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Quick Crosswords (English)

Quick Crosswords (English) for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by FgCos Games. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I really like this app it's a wonderful well put together fun app! If you like crossword puzzles then you will love this app ;)
Even not being an English native speaker, I have a high level of it and I greatly enjoy playing it and learning more when I don't know the answers (few letters help me to find the correct word)! Congratulations! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
A good and involving game. The americanised spelling can be a trap at times for an Englishman though. I must say that sometimes the clues are obtuse to say the least and sometimes just wrong. So, only 4 stars.
Love this because puzzles are quite quick to do and clues range from easy to challenging. Big plus - no annoying adverts that interfere with puzzles. Love it!!
I enjoy the challenge of playing this. I find it helpful to be able to remove the extra letters, leaving just the ones you need to solve the clue. That is usually enough for success, but you can reveal the answer if you really can't solve it. You just have to watch a quick advert, usually about another game. Fun and easy to play - gets my brain goubg in the morning !
I think that overall this app is quite nice, but the hints are a bit hard to understand. For example, the first crossword one hint was what happens to metal when in water, and like that's chemistry and not everyone knows that, so maybe you should make the hints a bit simpler to understand and also the words itself. Maybe it's just me though, cause like I'm not an adult so ya.
Its a great game but it needs one thing. When letters of a word are found they need to remove them from the bottom letter options just so we can better visualise the word
To lure into a trap. 'DECOY' is not the appropriate answer. 7-25-20 update. "Troop" is a non-sequitur to the clue "a large number". It seems that the author of the definitions which explain the clues, does not use English as their primary language. As a linguist, I strongly suggest that someone more proficient in English look at these definitions carefully before they are published. "to become disabled" DOES NOT EQUAL "FOUNDER". I QUIT THE GAME. I hate being the smartest person in the room!
some clues are less accurate than others - or I simply have occasional moments of adequacy! The game is, at best, average, but the adverts I've encountered haven't been as long as those of other games
Great app - really helps me when I need a quick mental break to relieve stress. The puzzles are just challenging enough to make me focus but not so difficult as to get frustrated and defeat the purpose of the stress break. And I like that there are minimal distracting ads.
Addictive occasionally hard but some easy and option to show letters gives a second chance. Great game
Just completed the final crossword, really enjoyed each and every one. Loved the idea of small puzzles you can get through quickly, with the added benefit of hints when needed.
I really enjoy this game. Just hard enough that I sometimes use the hints. No coins need to be earned and you can just play and use hints as you need them. Occassionally an ad but nothing compared to other games. Highly recommend this game if you like doing crosswords that don't take you all morning.
I've done crosswords for many years & I wasn't sure about this at first, but I love this! It's fast to get thru & get the words even if I can't immediately think of the word, remove extra letters makes this awesome! Great job! Thank-you! I reaaly love this!
I really do like these mini puzzles. The main problem is too many "sales pitches" interruptions to one's play. It would be nice if these were removed and placed,say, between games, NOT during them! Other than this SNAFU, the puzzles are great.
I gave this 5* but just found a clue 'One obsessed with a particular activity or interest'. Unbelievably the answer is 'Freak'. Such a derogatory word should not be applied to any person. It reflects badly on the mindset of the developers. I am deleting the app immediately.
Reduced my rating as its started locking up regularly. It just doesnt respond to touches on the puzzle. Can hit back, and it works, so its not the app itself. Go back in to the puzzle tho, and it still doesnt let you click in the puzzle squares or on the letters
Best thing about this game is I can turn off wifi, play the game and not be bothered by annoying ads.
It's been great! Decent clues, but if you get stuck it has helpful hints. Any are are few and do not last long. I have played all of the levels, so I hope new ones will be coming soon. I would definitely recommend it to others.
Great, enjoyable crossword game. Get most of answers but have unlimited help to get the ones I can't which is great. There is some Americanisation of English words but generally not a problem for us pommes. Been playing a while and coming to the end of the crosswords now. Definitely worth getting!
I like to do daily crosswords to keep my mind sharp. The ones from the big newspapers are too hard for me, and others involved coins. Your puzzles are very unique. I love the twist with the solving one word at a time, and then appying it to the puzzle board. And the free hints?! They are the perfect words for me as well- not too hars or easy, just perfect! Thank you for the fun, original puzzles!!
I like the format. The clues are good and there are no repetitions. Hints are free. I would say the crosswords are not overly complicated and you can complete them without frustration. Agree with the other reviews that this is one of the best crossword apps.
Great For Brain Training. . . I enjoy this as it keeps my brain active & makes it work at finding the answers (instead of taking the easy option) It's definitely 5β˜†'s for me. πŸ™‚πŸ‘β­β­β­β­β­ Edit: Thank you for your reply. Is the link you gave to join the Beta as the link doesn't take me to another game? Thank you. 😊
Short puzles, wish were longer. Obviously UK English clues, which makes it more challenging for a US user. Like the feature that removes extra letter s in the clues area.
Kept me occupied for quite a while. I liked that you can remove spare letters or get answer if really stuck so that you can move on. Some questions I felt must be for American market but good all the same
Decent game, but too many ads. deleted UPDATE 8/31/20 I tried this app again because I basically enjoyed it before but the advertising is just too obnoxious and interfering to actually enjoy the game. I don't understand advertising these days, it is so rude and in your face. What is wrong with static advertising? Ads flash in your face and you cannot maneuver around them, you are forced to watch them for a period of time. DELETE!
Love it. Played for more than a year. Challenging but not too hard. Short games, great for those brief waiting periods in life.
Great as an exercise for retrieval of vocab from memory banks. There is a nice help function so you don't get permanently stuck. There are a couple of errors in spelling, not too big a deal, I guess. But it has started getting jammed at some puzzles, and only way to get out is to restart my tablet and just avoid the particular puzzles. My original score was a 5, i am lowering it to a 4 because of the 2 jams encountered, and will downgrade score further and abandon this app if more.
Nice game. It makes you think and yet when it becomes difficult it helps you out with removing some of the letters, and you finish it without getting frustrated. Thank you guys!
The help feature gives me the opportunity to learn new words and also to jog my memory. I feel supported.
Love game. I play it every day. How do I get an update with new games? One more thing. Why do you developers make us go thru 6 or 7 pages on the way out? If you've got the talent to make a game, I am certain that you are capable of allowing us to exit without all the hoops. Stay safe. Stay healthy.
Great game. I can play it wherever I am, off-line too! There is a good mix of questions, and ad free help without having to collect points. This one's a keeper, many thanks to all involved in making this game!!
Awesome game with lots of new words to learn. All level of questions, some easy some harder, learning new things every day. Great concept.
Excellent app. Tried similar apps but I find this one to be the best. I found most of the others were aimed at the American market. The crossword clues are just the right level and more suitable for UK users. Great fun and educational as well. Really enjoy, thank you !
Finally! After trying several of these types of games, I found what I was looking for. A simple way to pass the time without all the hype and easy enough to play when you have only a few minutes. Short and sweet. User friendly and great UI. A keeper!
Good crosswords. Not huge in size, but there are hundreds of them. The clues are well-chosen and do not repeat. Hints are free. I also have your other game installed and both of them are excellent. These two games fill up my free time.
Can be quite obscure which can make you think, stretching of mind! Generally no annoying loud adverts. Wouldn't reccomend for beginners to crosswords. But the rest of us = GREAT
I love the concept, but asca seasoned crossword player, I find the clues to be really poor. Definitely need better clue writers! If they improved the clues, it would be my favorite game.
Easy to use. Mostly uses word definitions instead of trivia. If stumped on a word, can ask to unscramble the required letters. Just takes a few minutes for each puzzle. Uses ordinary words.
If you're a crossword fan you will love these. There are plenty to keep you busy for like forever. Great for dealy brain challenge! Yeah, it deserves no less than 5 stars.
I like this quick crosswords but the one before this was alot better. The answers in this one seem silly, not all but some, either way i like it. Keep making moreπŸ˜ƒ
It's a perfect game for crossword puzzle beginners like myself. If you get stuck, there's options you may use if you chose to do so, to help you move along so you're not stuck. It helps to build my vocabulary, and its not overwhelming for beginners.
Just discovered this today!! I am enjoying this puzzle format. Clever clues and the occasional help makes solving these mini puzzles an engaging pastime!!! Marlowe