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Puzzle Night

Puzzle Night for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Len Fox Game. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
They give me a very nice start.But as soon as your near to cashout,they will decrease the points.But still,I am expecting that this app is legit.I will wait.I will change it to 5 star after I cash out.Still,nice app to play.
tis game is annoying i already had the money 100$ or more and it go back to 86$ and said that i don't have energy anymore, i don't recommend this game to you guys, if this got fixed i will rate this 5 stars, i kinda love it tho but that's the problem
You're at #9 trending yet this is how it works? It was okay at first but when i reached $95.456 I'm stuck! Like the pieces aren't right at all. Damn
I like this app for now because i just started. Maybe by the time goes by, it will become just like those other scam apps that i have tried.. i will get back here and rate the 5 stars if this app is legit.
not worth to play! trap in $82 and there is the ads need to watch to earn the money but after watching the ads some other ads show again ..inshort the ads for money we watch is gone already !
zero ratings as in zero no star!!waste of time!! PAASA.. when u finished all levels then suddenly you read 'coming soon" the next level is coming soon!! i earned 99.something dollors but i cant cash out.. so sad.. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ži decided to uninstall this apps.. i think this app cannot earn real money its just for fun only.haist.. so sad 😒
This game is a wonderful delight when your are up and cant go back to bed plus the money is awesome too..
When this is fixed I'll change my feedback. I'm changing to 1 star instead of 3 stars because times on scratchers and wheel keep resetting sp you can't do them and they're paying out in bits of cents now. At this rate I'll have to play into next year to get anything. I love this game but not for bits of a cent. Change the payout and act like you appreciate your players you might get more "and fix the timers or take the scratchers and wheel down"!!
Dont download this app you cant get cash out of this I played for $99.96 and then the game reset and cant get any rewards after that ,I spend 2 weeks playing this game and got nothing.
I change my mind. I have $80 dollars already and I get $.500 something that I almost cash the 100 dollars. I guess once you almost cash it out, the money you'll get will decrease. How convincing trick you are. Do I have to watch hundreds of ads for you just to get .500 something? The same for coins, I have 2mil and when I get to 8mil or 9, it will decrease. Then who knows if this app is paying or not. They should have added $50 dollars to prove themselves that they are not like the other app.
It's fun good for rain it's basic but good I'm not sure if you earn real money but it's fun enough for me
I like puzzle games. The gamers are not only playing but income making. Thanks for this app. God bless.
This is a scam game specially at level 82 wich is unmatchable puzzles on board and also when it comes to $98 the prize from $0.106 every level are going down to $0.003 and maybe when you are in $99 maybe the prize on everylevel will be $0 or maybe gone..
This is nice games but somes apps.takes slow in the last part so i hope this app not the same with other apps.that difficult to reach the amount of minimum withdrawal.thank you.
I rate this app. 4 star because in one reason I really like hexa puzzle. but I wish and I hopefully this time can I receive a real money prize in paypal. because last time I play this in old apps. With scratchcard I won but I never received my cash prize . So please for the second time around .please and I beging to developer of this game for those who win bring and give them a better reward
Hope this will really cash out when I get the minimum required payout and won't glitch. Willing to continue playing this game if it does. But hopefully there's other way to accumulate energy to continue playing than waiting every 30 mins for 1 energy to play.
BAD experience! at first it's good because you're getting good scores and $..reaching $90..and stops at $98+..always buffering and even gave a bricks which doesn't fit the box .until you get annoyed and delete.This apps earned from the player because of too much ads!!must delete.SCAM!!
Do you really give money if reach the goal of the game or or you just give hope to the players who will play this? I really hope you give real money because I have read the comment of both sides in rating saying this is scam and other just hope to earn real money well this game is entertaining but it will be cool if you really give real money that can be convert to other currency
2 stars, why? I have to wait for the time (saying: not enough energy)... Not even an option how to deal with it, BUT YOU REALLY NEED TO WAIT!!! and as you gets near to $100, the prize gets smaller and smaller. But, the puzzle is NICE...
Okay, Let's say that the only way to reach $100 is to keep on playing but tsk I have already 9.8M coins and I have to watch another 1000+ advertisements to reach $100. Additionally, each life cost -30minutes to respawn. Mathematically speaking, you need to spend 60, 000 minutes or 1000 hours in this game to complete the task. So, you are paid $0.10/hr LOL. Waste of time!
Same as other money paying apps,when you about to reach paying amount you will get the lowest pay,$.002 gave when i reached $99.just be fair to players,you are earning by playing ads by your players why you give us players our rewards by giving a pair rewards,uninstall again just like others😌😌😌😌
Dont expect too much of this game at first you win bigger prizes but later on as you reach master to grandmaster level the prizes is getting lower , as of now my $98.083 and my coins is at 9,813,173 it is im possible to make it to minimum cash out $100 and coins 10,000,000 if the prizes is 000.3 $ and your coins every puzzle 9+ not legit guys trust me . there is also a bunch of ads of this games
It's very exciting to play, but now in level 6-82 cannot be solved, the pieces of the puzzle is not appropriate in the drawing puzzle so you cannot go on the next level
I will update later. The one thing I hate whip all the games. They don't give you long enough to really know whether you like the game or not. So I only give a one and wait till I really know if I like it
Hello there? Im currently at 6-82 level of this game. Requesting to check this level cause it seems that the small pieces of hexagons didnt match the puzzle to be created. I already click the hint button but there is no hint appeared on it. Im on my way to your minimun cash out requirement. Im hoping that this game is legit in terms of cash out thing. Thank you.
Very nice and easy to claim and earn rewards, for now I will give a 4stars until it's have proof to me it earns till the end and it's legit app..
This game is so relaxing. I absolutely love it. The levels are fun, fast, and challenging at the same time.
This just the same as HexaPuzzle, if you want puzzle games, then go on, but if you're here for the pay out, then dream on, you will never be able to cash out, sorry guys!😁😁😁 Legality? probably, but fairness? I dont think so, how can it be fair, if you really cant cash out? Tell me this if you can guarantee, all players can cash out...
it has better gameplay,but everytime i played the paypal reduced,i hope youll maintain the paypal cash amount at $1,then theres no daily login reward,please add an daily log in reward
They are asking for a rating a bit soon. I think that the cash awards should be bigger and more often. Hopefully this isn't another game that gives you good rewards at first and then when you get closer to the mark for cash out they are little to none. This is a waste of time.
I've finished all the levels and accumulated $99.111. Just how can one able to reach the $100? Even if I play the levels again it wont give me any. This game are just for fun. But if you are thinking of getting money from it then DON'T DOWNLOAD because you'll get none. ******** P.S. If you think you can earn and get real money from scratch cards and spin wheel, think again. It keeps on resetting so you wont able to get a new batch of cards or a free spin again. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Level 6-82 (Grandmaster) is impossible to beat, as it requires you to use blocks that you don't have access to. Please fix.
This game is addicting and fun to play. And it say you earn real money. But I'm on $98.99 the game stuck to level 82. Wthat ever I do can't solve the puzzle because it gave you wrong blocks. I cannot even earn to complete the $100 the amount you can cash out. THIS IS A BIG SCAM!!! IM UNSTALLING IT NOW. DON'T PLAY THIS GAME.YOU WON'T WIN $.
This game is a scam. It really shows that they don't want anyone to cash out some money by rewarding them from watching an ad a 0.002 cash really?! I can manage 0.110 cash but 0.002 cash is absurd. I bet that if you continue playing this it will come that they will not reward you a cash anymore. I WASTED MY PRECIOUS TIME PLAYING THIS.
I play this game and enjoy for the past few days but for now i continue playing they give .002 usd and 10 coins not like in the few days they give more.hoping i reached the minimum cash out
This game is sucks! Once u get 90$ every game u won they just added 2cents! U cannot reach that 100$ when u calculate all the game still not open! What a waste of time! The developer of this game just keep profit in their ads! Dont install this game i tell u! Its a SCAM!!!!!!
It's fun and easy to play... Hope that it's not a scam game like the other. Will update again if it's really a paying app.
I gave you a 5 star rating at the first of this week, because I love this game. I asked you to fix the glitch so I could comtinue playing and it still isn't fixed. Very disappointed. I'm asking again, please fix my game so I can continue playing.
As you play this game in time, rewards either coins or cash becomes lesser and lesser, even 10 years of continuously playing this game you cant get a reward its impossibleπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
I dont like how they limit your play time.. They actually make you wait 15mins to half hour so annoying and lets see if they actually will pay out
ill give 3 now...im loving this game so even thou others are saying bad things about this game.. ill still countinue playing it.. theres nothing wrong in my experience though.. recently im at $68 and 3million now and ill give 5 or even 10 stars if this game is legit.. ill update soon guysπŸ˜‰
This is just one of those games that promises earnings and that u would get a payout once u reach $100. And this game won't let u reach that amount. Y? Because no one will get past level 82 of the grandmaster stage!! The puzzle pieces just don't fit d frame!! In other words, this is a scam!! Uninstalling!
I give only 1 star its really annoying, I played this game continoeusly until I reach $98 all of a sudden the rewards I get is only $0.02 which really not in consistent with what I been doing exerting all my effort to solve the puzzle. 4 games in a row but in the you just received $0.02 rewards its disgusting they consuming our data and they are with a lot of ads but it is clearly they don't want to pay us don't download this game.
I'm feeling positive that if I have patience and continue playing then I'll be able to cash out anytime soon. But hope that coins given at the end of every game will increase and not stay on 9. Will not change my ratings because I believe that we can really earn from this app.