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Quiz Planet for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by LOTUM one GmbH located at Am Goldstein 1 61231 Bad Nauheim Germany. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol and Tobacco Reference) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was playing for along time and accidently disabled platform. Unable to reenable it. I have nearly 80,000 points and many friends. I don't have a clue how to return to platform to correct 😩
I have already been playing this game and I was Top Scorer and I couldn't get it for awhile so I uploaded it again and lost my Rank. Please fix this problem
Used to be good but just lately a stupid pop up appears that prevents you from answering the question in time - EXTREMELY annoying - please fix!!!
Love playing this interactive game but it goes a little to fast and is sometimes hard to read the questions fast enough to keep up with it ... It would be far better if they slowed it down a bit for us oldies to keep up πŸ˜‰
Very enjoyable game, however I have had a few issues: Too many adverts. Is there an option for a paid for version for those who would want less advert? There's no way of declining a game if someone starts one with you. Also, I have suddenly lost the ability to join or start a party. Whenever I get an invitation, it just takes me back to the homescreen, which is very disappointing. It would also be good if there was a way of talking to opponents, such as through a messaging feature.
30 seconds isn't enough time to read through some of the questions let alone the answers! Consider giving 60 - 90 seconds! Get rid of the bullseye scorecard that comes up after a wrong answer - annoying and takes away seconds from your next answer. On a few occassions there have been 2 identical answers - chose 1 and you win, chose the other and you lose! FRUSTRATRATING! I've stopped playing until some of these things get worked out.
So many glitches. Game freezes after every second chance and rocket numbers start counting up from a lower value than before when I win a game. Also never gotten the 10 πŸš€ after starting a new game.
Well, I was playing on my phone. Got up to over 9,000 points. Then it froze. Would not move for anything. I've had to restart the game from scratch. Not pleased at all. If it happens again. I'm dumping this game.
I have played this game for months l had 3100 points l cannot get on l have had to rejoin and have lost all my points and opponents.there is no way to get back on from this end..
I enjoy playing this game, but I can't give it a better review at the momenr because of a program glitch that accidentally causes players to miss the opportunity to answer a question. I don't have a problem with issuing a challenge on Facebook to match the number of questions answered before making a mistake. But if i make a mistake, the game keeps counting down the time i have to answer the next question while i try to deal with the invitation to post. I run out of time for the next question
Fun. Sometimes when I tried playing via fb messenger it didn't work so that is why I switched to the app.
Was working great then suddenly it stopped loading and I can't open it and play anymore. Tried uninstalling and installing again but still not working!!!!
The quiz itself is fine, but if you click on something to find out what it does the whole thing becomes too complicated with options that are not properly explained.
The game used to open up so easy by just tapping on the person's name in messenger. Now I'm lucky if I can get in let alone get my friends back in the game. Updates suck!!!!
Good fun, but there's 2 things that could really improve this game (hence why I gave it 3 stars)... 1. Have some kind of running totals with all your friends. 2. Be able to analyse yours and your friends answers at the end of a game.
Glitch causes timeline posting while the question time is still running down very frustrating especially if you know the a answer but cannot access the question in time. Please fix this!
Really fun to play and the questions are a good level and mix. Adverts between rounds are annoying but that's just a normal app thing and no different to other gaming apps I use. However, the app sometimes glitches for me after the first question in a round and then just crashes. I then miss out on the rest of the round and my answers are recorded as wrong, so I often lose without being given a chance! If this was fixed it would be 5 stars.
A great game but with one flaw. Whenever I'm offered a second chance as soon as I accept I have to watch advertising which would be ok but by the time I am able to return to the game my turn has timed out. This is very annoying. If this is a ploy to get me to go for a paid for version I am not amused App won't sync with my Facebook version just gets stuck in an endless loop
Really disappointed that I cant play the game the way I used to - cant play people I used to & lost all the rockets I had built up - really annoyed!!!!
Good questions so far, but the interface is not very straightforward and the ads are really intrusive (loud and with annoying timer traps).
Crashed during a round and then didnt give me a chance to do the following questions just said I didnt get them right. But its a simple enough fun game
Annoyed at losing all my earned trophies when FB did an upgrade, or something, and the game wouldn't load afterwards, so had to install it via playstore and start again.
I have learnt so much by playing this game. Subjects that I don't normally know about are now ingrained in my memory!!! I love challenges and this is a challenging game.
For the last 4 days I've been unable to load and play the games. I've reported it dozens of times and no response. Not good Quiz planet. I've been playing for a long time so this is frustrating
This is a great game but the app keeps crashing. I cannot use 2nd chance at all now as I lose the whole round. Such a shame but seriously thinking of removing it as it's pretty hopeless at the moment.
Too many annoying ads, also to get a second chance, you have to watch a ad. I think many people will quit playing this game becase of the ads. Where are the rules to the game? I had to figure out on my own how to get second chance. At first I dismmidsed the ads then found out you have to watch them for second chance.
I was enjoying playing with old friends, from my home town, for many months and, it was lovely to be able to play. On 23 March, my app stopped working and, consequently deleted itself from my phone. I have tried to contact the people to put it right but, it's no use. I had 40 in a row, in the accumulation league and, I was leading in two tournaments for rockets. Not interested in starting from scratch, with strangers. Very sad.
This is an excellent game. Whenever I don't know the answer, I learn something new so I am always learning and growing.
There have been times when i tap on an answer and I have to tap on it several times before it accepts my answer. And many times Im still tapping when I run out of time . I had the top score of almost three hundred thousand. And your game went off line. And deleted my score. I was reaching the 300.000 score. Now you deleted my score and I have to start all over again. THATS NOT FAIR ! I WANT MY SCORE BACK THAT I WORKED SO HARD FOR. OR I WILL NEVER PLAY IT AGAIN. I had a lot of followers.
Fun learning trivia game ....learning trivia so i can win an argument about things no one needed to know ...ya to many Ads and some jump in in middle of game which needs corrected and few freezes but fun lots of fun...
I play this via Facebook and it's quite good but it no longer loads on my Android Facebook app (I've reported it to Facebook) so I've installed the app on my phone. I've linked it to my Facebook account but us there a way to sync it so I have all my friends games on there and my score?
Was going well and using facebook and messenger to play it. Suddenly wouldn't let me play ...it said I had to check app permission which I did but no joy still couldnt play . Tried downloading app from pay store and couldnt get my score or openers games back . Bit disappointed to start again and no one wants to go back to 0! Shame!
Played this app for quite a while and was on 5500+ points, changed my phone, downloaded the app and have had to start from scratch again
Great game, but it crashes sometimes.. I choose an answer and it just stops... I have to restart the app - and lose the questions on that crash round... Very annoying..
Reasantly mistakenly deleted my whole game history, had to reinstall the game and start as a new player.. But I like this newer set up version now. Also like that we have more play options, like playing random players..
I love this game! It challenges you and it's fast moving, you must think fast! You will find how knowledgeable you really are😊❀
It's a good fun game but some of the questions are either too easy, too random or too USA specific. I lost my history and points atbtge latest ipdate but got them back fortunately!
Fun learning trivia game ....learning trivia so i can win an argument about things no one needed to know ...ya to many Ads and some jump in in middle of game which needs corrected and few freezes but fun lots of fun..................i keep getting ads in the middle of answering a question can you stop this from happening...
Good game but issues with the stand alone app every time I play screen flickers unable to play. I have unstalled and reinstall it but still not fixed issue so I therefore I give it 2*.
It's ok. App doesn't sync up with facebook very well. Also way too many questions about WHEN something happened. Trivia is about more than just remembering dates. Dates are boring.
Initially, this was fun. Then they either ran out of ideas, or just quit caring. The questions are either too simple or so outrageous that no one knows the answer except the person who submitted the question. And NOW, I cannot finish a game with my friend, because the game screen is so enlarged/exploded that I can't get to the Play button, after level 4. Please fix this!
I find it frustrating that the answers to some questions are completely wrong. I also downloaded the game from game store after losing it from FB some how. I only did this because I've been playing with a few friends on FB and we could moan about it together.
This is a brilliant quiz, lots of fun, good questions and lots of topics. Would have been 5 but one criticism is the stupid advert getting you to share comes on whilst playing so can mean don't answer question in time or when getting rid of it makes whole game crash and end up with wrong answers even though not seen questions. Please sort it out as my partner getting frustrated and considering not playing anymore.
Too much advertisement for a very basic app, see the homepage, which is also very basic. Also, there is a live quiz, which I like at 8 pm, when you enter at 8 pm sharp, it just tells you the quiz starts the next day at 8 pm. This confused me some time, until I entered well in advance AND kept the app in the foreground. At 19:59 a countdown started, at 0 it froze for some time, then a warm-up started and only then began the quiz... I don't get why they don't let you in at 8 pm or shortly after.
This was a fun game, But now it won't work. Tried contacting the developer and tried all their suggestions. Nothing worked 😞
I used to like the game and play a lot but then ads happened. It's really fricking annoying. If there was option to purchase ad free, I would.
Bloody annoying...I had originally given a 5 star rating..until all my games were interrupted every 3 minutes to be asked to rate the game..despite having already done so..and choosing the later option..interuptions continue. EDIT #2.. so not only repeatedly asking for reviews..but now ads after nearly every round..and bugs that cause it to crash frequently meaning lost games..can't see me bothering with the app much longer
I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game with my friends ( at least until yesterday that is ).Something is going wrong with the game and I don't know how to fix it. Can you help me with this?
Update: suddenly they have this screen that pops up in the middle of a question that you have to close before you can answer, but it also happens that it won't close at all, making you lose the point! I sent a screenshot to support over email, but you know the one I'm talking about.
It's fun but a pain to start a new game everytime. Wish you could just play against the computer when your "friends" are sleeping
Ads are often not loading making the game hang. And when you restart the app, you get all the remaining answers red. Super annoying.
Was really enjoying this alot mainly on the party bit where you compete with your own friends, and family and create a join party. WHERE'S IT GONE πŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ™„πŸ™„ We probably won't bother playing it now and uninstall. Would of rated 5 stars till now. 🀨😐😢
So many glitches. I've also noticed answers to questions i know are right come up as wrong. Eg. When it asked what is the capital of Greenland, I answered Nuuk, according to the game I was wrong.
Loved this app but it will not display correctly on my android phone so I can't see the button to press at the bottom of the page.I am getting fed up now
A fun fast paced game. You must really think for some answers. Many questions are absurdly easy. I have found erroneous or ambiguous answers on many questions. Still, fun. Would recommend.
I used to enjoy this game, but since the last update it now has far too many advertisements. Each round has a new batch of ads/commercials. They used to let you opt out after a few seconds now have to wait for the entire 30seconds. Plenty of other games around, I would avoid this one.
Enjoy playing but the fact it keeps only loading 98% the stopping is putting me off playing..I was initially playing through Facebook but as it wouldn't load I downloaded the app and it still does it ..98% then wont load..sometimes I try ten to fifteen times before it loads..thinking of deleting it
Was one of my favourite games to play on my phone, I recently came back to playing after a bit of a break and now get absolutely smashed with stupid adverts after every 3 question round, will not be bothering anymore, game is ruined now.
If you like trivia this is your game! I really enjoy how it's arranged, and I love the questions, not too hard norso easy that it's silly!
I dont want to rate any star .This app is ridiculous .Its freeze for half an hour when I downloaded it.Plz just check your app.
This game is fun because I enjoy trivia. But whoever writes these questions needs to proof them better. On multiple occasions I have Googled the answer on a question I got wrong and found I was correct. Also the game has frozen in me a few times and I had to exit and reenter the game which makes me miss all unanswered questions that were remaining.
The only defect is the game freezings at times, causing a loss, or it finally changes while clicking so you click a false answer on THE NEXT question. Other than that, I LOVE this game! I learn so many new facts playing this game!!
Too many times the quiz jumps and then you get marked down this needs looking up. No interference pleasethis is still happening, stop interfering and let us answer the questions
Would have been higher but they removed the multiplayer/party option and that's what made it worth dealing with all the ads.
Was loving it! Started glitching and eventually disappeared from FB a!together! I had over 25000. Score! All gone! I downloaded and started fresh at zero but still not showing up on FB or messenger it says " cannot play game with platform access disabled! Nothing is disabled!
Great game , except it keeps on flickering and it becomes impossible to play and I then have to delete and install again ,then there is no problem for awhile
Why doesnt the app sync with facebook version on laptop.I thought I would download on my tablet and despite saying connect with facebook its not showing my existing games and rocket score. All my other games are in sync. Should this be in sync or do I have to play in the actual facebook version ib the browser
I'd give this game a zero if I could, this game didn't let me play unless I invited a friend. There were no other buttons besides "invite a friend" or settings. It may just be that I couldn't find the button, or it could be that you HAVE TO invite a friend. I am going to delete this game as soon as possible.
Great fun, good variety of questions and an excellent way to kick back and relax while keeping your mind sharp. Even more fun when you challenge your own friends to a match. Recommended.
Was playing this happily. Suddenly "uninstalled" itself, so I reinstalled the game, sacrificed my points and invited my past quiz partners. They reported that it was asking for card details!
Was one of my favourite games to play on my phone, I recently came back to playing after a bit of a break and now get absolutely smashed with stupid adverts after every 3 question round. Also it keeps crashing when I want to move on to the next answer and I have tk reset the app and I lose the whole round, will not be bothering anymore, game is ruined now.
Doesnt work all the time to much advertising once sent to advert you cant get back into game until you have lost questions
Enjoyable bit it won't let me scroll down and play with my friends, then I've lost due to being timed out
App with a potential. Some questions are simply too stupid, some questions are not clear enough to respond. Still, this game is nice source of fun and knowledge.
Fun trivia game with a few obscure questions. Only complaint is when time is almost over it will never accept my answer instead timing out & causing me to take a loss on the question.
This is a nice trivia game, but there aren't a lot of players. I started a few random games and only 1 played back.
I enjoyed playing this game with all my Facebook friends, for some reason the app stopped working, wouldn't let me play at all, I also couldn't get in through messenger, I deleted app and re installed, now for some reason I can't access my previous game, my friends are loving it, getting all my tickets when I'm not responding in time, I'm fed up, will be deleting app again and looking for something more reliable.
I suddenly have 2 versions of the game simultaneously. One in Facebook and one stand alone. This ever since I reset my phone. I think they were one in the same. Can you help?
Not reliable. I had to reload this app as the first game stopped my access to it saying platform access had been disabled! Rubbish!
Decent game, but SO MANY incorrect answers drop the rating a lot. Also having a problem where the "second heart" thing or whatever malfunctions, I watch the ad and when i return to the game it has skipped the round and all my answers are set as incorrect. (Edit) More and more incorrect answers for questions the more I play. Like, how do they think Da Vinci invented the scissors? And the lack of a function to actually report faulty answers besides their mail, makes it seem like they don't care.
I do not like the constant reminders to play The Daily game. I play with my friends only. I don't want to be reminded three times a day to play The Daily game. It is getting extremely annoying and I don't know how to shut that off. If I wanted to play that game that would be one thing. But they do not give you an option to get out of the daily game
The very concept of a competition is to win. When the app buggs out and makes this into a game of chance instead, I might as well "compete" with friends by rolling a dice. Way too much bugs at this time
Great for a few days then kept crashing, if that gets sorted, it's a fab way to play quizzes against friends/family
I've been playing this game for quite a few months and now it constantly freezes. Don't know why, I've updated it, I've turned phone on and off, I've restarted, I'm sick of it so will delete it now. Find something that works continuously. Can't recommend it.
What's the point of being offered a 2nd chance when the duration of the ad we have to watch is frequently long enough to cause the option to time out Also ads are occasionally imposed at the beginning of a turn taking up precious seconds needed to answer While I accept that ads are necessary to finance the app I feel that Developers could adjust these flaws to make it more agreeable to players If it wasn't for these annoyances I'd probably play more often than I do and offer 5 stars instead of 2
This was a fairly good game until the developers got greedy and decided to stick in really annoying long playing ads after each round. The developers should have stuck with their original True False game which was great. This new thing is a piece of cartoony junk. When are you going to allow players to text one another like in the original game? You should develop a mechanism to allow players to notify you of all those questions with incorrect answers. Also, get rid of the stupid answers.
Game is great but it's the stupid super loud adds that are annoying. Like phone is on silent and game sounds are off but every bloody ad is loud! No chance of me playing this while kids are sleeping cause it's just too noisy. Like sure have ads but make sure they aren't noisy or at least comply with your wish for silence. Yes I know I can turn off but that's a few seconds into it but that's too late
Good game and fun, but it keeps freezing after the first question of a round and the only way to get out of it is to force stop the app which means you then automatically get the rest of that round wrong
I can accept that apps need to have some ads but in this app there are times that it becomes very annoying. The "second chance" is always preceded by a video lasting up to a minit. The problem is that often by the time the ad is over the second chance has timed out. I tend to play Facebook version more but there it happens there every tim. Also an ad can appear at the beginning of a go. In this case you can click the "X" to make it go away but you still lose some precious seconds because of it
Now I'm not able to finish most of the games. The questions are so spaced out that the play button is not visible and I can find no way to pull it up. I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling it. Nothing.
Popup in middle of answering questions causes inability to answer question, thus showing a wrong answer. I have also lost all my history 2 times. Any ideas on how one retrieves lost data? 😭
The game itself is quite fun, but don't buy anything from the ads! I've ordered 3 items and a month later received none of them...only a cheap toothbrush that I didn't even order from the company I purchased a 50$ item from that hasn't come!
Fun addictive game but beware of scammer advertisers. I have bought things through the ads . The canopy chairs is a scam avoid !!
The only thing I would criticize is when an add cones up in the middle of answering a question. You lose time for the answer getting out of the add
Great app if ur competituve but randomly freezes as its timed it automatically marks the questions wrong VERY ANNOYING lost loads to it
I played this through the Facebook platform and came back to the app. I was a little disappointed that my points tally wasn't merged. Secondly the app crashes a lot. When it does I have to close it down and reopen, which then says I have got all remaining questions wrong. Very frustrating.
The ads are increasingly obtrusive. Faults: 1. When taking a second chance, you are thrown out of the game and have lost the remaining questions after the ad 2.ads at the end of the game also throw you out of the game. 3. Some of the answers are just WRONG!
it is fun to test your knowledge it is great fun but sometimes a pop up about the tournament will pop up and sometimes you don't hit the answer for you and it's wrong the last questioned it answered for me wrong. and right don't like that I am honest and I only say something when it really get irritating the Battle of Bunker hill that was fought in Boston Massachusetts not in Charleston SC
It will freeze in the middle of me answering my 3 questions. I will answer the 1st, then it freezes, or it will do so after the "second chance" is offered. It will freeze while loading the ad or freeze before getting to the ad. Then, when it finally unfreezes hours later, it bypassed my turn and marked me wrong for the last 2 questions which I never had a chance to see let Lone answer. Sucks when you are tied and it's the last round. Sucks whenever it happens actually.
I enjoy the game, but unfortunately lost all of my progress (15000 rockets) and had to start again. Ads can be a little annoying, but don't ruin the game. Tried to add my own questions, but after 4 months were still being reviewed!
Last time I did a review.. 5*...now I'm so disappointed with requests popping up in the middle of my turn resulting in no time left to answer the questions.... Why is this happening, there seems no point in playing anymore....
Potential to be a great game, but devs are killing it from within. Why not try listening to your customers? The new layout is horrible, being inundated with annoying ads that contain sexual content is shocking/ disgusting to see while playing a TRIVIA game, and there are multiple "glitches" that stop players from answering their timed questions. Do better and maybe you'll stop losing players.
Sometimes I get them all right and it only gives me 1right on the score. Other than that I like it. Long questions should get a little more time for reading.
Was enjoyable until they update and was unable to resume were I left off and lost all players and had to start all over
After watching and add to get one more chance to answer the correct answer it starts loading with the rocket icon and never gets to the question. It's a scam. Just wasted time watching an ad and got nothing out of it
Fun to play with friends, but SO MANY ADS! Most of them the misleading ads for the Homescapes game. Also, no way to flag incorrect answers (no, the 7th rib is not the smallest bone in the human body) or incorrect spelling (it's Chris Evert, not Chris Everett). I mentioned it on their FB page (with screenshots) - no reply.
WARNING - DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING ON FB!! You will lose all your points! Also, glitchy AF. Several times it has bugged out and frozen when offering 'second chances', and recently has started juggling answers to rig you to be wrong - I had a question, clicked on the right answer and it said I was wrong. It then juggled the answers around and put that I had clicked on a completely different answer, and the one I had actually picked was right. Also no way to report problematic Qs.
It's amazing to think that every game thinks you must be on facebook! I was not able to bypass the "invite friends" screen therefore I couldn't even take the quiz or begin playing unless I invited other friends... Bogus
it is fun to test your knowledge it is great fun but sometimes a pop up about the tournament will pop up and sometimes you don't hit the answer for you and it's wrong the last questioned it answered for me wrong. and right don't like that I am honest and I only say something when it really get irritating the Battle of Bunker hill that was fought in Boston Massachusetts not in Charleston SC. Too many pop ups about different things like share this or that not my type of game if I want one of will
I really did enjoy playing this game with my friends but for some reason the app stopped working and would not let me play at all. I deleted the app on my android phone and re-installed again. The thing is I can not access my previous ID with my points. When I am trying to open the app is asking me for new registration. You shuould give the player also choice to log in under previous ID not only new registration πŸ–“. Martina
Good game but if you have a problem with your phone you cannot reconnect because it uses a unique code that only an anorak would write down. It makes you have a facebook account if you do record the unique code.
The worst thing about this is the interface. Buttons are put on top of each other so the likelihood of starting a new game when finishing an old one is extremely high. Often the questions are worded very badly. You need to consider the ozone layer part of the Earth and stupidness like that. History, politics, geography etc are extremely American centric. Finally it can't calculate which players to give and take points from if they have played a couple of draw games.
Declines, with no explanation, perfectly good suggested questions while approving those, with incorrect answers, from other players.
I was loving it, but since you did a big update I now can't operate the old version and have lost everything including all my rockets and my friends, I was top of the leaderboard with my friends and had over 12,000 rockets! Now I have to start again, so disappointed. 😞
I love playing this, and one learns a lot. Two suggestions: let us play against a computer at different levels of difficulty, and try to keep the questions at the same level. Some are ridiculously obvious and some are really obscure.
I really enjoy playing this game with my friends but since the last update I have been unable to see the play button at the bottom of the screen therefore have not been able to play and have lost alot of points please tell me that this issue can be fixed
Not just my phone. The screen goes blank sometimes when you try to answer questions, and you automatically get the answer wrong. Some of the "right answers" are actually wrong.
Love the game, its addictive, however we started playing through facebook, which stopped working (wouldn't direct us to quiz planet from notification) which meant I then downloaded the app, but in doing so I lost all my rockets! All 6000+! Even though I signed into the app using Facebook! Really annoying! So just a heads up, if you're gonna play I suggest using the app, not using fbook or other sites as your 'base'.
You ad comes up in the middle of the game blocking my ability to choose an answer. Sometimes just freezes in place.
Initially, this was fun. Then they either ran out of ideas, or just quit caring. The questions are either too simple or so outrageous that no one knows the answer except the person who submitted the question.
great but less advertisement most of my grandchildren 5 except the two little girls are playing as well as my two kids and a lot of my friends too! Its fun come on beat me or at least try
It could be a nice game but.... The translations sometimes are worse than Google's. And if I get a phonecall during a game then I loose all the points in the actual round which I find annoying.