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Quest Cards for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Running Pillow located at Pod hrází 1447 756 61 Rožnov pod Radhoštěm Czech Republic. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence, Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Quick to learn, no need to pay to actually progres, no grind for free to play users. Simply awersome. Very fun for such a Quick game. You dont need 30 minutes to háve fuň, štart this up for 15 minute bus drive and you are set. Cannot recommend enough
I don't get it, there's no deck building at all, the only thing I can do is level up 8 different attack cards, which goes slower and slower (you need more of the same card to lvl up etc. etc.) so the game is just some basic grind, it says I unlock a card when I kill a monster but nothing actually happens. This seems to be a game that isn't even halfway to being released. Not worth your time now, but it might have potential for in a year or so..
I have been playing this game off and on throughout the years and I have to say. I love the game for everything that it is. I just wish there was more to it. I'm so glad there are new spells and another quest. I hope you are all trying your hardest. I'm making my own money now and I would gladly pour my wallet into this if there was just a little more. I'm so glad this game was made.
It's pretty fun, not sure why my odds for getting vampiric bite are like 0.05%, but still quite fun. The ads every time are not such fun, but dev doesn't happen for free. XD The goblin letter clinched the 5*, as games can be fun, but often don't have such attention to detail. 11/10.
Fun yet difficult, would be nice if you could choose less cards than 8. A big problem is that it doesnt fit right on my screen so I cant see health of cards on my left edge or damage of cards on my right edge. Not sure why that is but it makes a big difference when picking the best enemy to attack. I'm on a OnePlus 6T. Response from devs was they dont work with my phone.
Great game that i thought would just be a fun time waster (which it is by the way) but i also ended up getting rlly immersed in it. Great fun with loads of different goals and things to achieve, with many ways to do so. Once one quest starts to get a bit repetitive, you suddenly finally beat the bad guy and you're on to a totally new and scarier adventure. This game has massive replayability and fun, simple mechanics.
I sure wish you can make a comeback with this amazing game that just needs a huge update that'll revive this game! Just think if there were 20 different maps all with their own enemies & boss, damn this game would be amazing like that, even adding new characters & finding at least 40+ more cards as we progress. Sighh wishful thinking
I think this is a very fun game, but it can be frustrating feeling like you cant do anything except pray for blind luck to get you through quests. Thankfully the rounds are short so you can try again but sometimes it feels quite unfair with little to do with skill. The art is fantastic and it is a surprisingly addictive game that I'll definitely keep playing. Also if there could be hints or a way to uncover the quest/encounter cards you havent unlocked yet that would be great.
This game is okay. The rules are easy to follow and the adventures are repeatable, making experienced players have a better time, but that's when it falls short. The amount of grinding and waiting is insane and the difficulty is way out of a beginner's league. Play this if you want to waste away your days
Game is fun, but progress is a little slow paced. Also, rewards are locked away for an hour minimum but could be for 3 hours and you only have space for 4 rewards at a time. You can only unlock 1 reward at a time, so you have to wait an hour to get a small reward and the ability to unlock another reward (with an additional hour minimum wait time). I only play the game for short sessions before my reward slots are full and there is almost no point to keep going.
Fine, but uses a slightly painful grind to encourage sales. Core loop is fun, though. If you like the game on its own and aren't just trying to blow through it it's a fun ride, and fairly unique. Give it a whirl.
Fun for the first, easy quest. The second quest is mind numbingly hard. I have play the first quest several dozen times and leveled up my cards again and again, yet still get ass kicked by the goomba level creatures in quest 2. Spent money and STILL struggling. Not fun.
Played this game for a while then I realized that the screen size was big. There was no option but I still tried to play it. It was fun & unique from other card based game since most of them were turn based. This game has an rts gameplay with funny story. I was not able to finish the chapter due to the big screen but overall I enjoyed the experience & definitely recommended for card based game lovers. Device: Nokia 7+ OS: Android One; Android Pie
While the game is fun, to some extent, it is slow. I feel as though the dev has intentional caused Mana regeneration to occur slowly so people might be tempted to purchase gems. We gamers want less micro transactions and more free games. We as a community are tied of being nickel and dimes to death.
Grinding game.... takes a lot of effort to level up cards. But you know..it only has four chapter so of course it's going to take a lot of while. But before you even reach chapter 4 they probably might release chapter 5 already. I didn't finish the game. But it definitely is worth a while checking out at least...
Could be a decent game, but the difficulty ramp is unfulfilling and its pretty devoid of content. For a deck strategy game there's only like 9 cards, and you have to grind endlessly to level them up. Plus, no cloudsave, so the whole thing feels kind of fruitless
the game's dialouge is funny and the story is nice, but the gameplay is slow and awkward and the game is very grindy for very little reward. It basically has a lootbox system for no reason, and you have to get all the cards in the game through it, and then upgrade them with duplicate cards to get terrific perks like a 1% increase in crit chance. I like the idea, but there are other card based games like Night of the Full Moon that do it much better.
This game has great potential. My main complain: The choises don't lead to proper consicuene. The "you mannaged to kill 2 of them" surprise attack results in same enemy count. Letting 2 groups fight each other gives less loot than killing them by yourself. Some encounters clearly make no sense. I like descovering new encounters, but the very slow progress and repetitive grinding ruin the adventure ( limited in-game logic + repitative gameplay replace "Choosing" with "Just trying everything")
On the first look I loved it, but there are some problems that take out the fun after a few rounds: 1. The fights get unfair very quickly which mostly is because there is no healing option. Why don't I heal when I rest or get some health back after every fight?! 2. The RNG doesn't seem to be random. On my first day I had lot of successes and mostly drew good cards at the beginning. The next day I played over 10 games without getting a single success. And most rounds ended after 2-3 encounters.
This game is great. Just a couple things, there's absolutely no leveling system. You don't add more health, and there's noway to lower mana costs. It's leaned towards high costs, but there's not really a way to heal or anything during your battles and there's also no way to speed up mana production. This game doesn't just feel like a cash grab though and I'm interested to see where the devs take it.
Awful card game, with core gameplay that is flawed, unbalanced, and completely pay to win. Lots of grammar mistakes, badly utilized RNG, bad UI, terrible card leveling, super repetitive, maddeningly slow combat, very slim card variety, and no cloud saves. Don't waste your time with this.
Nice concept but too hard. When I can barely make it through the first encounter, the grind is real. There isn't much skill involved in combat as you just wait for your mana to recharge and hope you don't get too badly attacked before you can use a card. So I play the same encounters, waiting for chests to unlock and reading poorly written dialogue.
It is a really fun game! At least for 1 or 2 minute provides you have 4 slot of empty space for treasure chest. Then you have to wait for chest to open (1 and 3 hours, haven't found more than that yet). Gold is somewhat scarce (mainly use to upgrade cards or buy some). LUCK (your luck, not game char) must insanely high! And i suck at that (1 fail and 3 success, all i pick is the FAIL!) O yeah, may be a notif of free chest or unlocked chest would be nice!
I love this game, I really do. It's amazing, and is an amazing mixture of Slay the Spire, Clash Royale, and Battlejack, but it's more inspired than theft. The problem is that it needs to be updated with more content. Please devs, I'm begging you. Don't let this game die off.
Its really fun to keep trying all the routes and eventually defeating the game and progressing. However the game has a huge meta with a card set that if you keep those max youll eventually finish the game without ever needing some of the other cards. Essentially its not balanced.
I appreciate the focus on random rounds, but not enough care or attention has been paid to ensure the insentive to replay. The lack of prep and focused development between rounds mean the enjoyment is really hit and miss. I don't want any more cards within the round, the rewards are only rewards for the first couple victories/finds then they descend into a chaotic jumble of cards with little synergy or variety. This game is promising, but needs an urgent reworking for longevity.
A nice chill way to lvl and pass the time while still having a decent story. Dialog is alright to haha.
This game is actually very fun!! 😀😀 But I have to say that the chest slots limit and the waiting time to open them sucks. I mean come on. It's the chest I got after I finished a quest and I deserve it opened, and not a way to milk gems away from me. But other than that, it's very fun!! (Note: Gems are already used to buy gold or chests, so please please remove that waiting feature, or at least remove the chest slot limit (only 4 slots is nothing)).
Seems like it has/had potential, but uses the "timed chest unlock" lootbox system, where you have limited space, can only open one at a time, but oh, you can spend gems to speed it up! No thanks. I'm usually fairly forgiving of mtx in games, but that's by far the most annoying, underhanded method to me. Just don't.
I really really like this game, it's one of the best deck building games I've played recently imo. My only gripe is the huge spike in difficulty after the first quest is finished. I get why, from at F2P model perspective, but I feel cheated when I get killed so easily in the first couple rounds. Rather than enticing me to continue playing, it makes me put down. I mean, hey I love hard games got thru all the Dark Souls games lol. The difference, tho DS is skill based and this game is chance. 😁
Incredibly fun, need some tweeking. 10 damage is a bit much. Arrow graphics stay on screen sometimes for no reason. I also feel the deckbuilding needs to be more flexible like choosing how many cards you want instead of forced 8 but I get that it might change the balance so I suggest challenge runs where the game would have a modifier like double mana, only one spell slot or only certain spells, but not affect the story so maybe have it in a separate place on the menu. Thats all, keep it up!
It's good. It's exactly what you want a single player deck building game to be. Well balanced. Doesn't beat you over the head with ads. If there's a paywall, I haven't hit it yet. I wish there was more cards, but the devs stopped updating the game 3 years ago.
A fun card rpg. Good graphics and a nice variety of weapons. My major complaint: spells need to be cheaper or mana needs to regenerate faster. Or there could be a free, default punch action so you could do some damage while you wait. Oftentimes fighting a bunch of little monsters is harder that one larger monster because you run out of mana so you have five or six monsters hitting you while you're waiting. Frusterating. Overall, a fun game.
Fun little game with an entertaining script. Unfortunately, it puts the player at a massive disadvantage if they don't spend money. The ads are convenient, but limited so you can't spam regen; which is nice. If you could make the progression more reasonable without spending money (maybe use real money to skip some of the story or "grind" rather than force you to spend money or die too often to progress). Game would definitely be 4 or 5 stars if you could adjust it slightly. Keep it up!!
Only criticism of the game is that it doesn't fit my screen well - I have cannot see the health of targets on the far left, and cannot see the atrack of targets on the far right. This makes it hard to strategically plan attacks. Other than that problem, I am really enjoying the rng aspect of how each quest progresses. I like how your character prefix changes based on your actions, but I have yet to see any major way that the prefix affects game play.
Good game but I'm giving a 3 for 2 very obvious oversights: 1. I really think you should display stats on the cards. It's really hard remembering especially when you upgrade those regularly. You can't even tap to see if you are not in the lobby. Instead we have the whole space dedicated to the title and image. 2. Aoe is too arbitrary. Like what does medium range mean? Sometimes it's 2, 3 or 4 enemies hit even though more are inside the Aoe circle indicator. Make them clear and consistent.
Cute card game, albeit somewhat tedious because there aren't many ways to avoid taking damage in the real-time gameplay. Leveling up cards is the main way to increase your overall strength, and to do that you need to collect copies of them and gold from chests you earn each game. Hopefully I'll find more new defensive or healing cards, else I fear I'll tire of this game quickly.
Interesting at first but after playing for awhile it feels somewhat boring and tedious. The game is mostly RNG based and they have a chest system like Clash Royale. Their combat has a mana system so if you're unfortunate enough to get high cost cards in the early game you're gonna lose a lot of health. It's a good game if you like to grind out and then wait for some time but overall I feel it's lacking.
A solid new and different type of card game that incoperates elements of typical clash royal games into your normal text adventure card game all in real time. The writing can be quite funny and theres alot of different fun routes, card combinations and more. All in all a pretty fun game with a new take on the card game genre, it will take some getting used to tho
Hilariously silly and fun. Cards are random, but there is some strategy to use. Not really easy, but not too bad. Could use a bit of explaining on what the location cards are, but I'm guessing they unlock new quests. Overall, pretty good and rather unique "RPG" card game. Would recommend heal potions in the card mix and 3 instead of 2 cards at the quest start. Maybe for "easy mode"? Recommended for casual play.
Nice... Love this roguelite... I would suggest to improve dragging cards and better visual area effect (blizzard attack just 2, but the circle touch 4 and thats not clear, or cremation must be casted exactly on the right pixel to attack 3-4 enemies). Fix health lose with cards: Lose 25hp for playing dices, heal 5 hp for resting all night, just not fair and not fun. I suggest lose 5 hp and power up some enemies instead. Good job again.
Really need to stop with these money grabbing games.... timers on everything, including rewards you need to spend gems. This is one of those games where you either play for 20 weeks 2 minutes at a time every 20 minutes or pay 200 dollars to get to level 2. Literally 8 cards to use, can not customize deck just receive a single copy of each card can not cycle deck. This means you have to spend money to upgrade each and every card so you can progress. Spent 5 dollars to double rewards, regretted it
Pretty fun overall,not too grindy for a card rpg so far. Maybe give the option of surrendering during the card draw phase,get rid of the add watch requirement to throw out your weak chest,cuz that doesnt make much sense anyways :D. Also explain if theres a hidden mechanic behind the "dishonorable,vile etc" adjectives infront of the nickname or just something extra. /// also how do you get better chests or is it rng ?
The Dev gave me tips on playing, but ultimately the games enemies are waay stronger, and unbalanced. You have to play the same levels over, and over again. I'll either run out of cards or health and use 2-5 cards on one specific enemy at least 4-5 times PER LEVEL. Bottom line: fix the difficulty, because no one wants to lose nearly every time. I haven't gotten past room 5 in the first building.
i enjoyed it for a while, but the game has wait time chest mechanics like clash royale, but there is very little skill as to how long you can survive purely based on good or bad card draws. wanna open a chest? heres 4 cards, 2 are bad 2 are good, we wont let you watch the shuffling, so its literally a 1 in 2 shot at everything. gets old pretty quick
Art style nicely done. Cards don't drag without being selected first which is tedious. Area of effect spells don't seem consistent in their size (two were described as "medium" but one could target 4 enemies, other could only ever target 2). The inability to control your deck makes several runs a waste when you get the AoE cards and only fight one big baddie, or vice versa with high damage single target spells vs a swarm of little minions.
The game is funny. I love card based games and this is one of the few that I have found that I like. It would be better if they had more cards... I know you guy(s) are still working on it, but y'know... Also there is a Takumi. It's the Bull's-Eye card. That makes this game 10/10 in my heart.
Who wants to go on an adventure? Because thats what this game does. It has a great bounty based storyline that sends you on quests where you encounter lots of fun scenarios, where your choices determine everything. The fighting is real time and very simple, yet tactical. Great Game! One of the best free games out there. P.S @Dev.s I liked the letter from the gnomes.
Great concept, but the game is really dragging out the grind. At the lich King (2nd boss) you need to get your spells up to lvl 7 at least which is a lot of money and grind. And that isn't fun at all. The game doesn't have much content and instead relies on making everything extra hard, so you progress extremely slow. What a shame, it'd be a great game otherwise.
Interesting experience. Horrible execution. For a deckbuilder, u cant even control what and how many cards go in your deck. The first level is way too hard unless you wait hours or decide to spend money. The events are interesting given a choice, but enemy encounters are way too many and you die without even reaching the boss. Overall, it's an interesting game mechanic filled with money traps. Enemy encounters are so mind numbingly slow and repetitive as mana regeneration is a crawl.
Great game, very simplified card quest game I love it, I would do a one time purchase for a hole game, I'm not the one that would buy gem packs especially at high prices, there's gotta be a better way of pricing gems and coins, the game can be played with no purchase, but I would rather a one time price for the life of the game also an offline versions so I can restore my purchases of I had to form my phone
Leaving aside balance issues that may be somewhat subjective, the aspect ratio of the game doesn't even scale to the screen. The left and right edges of the game are cut off on the Oneplus 7, meaning some players are unable to see the HP of the leftmost column of enemies. The lack of ingame zoom controls to mitigate this is simply disappointing.
It's pretty good but why is the beginning so hard I mean aren't beginnings so possed to be easy? Besides that, it's a pretty good game