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QuizGeek. Ultimate Trivia Game

QuizGeek. Ultimate Trivia Game for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by QuizGeek located at 750 4th Street #2130 Sparks NV 89431. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Most recent update seems to have messed up the screen scale. In-game I cannot see the entire game screen and often the words of the questions cover the words of the top answer. Has only happened since this June 10, 2019 update. Doesn't seem to be due to my phone settings
I love this game. I wanted to give it a five but cannot because of the bonus points that the game awards. The bonus points range from one to seventeen points awarded to the person with the correct answer. Sometimes I receive one to fiive bonus points and sometimes I win because of the bonus points. Today my opponents received one to seventeen bonus points per game and I have lost several times because of bonus points. I feel like the game, at times, is rigged against the players.
I'm guessing the creators of this game are from the UK because at times it's flooded with soccer questions. The only American sport that's represented heavily is hockey. Where are the NFL, NBA and MLB questions?
Love it. Great for calming down. I enjoy the neutral/wood tones of the interface. I also enjoy that you keep your points whether you win or lose, though get bonus points for winning. It doesn't feel hyper competitive, unlike a lot of other trivia apps. Good for people that want to avoid sensory overload.
The best trivia app with a variety of categories and after months of play time haven't had a question repeat. Fun, fun, fun!!!
Quiz Geek is the best trivia app I have ever played. The questions are interesting and relevant. Best of all, I never see the same question repeated and the category customization is so easy to use. The pictures at the end keep me smiling no matter if it's for a win or loss!
if you're looking for something that challenges you, this is an excellent app with NO ads, a clever algorithm, and excellent customization. You can challenge friends (easy to make an account) or the app will try and match you with similarly-minded competitors. Update: Best trivia app ever. Got obsessed, harassed my friends constantly to play me. Sadly, I ran out of questions in my favorite categories around level 55 and had to quit. Hats off to the developers!!
The display problems (game playing screen is too big, text of the questions covering the answers, unable to see the progress bar on the top of the screeen) have NOT been resolved on my device (Galaxy S9+), making it impossible to play. Please fix!!!
if you and your opponent answer correctly you're supposed to get more points if you're quicker to answer. this is not always the case with this game! many times we have tied and my opponent gets more points than I do. how is this? and don't try to contact the people and ask a question because they will never get back to you!
A great quiz but only two stars because i am english and there is not enough questions about the UK especially when i am play the quiz geek. The question are more american than when i first started, from 4 star to two not happy bunny
I have sent questions and problems to the creators and have never received responses. Sometimes my answers are correct and they were marked incorrect. Just last night, I beat my opponent in a close match and I was given a loss. That is very frustrating! I am ready to uninstall as they NEVER get back to me!
The app stopped responding, then when I was finally able to get it to come back up, I saw that I had been busted back down to level 1 AND my password didn't work. I tried to reset it and it just keeps saying that it has sent me an email with my password but I NEVER get the emails. SUPER frustrating.
This game is awesome. I had to force myself to put it down and stop playing. Very straightforward, fair and best of all no annoying ads popping up in your face. The only reason I'm done playing right now is because my phone is going to die. Try it out it's awesome!
A great quiz but only four stars because i am english and there is not enough questions about the UK especially when i am play the quiz geek.
Not taking my answer on every question...played several games to be sure I was seeing right..yes. Didn't credit a couple right answers I tapped. would tap, tap on answer, wouldn't take. I like its quiet but- do need answer choice sound or better highlighted. I do like game it IS challenging..definitely learning some facts! Not sure going to be asked to pay enentually with no ads (if I have to pay..not so much..rather watch a series of videos and be done for 24 hrs..won't stay to pay)..decent.
Really simple no nonsense game. No flashy items being added. Great way to pass time and get curious about different topics!
really like the questions. humbling but fun. variety is outstanding. wish there was a lock answer feature to prevent my fat thumbs from inadvertently touching the wrong answer.
This is the best game of trivia I have ever played! Thank you for all the great questions that are never the same, the beautiful pictures, welcoming me back always, all the extra points and of course best of all...zero interruptions of ADs!! I adore QuizGeek and the relaxation it gives me and terrific knowledge!!! 😊
I would love this game if it didn't show my opponent my answers before they guess. They piggyback on my responses, which adds my knowledge to theirs. When a question comes along that I don't know, their advantage comes from having used my answers up to that point.
Would be an entertaining game if the scoring wasn't entirely messed up. If you answer questions 5 seconds faster than your opponent you get a bonus of 1-2, if you answer 3-4 seconds faster you might get 1 or the same score as your opponent.
It absolutely sucks when you tie with the app, trying to level up and it is COUNTED AGAINST YOU!! This should be fixed, yet I have no hope that it will be since I first reported this over a year ago. No 5 stars until this inequity is balanced.
Love this trivia app!!! No intrusive ads and super fun. Would like to see more questions relating to recent events in politics and the world, but great app.
The questions never repeat and the player has reasonable control over speed-of-play and subjects. The power-ups give another layer of strategy that improves the game. Also, you can get higher scores by being quicker than your opponent to the correct answer, which is the difference in some matches. Very few ads.
I find this game very enjoyable. The only thing I would wish to add is more questions about the silversceen, but that is just a personal interest of mine.
The questions are intelligent, I love that you play against opponents but not at the same time. The game is challenging, fun, and addictive. And it's free!
Hey, it's a good game. Usually works reliably. Pretty good selection of questions. But support is nonexistent. I had to reinit my tablet and reinstall the app, and now it refuses to connect through my Facebook account, where I have over 330 levels of achievement. Repeated emails asking for help have gone unanswered. [Update] Just got a new tablet, and it won't authenticate through Facebook either. Reducing rating to one star.
I love this game! There are no annoying ads and the questions range from easy to challenging which keeps it interesting! I also love how many options there are for your profile picture.
Love this game. It's very addicting and lots of fun! There are no lifelines, you just have to use your knowledge or your best guess. You compete against other players or friends. If you love trivia, I highly recommend this game 😍
Great educational game at your own pace. Love that you can be matched with a player of your level. Still play this game. Noticed some scoring inaccuracies. Also some correct answers were scored wrongly.
Great trivia game! No repeat questions so far and the quizzes are challenging without being overly difficult. Could improve the graphics and gameplay a little (too many obscure sports questions), but overall I love it! I prefer it to trivia crack.
I would love to rate this app higher, but the most annoying thing of this game is the font size is all messed up. The question often covers up the first answer choice. Oftentimes lengthy answer choices aren't even on the screen so you have no idea what it says. Gives an unfair disadvantage when you cannot see complete answer choices. Otherwise, it is a fun and addictive app.
Great mind game. Like variety. Was up to 60,000 questions and phone problem.. So starting over. That's love.
Didn't cost money, fun trivia and when you win there's music (when you lose, it's silent). This app doesn't ask for permissions to your phone, contacts, etc. It's a fun app, great waste of time!
I prefer this to all other quiz/trivia games, so it would normally give top Stars, but the new interface is awful on my Android! I the letter the questions are in bigger lettering that often cover the first answer so I consol myself with my bad showing by having a ridiculous handicap. Thanks for fixing this ASAP people.
I enjoy the questions and how fluid the game is though I'm almost entirely certain it cheats. I know there are x2 boosts but on several games I would be leading by the last question by 300-500 points, get it wrong, and then lose by 50-100 points. Mario Kart rubber banding comes to mind and makes it significantly less fun.
This game is good. One thing is I can't confirm my account by email because the email never arrives. I have tried resending through the app a few times but nothing. Good questions though.
Boy let me tell ya, this blew my expectations out of the water! Im only level 5 and ive only learned So many trivial facts that I didnt know before. Its challenging and never takes long to find an opppnent. This game Offers a tremendous variety of questions and trivia. 5 star.
By far, the most entertaining Trivia Game EVER! It matches you up with other people according to what level you are at, thereby, giving everyone who plays a fair chance at winning! 10 questions with power ups & MOST IMPORTANTLY - ABSOLUTELY "0" ANNOYING ADS! I highly recommend this awesome app because it's good to exercise your brain ! The developer's hit a grand slam with this awesome game...👍👍👍
Game was addicting at first, but now, if you hesitate at all the opponent recieves more points. That's BS. Apparently this game was intended for someone with a broader knowledge base than mine. I reached level 144 and the game started asking stupid questions that only Sheldon Cooper would know. The game is now more frustrating than fun, so I will be uninstalling this game and find one for stupid people like me.ðŸĪŠ
I'm enjoying the variety of questions. I also like how you can select categories, so you don't get 10 questions of topics you don't know.
The answers that they tell me are wrong are actually correct, most of them. I verified on Google they tell you that you get something wrong and you answer correctly. This database needs to be fixed. In the meantime this app gets a thumbs down, one star and gets deleted
One of the best quiz apps I've come across. You can't lose really because you always gain points to help you climb to the next level. The questions are a good mix of easy and hard. Its fun!
Lots of fun! Really challenging but still able to win. I can't stop playing. If I put this game down I keep thinking about it and when can I play again.
Ok game would keep me more interested if there was a daily reward. No real reward except the chance to level up. I usually play once a week when I am bored.
Good game and no ads, but I don't like power-ups. However, the app creators have to find someway to make money off this game. I don't use power-ups, and would like to have the option to ban using power-ups, or an option to play solitary games without competition. Although I answered faster and had more correct answers, but still lost because my opponents used power-ups for boosting their points. Kinda makes the games unfair.
Update 11-10-2020: None of the issues ever reported has been fixed, going back 2 years. I'm also annoyed with the numerous Harry Potter, Shakespeare, & other mostly Eurocentric questions. Expand your horizons.