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Puzzrama for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Translimit, Inc located at 東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-60-5 オー・アール・ディ原宿ビル2階. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The only fault in this game is that it sometimes freezes, it's rare but it's kind of annoying. Luckily, it only makes me redo the one piece it got frozen on so it's not that bad. Hopefully they fix this soon!
It was nice, but the ads are very annoying. Unlike Pocket World 3D, where ads show once in a while, Puzzrama shows ads after every figurine is finished. My game FROZE because there was too much ads, and I had to restart. The ads on the bottoms ALSO are annoying. The phone I am using has a very thin case, so it kept pushing me to a website, sometimes when I wasn't even touching it, which was super annoying. But the animations and figurines are pretty cool.
This is a diorama puzzle game in which the figures and objects start out as flat, jigsaw puzzle-style images, and then spring into wonderfully detailed, animated 3d when finished. Graphics and animation are brilliant and include great special effects like fire. A couple of minor criticisms: The 2d puzzles are way too easy (5-10 pieces), and I would prefer a smoother style for the finished figures. They're cute but very Lego-like.
This game is so simple, but fun!!! I took a star though, because it takes SO LONG for new puzzles to come out and I'm kind of thinking of deleting it to make room for different games because it's just kind of sitting idle on my phone.
I enjoyed playing this game but where are more puzzles? I can't seem to get any more to play. So a game that was a five went to a 2.
This game is fun and all, but there is wa to many ads! I think they put in so many ads to make you buy premium. Overall this game is fun and really detailed. plz remove some of those ads!!!
First I thought this game will have trillions of adds but no Im surprised I really love this game and it is easy and fun it definitely deserves a 5 star rating
Its a good game i love it but a 3 because it worked for a day the next day it was not workong AND i have a i phone 11 pro so i sould have worked i went to the apple store and still they said the cant do anything :(
I'm still waiting for more puzzles. It's been months since I've had any new puzzles to do. I'm thinking of deleting this game. I hate to because it's my favorite.
It is amazing you build places houses everything you put it all together you can also make your own and enter a contest! I recommend 5 stars cause you don't need to pay not a lot of ads it's fun and relaxing! :)
Not enough puzzles and you have to wait too long to get new puzzles. Keeps locking up. Find myself doing the same puzzle over again. Getting worse, now it Don't open at all. Nothing but trouble with this game.
This game really needs new diaramas! It feels like there hasn't been any new content (other than the daily models) in ages.
Update: The previous issue was fixed, but I never got a reply through email about how to transfer my data from the old phone to the new one. Not making data transfer easy, especially for people who paid for the subscription, and bad customer service keeps my rating at 2 stars
Enjoyed when first got the gamw bwcause there were lots of dioramas but now they have all been completed except the daily.....so only visit game once a day foe ar most 5 min but generally less than that
Bought this game to escape the endless ads and bec I thought they'd be a lot more content available. Now regretting it coz it's been months since they added a new puzzle diorama. The only thing going on in the app is the daily puzzles that are done in seconds.
I simply think that this is the best, most ingenious, most enjoyable puzzle game I have ever tried. And I have sampled many. This game has puzzle solving, and also includes a special treat as each puzzle is completed. Great job! Please keep more puzzles coming! Engenious! The game structure is wonderful!
😁👍 love it, very awesome,only down fall is my new doesn't update with old phone so all I've done isn't here on new one,I've done what they said about opening Google game,but it doesn't work for some reason 😒😰😥
Dioramas. Awesome game! Such fun! The figures come alive after you put them together. They move in the diorama. So cute! This puzzle is so different from any other! Genius! Great way to pass the time!!!
I played this for hours on the first day I had it. I loved it so much that it was no trouble at all to pay for an ad-free experience... but the game hasn't worked since! all I get is a black screen and sometimes the message "Puzzrama is not responding". I think all this is since the last update, but I might have installed it before. My device runs Android 7.
The person or persons who created this app are ingenious. It is so amazing how when you complete one piece it comes to life. I am in awe every time I do a puzzle. Well I completed all the puzzles. I hope more are coming. I keep checking but nothing.
Thank you. I love it . When I'm going through a stressful day. I open up Puzzrama and play with it. And pretty soon I feel so much better. Things just seem ok. Thank you 😊again.
Fun game i love it this game is like you can make an account i didn't know that until now fun game i have nothing to say but 5 ⭐ and fun game
The puzzles are great, but the ads are causing the game to freeze. Many times, the ads won't load and I'll have to force quit the game. All my progress will be lost too. Luckily the puzzles themselves don't take too long, but after multiple failing ads, it gets kind of annoying.
I really really enjoy this app. My only complaint is can we get more dioramas? I'm at 60 and haven't had any new ones in what seems a very long time. That's whats keeping me from giving it a 5.
This game is so cool who ever came up with this game I is smart and amazing. I can't believe that it has 3.8 sars
Keeps making my tablet restart. I cant even play it at all. And I downloaded the latest game still won't work right. It sucks cuz I really liked it.
I rate this a 4............2 stars is for the fun, 1 star for creativity, and 1 star for contests! Although I would love to rate it a 5 but I have only had this game for 2 days and it keep giving me a glitch and then goes to a faded black and white screen and I cant push nothing but the home button. I would like to have this fix so that I can play more and might buy stuff if I can continue to play
I love this game because it is so satisfying because it has good graphics with the game and also i don't mind the ads that this game has i will still give this 5 stars cause it is amazing.
This is a good program but it never updates to any new dyaramas that the only thing I could fine wrong with it, once you did the fifty dyaramas there was nothing to do unless you like contest which some people don't.
Love the puzzle game. Only problem I have, is trying to create things from certain figures, but can't get rid of the blocks I want to get rid of. I believe my figures could be a tad better if I didn't have to leave certain blocks. I believe it will help others too who has the same problem. Thank you. I would also like to play my other character. But I don't know how to add the other one. Please help me out. Thank you. Sign 'Tugboat' Yott
I always have a nice relaxing time doing these and they are adorable! It's amazing to see how much can fit in one tinny stage and the story being told.
Just a non-game. Puzzles that would take seconds to solve, except every time you solve a figure or object you have to watch an ad 🙄 so it takes ages from mainly just watching ads. Boring.
The game is really fun. I love the pixel style of everything and the game itself is relaxing. However, the ads are completely obnoxious, with one after each puzzle, which only last 20 seconds at most. Wanna start a new diorama? Ad. Wanna finish a puzzle? Ad. Wanna enter the game? Ad. And they aren't even the good, entertaining kinds of ads. They are loud and seem like the games they are about would be just terrible to play. It's like someone dumped all the world's worst ads in a game. Too bad.
Today I thought a new diorama was added but it was diorama 34. AND I ALREADY COMPLETED DIORAMA 34!!! Same thing happened to my daily puzzles. And creations! And now for some reason I'm called warriorcat7080. I know I have played this game before and I remember using that name in the past. But I made figurines on this account and dioramas. But there gone to. I'm definitely uninstalling.
I now every app games has ads but this game didn't have ads when I first played it about 2 years ago or more but I enjoyed it when there was no ads
Its a very fun game and easy to use. But there seems to be a glitch. Once in a while, i will hit the blue arrows for the next "puzzle" and it will freeze. I will end having to exiting the app and reentering. Thats really my only complaint and otherwise is a reslly fun game. And would definatly reccamend!
Like the game. Great time killer, but the ads. OMG! Every time you finish a figure (not even the whole puzzle) an Ad pops up. Uninstalled for sure ;)
I love the puzzles and the animations it has, I'm truly addicted to this game. The only bad thing is that it has too many apps (like every 5 minutes or so) and if you wanna get rid of them, you need a monthly paymentthat includes things I'm not so interested in. I wish I could do only a payment to get rid of the apps.
The ads are a huge problem. One didn't even load, so I exited out of the app and reentered, but had to do the puzzle all over again.
I like this games but there are too many ads. Nearly everytime you complete a puzzle there will be an ads and there are ads already at the bottom of the screen. Then they want $3.99 to remove them. It truly ruined this game for me.
Are this game for a while? Can you put 100 Cards that you use to your ground place? I seriously do it propely :)
I LOVE this game,Its so fun! I love how you can create your own creations and change them whatever color you want to. My tiny complaint is there is barely no adds. I finally found an app that has barely has adds! And i love how its just like a puzzle but it is a puzzle! And you can make your own town/city so the morw puzzles you make the more you can put in your city! I give this game a 5/5! This game is AMAZING! For every single level theres and add but i dont care about that mabe you will :)
It great and I feel like doing these puzzles but when it first came out I was like wow so many stuff to do but now the event items are still the same and the puzzles are done and I'm just waiting for something new. Also can you delete these stupid spammed art works with no effort and are just blank because these kids don't know how to play and we're getting spammed with all of these and next thing you know your art work is at the very bottom or at least make instructions. Not a many ads though.
I just got a notification that you have added a new diarama and challenge me to finish it, but how can I when your game won't load???
This game is great, cute, & very addictive. Good job guys. At one time, I did uninstall it, but I missed it, so I reinstalled it. It's a keeper now.
Don't connect to Google play achievements. And during into play the ads interrupt game play and have to start that piece over to solve.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!! Developers were too stupid to make the game challenging without ao.many ads!
The first time I opened it, it worked great and was fun! However, I couldn't open the app afterwards. It just gave me a black screen and eventually my phone had to close it. Would be really fun if I could open it...
I see all these reviews about how the game is Ad-free and fun to play, yet there's literally been an ad after every single level I complete
Really like this game, but tone the ads down a bit? It's getting really annoying having ads everytime i completed one puzzle to another.
I absolutely love this game... There is only 1 big downfall in my opinion. It takes forever and a day for new dioramas to b added!!! I have had to wait months + months inbetween.
I'm having a great time playing this game, but run out of puzzles quickly. All I have now are the daily ones.
Its a neat game so i can learn to build cool things and be an artist,im in 4th grade so its still fun to learn to things
The game was pretty good but it's the add that frustrated me. It's ridiculously a lot soo annoying bye!!
Great game but there a lot of adds. I get that it is free to play and fully understand this but watching an add after nearly every puzzle piece is rediculous.
Still highly enjoying this game. I really like that your able to do all the puzzles without having to collect coins or anything like that. Looking forward for some new puzzles. Great game to pass the time. Starts 2d and once completed it turns into 3d. Love all the detail that's in the game. Yes, you have to watch ads (it is free though) that's how they get paid. Appreciate all the details added, makes for a calming game to play. Just hoping for more dioramas to play.
I enjoy this game. The ads after, nearly, every puzzle sucks.. But, if the price to remove is a one-time deal? It's not too horrible. Definitely recommend to players who like a relaxing puzzle style game.
It would be fun if they wouldn't put an ad in between every puzzle, which each puzzle only takes a few seconds... so the ads are just as long as the gameplay is... I'm thinking about uninstalling this app simply because there are way too many ads. The game also freezes every 2 minutes and over 70% of the time I try to open the app... it's a simple game, just fix it. Update: months later and still no changes, so it's being replaced by another 3D coloring app. I suggest you do the same.
Your app is an awesome experience! It has so many mini dioramas inside of it!! I play it all the time and I can't stop!!! 😊
I was working 1-4 hours on a project and for some reason the game crashed and I lost everything I had that was a work in progress
I really love this app, it's calming and everything but it's really ad infested and I don't have the money to pay for no ads.
I found this app really entertaining and would give it 5 stars if it wasnt for the ads. I just think that there could be less of them
After weeks and weeks of searching for perfect game that I can see myself playing for months, I found this game...untill you guys decided to put soooo many ads in. Literally an Ad after EVERY puzzle peace. Seriously?? Why?? What a actual disappointing joke! Won't recommend to anyone - Because of ALL your advertisements!!!
Game is amazing and I even paid for no ads for about a month but the menus to me personally are a little confusing and when you finish all diaramas, it has a grammatical mistake. Other than those 2 issues it's an amazing game
Really fun app, I love the animations and the various scenes! However, I have to take off some stars since there's glitches - literally every time I use it, the app totally freezes and I have to exit and redo the piece I just made. Also there's way too many ads!
Game can be quite fun, but the ads are ridiculous. Often get a 20 second ad after playing for only 10 seconds. Would not recommend wasting your time on this app.
I love this game and rate it 5 stars 🌟 its a calming and stress relief for me tho it could use some background other than that its AMAZING 😍❤
Wow! I never wrote a review for this game for a long time. I had this game for long time and it's a really fun game. The puzzles are fun and relaxing with it's creative art style. You craft and make your very own dioramas which is awesome. I would recommend this game if you are a fan of pixel art.