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Puzzle & Dragons for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by GungHoOnlineEntertainment located at 東京都千代田区丸の内1丁目11番1号 パシフィックセンチュリープレイス丸の内 Pacific Century Place Marunouchi, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great game for killing time, if you're willing to invest in how the game actually works. Can be a bit confusing to get into, or to comeback to after a long break in gameplay.
This is still one of the best games I've ever played. Granted, its a little laggy at some points, but i love it none the less. Keep up the amazing work and fun collabs. So many possibilities for fun collabs, it must be hard to choose.
Amazing game. Many have reviewed this game quite critically leaving it under rated, but this is the best gatcha style game on the playstore. it has a wide spectrum of content difficulty making it fun to play for long periods of time. While you can spend money, the developers are kind and generous to the players and do not orient it in the pay to play fashions of bandai games like Dokkan. the unique take on the match 3 classic playstyle makes it an easy game to play, but with welcome complexity.
Everything about this game I love it's just that I wish they would fix the problem that is going on with watching an ad as I have good internet at home and have been on the internet but it would always make me have to try it five to 10 times before it actually works after I go outside once I stick my phone up like I'm in a tree looking for service
It's a great game but you get to the point where you have max lvl plus lvl break then the money builds quick would be nice if the devs put in something where you can buy special monsters with coins too cause I have over 200 million and rarely ever use them
I love this game! Great way to pass the time. Only problem I have is how rare Magic Stones (the 2nd type of currency, used mostly for summoning) are. I get, like, 2 a day. I'd like more. Other than that, perfect game!
Fun collection game but I have a suggestion: could you guys please update the Google play achievements? They're very old and not very interesting at all. Mostly they're get a certain number of combos or use a certain skill.
I played this game a few years ago I lost the device it was on. I kept thinking about it because it was fun and relaxing so I gave in and just started over. Glad I have because I really do like it.
I been playing for a while, but now it just seams on a basic event rotator, they do update it got a tone of stuff to do, you cant really get bord, graphic are pretty cool standered stuff
Great game. Can pause any time so it's easy to fit into small breaks. Some good deals when it comes to IAP. Not too difficult but still has some challenge.
honestly a good game, takes a bit of time to get a powerful team, but an easy concept to grasp at with the main attack method of stacking orbs in rows to attack. Overall good game.
I was trying to log into my account, and I was trying to do a data transfer to get my account back to play, by every time it hit me with the same error telling me that I was an unregistered user. So that effectively meant that I had lost everything on that account including YEARS of hard work to get some of the characters I had on that account. I hope this issue gets fixed soon, but for now I am slightly annoyed by this.
I gave it a 1 star becausw the app would'nt even open. I tried deleting and reinstalling it but it didn't work. Please fix this
A wide variety of monsters to collect great time killer and story line is endless and very well put together. A favorite of mine and a great way to stay in doors.
Been playing for 8 years and I may never delete the game. My aunt who passed away absolutely loved this game and so did I. It reminds me of her every time I play.
I love this game because it is one of the greatest and actually fun time killers that i have come across. There is always something happening and they are reeeaaallly gererous with the gifts when it updates or if you just log in.
I like this game. I played it many times throughout years . But tbh more I think on it. PnD had lost it roots. It's literally filled with "gods" onto "gods" I don't feel any sense of achievement or had earned those "gods". Why even brother of lvl your monsters or evolve them? You literally get these "gods" from the get go. There is no sense of challenge. I wish they go back to their roots. It's too easy and it's too hard to resist such high level monsters. You have to willing go without it.
Long time player off an on. Favorite game ever made pc, console, phone . Doesn't matter. I'd love to see some more collabs. Attack on titan would be cool. Could be a bunch of transforming leads . It's perfect. People would creams . Anyways I love you guys
So ive been playing for years on different phones and I'll just say it. This game is soo good. Like I could play it for hours on end. Its fun no matter what. Offline or online multiplayer . it doesn't matter. 5 stars
The gameplay is the best I've ever played in freemium, but lategame is "have awakening/skill/leader x or suffer". However, they give f2p plenty of paths to stay near the bleeding edge.
i keep coming back, its the petfect quick mobile game. got 5-10 minutes? waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom? this game perfectly fills those time slots
Great game. No need for fancy gameplay. Developers kept it simple and easy to pick up. Unique teams enables diff play styles as some like multi-combo while others prefer long rows. Solid game with no need to spend big bucks to be relevant
Alright, I've been in this game for 5 years, and I haven't had a single complaint, I am just about to hit level 700, and with years come experience, so for the people saying that this game is a pay to play, no it isn't, you just haven't found a way to get magic stones that you don't just get handed. Magic stones are made to keep you from reaching the high tiers when you are under leveled, that's why they implement these drop rates, for the people who really want these monsters to spend stones on
Doesn't work with latest version of Android. The company is too incompetent after WEEKS of waiting to fix it. Dead game.
noice. the game is hard for first time players but once you get used to it its easy and at the start you automatically get free magic stone which is premium currency to buy op +297 monsters. i really like it but its not some peoples type
I've been playing for about 8 years now and the game has really improved since their beginning. There's been a lot of quality of life updates and the in-game purchases are reasonably priced. Nothing like "pay $99 for this one thing." Game isn't really P2W. I've spent $600 so far and my skill level is still too low for the more advanced dungeons. Thanksgiving is the best time to join as christmas giveaways start around then.
Incredible game if you want to play casually or go more hard core. Great variety of characters, collaborations, and events to always give you enough monsters. My one complaint is having to play multiplier with someone who you have added as a friend and the in game mail isn't the best to communicate. But as a single player game this is very fun and simple! Great job Gung ho!
Out of every puzzle game this one takes the cake. I like how they do crossovers and some of the bosses are fair and challenging, but I sometimes think that the bosses are too overpowered. That's just my thoughts on it.
I like the game. I like the type of puzzle game it is because its aimed to collect more than 3, and get in angles *by moving the orbs* while everything does do that, strictly just horizontally and isn't satisfying like this game. Collecting the mon's are great. They're cute too, and this game the game doesn't "make you" do the moves you don't wanna like some games I've played. Barely any ads too! Genius.
Played this game when it first came out. Busy with life. Came back and it's still just as fun. I love collecting monsters and the matching orbs combo diluge is constantly hilarious. I get better with every iteration and making a team to beat specific events is really fun. Not to mention that if you get lucky and pull FIRE, it gets even more fun
Still Love the game......But I Still couldn't get a favorite monster if mine Holy Night Ash Phantom Demon Ilmina on the Christmas pull machine and this New Spectres event lags Really bad I've tried everything.......
Been playing the game since 2011 and it has done nothing but improve. From scaling old cards, adjusting mechanics to match power creep, stamina reducing excessive play time, nd giving away free gotcha rolls into a pool decided by the community, there's little to say that GungHo is trying to make a successful game and community for what I consider to be their magnum opus.
The is good but something is going wrong with the download it will not let me in it keeps saying something went wrong and I tried 5 times plz fix I want to get back in.
This is by FAR my favorite game on Android. I've played EVERY day for over 150 days, and it just keeps getting better. Zero ads, gorgeous artwork, virtually endless replay value, *constant* freebies, nonstop events... I can't think of a bad thing to say about it. You can play casually and never spend a dime, or you can take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes! The mechanics are boggling, but only if you want to be that involved. Fun either way. Great, GREAT job, GungHo!
Update for Android 11 please. Been playing daily for years, I've got a pad pass and I've been locked out of the game for nearly a month now, missed an entire event plus parts of two others. Been nearly two months since the last app update, and no other app I've ever seen breaks like this for Android versions. Please get your stuff together
I've been playing for years so if i can get some help it'd be appreciated. I'm currently playing on a Galaxy A11 and the battles that i do have very poor frame rate. Everytime i let go of my orb combo the frame rates just drop dramatically so please help.
I have been playing Puzzles and Dragons since 2013 and in 2020 it is still my favorite game to play. Gameplay is simple and fun! The visuals are gorgeous and there are a variety of cute and stunning monsters for you to collect. Along with plenty of play opitions, whether you are a serious gamer or looking for a simple engaging game to occpuy a small amount of time this is the game for you! GungHo is wonderful and provides top quailty content, gameplay and service. 5 STARS all the way!
Great game! love puzzles, artwork, collecting. Stopped playing when i got bored but was always and still is a great game. People get bored after a while, it's normal. My skill is average or below so, it became difficult to keep playing when I realized that through their ranking games which is fine too. Started playing again recently.
I adore this game I've been playing it for probably around 3 years now. It's been a pretty good time I've put probably a few hundred dollars in this game. But recently there's been this update in which I can't even launch this app I don't know when it happened and I've been trying to launch it everyday but I have not been able to. It feels like I wasted money because at this point it feels like it won't be fixed. I never even linked progress so If I have to delete it I lose everything, again.
I've been playing PAD for over 5 years now, and my experience with the game has been mostly positive. The micro transaction model has gotten much friendlier for F2P players since I began. However, power-creep is massive in this game, so meta-chasing is a requirement to conquer the current, end-game content. Disregarding the addiction and frustration of gacha games, if you enjoy match-3 type games, love Japanese art, and don't mind grindy RPGs, then Puzzle & Dragons is a fantastic option!
A great puzzle game highly recommend specially if your phone screen is compatible with the game fixed aspect ratio. can you please fix the game aspect ratio, putting a blue border does not make it look good it makes the game look amateurish
It's been over a month since the last Android update and still no fix, can't even launch it. I've been playing since 2015 and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody if this dead period didn't exist right now.
I used to enjoy this game. Not anymore. There's a difference between challenging and nearly impossible. Some of these wipe you out in one shot, some of the evo things are nearly impossible to get and without them you can't evolve your monsters, and whose bright idea was devolving?
I agree with some of the other comments on here. I've used this game for a long time and I love it, but the developers really need to stop releasing updates if they are not compatible yet. Especially this last one, it has been broken for weeks now and still no fix. And 1 magic stone as "compensation" will not be enough, considering pad pass is out now and people have missed out on almost a full months worth of log in rewards that they are actually paying money for now. Fix game, I'll fix rating
Love it. I do like it where there is constant events and retakes on events. The collabs are pretty good (in my opinion I would like a Re:zero event or a Black Butler event. Features I dislike but don't really care about is the fact I can't obtain that many magic stones unless there is an event going on then you get 25. Overall this is my favorite game on my phone
I enjoy the game a lot. Although I'm not very good at this game, it still allows me to expand my mind to new ways of playing. I do however wish that magic stones were a bit easier to collect, but other than that, I love it
Fun game, but the P&D pass is pointless due to the fact that the extra dungeons you get are unbeatable.
I just started the game and blasted through the entire tutorial and some dungeons but the whole helper mechanic just ruins the whole progression experience. I can't even turn the help off making it mandatory to choose a helper, and with everyone already having maxed out monsters, the difficulty of the game becomes non existent. Please remove the mandatory helper to start a dungeon run.
I've been playing this game for over 8 years on multiple accounts and I can say that I've never grown tired of it. It always has new mechanic or feature to constantly make the game more challenging or fun. Love this game and I'm looking forward to 10 years.
Arguably the best, strategically deepest and by far the most fair and generous f2p puzzle and card collecting gatcha game. Over 5000+ cards with gorgeous art, newer ones updated with animations and lots of dungeons to beat.. New content being updated regularly (about a month behind JP) and the dev GungHo regularly updates older cards to keep everything relevant. No bs dupes of the same card with different rarity levels all cards are unique. Full of strategy and deep mechanics for puzzle solving.
This game is in a different class then most. Its unique detailed and always fun. I have been playing this game since the beginning. Thank u for a wonderful game.
Hey, make a feature where after a battle you have to spend gold coins to heal your team. It would help spend the excess coins and give them some relevancy again.
the only thing that i thinks it lacks as a collecting gacha, is character background, i mean the names are exagerated and i would like to know why the Gazed Ultrasonic Monkey of Space is gazed or why is he on space, they just have amazing art with no profound identity besides their names, and its a bummer not knowing more of the favorite dragons or gods one may poses. otherwise its a great miscealaneous time killer, one to keep forever. also the trade systems needs hell of a help
Bring the Monogatari collab back. Haven't played much, but I'd grind my state time away if they brought the Monogatari collab back so I could get the characters.
sure the game is gacha based but with some knowlege and knowing what to roll in you will have a decent team the games a lot of fun you will enjoy it without the need of money
I enjoy the game a lot. Although I'm not very good at this game, it still allows me to expand my mind to new ways of playing. Thanks for the constant changes I can play the game without worrying about if it will crash
Very fun time consuming The only problem is fighting monsters /Dragon you have unlocked and you know there capabilities and strength and you still lose to them.
I normally dont leave reviews, but I had this game from day one. I've played it on and off for years. Everytime I launch it I get sucked back in. This game and dev team is great! Keep it up :)
I love this game. I do have a big problem. It wont let me recove my account. I have lost my account twice. every time I try to recover it, the game tells me there was an errer. I also tryed to link my account to facebook but it didnt work still says there was an errer. Can someone please help?
Played this game for over 3 years and I love it so much! But there's always one issue that has annoyed me to no end. There is no confirmation when spending a stone in a dungeon and I hate that there isn't. I've wasted a lot of good stones by continuing a dungeon on accident and I always get so angry when it happens. That's always been a persistent problem in this game and I really hope we can at least get a confirmation window beforehand!
This is by FAR my favorite game on Android. I've played EVERY day for 111 days, and it just keeps getting better. Zero ads, gorgeous artwork, virtually endless replay value, constant freebies, nonstop events... I can't think of a bad thing to say about it. You can play casually and never spend a dime, or you can take the red pill and see how far down the rabbit hole goes! The mechanics are boggling, but only if you want to be that involved. Fun either way. Great, GREAT job, GungHo!
Fun, challenging, entertaining. just about everything you would want from a game. Love the crossovers/special characters.
This game has 7 years of design improvements and content additions after starting as the hands down best matching game. This game is the king of its type and stays fun with team design/ development. It's super fun even for f2p players (I am one).
I mean this game is fun and good looking, but it takes so much time to freaking get far in the game, literally i took on a dungeon with VERY good monsters and the boss just one shot me over and over. The creators are stupid and this game is not recommended, you should never even put your time into this stupid game. If the creators of this game see this, #1 give out better monsters and not freaking hello kitty things that do 1000 damage. #2 Step up your game, everyone in my yt channel hate it.
Awesome game! It is great, full of stragity, cool characters (which are very aesthetically pleasing) yet it is just a simple swipe game. It is easy to upgrade characters and even get super ppwerful ones. And the buddy system is genius! The only thing I don't like is how the saves work, you need a code in order to access a previous account. I juts wish they could link it to your google play. Still don't let that stop you from trying it out
I just picked up and new Note 10+ and didn't realize that the game data doesn't save through Google Play like every other game does on my phone. Tmobile factory resets your phone after the smart switch transfer. All of my progress is lost, I'm so disappointed.
I've been playing PAD for over 5 years now, and my experience with the game has been mostly positive. The micro transaction model has gotten much friendlier for F2P players since I began. However, power-creep is massive in this game, so meta-chasing is a requirement to conquer the current, end-game content. Disregarding the addiction and frustration of gacha games, if you enjoy match-3 type games, love anime art, and don't mind a serious grind, then Puzzle & Dragons is a fantastic option!
If you feel a crippling desire to destroy countless pantheons of gods (mechanical or otherwise) and eviscerate Lovecraftian deities, this game can fill that void. Also Waifus, i guess.
I've enjoyed this game for years now. In my opinion, the best Free to Play game offered to date!! Very nice GungHo, very nice!!
i installed the game, it goes to it's home game screen and then kicks me out of the game. Don't install unless you want a non playable game on your device.
crashes i used to play this all the now the app doesnt open it crashes even after unistalling and reinstalling... update 4/9 still crashes please fix
lol basically I think this game is great, been playing since third grade and I'm a junior in high school now. I lost a bunch of accounts but always come back to it. The people giving bad reviews just suck at the game saying how they got really good monsters and the next word I read is Hello Kitty. also they need to learn how to effectively combo Jesus Christ
Love this game, been playing for five+ years. I've NEVER stuck with a mobile game for this long. It's become much more complex over time but there are plenty of great online guides to help new players get comfortable. It's also the only game I've found that gives out loads of in-game reward to players and makes playing well without IAP easy for everyone. I've heard it described as Pokemon meets Bejeweled, and while it's close, it's much more than that. Give it a go!
Very fun game, first of all. But here's the thing- not only does this, one of the highest grossing gaming franchises, have an inexplicably outdated and inefficient UI, but to have the app completely break with every single Android version update? How. This is literally the only app I've ever come across, Android or iOS, that does this. Inexcusable.
rarely do you find levels you can beat after about 20 points. I've played for a long time, high levels with powerful characters and i can't get past novice levels. Help/tutorial is ridiculous. stay away from this game, it's not worth the frustration.
Nice Crossovers and fun game, the controls are pretty self explanatory and very beginner friendly :) Waiting for the Demon Slayer Collab @GungHoNA 》:)
I really like the game the thing is I hate how you can't use the same character to level up the same character like there shoild be like limit break thing were if you use the same character the stronger they are then just a different character but like still keeping the same system but other then that really nice game i've downloaded it and undownloaded it and the game never gets old 👌👍
I have one gripe with this game. It's way too easy to get 1-hit killed. And enemies just too too much damage out of nowhere for no reason. Some kinda warning would be nice for fatal damage. Also, some way to check the enemy statuses would be incredibly helpful. Half of the icons have no form of explanation and I often forget what some do, so a pop-up window would help out immeasurably. Aside from that? Amazing game.
They have refused to help me restore my account after previous device died. Made numerous purchases that I sent receipts for in to try and help get my account up and running on the new device. They have my money, so they don't seem to care.
Would rate 0 stars if i could. In many dungeons, the enemy's defenses are so stacked against you that you have no way to defeat them. I encountered a boss that had its damage taken reduced by 99% for 999 turns and one hit KOs you every turn. that's literally impossible to win. Dont waste your time with this game, as the creators are only interested in stealing your money on ripoff purchases.
Puzzle and Dragons is one of the most intriguing games that I have come across as it relies more on the player's puzzling skills rather than their units in the game. Although the strongest monsters are mainly obtaining through the use of magic stones, the game does an excellent job providing non-iap monsters that can clear a majority of the content. There are some who claim that Gungho is out to put you in financial debt, but in actuality, they give players an abundant amount of magic stones.
Long time player off an on. This game probably cares the most about it's players. Y'all he showin out for us like having a new anniversary tama every year :). 8 and counting and hopefully many more. I used to want alot but I realized a cool addition to the game is if the card art actually moves it'd be cool if you could see it inside the dungeon like inside their square. I don't know how much work that would take but it's the only thing I can think of. You guys do such a good job :)
There's no intrusive ads, no pushy microtransactions, and there's almost always something to be done, be it leveling your monsters or doing dungeon levels. Magic stones are given out quite liberally, as well as free pulls at various gacha mechanics, making purchases not very necessary even if you want to get pretty far up. My only gripe keeping it from 5 stars is that the support may as well be non-existent. I've had to adopt a new account before while device switching, which wasn't very fun.
This is prolly my favorite game at this time, tho its a little but complicated for me and i dont understand quite how to optimise my monsters. but i cant stop playing!! love it!!
Crossover and Original Characters cast this addictive Match 3 Puzzle game. Create teams of creatures to clear puzzles. Addictive deck-building team and leader system. Level up, Fuse, and Evolve characters to unlock their full effects. Low Skill Floor and High Skill Ceiling keeps challenge and drive to improve consistently. Daily, Weekly, and Monthly puzzles, rotating events, and free give aways and gifts keep content fresh. 9/10 because you're gonna have pay to get that that anime girl.
redownload the game for old times sake and it's exactly how i remember it :) i loved and still love this game
This is a great twist on the standard match three mechanics and possibly the best Android game I've ever played. The interface is a bit packed 8 years in so if you're a new player, the best tutorial is the Story dungeons. Beyond that though, the developers clearly care deeply about the player experience. Puzzles and Dragons is the absolute best premium currency model I've seen.
I will admit they did fix the pay to win by giving users 150 magic stones when you just start playing the game from level 1, but if you dont link your Facebook or Google account and you lose your device with the game data there is nothing they will do. so if you spent $100s or more on ingame purchases you basically lose it all.
Been playing since 2016 and a bunch of stuff is broken and a 1 gem compensation isnt enough 10 isnt even enough
This is a great game. There's some much to earn and do! I recommend this game to the person who reads this.
I've play d this game for years and now after my Android update, I haven't been able to play for over a month. The game constantly crashes and I can't access anything. I'm missing out on all daily bonuses as well. FIX THIS ALREADY.
Wow.... Thank you for being honest anyway. That Privacy Policy was SCARY. I have never seen a company ADMIT to using gifs in emails to track and share whatever they want with WHOMEVER they want. It was kind of cool that they are straight up about it. At the same time however... What in the world would you need my social security number for??? This is a GAME? A game I likely won't ever get to play. Uninstalling. No thank you.
Had deleted game on accident have my user I'd and all my fb was connected to my account and I cant retrieve my account.... I have 75$ invested into this account I am not happy with this
Phenomenal game. Must people view it as a PTW but it's far from that. If you grind and do all the events, you can get to notch S tier characters abs much more...
This game will swallow your soul. The game transfer mechanic is kind of BS. I got a new device and lost an account I had spent some $200 in magic stones on. Serves me right for blowing cash on this blooming game, but.... it's crazy fun and its addicting to try and keep up with the collection. Best Gem matching monster evolving crack fix ever.... would binge again.
Great, I just can't stop playing! It's very addictive, and with all these items and ranks you giveaway it never gets old! I would recommend this to anyone that has lots of time on their hands because this app just never stops being fun.
At the end of some dungeons there are monsters that just keep on healing regardless how much combos you get they just heal and you guys need to fix it because it's nothing but aggravation and just annoying and I'm a really high level I'm level 390 and I can't beat those dungeons which is ridiculous because they keep on healing fix it
This game used to be all about the grind. It was well balanced and fun to work up from nothing. Now you essentially start with a full team of max level gods. So whats the piint for new players?
I've been playing this game for roughly 5 years (some breaks in between) and I just keep coming back to it. I've lost my account on 2 different occasions, but luckily Gungho was very responsive and I was able to recovery it both times in just a few days. PAD is very f2p friendly as they giveaway loads of free stuff and have ridiculously generous gacha rates. Like any other gacha, it is P2W to a small degree, but in the end skill and strategy will take you much further than money alone.
This is where my crippling addiction to anime girls all started, been playing for 7 years now. Wonderful game that I've wasted many hours on.
Masterclass in Player Appreciation I picked up this game 7 years ago and loved it. I played for a year and then life got busy. I picked up the game again 8 months ago and I've never been happier with an android game. The community, support, game design, and free stuff is too tier. The game remains one of the best of all time.
i really enjoy this puzzle game, BUT it has some of the most annoying system for its bosses. if ur too strong, u literally cant kill something. they will just regen all of their health, and makes u really think about giving this game up. and this is someone who had a lvl 300 acc that was lost thru its terrible account transfer system, and started back at lvl 1 and got back to 400. edit: this game has NO PAYWALL. ive seen people saying this, but its not true. ive never spent a single dollar.
The platonic ideal of bright colors, big numbers, and a modicum of strategy to please the video game lizard brain. I took a break from the game for a couple years and have come back, and it's continued to be a fun pastime.
Used to be a great game, and then they made dungeons that are actually impossible to clear without luck. The orb combination you get is fine. Sometimes you just get a bad draw I guess. But making dungeons where you have to rely on a mechanic that doesn't even proc half the time is absolutely trash.
I like the way it makes me think and I like the way that it's a time-consuming game the graphics and the characters are neat and I like the collaboration between other anime and games.
Very greedy game old cards get powercreep very fast require to buy stones in case you want to play endgame
Hello you guys made a great game!^-^ But I would like to make a suggestion, can you add trading to friends cause I have a friend that is a very low rank, and I want give him one of my best unit/the one of the girls that you can get right now. but in all you made a great game, you guys did a awesome job!
Remarkable Game that offers something for everyone. Gave it a try after seeing the tv ads. My only regret is spending so much money buying MP to get through difficult dungeons. Secrets to success: take the time necessary to learn how to get 8 combos each turn, understand how skill activation works, and take the time to build teams that suit your play style. Approaching 1300 game days, never been bored!
Great game! Give it a try. I can't stop playing it. There is a learning curve, but there are plenty of fan blogs and there is a sub reddit. Plenty of info out there. They give tons of free stuff away through frequent special events. It is tempting to spend real money some times, but they give enough away that you can certainly avoid doing that.
A super simple, but fun game. I was looking for a gacha experience and this is a solid one. I do wish that they would do multi summons for stone banners, but that is my only real gripe with the game.
the game is great but it keeps crashing on my Android phone is there a way to fix this without deleting this
it's a fantasy card collecting game where you take the cards you've earned into dugeons. It's a pretty fun game that has easy to mess with synergies while doing the puzzles. The puzzles are what you attack with and the more combos you get, the more powerful your attack will be.
Overall when I first played it was fun but then they consistently made dungeons harder and made it to where the new characters were the only option to defeat that dungeon instead of buffing or making evos that are super outdated.
I've been playing this game for a few years now, the card levels keep the simple game play fresh. They have a lot of events and I never feel "obligated" to play. I really enjoy it.
I played this game since I was a little boy and it's almost the same as last time I played a few years ago and I'm happy about that it brings back some childhood memories this game its amazing it should definitely get more credit than it already does
I haven't played this game in 2 years and I see a lot of improvements. Not really surprised about the update with new playable 'monsters' it doesn't feel like Puzzle & Dragons like it use to be. Only one issue I have is having to login but forgot my ID number since I don't have access to my old phone, just hope that I don't lose all of my data again. Overall, I don't really dislike this game, it was fun and entertaining but wish the login setting wasn't so complicated.
the only thing that i thinks it lacks as a collecting gacha, is character background, i mean the names are exagerated and i would like to know why the Gazed Ultrasonic Monkey of Space is gazed or why is he on space, they just have amazing art with no profound identity besides their names, and its a bummer not knowing more of the favorite dragons or gods one may poses. otherwise its a great miscealaneous time killer, one to keep forever
There are a lot of things that could be better. 1)Too complicated. Level limit, ultevos / revos, latent and +297 skills, assists, skill up mechanics, too many types of binds, damage absorb/void, attribute absorb... It is a mess. And annoying evolution gems. I wish they would simplify the leveling but complicate the puzzling strategies. 2)Dungeons are either too easy (1shot everything) or too hard (get 1shot). I wish the levels felt like a doable challenge, not way too easy or impossible
I've played off and on for 3yrs got a new device and lost all, I got generic emails from support and no fix.I loved the game. Just don't get a new device. When I started playing there was no secret codes or devices it wouldn't work on, now it doesn't support Android 9 and you get no where with support.
I never get board with this game because there are so many options. The art is stunning and imaginative. I really enjoy it.
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SUPPORT. Don't waste your time and money on this game that does NOT care about their player base! They are happy for you to sink money into the game and give players nothing in return. Dying game and horrible customer support. If you switch phones you lose all your save data because they are too cheap to pay for their own servers and they make you save a local copy on your phone and jump through ridiculous hoops to get back your save file. Just not worth it. AVOID THIS GAME!
great game, but keep track if your info in case you switch to a new phone or lose it, their customer service wont help you get your progress or monsters back.
A fun game to just play while you're waiting for something, etc. I have gripes with the way some levels are though. For example, in one of the last levels in the Sonia story chapter, there is literally a monster that will 1-shot you every time. This is not very good game design, especially when it is a fixed team with no ability to 1-shot the enemy at all. If you're gonna make something hard, make it so that it gets you down to low health, not just 1-shot. It's absolutely ridiculous.
Can't restore my account and customer service will not return my inquiry. I've spent hundreds on this game over the years and when my phone got stolen, I lost my account info in game and am forced to deal with the poorly supported game which will not assist me. I URGE you, play only for free, because if and when your account gets lost, support will be thankful for your business and ignore you.
Ive loved this game since it came out years ago. I had stopped playing it back then because it was too hard to evolve your ceatures. they've made it easier now. But i feel it needs a different kind of challenge now.
i admit that i dont have the perfect team. but god damn it feels like all the event bosses are designed to make you spend stones. they set up these impossibly perfect defenses which no real way to get around them unless you spend even more stones to put together that perfect team to take down that ONE event dungeon. All the event dungeons seem like they are so heavily stacked against you to the point it is just unreasonable.
Best mobile game I've ever played. Encourages IAP of course, but also rewards it more than most games - rarely do i have any regrets. And you get the same great gameplay whether you make purchases or not. They also give away more great stuff for free than any other game I've played. All in all, you'll probably be happy no matter what you choose to invest, whether it's just time or time &money
its fun until you hit the challenge dungeons, bosses who will make combo walls of 5 and more, and reducing you time to move orbs in one turn, bosses who ressist being 1-shot then 1-shot you immediatly afterward, making you spend just one more magic stone to continue, the game is fun when its free, and feels like its cheating to make you buy more.
Ive been playing this off and on again since 2016 im addicted there is so much to do and earn. So much veriety in the games and characters and daily prizes and so much cool tornaments. I love it!
XxI love playing this game. The new updates are great.Xx For Pad Pass is there anyway to have a one time payment option instead of just re-occuring. I personally kind of hate re-occuring payment setup since its kind of sketchy.😈😲😨 I would be more willing to puchase it if players could make one time payment similer to the bundles for a $8.99 30day or $80.99 365day Pad Pass.😇😎👍 I hope Puzzles & Dragons can add this feature for Pad pass🔥🔥🔥.
PAD is amazing! You'll always have something to do in the game & you level up quickly. You don't need to spend money on this game if you don't want to, as the game developers did not design the game to "punish you" or basically "prevent you" from getting further in the game if you don't spend money on it. Honestly that is the best reason to get the game if you ask me, aside from how much fun it is and all the different teams you can create! There's always events going on too!
I really love this game and I hope that they get more new updates for Puzzle and Dragon keep up the good work.
more things to spend the coins on would be nice. i have a ridiculous amount of them and can't even remember what they're for anymore. also possibly some exclusive egg drops from the pal egg machine considering if you have a lot of monster points there isn't much point in using it really. adding even one exclusive would give it a bit more purpose. other than that it is a pretty great game, each time you restart is a really different experience.
Not worth your time. You will need the newer "meta" units to clear the new stages they release, and to keep up with their arbitrary difficulty spikes. The rates for these characters are really bad too. I've played for nearly 1500 days and they haven't changed a bit.
OK so its kinda fun I play occasionally when bored. My only problem is some of the dungeons are IMPOSSIBLE. They expect you to get combos, or have super strong monsters(I have some insane monsters myself) but its not always possible. Only reason I haven't uninstalled it is BC your data doesn't save.
welcome to bejeweled dungeon raiders edition, where collaborations and events are fun after you rank past 20 when you can do more than 4 raids at a time. otherwise its a great lunchtime or pass time game to keep you sharp.
My favorite mobile game. While others have come and gone, I've been playing PAD for almost 4 years now. Getting better at comboing has been a steady, rewarding challenge. Gung Ho adds enough new content & features to keep things interesting.
The game is great, can be very giving with extra MS and pal points, and also easy to level up quickly. Why the one star? PAD has a crafty knack of scamming, or trying to, its players into spending their money. I bought a $25 pack w/ 30 MS, and had 12 left after a fight. Im doing combos x10 n up barely scratching the foe. They power up needing 7 or more combos, halfs the damage, has an att. deffense, absorbs another att., changes all your orbs, then ko 1st hit. Money trap.
good game fun but pls makw game for free an pls ad a fortnite mode pls because it is fun and could play it like on titled towers and please make stamina unlimeted to play for-ever pls thank pls. also dad left for milk but isn't come back why
Cool franchise, fun to play, lasts a VERY long time. But ultimately it isn't as flashy as it could be. It's pretty low effort even though it's still cool. Expect to spend well over 60$ on this game if you plan to have any fun. The only way to get most of the monsters you're after is from random chance slot machines I'm talking 1% chances. The magic stone system is a complete SCAM that should actually be illegal because it's literally gambling targeted at kids!
It's so fun! I love the friendship feature, and the egg machines are so exciting to pull! I love the endless corridors, it's a fun challenge to see how you've improved. Though I wish you could view messaging history, rather than just replies in your inbox without context. Overall it's exciting and challenging with interesting game mechanics. 9/10 would recommend ^-^ ♡
pretty fun for a gacha game. rank 200 is basically the ceiling for free to play players. it took me like 100 usd worth of free gems to get anything. also save your gems for events. after a while you learn to accept the stamina system (took me 4 years)
Amazing game! But just one problem, when I register a friend, they all have "Puzzle & Dragons" as the name. I don't know why, but other than that, amazing!
It's ok at best, but that's just my opinion and my facts are that it takes a month of being friends, and rank 101 to even trade, and they only give you two types to work with in the FIRST story mode, for 20+ chapters.
played this game for years on and off only due to switched phones.. ive made at least 4 different accounts.. it wasnt a problem starting over though. if anything, it was better the fourth time. i enjoy this game very much. only suggestion is using palpoints for all pulls even collabs. maybe once a month? 1 pull = 1000 - 1500 palpoints?
You have to guess on what to use on your team.... 7 out of 8 of the bosses will be or can be a one shot depending on the tram set up but then there's the one that will heal no matter what u do. Then on top of that the same monster that can heal will do a couple thousand damage and then heal and one shot u even with a reduce damage leader skill .... there's no info on anything u do during a stage. It's a total guessing game instead of puzzle game. Guess what boss u will be fighting!!!
Way too much going on. Quality of game feels like being in a fog and you're bombarded with max rarity heroes at max level. The balance is broken and its not fun.
Puzzles and Dragons is an unforgiven game. That's why I rate this game 4 stars, because of the overwhelming overpowerful monsters breathtaking dungeons and such! Also this game is so fun to play that it has a lot of cute, adorable monsters waiting for you afoot! It also has amazing graphics and animations for other monsters! This game deserves to live on forever!! But I highly advise you to download this game at your own risk because, it's all very pretty and all, but, it's too hard to master.
This game is terribly unbalanced, even if you spend money the majority of the game is still far too difficult to play through. It creates more frustration than enjoyment. It is also designed to make you think its easy enough to play through if you spend some money. They trick and deceive players to get their money and provide them with a game they can't enjoy. Don't waste your money or your time. Just a bunch of theives using popular crossovers and deceptive balancing to line their pockets.
It's easy to get into and just plain fun. Team building DOES start to take a meta feel in the late game, but you are given quite a bit of hand holding in the early game. Just read and refer to the community of players for more help and this game is fantastic!
Man, this is complicated. I picked this game up for the first time in over five years, and got Dragon Caller Sonia from my first draw. This was great, she was one of the best characters you could get from that initial draw. Without completing another dungeon after the tutorial, I instantly acquired 20 characters that made this brief happiness numb. All completely max-level, among the best characters in the game. They used to be hard to get, taking months of effort. What's the point?
Played on and off for 5 years and consistently for 3. Definitely my favorite and best mobile game. Elegantly simple with high complexity, much of the fun comes from teambuilding and the various ways you play the game as you progress; tackling each problem with the unique answers given to you. Not to mention the game has become incredibly generous over the years. The barrier of entry for new players has lowered significantly, and catching up should not be hard with the right guidance