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Puzzle Book: Daily puzzle page for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by AK Puzzle Book Crossword located at г. Москва, Нагатинская набережная 16 кв. 80. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The ads are excessive. Even after you pay for a magazine there will still be ads. Just having the app open without opening puzzles you get ads. No way to be rid of them. Don't download.
I absolutely love this app. The puzzle variety is fantastic! I did pay for magazine access b/c I love these games. Last night I began having problems, the app wouldn't show any magazines. I reached out, by email, this morning to the developer. I got a response back immediately from the developer. Thru email they worked w/me to a successful resolution. Turns out that a setting inside the app was changed. So I picked the other setting the app started working, & I have the access I paid for.
A choice of games but poor implementation. More time should have been spent on polishing the games from the user point of view and adding features to improve the gameplay experience. Perhaps that's the developers intention but they are going to lose many users that just won't try the game again. It has the feel of not being properly beta tested- the testers have to be independent to give honest opinions as testing by people who are known means they won't be brutally honest.
Be nice in the championship books if you provide game instructions. I have never seen todays game in any other book before. Do not know what to do.
Can't rate because nothing happens. I either get a black screen after clicking on a puzzle or it tells me it's unable to load so I must have an unstable connection or an internal storage problem. I've tried the usual things - force quit, clear cache & data, uninstall and reinstall but nothing has helped. Not sure what to try next...
Had to allow way more permissions than I have for any other app. It's also quite confusing at first, it took me a while to work out how to actually access the games and get daily coins. There's ads in the middle of games too.
I like that there are actual challenges, but some are proving to be too difficult to solve logically. Also, sometimes extra ads will randomly play in the middle of a puzzle.
This is a nice, cool, fun app with fun numbers and words kinds of puzzle books on it to solve the puzzles and the ones that you have to fill in a certain amount of squares to see what the image is, and all other kinds of numbers and words puzzle books to solve and get the answers and all to, you're also able to get hints on them and if you don't know what do or how to solve the puzzle or any other things it'll help you by showing you the instructions.
Love doing the colour picross but its stopped downloading more puzzles on the "buy" option for older issues. I select buy and nothing happens.
Will not load magazines even with stable internet connection. Not worth my time to troubleshoot further if the first interactions with this app is a server malfunction.
I barely got started playing the first puzzle with a banner ad when an unskippable 30 second video ad interrupted me and killed my enthusiasm for the puzzle. I understand that devs need a return on their time investment but surely letting the player get in the zone would be a better long term strategy?
I love playing the games, they are quite challenging. The problem with this app is that the ads keep popping up right in the middle of a game, which is super annoying. Other apps have the ads in between levels, not interrupting a game in progress. Not sure if I'll keep it if I'm going to constantly be bombarded with ads in the middle of game play. UPDATE: The developer clearly doesn't know how the ads work. I will be in the middle of making a move in a game when an ad pops up and stops the game.
It doesn't even rate one star, but to post and let you know the truth I had to give it one star. It takes over 15 minutes to set up and then when you actually get to the puzzles, they charge you. There is nothing about having to pay.
I've only tried the picross but it needs work. They mark a spot as done when it isn't. Makes it confusing. I've been playing this type of game for a really long time and found these unplayable
I enjoy the variety of puzzles, and I don't find the adds to be too overbearing. Great way to past time! If you have one of the packs downloaded you can play offline!
I like that the are a lot of puzzles. I even like that you have a choice of purchasing them or opting for the freebie with ads. I don't pay for games if I don't have to and I don't mind the occasional ad.... however, I don't like the ad popping up as I'm putting in solutions at random times of the games. After I solve a puzzle wouldn't bug me as much as that. Otherwise a good app.
I was worried that the developers would be money hungry, but they're not really. The only time I have a problem with the ads is when the pop up during play. Luckily that doesn't happen often. I love these puzzles! This was so worth downloading. This ones a keeper for me. My only wish would be for number search and cross. Like a word search or crossword puzzle, just with numbers. 😊 Thank you for new puzzle book! 🤩
Crossword Puzzles English old school, is the best of Multi-puzzle game with the best, of a variety multiple games, such like, Sudoku, crossword, colours link and WordSearch etc. and many more.
If you love logic and/or number puzzles, this is an app that I love. It also has word games, and the ads aren't obnoxious. The only detractor is that if you are broke, you earn one coin a day, which gives you one additional puzzle. Per "book" there are 10 games. I wish the points you accrued could be transferred into coins. The games are easy to understand so "help" isn't necessary.
Can't even try a game because within seconds of starting a puzzle, before i even get to look at it, i have an ad. I'd love to get a subscription, but i need to see some respect by the developer to let me explore what the app has to offer.
Absolutely maddening amount of ads. Counted them in my first puzzle I got 12 ads... IN ONE GAME. Terrible gameplay where you overdrag and it just disappears. Skips to next puzzle when you try to drag to new numbers too. No answer checker. I was done with this app by the end of my first puzzle.
Works just like a magazine. Does not show errors or hints, etc. Why aren't the solutions available in the back of the "magazines" though??? I am a subscriber but seems silly when I can't even check my work.
Does not work on current version of Bluestacks, just keeps flashing constantly. Good thing I don't have seizures.
Nice time saver and distraction and lots of puzzles and fun different things to choose from. So I suggest you download and start playing go to the puzzle figure out which one is your cup of coffee and take off
This app is fantastic. Developers I sent you an email describing an issue with FillAPix, where when you fill in a clue that incidentally adds an X in another block with a number, you can't see that number anymore and it interferes with solving the puzzle. Can you please install a visual tweak for this? Otherwise app is great. I am a paying member and love the games and style.
A puzzle for everyone. Lots of different kinds of puzzles with different degrees of difficultity. Fun for beginners to experts, and everyone in between.
I like it, lots of variety on the games. I find the link a picture games a bit difficult simply b.c. the numbers are small and difficult to see. And my fingers may be a little fatter than the usual persons. Don't think I can change the difficulty level, which can on some similar apps.
Lately I couldn't sign in to Google Play so I couldn't attend any championship or save my progress. When I allow the app to access my Google account data when asked, the app just keeps asking me for permissions with that same screen. Update 1: tried logging in multiple times. It was not possible to sign out as sign-in had not been successful. Issue persists across my two accounts and two devices.
Love Picross Color, would have rated it 5 stars until a couple days ago when ads started popping up in the MIDDLE of the puzzle and not just once per puzzle but multiple times. Ads before and after a puzzle or watching ads to download extra puzzles is fine but not in the middle. One other comment, sometimes the colors are too close together. I play on my Note8 and yet, because of the way the game zooms, you can't get close enough to easily distinguish between the colors sometimes.
Had an issue and it had a response straight away from developer saying they would fix it. So definitely worth five stars, especially when it's such a fun game
Worst app I've ever tried. Doesn't explain how the app works. Tried playing for a couple days just to see if it was maybe the particular puzzle magazine I chose first, but no. None of the others I tried explained anything about how to interact with the puzzles. Stumbled upon the fact there was a pull up menu for the pictograms puzzles to switch colors, but then somehow I made it go away and couldn't bring it back up again. Totally worthless.
Update: A month later, developers still haven't changed. Ads every few min, even after paid. I paid for a "magazine" and yet the advertising interrupts the entire game. First off, ads should NOT disturb the middle of any game, but worse, I paid for this to not happen. Right in the middle of concentrating on solving a puzzle part, I get bombed with a full page ad, and then I lose my mind, err, my thoughts on solving this. HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT TO USE THIS!
Fun app, would love to see some other variety puzzles - cryptogram, rebus. Paid to unlock all and also used coins for hints but I can't find hints on Crack Back or Fit Words. No help section to tell me about hints, either. Thank you!
I'm enjoying the games and I like that it is really challenging, but it can be too hard eg, crack-back puzzles. I don't know what to do with the coins or what they are for. Maybe have the option of hints and have a help section or forum. Otherwise, great game
I was excited to play this game. I opened the very first magazine, read about half of the long-winded instructions on how to play it.... and got a video advertisement before I even got to try to play the game..............really? I expected ads but not in the middle of the instruction screen.
I love these! Would give 5 stars if there was an answer key. The crack back puzzles look fun but I didn't see instructions and I can't figure out anything. And they don't have hints?
A fun variety of puzzles. Several ads, but most are short. Frequent new releases. Simple graphics but that's ok.
Great app because you can choose the type of puzzle magazine that you like. The adds are really annoying when pops up in the middle of the game when you are trying to resolve them but its okay, I can live with that🤷🏽‍♀️
Just your standard puzzle / logic book experience. This has become my go-to for night time unwinding. There are a few more ads than I would like, but you can exit out of them quickly anyway. It hasn't been enough to turn me off. I really like this app.
I am subscriber and will continue. Just wish hints available when totally stuck on picross, or at least allowance of a few mishaps, also some sized for Android screen, or auto x when correct on a line. Really hard to see on small screens. Referring to picross only. But I am enjoying the other puzzles.
Like the number of options, but when I complete a picture, there is no way to find the errors without guessing where to use the hints. Wasted MANY hints to attempt to complete a puzzle.
Is okay. However, some of the games are not easy to understand in terms of what to do? Maybe add a description of the objective? Example of this is Crack back. I've googled and I can't find it anywhere either, so I have no idea how to play it. Please advise.
Nice range of puzzles, free to play options a little annoying on the ads. My main problem with this is that the logic puzzles very often have no logical way to solve. There's often more than one solution and therefore not solvable by logic alone which is generally the description of a logic puzzle.
Love the puzzles. I am so addicted! Bought a book, but ads still came up. 😧 I am also curious how the scoring works.
Really good puzzle collection, with frequent addition of new material, as well as a novel asynchronous competitive aspect. Could definitely use a little UI work. In particular, I think the reset puzzle command should be included on pretty much every puzzle, as well as an undo button (especially needed on Link-A-Pic). Would also be nice to auto-unlock page when puzzle is done.
Good game. There aren't too many adds that make it cumbersome to play, and no goofy coins or anything like that. It's just straight up puzzles with directions included. The only thing I can say to improve this is maybe getting more types of puzzles, but they have a pretty large selection already. Overall, good game, just what i was looking for. 👍
Originally reviewed this 2/5 but I am done. (1) It pops open ads even when I am not using the app. I'll be in a different app and suddenly I'll get interrupted by a lingerie ad from this one. (2) Surprising number of slurs as clues in the word search puzzles. (3) Inexplicably a huge battery drain. (4) Also at least one the word problems has the wrong value in the answer key, in case those other three things don't bother you.
The championship could be better if the time a player takes in a game were immediately recorded and stored offline instead of being recorded when a connection is made to the server. I recently suffered a 10-second "penalty" because of my unstable wifi connection (and of my switching to 4G). ----- UPDATE Please add a Back button to Four-in-a-Row. It's really hopeless when you have to use trial-and-error not knowing how you should go back.
Great choice menu. So many great games to choose from. First time players thru pros will be able to play and be entertained. Plenty of FREE issues available or options to buy for no ads.
Don't bother downloading this game, the Developer isn't entirely forthcoming. They never said anything about the Word Search puzzles being in Russian only. I am uninstalling because of the lies & stupid access permissions in the start of this app. Why should I give you access, to delete or change my Google Play Game Data??? I'd give 0 stars if I could!!! I can't stand downloading a game, just to find I have been mislead or lied to, when the game really isn't free to play!!!