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Quiz your English

Quiz your English for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Cambridge English located at The Triangle Building, Shaftesbury Rd, Cambridge, CB2 8EA United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Competitive and very interactive thereby making it very useful especially in an English Grammar Class
i like this app. it challenges me in any kind of field or area, any level or with everyone around the world... but i cant log in sign in or sign up since yesterday... i dont know the reason. can you make an explanation pls?
It is supposed I paid for removing ads; now I have more than words can say! It's a ripp-off. What a shame with them!
I love the game, lots of fun, but it doesn't load in since yesterday. I tried to reinstall, it didn't help. Also I would like to recommend an option where users can check rhe rules of the game and get instructions on the features of the game, for example I cannot figure out how to use my coins for power ups and no instructions in the app.
I don't know what's is happening, but since the new month arrived, I can't log in and it takes such a long time to charge, it's annoying!! Other detail is that I already paid for a premium version to avoid ads,but they still appear although I paid to don't watch them. (I have to point out that it happens with my Google and Facebook account)
It was working fine, about a week ago it has terrible experience, too slow, it doesn't work, I bought two items inside the app but it doesn't work too.
Today when I try to login with my regular user, I get the following error message: "Oops, something went wrong. Try doing what you were doing again". I tried to reinstall the app twice, but the issue persists.
Like most of the reviewers, my internet connection is just fine and it goes along perfectly with other applications, but your app says my internet is very slow which is not the case. I think it has to do with your server, or maybe your app is not compatible with our LTE frequencies. It seems to be needing avalanches of data.
I like the app, but it logs out randomly and asks for login. I don't know if it happens with other login methods, but login with Google is going to infinite process and it's very very very much annoying. Please resolve it. P.s. My internet connection is very good, all other apps are working just fine.
Δ±t doesn't work on my phone. altough any other apps working properly. But when I can use this app, it is almost impossible to find a player for start a game. General features and questions are best for me but unfortunately it doesn't work currently. I hope developers can solve the problems and I can benefit from this great indeed app.
Although it has some bugs, I introduced it to ally friends and students. The challenging atmosphere is so fun and be exciting.
Nice but short-term effort πŸ˜’ Suggestions : 1. Add chat feature 2. Add active status 3. Add explanation of questions 4. Don't let anyone exit without surrendering 5. The topic "IELTS" should be free to use ... 🀀 Thanks πŸ‘
Works with some bugs. After a match is over not all elements of the app respond to the touches because of advertisement that appearing not instantly. I tried to tap about 5 times on a blank place and it made Ad appeared quicker than last time. So maybe Quiz app wait after match to load an Ad. This is why you cannot press Home button untill you watch an Ad. Sometimes pictures could not be uploaded.
It's very helpful, when it's working. The first day it was okay, I stayed as long as a could stay up, but the second day the application started to freeze and stop, or didn't start at all for hours. Also I miss the opportunity to practice on your own, without "fighting" with other people, and I don't think it's fair to put up a level 1 player against a level 268 or something, even if you answer correctly they are much faster, and you didn't stand a chance. Keep up the good work, thanks for all!
I really love this app but recently I bought a new phone and it doesn't charge after the Log in screen, I hope you to fix it, thanks.
The idea is very interesting, but unfortunately I'm not able to log in,everytime I try to do so I receive a "something went wrong message". I've tried everything to solve it (stop the app, clear data, unistall...) but nothing worked.
For 3 days, I loved it! I managed to get the 2nd place worldwide and the 1st place my country. Then, on the fourth day, it just didn't let me log in anymore. Therefore I give it 3 stars for the 3 days I enjoyed, but it deserves less for stopping working so soon and abruptly and sending so many notifications.
I am unable to login, it's just loading and loading, and then it shows "oops, something went wrong". I have tried login more than 10times now. What's the matter??
There is something wrong with the app. I haven't been able to login since 16th April, I checked my internet connection and password, it's fine. All the apps run smoothly except yours. It seem like not only me but also all the users are facing with this situation. Hoping the problem be fixed soon!
It's a great game for people eager to improve their English, that too with a competitive experience. However, more features will provide more traction to the app, leading developers reach a larger scale of userbase. My suggestions for the developers: social media messaging ability, connecting with Facebook, and then introducing more detailed stats like per day basis or per week basis, and these for global leaderboard as well as more individual stats, which will further open spaces for more insightful stats, aslo more varieties in questions and background music; and ultimately making it all more attractive. The app is authentic and possesses the potential to be bigger than it already is!
In some quizzes the answer that is supposed to fill a blank repeats a word that is already in the sentence above. Sometimes avatars won't load, or the app will make you "surrender", saying that your connection speed is too slow. Other than that, it's a great app. It's challenging and topics cover all levels.
The content of the app is excellent, but the quality of the app is just poor. It's very difficult to log in or to play the quizzes. Cambridge wasn't expected to offer such a poor thing!
It's quite sad that I have not been able to log in in the app for practically two days... Shame, because the app itseft is quite fun. Hopefully you will manage it somehow and most players will get access again
This is a great app and it give me many knowledge I love this game firstly I usually lose the game I'm trying the best .😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
It's great ( fun and good questions) . What a pity one can't go back or replay the same game to better understand mistakes.
It doesn't even allow me to login. Useless, unfortunately. It had been a fun and educative app until it broke?? Out of the blue, I am logged in into my account without having logged in after all.
Yesterday and today I got two achievements but I didn't get any coins for it. Fix it. Everything else is great, although sometimes it just freezes
You say that users can remove ads by paying some fees. However, it's just not true. Having paid for it, I still see advertisements. I complained about it through feedback channel, yet, nothing happened. I'll have to ask for refund and uninstall the app.
The game actually is great ....it has the kind of questions i have always been looking for....the only thing that nags me is that it doesn't always work properly....it doesn't sometimes load and that sucks!
Kindly make an option in choosing wherher I want to play an Mystery opponent or not... sometimes after assigning Mystery player, the game hangs and if I cancel, I lose entirely. That is not desirable.
it doesn't work. I completed many levels . after that some error occured it says something went wrong , but whatπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„.no doubt it's a good app.Bt after winning so many levels it doesn't workπŸ˜‘.
Uninstall this app right now. It runs at startup showing annoying ad messages priodically and even worst it doesn't tell is this app that is causing the ads. At play store it doesn't tell you it requires the permission to run at startup but once installed you may check permissions and that it runs at startup.
I tried so many app that have questions in English with together mode but I doesn't found it all last I download this app and this is my favorite I also told my friends to download it. It's interesting...... I really love it ❀❀.......
I can't log in. Few minutes ago I installed the app and played a bit, then I closed the app. Now I tried to open it again, but it is loading eternally and I can't access the app. I have no other option but uninstall it. What a shame.
"Something went wrong". The app worked fantastic the first two times that I started using it, I was starting becoming addicted. Then this message has started appearing every time I use it.
I have been facing a problem that I can not see my picture into my profile.Is this problem happening to everyone or with me?So, Please give me feedback which can be helpful for me.
It was good till yesterday. Can't login now . It keeps giving the same error repeatedly: "Oops, something went wrong. Try doing what you were doing again." How many times is the user supposed to try logging in for? And secondly these guys avoid replying to emails or review as well. Their questions are awesome but 1 out of every 1000 questions has printing mistakes like the same word being repeated or the same option being given twice. I reported one such question but they never replied
Why I don't sign up or log in with Facebook and email? I only see mistakes "Oops, something went wrong. Try doing what you were doing again". What's wrong with the app?? I try to install this app on two devices, Redmi Note 7 and Huawei Nova 3. I had this error on these two devices! Developer please do smth with it!
Everytime that I open this application there's always an endless loading circle that doesn't let me go any further. There must be a request failure to the server! In the first place, I liked this application a lot, whereas now it's just a waste of stockage on my phone!
Really fantabulous!! This app is a good opportunity to learn English free and develop our English language..
i don't know why,but the app is misbehaving. it crashes sometimes and does not connect to the server. On the whole its a pretty good app. I request you to please look forward to my concern and make it a 5 star app
This app was awesome.. love to use it..it really improve English language with time restrictions. But from 27.08.2019 It's not working for me...i uninstalled and reinstalled but still unable to open the same. Kindly look into it. In my wife's mobile also the same issue.