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Quiz World: Play and Win Everyday!

Quiz World: Play and Win Everyday! for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Everyday Quiz Master located at SOUTH TOWER, WORLD FINANCE CENTER, HARBOUR CITY 17 CANTON ROAD TSIM SHA TSUI KL, HONGKONG. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Scam! Fake! Fraud! Complete waste of time! Stupid game! Annoying Ads! Hopefully you are happy and I bet you are all smiling reading this... destroying people's hopes, Karma will get you I promise you that
I have reached $8.55 but when you are watching ads for the spin you will not get any single penny. It is scam and all advertisment is false. I will unistall this app it is such a waste of time and effort. Google play should remove this kind of game and I hope punishment to this scammers!
I asked three months ago It's okay is this is a real money game? No response from developers I'll give it a day or two other than that it's just another game but they don't respond I'm starting to uninstall I downloaded it and it's developer doesn't have the respect to respond to reviews then I'm just going to uninstall their game
The game was good, but the BAD thing is.... When you get $8 or $9 it will not give you any amount of dollar anymore, for them to not Pay you, and they will just give you an excitement at First.
The game itself is fun, but the payout is ridiculous. I made it close to $9.00 and then all of the money awards went away. When an occasional money came up it would be a penny. The last five or six money awards have been a penny each. New update ** This game is a scam. I have played it for awhile, but never seem to earn enough to cash out.
It's totally waste of time... You will easily reach till $8.5 but after that you won't even get a cent and only you will get passes and coins. Last three days I'm continuously trying to get$10. But not even a single penny earned. Waste of time...
Scam! Never install this game. You were forced to watched all those ads for nothing. You wouldnt get paid because after you reach $8 , the money wont add so it will never reach the minimum payout. Just a waste of time. To the developer of this game, you were paid for all the ads we were watching but you are just scamming people. If I could only give you zero, i would have.
Just as everyone else is saying, up until I hit 9 dollars it didn't matter what I did or how much I completed, the money stopped. BS game. Don't recommend. Waste of time. There were a lot of mistakes in a lot of the questions, misspelling and other grammatical errors throughout. Very unprofessional and improperly informed. Too bad I can't give a negative star rating. I'd give a -5 stars.
🚫DO NOT INSTALL🚫 this game is a scam, they get paid to put ads and make you play until you have a balance, then when you try to cash out there is a list of things you have to do that are not on the game console like props. I clicked the props so many times but it doesn't count it. so you end up leaving the game and they make all the money from the ads you watched.🧘🏻‍♂️
It's a fun app, but it has a lot of issues. 1, there is most likely a cap on the money they give you. I played the game into the early morning and accumulated quite a bit of cash but after reopening the app it only gave me coins. 2, a lot of the categories don't make sense, are repetitive and have loads of spelling of visual errors. 3, it's just not worth the time if you're playing for money, you'll spend hours trying to get $5, let alone $10.
It's fun if you are playing for the fun of the app. If you are playing for the cash part, it gets to be a pain because the $8.96 is where I am at in this. I am unable to earn any money now from it and the chests give me .01 payout everytime. This will take a century and so much game play at this point. Waste of time. Another customer lost because you cant commit to paying out because you want to make more money scamming us all.
Tip: Scratch a little on the lucky cards, if you see it's not money, then Close the game then reopen it until you see the money on the lucky cards But Sadly It's only 1 cents everytime
I did enjoy this game at first, but then I kept having to watch the same ad over and over again. The quiz games were fun, but sometimes a bit obvious. It is also one of those games where you have to wait to get more 'lives'. I soon ran out of them very quickly. What I also don't understand, is that on the ratings it says everything is nearly 5 star. But when you look at the reviews everyone is disappointed about it. 🤔 Uninstalling...
Haven't made it to enough to cash out yet but game is so fun it isn't really a concern. Only complaint at all is that there were a few places I would have liked MORE information on the subject matter of the question. That's it! Super fun! My mother and I cast it to the tv and play together. Great game! Just keep in mind it's a game and not a free bank account. Maybe a couple less add hits for those that play for hours at a time ☺️
Waste of time. People play to earn nowadays. I think its really programmed that once you almost reached $10 you will keep on receiving coins, so its very difficult to cash out on this game just like the other reviews.
Maybe their ads is misleading. In their ads it says qe can earn real money but in app details, i read nothing about money but more on learning etc. Which I think they use money thing for ads only. Hehe somehow, still a scam.
After reaching 9 dollars quite quickly the teat went dry and I never got past 9.01 dollars, even though I spinned the thing a lot of times. I thought it was because of Peak hours, but I just tried it again at the same time as the other days and all I got was ad breaks, bombs and passes. And coins which are useless. I strongly recommend against this app. Save yourself the time and processing power and go mine bitcoin or something, at least it's legit, not the humongous scam that this app is.
This is Apple so fantastic there is given one quiz on the world and also quizzes on India which is our country and many more things we do you know about all celebrities all things all places and many more I like this game and you also should download this game because this is the best game
Total scam! Waste of time and data. You can cash out when you reach $10. But when I got $8.80 i got stuck. They don't give me money anymore instead they gave coins and pass. They won't let you reach $10.
Once you earn over $8.90 (payout once you get to $10), you won't spin up any more money. If you get any money from the scratch chests, it will be only $0.01. The quizzes are ok, but the ads are RELENTLESS. Totally take away the fun of the quizzes. Also, lots of questions that don't fit the categories. Eg, for the Australian category, why am I being asked to guess where a building is, when there are no Australian sites listed? Not worth the bother for a buggy app.
I enjoyed myself at first, but after a reached around $8.50 it never gave out the money anymore. I had the game for three weeks now and I was still unsuccesful with receiving any money. Other than that, the game was actually pretty entertaining. I just wished that it delivered on its promises to let tou cash out.
I'm not sure if I can get anything from this app, except for the knowledge, but if you are not after the money and just enjoy the app, well this app suits you, I suggest this for those smart people or trivia lovers just like me. Ps. I'm stuck at $8.99. Pps. For all people out there criticising the game, please don't play this game bcs you want to earn, play this bcs you want to learn. 😉
Very fun an adictive game but you dont win any money. The game is already fun why would you guys advertise that you win real money just to get people to play thats not the kind of image I would want. I'm pretty sure it's a lot of people that would just play this cause it's fun , I'm gonna keep playing. Dont be part of the scammers guys cause it's a cool game and remember what ever you put out into the universe is what you get back in life , tighten up guys. Great game !!!
No one will play this game. It's just cheating people. They're not paying anything. They're just cheating people. They're not chasing any more dollars after 8 dollars. I've played a lot. Games
I play this for 3 days ago then i stuck on $8.53 dollars, every time you spin you have a minimal chance to get a dollar. Then i was lucky to won a $10 on a spin but it ended up giving you a 2 pass. This is a scam. I am telling you right now, don't waste your time by playing game.
A total scam, and waste of time! You have to earn $10.00 before you can cash out to a card, but once I got to around $8.89 it doesn't ever award you money anymore, only free passes or coins to use in the game! You just play and play, watching endless ads, and are never again awarded cash. You can NEVER get to the $10.00 mark because of this! What a joke! Total scam app! By making you watch a million ads, they get paid, but make it so they never have to pay out to you!
This app is educational as it covers an array of topics some may stump you when you first come across them as they cover world recognised logos and questions but not all are easy. A great way to kill some time
This app is a complete crock. I played for 2 hours and got to $8.68 stopped playing for a couple days and came back to play and try to get to the 10 dollars. I literally have played all day today and got to $8.85 and it's just absolutely pointless. You won't get to 10 dollars to cash out even though you watch ad after ad generating money for them but you don't see any return. DO NOT PLAY THIS APP. I'm uninstalling.
I love the quizzes. I might play it just for that and rate it higher. BUT, for an app that promotes a cash payout, you seem to be capping everyone, myself included. I play other legit cash apps so I know they are out there. Your ads pay for those cash rewards. You shouldn't lie to get people to play your game. If it's not a lie, then fix your glitch because it's been going on for a very long time.
For the maker of this game, I hope for consistency in rewards. $0.1 is already good for me but when I reached $9 the rewards suddenly changed to $0.01. Im having a hard time now to complete the $10 requirement to cash out. Your app is very good for me because it did test my knowledge yet Im a bit frustrated and disappointed about the reward system. Hope you will look into it. Thanks.
Is a good game... but im stuck at$8.97... They giving coins instead of money the past 2 days... If i won the minimal amount of $10, then i would change my description and stars........
I got maximam $9.01 when i played from22 decembar 2019 to 28 decembar 2020 😢😢😢don't belive this app
If I could I'd give it's negative five stars I am unable to watch the videos for the rewards, however the videos for ads that have NO rewards work great. Unless you just like quizzes, don't bother with this app. I can't get past the $9.01 mark. I play daily & for a month haven't even seen a penny. Honestly I think I'm just going to delete this app.
You can't cash out. I have enough to cash out and it just says they are out of stock. Tried all of the gift cards available. RIP OFF. YOU CAN'T CASH OUT!
Agree with them. At first, I continually earned dollars but when it reached 8.5 . It stopped from getting dollars just yesterday. I'm irritated right now because when I open it again now, my hope goes down. Although it also helps because of the knowledge that you will get on the app but our main goal here is to earn money and not to watch advertisements again and again. Hope you get my concern. It's just that I'm desperate having money through online just by playing games.
I'd rate this 5 for all the games. But 2 for the spin the wheel to get $. I dl this to gain money but when I gained $9 dollars already, I got stucked with $9.02. The beginning was so smooth until you've reached $9. Whenever I watch ads, it just gave me coins, bombs, etc and if lucky to get cash, it became .01 dollar seriously? You need $10 to cash out. Stop giving us false hope and just keep this app a game app. You really getting money from us watching ads yet the cash out is impossible.
Well it's fun but you want reach 10 I've been stuck @ 8.57 for a week now only been gettings passes,coins,etc.. I've always been told nothing is free so this is a great example.. Last but not least you can't enjoy it like you want to here let's take an ad.. so many ads makes you want to uninstall the app ad sucks badly. Otherwise it's a great game if your like me and love trivia.
This game is great,very easy to play and learn too,great for kids as well, good and awesome Job to the maker of the game.I give u 5 Stars guys.
I am so happy that about this game. And I already have $8.77. But my complain is I am too close to $10. And it stopped giving me money. When I spin, it always giving me coins, pass ticket and hint... Please fix this because I am playing for nothing. Just $0.5 when I watch an ads. I am so pleased with that. Thank you!
At first it was giving rewards for every quiz and I was very exited in using the app. Later when I reach $9.25 the nearest to withdrawal amount (i.e, $10) the app stops rewarding you and you will not receive even a penny for wasting your time watching ads. Today will uninstall the app and I suggest everyone reading this review to not install this fake app. I will definitely modify my review if the app developer makes it rewardable for users.
Ok.. so apparently none here will accept or change their ways (advertising). I have consulted with Google and am exposing a RING of fake, get Rich quick, apps that will not,(in any reasonable time) pay out even the $100 once in game. Aside from the $hundreds, or thousands a day that are promised. There will be a website and a full Google disclosure shortly. These games advertise for each other outside of the Google terms and conditions in each other's games. Have screen shots from all adverts
WARNING!!! I am trying this game to see if I would really be able to cash out the winnings. Once u reach $8.00, it will be very rare to win $$$ and even if you watch hundreds of 30-second ads, it will be almost impossible to complete the $10. Ur just wasting ur time and energy. I hope this review gets posted for fairness and equality.
I am seeing a trend in reviews here. When you first see the rating, they are almost 80% 5 stars. When you actually click on them, its a different story. All of the 5 stars are people who have just downloaded the game and are excited about the "money" they are winning. Whereas the 1 star ones are the people who have been playing it for some days and are aware of the scam. The thing is, upto 9 dollars everything is okay. Once you reach 9, going to 10 is more difficult than climbing mount Everest
This game keeps you on your toes. It's very interesting. There's a variety of quizzes. However, I'm rating it 4 stars because there was a few glitches with a few of the picture quizes, when I played against someone. There was another glitch when I never got a star for winning. It's a bit disappointing. The game takes long when your reward is money. .
When you want to play this game for some money, I think it's not gonna work. It will stop giving your money when you reach around $9. So after I have that problem, and i look same problem with other people in Playstore... But if you want quiz game with a lot of adds, please play this game. So, I decide to uninstall this app from my phone 😁
I have just started playing, so I want to know that it really gives money or not. But overall performance is satisfactory. I am getting a lot of knowledge.
This is pure cheating app. when I reached at $9.89 they don't even give $0.01 for completing task. Lot of bad blessings for owner and developer of this app.
Honestly, i love the app and ive just got to £9, and i absoulotly think this is a much better app compared to all the others that ive tried. However, when the app gives you £0.01 at a time, it can be quite deflating. I would suggest adding videos to watch for money, maybe 20 pence at a time rather than 1. I hope you consider what ive said. Have a lovely day!!
Fake & fraud. You never get money from here. At first They are try to motivated you giving some coin & penny but when you reached almost $10 then they play a trick & you will not fill 10$ as their condition for cash out. So don't install this game to earn money.
At first I was very excited because the initial payouts were not only frequent, but also very decent about $0.40. I was at $8 before I knew it. And then it happened. It seems that no matter what, greed supersedes everything. Nothing on earth will make me believe that all the revenue incoming from ad space, and the revenue incoming from the individual players isn't enough. When is enough enough? Give me a figure so Ill know! We as players haven't a chance. The game has dried up completely, 0 tkts
The game is great. But it would be better if you could play this offline. I like playing these types of games while at work, also when you're online the ads are unskippable, And sometimes they contain adverts about gaining money, i let my son play this game sometimes but those kind of apps are not suitable for them. I just wish that the ads are more child friendly or atleast have the option to turn them off.
It is a good game to waste time, but the thing is that even if you are playing you won't reach 10$ in 5 minutes. It will probably take a year to. I have had this game for a while and have 8.91$ but it legit just doesn't give me cash no more... Sucks, but nothing is free in life. Now, it's one cause, literally because I actually tried to get 10$ of .01$, but they still so cheap that it stops at 9.01. There is no way to get ahead of 9.01. Sucks, man lol, at least I tried.
This app eats your time if you ae close enough to cash out the cash rewards disappears i will change my ratings if i can cash out on this game
Fun game but it only lets you get up to about $8.00 and then it wont let you get to the $10.00 cash out. I won $8.77 the first day then I played eceryday for the next 3 weeks and could'nt win any more money. If you are looking to kill time then great. If I just wanted to play there are alot better games for that. I deleted the game after it wouldnt let me cash out. Thanks for a great waste of my time.
I was reading the critical reviews, and most of them complained when they reach 9$, the game starts to stop giving money so that it wouldn't reach 10$(withdrawal amount). I'm so dissapointed, it was sickening to watch the tremendous amount of ads. And THEY PAY YOU NOTHING. Don't install this game if u expect something in return. Just a waste of my time.
It's totally waste of time. You will easily reach till $8.50 but after that you won't even get a cent and only you will get passes, bomm and coins.
I finally almost got to the 10.00 mark. Which is cash out and when I spin the wheel, I never get any money from it. I'm at 8.56 and all the spins are coins. Definite uninstall. What I'd suggest, is actually give people a chance to win. Not making it almost impossible to get to the cash out mark. I almost thought this make money app was legit. Steer clear people
At first, giving of penny is very ok. But when you almost reach to $10 which is the minimum amount to cashout, giving of penny is sooooo minimal. It will give lots of coins instead. I think everyone playing this game deserve a cashout because we keep on watching tons and the so repeating adds. Im on my $8.97 and hoping to reach the minimum amount to cashout. I will change my ratings when i cashout.
I had this game for a while now and I'm not getting anywhere for the cash. Yeah, it's fun and informational. With it's facts and all, but I was definitely upset when it wouldn't sync to my account. It just gave me a generic name, "Tom" to use as I go on the versus. What also bothers me is that for 1v1s most of my questions barely pop up and I only see a white screen while it gives me answers to choose from.
Can't skip the ads and they are 30-45 seconds after each game. I get you have to have ads but 2/3 of it is watching ads. 1 star. Bye.
I love this game at first but when i reached $8.52, I'm not getting any cash rewards anymore. I tried everyday but there's no progress. I'm only getting pass and coins.
As usual you developer's have ruined another game by all the intrusive adds your playing, There is no need to have add after add playing, but you have been paid to do so. So uninstalling your game due to adds, You can always tell the money hungry developers with as many adds you play,. Theres many other games out here that dont spam adds and there making killer money cuz their game speaks for itself, yours does not. sorry,
The game was fun. Super fun but the thing is there is so many ads. Also when you are close on cashing out, it will give you minimal amount to add up on your account. I would suggest that give atleast something that the user will hold on to when in terms in cashing out. Daily reward could be atleast 0.02 $ so that the user will still be in-game. That is all, thank you!
This App is waste of time it gives you 8dollor and then you cannot move ahead so don't waste your time
It is fun, it's just a shame that when your playing other games and quiz world pops up , so play the mini version and win descent money, but when you download and play the regular version, I'm not Exactly sure what your supposed to be winning. So at 5 and 10 cent at a time. I might win big money in the next year if I play everyday, all day long!! Lol, I do love the quizzes, so a nickel at time, I'll get there eventually!! Fun game, quit false advertising tho..
IT ISN'T WORTH THE MONEY!! DON'T SUBSCRIBE!! GIMMICK TO GET YOUR CASH!!! I loved it at first. I thought it was the best payoff game out there. It would have totally been worth 5.99 a month. However, AS SOON AS I HIT $8.55 IT STOPPED GIVING ME MONEY!!!!!!! I kept on playing. I'm going to keep on playing, then I'm going to cancel my subscription. I have one more day. If it gives me even one red cent, I'll change this post 😜
This app is a totally scam. If you reach $9 it will stop giving points for money. So in short, we will never cash out. It's wasting our time
4 star definitely Paid rating.. This is cheating app when I reached at $9.76 they removed all now showing $0. Wasted my time..
Total jip!! I hit 3 laugh faces and a bonus money and it "froze" and didn't award me my award money!! I even have a screen shot! This has happened twice to me!! It passes me off!!! DO NOT USE THIS!!!!!!!!
Shame on the developer of this rip off of an app. I thought I'd make a little cash and play a fun trivia game. I didn't think it would be easy to win the money but i did think it was possible. Not the case with this app. The game itself was somewhat entertaining and I earned $5 relatively quickly. But when I reached that $5 mark the game went downhill. There was the most ridiculous bombardment of ads and no chance of being rewarded more than a few pennies. I am deleting this app ASAP!!!
This app is AWESOME!!! I made over $8.00 in REAL MONEY RIGHT FROM THE GET GO playing for a couple of hours between Levels 1-6. When I made too many mistakes it also paid me in coins so I could keep playing. UPDATE: It stopped paying after $8.63. After that, only coins, bombs and passes. I was also getting video playback errors. It wouldn't be a scam if it kept paying, but now I'm not so sure.
I enjoy it. But I doubt I will win any money. When you get close to winning, they stop giving you coins to win
Got to $8 easily. Then slowed way down. Stuck at $9.01 for four days (approximately 20+ hours. Not 1 cent since. Started and finished many levels and games. At 100% accuracy. Hundreds of advertisements. I will complete every task to see if it is possible. I'm stubborn that way! IT'S NOT WORTH THE EFFORT....