very sad to know that it will discontinue it's services.. Wish Glu could make another version of it.. Cause there are no such games like Quizup available in app store
Used to absolutely love this app. Just re-download it again and have been disappointed to find it is absolutely full of advertising and the "wildcard" questions are absolutely ridiculous and have completely put me off as the topics are completely random and so far off from the topic I had chosen.
Used to be a great game 5 years back, just reinstalled again to experience the nostalgia but its now a blatant cash grab with little to no active players. Unskippable ads after every game and bugs everywhere. Do yourself a favor and dont install this.
I came back to this recently because I used to play it a lot and loved it. I'm about to uninstall again because the amount of ads are ridiculous! I get needing them in game but the amount of them makes the game not enjoyable.
Excellent ADDICTIVE especially playing with your friends it's competitive against each other especially if they are good at spasific topics all I got to say is GET IT!!!!
To anyone having problems such as stability issues and errors, notice that bug fixes haven't been done since July 2020 by the developers at Glu. Glu has stated they don't really care about this app. Hopefully they sell it to someone who can actually do something with it. Glu has failed on every level to improve this game since they acquired it from the original dev. If you look at the games they develop Quizup sticks out like a sore thumb. Not sure why the bought it in the first place πŸ€”
Ads ruin the experience. This used to be an excellent quiz app. I hadn't used it in 6 months and the newer version now has far more intrusive ads that ruin the experience. The addition of all these power up stuff also makes everything too complicated.
Used to be a great quiz app back in the day. Now it's cluttered, filled with unecessary ads and road blocks in the middle of playing. Like I just wanted Minecraft trivia, why am I now being asked about 70s rock bands? Devs obviously don't care no more
You can't play 1 series of questions without it crashing. Online or offline, always crashes. Which is a shame cause this game was really good. So many categories to choose from, good music, nice interface, easy to play your friends. I would put up with the ads if this game didn't crash. I might pay for this game if it didn't crash.
I really like this app...this app has so many quizes and really enjoying a lot. Sometimes I deleted and reinstall because in some cases I feel difficulty in opening. It wouldn't open. Also in some topics repeated questions are asked. I think you are not concentrating in everytopics. Two three topics which I am following have same questions asked but it's good, can defeat anyone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜œ. These problems I have still rated 5 stars. Keep it up.
I've been using this app since 3 or more years . I was proud to say it was the best quizzing app but now it gives so much of the problems. Those qluzz or whatever that is already bad update ads have increased but I dont mind even that as long as app launch and I'm able to play But from past month I have to launch the app 10 times so it would open at least once n I'm not at all exaggerating
It was 5 star but lately a lot of issues with syncing. Some quizzes created on Windows are not playable in Android app. Told them to fix and they said it is old app so no support.
A travesty. Constant crashing and freezing,achievements not awarded,a childish dressing up game slowing it down further even though it is certainly not suitable for children. Trolls allowed free reign,customer care a joke,l have a 3 year query still unresolved. Cheats,disconnectors,sex pests,racists and bigots riddle the app. A once decent game has been destroyed. Avoid at all costs.
I downloaded this game like YESTERDAY, and today, however inspite of great network connection, when I am opening the game its showing just a moment and it is taking hours!! I mean what happened bro yesterday i played this for 2 hours and everything was fine! What in the world happened today?
Okay so when I first started I had connection issues and would disconnect last question regularly. However, I decided to stick it out and have noticed it may have been a peek time? Or an off day? Idk but since then my connection has been alot more stable (1Gbps) and the game has a tonn of topics and is an overall blast to play! Edit April 6, 2021 - This app was alot of fun but after an extended break I am no longer able to sign in. I just get the message "uhoh something went wrong, try again"