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Quadropoly Best AI Board Business Trading Game

Quadropoly Best AI Board Business Trading Game for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by Clever Mind Games located at PO Box 115 CLARINDA VIC 3169. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Edit 2: devs have been very responsive and helpful resolving any issues that crop up! Edit 1: A reinstall seems to have helped. Original: Great! But... The ads keep crashing the app. After playing the ad and closing it, the entire app freezes and locks up my phone until a 'not responding' error pops up. Best most fair monopoly game I've found, wish it didn't crash :(
Game is simply cheating with the dice, period. Developers just answer with link to their website where thay claim their dice is fair, but it's a total lie. In monopoly there are 28 properties to buy and expected value is 7 properties for each of 4 players. I played 30 games on tradie lavel and maneged to buy 7 properties only once, 6 two times, a 5 four times. Remaining 23 games I bought 4 or less properties, median being only 3. When one trows real dice that never happens. Ergo game cheats 100%
So far I am only playing beginner AIs but enjoying it. Its like playing Monopoly with my brother years ago, but the bots don't cheat as much. Ive got the hang of trading but it took a while, maybe include instructions in tutorial? My only problem is ads. I know you must have them, and they are quite short, but they interrupt play! I expect them between games, not during, and one Wish ad will not let you back, you have to close the app to escape - very annoying!
Fun at first but then first two levels are too easy and then it takes ages before can reach final level
Good version of popular game. There are regular ads but I don't find it too interfering. Joining a network game can take a while or you get kicked out and can't enter the game however there is always the AI as an opponent.
WORST in terms of having a fair game. At some levels it's not even hidden anymore... you are significantly poorer than AI due to cards, fines and jail. 8/10 times the game is set for you to fail. Developers - we cannot be wrong about this. We play (a bit too much) and love your game however, don't come and say it's completely random cos that's a Big Fat LIE
It's fun overall and well made, but the AI (even champion ai, highest level) make very questionable trades with each other which just ruin the game. For example, bot #1 has 2 properties in one neighbourhood and is able to convince bot #2 to trade the third property for a massive advantage to #1 but with little to no advantage for #2 (even pretty early into a game) and resulting in a high chance of everyone else becoming backrupt early due to #2's bad trade.
Ads give chance for bonus I don't mind them can be a bit excessive, I play this because I have nothing but time. Good job, I'm having fun.
While very obviously a monopoly clone, this does better than the official offerings and does enough different to be it's own thing (some cards and rule options are different for example). If you're looking to play offline this is especially your best bet, but you may want to spring for Pro as opposed to buying everything piecemeal here. Costs a lot, but compare that to Monopoly's DLC!
Confused how to unlock higher level for offline games . It says 800 points but no matter how I play listening to "Expert Advice" but I never get points for it. Love Monopoly style games
Love it! Great dupe of the original monopoly. Not too many ads, and all the good features are free. Well done, fantastic game, definitely the type I invest in simply because the developers are greedy and truly want to make a great product. 10 stars!
Interesting game... but crashes almost every time. Couldn't enjoy 2 minutes of game play with crashing.
Once you get the hang of the game it's very addictive.. ads are short and not often, unless you take bonus money then it's a 30 sec ad. Overall.. love the game keep up the good work... Highly recommended.
Above all the game is a fun but I want to know can I play online because I don't see any option for multiplayer game
"Quadropoly" is a wonderful version of "Monopoly." The graphics, the sound effects and the music are excellent. The game moves along with alacrity. Note, the AI does cheat against the "hu-mon" player, though, in favor of the computer's players. For instance, I have played this game over a hundred times. In many instances, I have owned every property (i.e., with hotels), airport, and utilities. The computer's players will pass every one of my properties, for several rounds of the game.
Reduced to 3* because much as I like the app, it froze and stopped 6 times during my last game. It seems to try to go to an ad then just freezes at a black screen. This has started since last update. If you fix it I will put rating up to 5* ( updated to 5* for your reply, it kept happening until I discovered the button to watch an ad every 15 minutes, that seems to solve the problem)
An excellent game, I like the options avaiable. You can watch an ad to play an online game with other worldwide players. It does have ads, but they really don't upset the gameplay. You can play offline games with the AI which is a nice feature if you do not have wi- fi at the time. My only complaint is that when you are playing an online game with other players, the game has the tendency to lose the connection, but if you wait it picks up where you left off. I reccomend this game to eveyone.
Fantastic and well made game, I play it regularly. If you enjoy the boardgame monopoly this is one for you (🤫... It's even better than the official digital versions of the pre mentioned boardgame). Thumbs up to the person/people who made this, great job!👍
Congrats for all the devolvement. The game mechanics are great and the AI is very well trained. Just played at "Student" difficulty, and I thought AI would trade between themselves, but that didn't make the game experience worse. Great game!
Overall I enjoy the game. It's fun and customizable in good ways. My one complaint is that the chest and chance cards are random and not like cards drawn from a deck. You will get the same cards back to back. If I could change anything that would be it. They should be random but never repeat until all have been drawn. I've had opponents get back to back go to go space cards and I have gotten go to Boardwalk back to back when my opponent had houses on it. Edit: Yes this has happened. I can read.
It isn't perfect. But it is likely one of the best game apps on google play. The only problems I have with it is how the AI players make trades with each other that humans would never make. Also how on some rolls the game pauses makes it seem it is calculating on what numbers to pop up on the dice or what card to give. It doesn't do it every roll. Just sometimes. And when it does the pause, you know you are about to get screwed. But overall it is a great game with just a few 5 second ads.
Seriously? Player gets six times in a row pay $100 or a percentage? Also after watching an ad to get rid of ads after 15 minutes, I got served ads anyway. Uninstalled. How about you just play with yourself?
Loving the game... BUT... seems to be a huge battery drain. (even if plugged in on DC power). Been looking for something like this since been playing EUROPOLY for years.
Phenomenal game. Quite a few things to unlock, different difficulties, and several rule modifications to keep things interesting. Best free monopoly game on the play store.
The UI is a teensy bit small (pun intended) my phones 6' diagonal and still have issues occasionally, other than that, dont know how Hasbro hasnt sued u yet xD
Better than a purchased Monopoly game If i had downloaded this first I would not have paid for another inferior monopoly cover
Another game with more ads than gameplay. Ads are everywhere.... a non-skipable ad popped up after the 1st roll of the dice. Uninstalling.
Awesome version of Monopoly I really love the design and challenge even as compared to the paid version of Monopoly which I also have. You can customize a lot about the gameplay experience and the different difficulties are much more challenging and fun.
When you start getting to the more advanced levels you will notice the AI changes your dice rolls.... In one lap around the board the AI will have 2ce as many properties and the Human. That's not how it's supposed to work.
True to the original. However, AI isn't too good (for example - suggests a trade, and when that is rejected, next suggestion is identical trade that was rejected). Game exit doesn't work...you have to kill the app in the tray to get it to quit.
The game freezes if you click to X out of the ad at the first opportunity. The only way for it to not freeze is to watch the add to the end or close and restart the app. Annoying!
Worst version of monopoly out there. Ai players are way to greedy even on easy. If I have one of the least valuable properties and you have the other you offer me $300 for mine and when I offer you $400 for yours you want 800 you got to be out your mind!!!
The game is good if u r a retard with endless patience. Nothing works but somehow managed to enter the game by clicking random spots on the screen but then instead of the board there were millions of ads.
Such an imbecile creator, created such a mess!! Ugh it totally represents his/her/their life which is a complete failure!!!
Pretty good game, works well. I have had a couple of crashes but I've been playing a game a day for about a month. Really enjoying it. There are ads but they are not too intrusive.
Great game limited ads and good options, only issue is mortgaged properties dont seem to be a reduced value to NPCs in trades.
Sucks. The first few difficulties are way too easy. After that, opponents will have seven properties before you get anything and most of the time that anything is a utility. It happens every single game. I even tried to change the settings to have to go around the board once first before being able to purchase. I've never once seen the computer get a three, I get at least two threes and go to jail twice before ever getting around the board. It happens over 75% of the time and makes it not fun.
Great! But... The ads keep crashing the app. After playing the ad and closing it, the entire app freezes and locks up my phone until a 'not responding' error pops up. Best most fair monopoly game I've found, wish it didn't crash :( A reinstall seems to have helped.
Worse game ever. Do not waste your time on it. It will be fun for half an hour then the whole game will be aimed at making you lose. Not worth the stress.
Learned new techniques for Monopoly*-type games from the AIs. Stick with the free version and pay away the ads - the Pro version seems expensive to me, and the free version has all you need or want.
Good time pass! Although the AI should have been able to interact, trade withveach other too, so that the compitition is not one sided.
Очень плохой генератор очков на костях. Играть невыносимо, игроки ходят чуть ли не на одни и те же клетки. Случайностью и не пахнет. Три раза подряд дубль... Какова вероятность такого? Или попасть 3 раза подряд на клетку трюрьма? Или из четырех попаданий на последнюю карточку за всю игру, одному игроку попасть 3 раза на нее...Если это разработчиеи специально портят геймплей и не дают набрать очков, чтобы платили за открытие новых уровней, то это низко...