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Puzzle Aquarium

Puzzle Aquarium for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by PivotGames. Inc. located at S-PlexCenter Synergium 906, 31, Maebongsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Was really relaxing and nice at first.. Until the ads happened. - Every 2-3 puzzles there's a 5 second ad - Per two puzzles a 'Watch Ad to Spin!' pop up - A usually skipabble random pop up ad - The advertisements at the bottom And this list does not include the optional ads (treasure chest, double coins, etc). Really cute enjoyable game, for 5 dollars I'd definitely buy it but.. Due to how pushy and frequent the ads are, I don't want to buy anything on or relating to it.
Its a fun game that's higher quality then I expected, I really appreciate that they don't make adds mandatory or aggressively advertise online purchaseses. everything in the game can be bought with the in game currency which is fantastic! the puzzles are fun and get pretty challenging, it would be nice if you could do more with the fish other then feed them and collect them but that's just my opinion. it can get kinda boring if you play a lot but overall I really enjoy it!
Puzzles are pretty fun. Ads are a little annoying but not too crazy. A current bug lets you get free spins when you open the app each time. Specifics: you have to close and restart the app to make it forget you had your free spin for the day. If you just switch windows and switch back it will remember. But each time actually close the app and restart it, you get another free spin. You can get as many free spins per day as you want with this bug.
Fun game with lots of different puzzles. I am running into a bug where I can't click Claim x 5 or the Claim button after finishing a level, and I have to close and reopen the app to continue. It's annoying because I lose out on the coins that I should have earned. (The bug occurs right after I beat the level and I get the Completed popup. I try to press on Claim x 5 or just Claim but nothing happens). One more things to note, sometimes I get a No video available popup trying to view the ad.
So far it's pretty cool !!! Time will tell, I have only played about 9 or 10 puzzles. I'll let you know in a month or two.
I like the fact that you aren't forced to upgrade to move on. You can play the games at your own pace and unlock the fish and decorations etc in your own time. However I'm disappointed that I paid to remove ads and the banner ads keep popping up anyway. If I close and reopen the game they disappear for a while but then come back.
Hi...I love the game and it is so much fun every time when I get money pass always use it on the mystery I always want to get tickets get tickets one time I got five and I got a fairy fish but I ran out of all of it and it just got trickier but I still get to do games and get lots and lots and lots of more trophies and then I order more money I'm almost sleeping piping one because I'm on the hexa Block one good luck to all of you
Awesome game! It's very addicting (in a good way of course) and it's super fun. I love all of the puzzles and the fish are so cute! The only reason why I gave it 4 starts instead of 5 is because Im not a fan of the amount of levels you have to do to unlock new puzzles. But besides that it's amazing! I would recommend. :)
I Hate the new year challenge. I love everything else. I have 12 Hs and can't get any other letters. Seriously disappointing. All the other challenges I was able to earn fish fairly.
I love fish, I love puzzles games, so puzzle aquarium definitely ticks all the boxes for me. I've play through all 300 of the first type of puzzle and about 100 of the second, and a handful of the next couple. It's been very enjoyable.
pretty cute and fun. it's like multiple puzzle games in one. had an issue w the Christmas event but developer is super responsive and helpful
Fun but make sure you save your progress if you have to reset device; did not save progress automatically like most games on Google play
Cute game .I love fish . Any game with fish I'll try. Just dont have a lot of time to watch ads . But I get it, have to pay everyone who worked on developing the game . Keep up the great work ..
Perfect game! Thank you for creating this! Everyone in our whole large family has this on their tablet and loves doing the variety of puzzles and making their own fish tanks. The adds are optional, so if you want to spend 30 seconds watching an add, you can choose to do that and get 5X the coins, sometimes we do, sometimes we just enjoy it off line and building up coins more slowly. The variety of puzzles and unlocking new fish and plants, feeding and arranging is very fun and refreshing!
Cute, tbh i dont play this for the aquarium aspect i just play it for the games. Dont like the fact you have to play a game to unluck other games tho. Oh and also every time an ad comes up the ad doesnt play and i cant leave. So i have to exit the app every time i get an ad.
Really amazing game. Minimal Ads. Would give 6 stars if i could. I have Aspbergers and go through many many toigh days and times. Especially recently. I have been looking everywhere for a game like this. I love what the developers have made. Its incredible
Exactly what it claims to be. Ads are perfectly reasonable for the gameplay. Puzzle variety is great.
This game is so calming and cute. The puzzles are fun and a good level of difficulty where there are enough easy levels to make you feel confident and enough hard levels it still feels like a challenge. I also appreciate being able to add to the aquarium through gameplay and not in app purchases!
The game is really good, that's why I rated it 5 star. I looked at a lot of reviews that said there were too many ads, but I don't see the problem if you play offline. I mean you can just turn your mobile data or the wifi, just watch a video to get a prize and then turn it off again. Oh, and the games are really fun, I love it! I really really recommend this game. It's perfect.🎮😘👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thank you!!
There are a few things I have with this Puzzle game. Make more levels or implement different games. I've already reached the end levels of 8 of your puzzles and I can't play them anymore unless I choose to in the Daily Quest feature. Also, there isn't an award system for the two newly implemented puzzles so, please add that in sometime soon. Also, I've reached level 300 in the paint maze puzzle, there is a glitch where the roller will teleport to another point on the map randomly. Otherwise, 👍
I've had this app/game for a couple of yrs now and it USED TO BE so much fun! Now? Man, it's just plagued with problems! Ads that u can't back out of (not those 30 sec ads but ads u literally can't back out of and if u try to exit, it sends u straight to the ads website)! If u try to visit more than 3 fish tanks the game will freeze. The game CONSTANTLY glitches and crashes and u have to restart it ALL the time too! I used to LOVE(!) this app so much but for some reason they just ruined it! Smh.
Simple puzzles that can be a bit challenging at times,cute graphics, and a decent variety of fish/decor There are a decent amount of ads but all special items like hints or tickets can be bought with ingame money which is pretty easy to get. Very good idle game. Improvement wise Id say just add more fish/decor and more goals to work towards so people dont lose intrest
Most ads are skipable, but if you watch them you'll get more coins. SUPER cute game that's worth your time and worth the ads. There's a great variety of puzzles and you can be pretty much as mindless or focused as you want to be while paying. Cute concept, fun game!
Love the game. Main draw back is having to complete so many of each puzzle or have enough coins to unlock the next type. But overall a really enjoyable game especially once more games are unlocked. And new types have been added. Removed one star because getting seriously annoyed by the app asking me to rate it every single day. If that can stop would go back to 5 stars. If not may go down more until I just Uninstall the game.
Love the simple goals and puzzles. Ads are common but not too interruptive unless you take the bait. Ad removal is a subscription. Not a fan of that. I don't play it every week, which is part of why I like it. It doesn't force you to log in daily or lose progress or fish. I wish the events and special fish were less of a gamble. I don't mind a challenge, but not when I am not guaranteed to get the reward for hours of effort.
It's is a really peaceful, beautiful, calming game. The fish are mesmerising, and the themes and music are just really relaxing. There are ads, but there are barely any, and you can skip them. I really recommend this game, and this game is just amazing. Loads fast as well . Would really recommend
I paid for this app and I enjoy it. I just wish it would stop asking me to rate it multiple times a night after I have already given it five stars.
I've really enjoyed this game, it's a great set of puzzles to zone out to. My only frustration is that I've played through all 300 of my favourite puzzle type (the first one) and can't play it anymore. I'd love a way to reset it so I can play through them again (without losing the rest of my progress).
Enjoyable, relaxing time-killer. Mandatory ads are very brief; longer ads happen only when you opt for them in exchange for substantially higher rewards for completed puzzles.
Absolutely love it! Bought the no adds for a few dollars (ads every 2-3 puzzles without) and it's great. There's no stars, no finish in x steps for rewards, the best sudoku ui I've ever played, and just overall a great no stress game. Very happy with the new daily puzzle feature that lets you pick any puzzles you want if you haven't unlocked your favorites. The only downside is if you hate certain puzzles you'll have to play them to unlock items/the next puzzle type.
Love the game and the cute atmosphere you've created. I think you should unlock more games and creatures faster, but I appreciate that nearly everything is attainable without spending.
I have been installing and installing LOTS of game lately, looking for casual farming, building and puzzles. This is by far the worst app I have come across for adds. Non stop adds. I really wish I had been counting time of adds vurses time of game play. I was enjoying the puzzles.
I love this app! The aquarium is cute and I love having little goals to meet to get the fish and decor. I also love the puzzles, which is the main reason I game on my phone. My only issue is that the updates don't come frequently enough for me. I only play max an hour a day, and yet I'm able to get the fish and decor within a week or two. That leaves two weeks where I have no goals to reach. My assumption is that when the next update comes out (it has been a month since the last as I write this) that I'll already have progressed enough on the puzzles that I won't have any goals to meet. I don't want to have to not play for a few weeks just to have goals when the update comes out. Otherwise, I love this game and how responsive the creators are!
It seems good so far but after an ad I didnt press any button for it just showed the opening loading screen doing nothing until I closed out.
Fun game, I like the puzzles. Sometimes it can be a bit of a grind to unlock the next puzzle type because you have to play the newest one to unlock it, but the puzzles are still fun. The fish are cute too.
Just love the game graphics are good i like the diff fish etc and the fact that you can build your own tank. Also love the games you have to play food for my brain to stay strong. I give it a thumbs up👍💯
Been a gamer for years and I would like to say in my opinion that this is one of the most entertaining game. From puzzles to beautiful aquarium. And please can you do the aquarium to be a live wallpaper so that we can see it on our home screen? Looking forward for more events, themes and cute sea creatures!
Really good puzzle app. A variety of different puzzles, rarely interrupted by ads. A neat concept, too, building an aquarium as you progress.
This is by far the BEST of the puzzle game apps I've downloaded. This has many different game styles, with a range of difficulties. There is the ability to buy hints with coins that you earn from beating levels with multipliers from watching ads. It's very easy to earn many coins without having to sink any money into the game if you're willing to sit through a 15-30sec ad every so often. The aquarium aspect is very cute and soothing. It's easy to aquire full aquariums in the different scenes!
Fantastic, would give it 6 stars if I could. It's not at all pay to play, just as many free puzzles as you want to solve and you earn coins for solving them that you can use to build awesome aquariums, very wholesome and relaxing. Not many ads either.
It's a really fun and good game because you can complete puzzles,upgrade you aquarium AND MORE and check this game out!!! :)
I am so totally hooked on this game... not to many ads good fun stuff to do relaxing and time flies love love it
I absolutely love this app especially with the new features theme and Christmas updates 😍 🙌 ❤ 😀 Although I do wish I didn't have to play different puzzles to unlock different kinds of fishes. But..... It doesn't matter because it doesn't change my opinion on how much I love the game Puzzle Aquariam!
Calibration for moving the pieces can be off. Not all the games have the "undo" option for just one move and some could greatly benefit fron that. But the games are fun, a good mix, and well balanced with the goals/rewards system.
I was really enjoying this game. However, since the recent update it won't even load. I click on the game and it doesn't even open the game, it crashes. Shame cuz I was really enjoying it and was really looking forward too the Halloween event. Please fix this issue. PLEASE.
Not terrible but not great. The decorating part kind of sucks, of anything is close to the edges of the screen it's moved upon startup. Constant bugging me to leave a review is super annoying too. Ask once and leave it that guys, you got yourselves a lower rated review by spamming it.
Lots of fun to play! Super chill and while there are purchases in the app it isn't a pay to play or a pay to win. Haven't had any issues with the app at all
it's so cute!! the fish design & overall aesthetic are pleasing to the eyes, very calming too. I don't mind the ads because they don't force them every other minute. the gameplay is also seamless. and there's tons of puzzles to look forward to!!
I was looking for a game that had multiple creative puzzles... And this one gave me even more! The puzzles are great, and the goals are fun!
I am in love with this game! So many different puzzle games within one, and you don't need internet to play. The music is adorable and it's so fun to decorate your aquarium with the rewards from playing fun puzzles.
Cool game. This is the kind of game I was searching for. Solve puzzles to earn coins, spend them to decorate your aquarium. Puzzles help to keep brain sharp and decorating aquarium motivates me to solve more puzzles. There are 9-10 different puzzles with 300 levels each.
Very nice game. Build up an aquarium by playing puzzles. Some of the games are kinda similar, but still nice to have so many to choose from. And you're not bombarded with ads in between every level!
I like this app, I'm just getting into it some and so far it's been fun. Looks like I will have a lot of choices the further along you get. Give it a try
Aspects of the game are cute and fun but others are very annoying. They should have more aquariums since they're quite limited as to # of fish allowed in each. They should have permanent seasonal ones also such as Halloween and Christmas. Current event is seriously flawed and I find it incredibly hard to believe they don't know and haven't deliberately done it. I've played almost every day, gotten 12A,3E,10H,19N,0P,8R,9W,3Y, so can only get 3 new fish after so much effort. LAME!!
Addictive. The only negative is that you have to unlock the other games before you play them. Give me my sudoku!!
Having fun. Like the idea I have to do the puzzles to earn coins to fill the aquarium's. The fish and decor are nice. Coloring and graphics are great. Join me and have fun solving.
Such a relaxing game it's like relieve stress and it restores your mind after a bad day please download and relax!
Engaging, but took 2 stars away for being forced to play 35 games of something I hate to proceed to the next simple game.
I actually kind of like it when I mean kind of I mean I do like I just like it it's a pretty good game you should really get it it's just I'm not the smartest person so I get stuck sometimes but it's really easy to make the little coins so it helps me
It has various puzzles so it isnt tireing and collecting its fish and plant species is challenging and fun but I wish there was a way to extend the amount of land you have so it wouldnt get too crouded
Game is mostly nice and soothing, though the games don't tell you that you have to fill in all squares with your solution until you don't. Also, some puzzles with several colors are hard to distinguish, so a "colorblind" mode would be handy. And almost all the ads I have been shown so far have been for terrifying games where you merge living creatures together! :o --edit thanks for low color mode! And I got an unsolicited notification even though I disabled them in settings, so you lose a star.
Ads keep covering the app so you can't play the puzzles. I was having fun until that started happening. I even updated the game and it continues, too frustrating for me
Stress free, engaging and relaxing. I love that you can try as much as you like to finish a puzzle without worrying if you are doing it perfectly or in the fewest moves or fastest time. My only complaint is that for seasonal events it doesn't warn you when it is the last day to get the special fish.
Nice relaxing game but the puzzles get repetitive quickly. You unlock "new" types of puzzles as you progress but eventually they are just the same types of games you've unlocked previously. Essentially, it is cute and fun but if you're looking for a challenge it's not here.
I have been playing the game for a long time. It's a good game. It has alot of different puzzles, starts out easy and becomes very challenging. You unlock new games as you play. The ads annoyed me so much that I started playing it less and less, then I say a promotion for R30 to buy an ad free game... now I really enjoy the game again. Worth it without the ads
Thanks, devs! Even more great features! New theme, fish, decors, and puzzle stages. The chameleon fish is hilarious, and the platypus is so funny to watch! This game is totally free, no tricks to take my money, just pure fun. The more I play, the more I appreciate your ethical standards, including enlightening me on the endangered animals you chose to use. I'm looking forward to your great ideas flowing into my phone!
This is a fun game and a great time waster, the puzzles are fun but not too hard. The fish designs are unique and colorful. The only problem I have with this game is there is no way to return fish when you accidentally buy them. I don't care if I don't get all my money back, I just want to be able to return them. I lowered my review because of how the developers responded to my previous comment before I deleted it by accident.
Plenty of puzzles to keep you occupied. There is no time limit or pressure. The fish won't die but feeding them often means more coins. Very cute addictive game.
Nice app with some good puzzles. The main reason for knocking a star off is the idea by the developers that £7.49 per month is a good price for the app is a bit far fetched.
Love this game, very entertaining with a wide range of challenging puzzles! The only proble I have involves the ads, it sometimes freezes up and boots be off. I would perfer if it didn't take so long to progress to having "new" aquariums to decorate and fill with the sea life ;) Peace out, blessings & be SAFE everyone
The puzzles are enjoyable and the concept is nice. Losing a star because the ads have started serving at a deafening volume - far louder than the in-game music. Might be an ads provider issue? (Using ver .59 on Android 10, OnePlus 5T)
Love this game. My toddler loves it too.(we actually have an older version as well that this one replaced) I wanted to put it on her Amazon tablet but it isnt on their app store yet. I hope it is added soon.
Can be extremely fun as there is a large variety of fish, plants, and puzzles, but the ads are just too much. A 30 second after every 5 second puzzle (which is virtually required to get enough coins) is absurd; at least make ads give x5 rewards for 5 levels or 5 minutes or something. Also, not sure if Puzzle Aquarium or Google Play issue, but after not automatically logging into my play account, it won't retroactively give awards (i.e. feats for completing levels before having logged in, etc...)
It's a great game! It has a variety of puzzles, and fun fish to collect. Most of the ads are optional, and played for a reward. I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a puzzle app with variety.
This game honestly has me addicted. I love it! It has minimal adds, doesn't shove tons of in app purchases in your face, it has tons of different but classic games, and you get to buy cute little fish! The seasonal event they currently have going on is even fun and I've done it for three days straight. I don't usually leave reviews for games but I honestly like this one enough to!
I am having so much fun. This app has so much variety with all the different puzzles with their levels of play and difficulty. And then you have the aquarium and the fish to tend to. This is just an app that can be fun in a lot of different ways and can attract all ages.
*edited* Lots of puzzles and aquarium is a fun bonus. Also has a nice colour scheme which is a rarity. However it's annoying that you unlock different fish and puzzle types by playing specific games - especially since 3 puzzles (2, 4 and 7) are very similar and I did not enjoy playing them. As the dev pointed out (rather rudely) below you can unlock puzzles with coins but it is expensive and also not advertised as an option at all in game (I found it by accident once but by then it was too late)
Love the game. Main draw back is having to complete so many of each puzzle to unlock a new type of puzzles and have no choice in the order or how many of each type have to be completed to unlock the next type. But overall a really enjoyable game especially once all are unlocked.
I'm really loving this game! Puzzles and Create your own aquarium, awesome. Nice graphics, soothing gameplay and sound effects, if you love puzzles like me, this is the game for you! My only suggestions is that maybe you could add a bubble shooter puzzle too the puzzle collection or a tile match game, that would be amazing. Really cool, relaxing games guys, thanks! 🐠🐟
Cute fish game with multiple games-puzzles. I love how many options there are with the mini games. Only feedback is give me more decor! ...and fishes. :D
Overall fun game. Someone mentioned adding a colorblind mode (some colors are really close together) so that'd be helpful. Also add more double-coin events! Fish are expensive & you only make 20-30 coins per puzzle (unless you watch an ad to double that amount) so it takes a while to get enough just to buy 1 fish, which is frustrating. Edit: was 4/5, but -1 star for how the developers responded to suggestion. Lol
Great game, nice graphics, good puzzles that are challenging but not so frustrating I want to quit, but the ads have gotten more and more intrusive since I started playing. Still less intrusive than most other apps though, so for that reason it still gets four stars.
It's cute and the puzzles are fun. However, on the puzzles that require putting blocks in place, the blocks are way off from my finger - it's still doable, but it takes a bit of getting used to.
Took some stars away - I dont mind the ads when they are muted, but now they're playing with sound. Very annoying!
Kind of fun, but the ads! My god, the ads! I totally respect that developers need revenue, but they seem desperate to monetize this game.
A great mix of quality, classic puzzle games. The ads aren't intrusive and I never felt compelled to hand out money. I would love if the aquarium and fish collecting aspect was more fleshed out and enjoyable, though. As of right now, there's really only the puzzles.
I like most games that I've unlocked, just kinda wish you got to pick which ones you unlock. There are some that aren't the best. I really don't like the wheel. I watch the video after every puzzle to get the coins since you don't get many for solving, but it seems weighted to stars to level up! I spent thousands of coins (500 each spin) and they ALL went to the stars! Kinda wish the stars weren't on the wheel. I'm also partially colorblind, and wish there was an option for people like me.