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Putt-Putt® Saves the Zoo FREE

Putt-Putt® Saves the Zoo FREE for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Humongous Entertainment located at 17038 Evergreen Place, City of Industry, CA 91745. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
App won't open at all will immediately crash. Please fix my children love these games and I have purchased others from you before. Thank you.
I had to give this a 1 star because it won't even open. If it opened and worked I would for sure give it a 5. Please fix
Maybe make it so that it can work on every android system. Kinda annoying it only works on the older ones
I cannot play this game because it was build for an older update and it will not start up. If this problem is ever fixed I'll change my review.
Wish all these games were updated so my kids could play them i loved these games as a kid, id most definitely buy these games if new ones came out or remasteres
Downloaded and wont work with my phone, its preventing me from buying the $5 ones for them not to work on my phone either. Says the game was developed for an older phone and to check for updates.
I got super excited that there was a free version, but it never opens! It just says the app has stopped.
i cant g ve this game any stars because it just simply does not run for my phone. must be too new for the game. it sad when older games cant be played on newer OS. oh well i might try one of the ones you have topay for but im hesitant.
downloaded it and then when I tried to open it, it told me it's made for an older version of android and that it may not work properly and told me to check for an update which there wasn't one. went to open it again and it wouldn't even do anything so had to uninstall it. an update would be awesome for all the humongous entertainment games....just sayin.
Unfortunate... I would love for my kids to play the game as i did when i was their ages. I hope it will be fixed soon. Would pay for others games to but now i dont want to waste money if it wont even work with the free version.
I'm so sad it won't open! This was a favorite as a child so I was STOKED to try it out. Unfortunately, it crashes within a SECOND of opening :(
sadly doesnt work on my phone. it says zoolite has stopped working. and I close and open it again and same error message. I used to play this game when I was little would be nice to play it again to bring back old childhood memories.
Was about to buy all of the Pajama Sams and Putt Putts, but this free one I was using as a trial won't open. Not going to risk it!
This is the third time ive thought of getting this game... From what ive read its still not working. Pl3ase fix it or take it off the app store.
It was a fun game on my brothers old computer and my old phone. I upgraded my phone to a Samsung Galaxy J6+, now it does not work bc it's a newer version of Android
Not working, it said it was built for an older version of android, it says it has stopped working the second I try and open it.
I had lots of humongous entertainment games for my computer when my kids were young. So I was excited to see them available for my phone so that my grandkids could play them. It opens and then automatically closes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it with no luck. So disappointed!
DON'T GET THIS. It crashes immediately after you open it. Thought it would be fun to get it for nostalgic times but it doesn't even work
it won't even let me open the dang app!! I tried multiple times but failed horribly. do not get this seriously.. just pay for the regular one. this one really isn't worth it.
Game finally loaded after many attempts, saved jambo and that was it, the game wanted me to make purchases so I could go further in the game. Once you save an animal that's it, it's all "purchase this" "purchase that".
Bringing these older PC games into the digital age and on to mobile has been a challenge for us. After the initial successful release, upgrades to the OS of both Apple and Android, slowly created issues, until finally the software wasn't working with new OS. It took much longer than we expected to find a development partner who could work on updating these older scumm based games. The good news is we have found the right partner and updated versions are being created now. Email form them. :)
I played this on my parents thinkpad way back. When I was 3 or so in 2002, How even does this still exists wow wow wow. I can't believe it and I can't waite to play for nostalgia sake.
Loved this game as a kid and was excited when I seen this was available as an app! However, I do not think it runs on newer phones. It would not open on my galaxy note 9 or old galaxy s7. I decided to find my super old iPhone 4s and it worked but you cant really do anything without buying it. Disappointed I cant use it on my new phone.
This game is not the full version to play the full game u need to pay $4.99 the controls suck the audio does not work right this should not be advise as free since you need to pay for the game
I can't even open the app. I've tried making more space, closing all other apps, and restarting my phone. I cannot get this app to work.
Like many others, I searched this game on a whim and was super excited to see it existed. I had plans to try this one and buy the rest after testing it out. I'm glad I did, because the app wouldn't even start, it just flickered and then an error message would appear. I'm so sad, I was really looking forward to playing this.
This has been my favourite game as a kid, please work on updating the game to work on android even IOS if possible because it doesn't work at all :(
Doesn't run black screen and shuts it self down. Really really disappointed as I used to play these games growing up. Will put 5stars if fixed
Like others have stated before me, this app is outdated and will not start with current versions of android.
Same as everyone else. I'm using a galaxy j3 and it wont open and this phone doesn't support intense games like life is weird.
if youre going to try and charge $5 for an hour long game made in the 90's you're wrong and I'd bet $5 i can find it for free.
Unplayable, please please please fix this. I was really disappointed that I was unable to play this ):
I wish I could had rated this better but, I couldn't get it to load on my Samsung S7... So sad, I was excited when I found this too..
I couldnt even tell you how excited I was to see these games on mobile. I grew up with a teacher for a mom so i got to play Alot of games like this as a kid. i loved them.. but this app... i cant even open the app... licensing error... i think the developers should seek out help from someone else... maybe refurbish the games for computer as well!
Because is not applicable to my android users. I used to play this game when I was young and can say also my most favourite. Hopefully the full version is free on apps.
This game brings me back to kindergarten! When I was little, I played Putt-Putt®: Travels thru time! I love that game!
The only reason I gave this app such a low score is because I was unable to open it. I received an error message that the app required an older version of Android and would not operate properly. it prompted me to check for an update, but there was none available. That disappointed me because I like the Putt-Putt games. I hope this does get corrected.
I gave this only 1 star cuz it wouldn't open it gave me a message saying that it was made for an older version phone and told me to check for updates and everything is up to date plz fix this cuz I use to love this game as a kid and I want my kids to enjoy it as much as i did as a child so plz if not for me then do it for the young generation cuz I know that they would love it not just my kids but other people's as well plz if u did this u have my word that I will give it 5 stars - Tosha
I was so excited to play this app again because i played it when I was younger but then when I downloaded it and said zoolite stopped working then I tried many times again but it still didn't work😥😥
it's not even working at all. I'm believing it's a big scam. The app just goes blank and does not work at all
can't even open the app! crashes EVERY time! don't bother downloading this, and don't give your money away to buy the "full" game!!
Tried to get it to run by using a control screen,got to the tittle screen,but the play button wont work:( The audio works,but not the game,so this had me pretty let down.Wish I could play this game again.
I was hesitant to spend money on these games and now I am very certain that I won't. It doesn't work, y'all arnt doing anything to fix it, do better because. Please.
i loved the putt-putt series when i was a kid. I would love to share the experience with my kids now but the app makes the attempt to open up and forecloses. the screen turns black, kinda flickers and then it forecloses.
Please fix this game, I love this and would love my nephew to play it however I recieved a message saying it was made for an older android and wont open up. Please, please fix this issue, It's a 5 star game.
App keeps crashing on me when I open the app. don't ask me to open a support ticket because I won't do it just fix it.