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Pump It Up M: Beat Finger Step

Pump It Up M: Beat Finger Step for PC and MAC

Is a Music game developed by ANDAMIRO located at #704-1, 138, Ilsan-ro, Ilsandong-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 10442 Korea. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Music game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
As much as I love PIU, this game is not great... since there is no double mode yet, I think it will make much more sense if the game only has one pad and comes in portrait mode where the arrow and the button lines up to each other. This will allow bigger touch area, easier for the eyes to follow the arrows as well as more comfortable to hold the phone while playing. As of right now, it's very hard for me hit the notes correctly although I have been playing Pump for quite sometime now...
A great game. Please fix latest update for andiod/samsung because I can't get past 'touch to play.' Ty.
After 3 start ups of the app, it crashes. I hope this was fixed in the past since I played it from its release
This game is a bomb to pass some time. Sadly, unlocking songs seems a bit tedious. The song selection goes from 1st Collection to Prime, but very few songs are actually fun to play, i wouldn't unlock them all. There also seems to be an issue with cheated scores, even on easy song difficulties the top score could be 5 million to 6 million and the top score you can get on a 05/15 song won't ever reach that number so it's definitely something developers should look into. I'd love to see this grow!
Good game. But i want to ask u a suggestion. I suggest u to make a double difficulty. I thank u if u could make it :)
This game is perfect tbh. The only thing that annoy me is the crash. It keeps crashing after i select song. Jesus christ.
my game keep crash when start a song (after update) and im unable to play anything right now. Before update, it doesnt have this problem, please fix it
Buggy. Songs would play, but the notes sometimes won't. The notes sometimes stop moving at all, then resume moving, totally random. UI is confusing. No tutorial given. Broken english doesn't help either. Not everyone has played the original pump it up, y' know, so proper tutorial is essential. But this game has just released literally some hours ago, so expect the devs to fix things in the future.
I'm giving it 3 stars because its really annoying that the app stops working randomly, as in when I start any song, the app crashes, even if I restart my cellphone it sometimes keeps crashing. The game itself is a lot of fun, would wish there were more songs (NX and NX 2 songs to be precise).
I like the game a lot and it has a really good song selection. The songs are also not that hard to unlock without using the microtransactions. Problem is I redownloaded the game recently and now it crashes every time I start the second stage.
This release is maybe 2 or 3 months early at least. The game itself well, one can make it work but is way to buggy and unresponsive in some occasions, maybe more or less depending on your device. The charts are ok, missing some of the visual effects that the arcade has, but the cost for unlocking songs is too high and turns the game into a grinding fest. Maybe this is because of my first statement. So if I consider this as an early release I'll give it a 3/5. As a full game this would be a 1.5/5
this game is fun but there is one problem that when i press the middle stomp button always do not work please fix this
The game works for me. Sort of. I can play songs but I can't download any of my bought songs. I had this app on my mums phone and it downloaded songs easy but now that I'm playing on my new phone I can download the songs I bought. Can you please fix this? I want to be able to play Tantamen again soon.
This game is amazing! It would be lovely to see some old kpop songs like Dignity, Don't bother or another truth.
First of all, the control is quite unusual for mobile game so it is rather difficult compared to other rhythm game. Other than that, you need to unlock the songs with the in-game currency which I think is somewhat unappealing.
Every update its always crashing. When i play the song its always back to main menu or main wallpaper... Fix it please thax.
Crashes at the start of every song, I really miss playing this game. I've reinstalled properly multiple different times in hopes that I can play again
This game is fun! Please do a fix on other touch screens like Vivo and Xiaomi, trying to do the three notes at once is hard and it can't hold, and please also add noteskins from games like Prime and Prime 2 and also XX. Anyways, this game rocks!
The idea of the game is good, but the game is very glitchy and unstable. The major problem is that sometimes the input just stops responding (it's either because of a delay caused by the network or a fps drop, or something else, I'm not sure), making me miss some arrows that I'm hitting/holding right with the right timing as well. I noticed on some long notes that they were combo misses even when the screen showed the animation of the arrow being pressed.
After updating, it still allows me to launch the game but it keeps on crashing everytime I try to play a song. All downloaded songs in the past are also requiring again to be downloaded. Please fix this bug.Thank you.
I pressed the golden shoe button to obtain one after watching an ad. Did this twice but never got to earn any. For the third time, the button no longer works. Why is it that? I only need 2 golden shoe to buy one song.
Very lovely port of pump, playing on vertical mode is recommended. I've been playing since this game dropped and it's had a lot of improvements. Only downside is that the game keeps crashing for me every second song I play.
Can the developer add "Bad Apple" to the free tune? bc if can and i will give 5 star to this game. So far this game gets boring cause the fact that you need to pay full price to unlock all the songs. It just sucks
Game is perfect for downtime while not actually playing the real arcade version however since updating the game keeps crashing everytime i try load up a song making the game useless
I was so excited to try it but it wont even open. Says only unknown error. When I click Confirm, it doest do anything. 😢
100% DUMPSTER FIRE, completely unplayable. There's no need to see how true this is, not even if you just REALLY wanna waste your time, this just ain't it and it never will be. Don't make the same mistake I made by assuming the best in a game with the same name as the legendary "Pump it Up", it is in fact the furthest thing from it.
2 stars cause when it lets you play you get one song and when you try to play another song it crashes.
Another problem I encounter pretty often is that I can't connect to the game with my mobile connection, and the only way to connect is with a WiFi connection, when the point of a mobile game is to play it anywhere.
Hello creator! please add chung hwa ban jeom Ill give you all my love What's going on and hold the line and dignity! those are my favourites :)
Since the update I am unable to collect shoes by ad view. Otherwise game is great! Update: Now it crashes when I go to play a second song :( I just want to play
Games Great! But my fingers are Damaged Can you Think a new idea? For example Use a bluetooth device? That can be Great!
the beat button response is really really bad, i really hope this game will improve its performance, control, and the graphic soon...
Well, the sound and graphics quality are really good, the charts are the same as in the arcade version just without doubles. The bad thing is, the buttons are kinda bad, it's not horrible, but like for the yellow one you have to tap it right in the center, the game doesn't register anything other than that, and the blue ones are kinda small. The life bar is REALLY unforgiving, once it hits 0, it's an instant game over. I'm kinda dissapointed that the backround was only a picture and not animated
Game crashes every time I try to play a second game. Please fix. P.S. I also cannot buy Latino Virus for some reason.
Awesome game until recent update. Now I complete a song and it crashes on the loading screen of next song I play. I can only play one song and I have to restart the game to play another song. I'd give 5 stars if for not that problem
The game is verg buggy on my phone and I can't even play the game without the whole game stopping after hitting one note. I can't even hear any music when I'm in the "choose your song" area. At the same time the graphics are too much that my phone can't handle it as. I'll probably wait until there is more optimization for lower quality phones. Hopefully...
i love the game i really do the controls are just to easy to use ... but there is a problem when i reach to lvl 5 the scoring system did not function every after the song i played it just stop and it wont proceed to the scoring system .. please do an action for this thank you so much
I like the game, but unfortunately the latest update of piu m sometimes make the game crash after choosing a song and the levels of it. This happened after I logged In or you can say after the intro before starting the game. Songs already loaded properly and the rank of the song lv already loaded too. Please andamiro fix this :(
Closest to the pump it up pads, same gameplay and increasing library, plus the devs actually patch the game and improve it's functionality
Hello, just have a bit lf complaint: i have to keep redownloading the songs i have unlocked after every updates. Is it possible to fix this? Thank you. Great game btw!
It was working fine and all of a sudden I open the game start any song and it kicks me out of the game, I am using galaxy s8, please fix it I love this game!
Have played this game for around a year or so. Stopped playing because it keeps crashing on my Galaxy A70 on my 2nd play in each session. Forced me to re-login, and that is not convenient at all.
now its time to play in mobile phone this app was so cool and ill hope so, they adding a fullsongs and music trains
After the new update, the loading song from menu is very flow, song become doesnt have a preview music, season shop sometimes error
It's been few months since i play. Today after i have updated the latest version, the problem I'm facing is after the end of every song play result, it will auto exit. I'll have to start over every one song play. Please help.
The game had potential, hindered by slow loading times and a buggy gameplay. The absurd amount of waiting that must be done from launching the app to starting a song is absurd. It will discourage me from playing if this continues. On top of this, when failing or completing a song, the game will simply freeze. The only way out is to close the app, or to quit the song (which will result in a failure). One extra thing to be addressed, the game doesn't support fullscreen. Overall, disappointed.
Keeps crashing after one song!! I don't know why this game crashes after completing one song. It's super annoying. By the way, I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G so it's impossible that is because my phone.
I have one slightly problem, but it's kind of big for me. The song GARGOYLE -FULL SONG- doesn't want to work, but when I play the other songs it does let me play, What's the problem?
Never thought playing this on the phone with two thumbs as ur feet on the stomp pad would be just as fun.
Not a fan of the payment model at all... Currently 33 free songs, 46 non-premium currency songs and 57 premium currency songs. Presuming you can't SSS, daily rewards require 10-15 songs to complete and mainly give non-premium currency. Should take around 6 months to get all 46. Premium currency accumulates so slow that you get 1.95 songs a month... so forget those or buy them (= 2x max size IAP; in my country 66 euros, lol) Too expensive, not equal to a new console release. Whales, welcome < 3
While fun and enjoyable when I can play it, a glitch keeps occurring where the screen will black out after more than one chart is completed. I have to restart the game to fix this problem, and after a recent patch loading screens have become even longer than before. I recommend waiting for whenever this glitch gets patched before playing.
Much better than it was from day one. Having issues where I fiish the song but the song doesn't enter the progress screen. Have to hit "Give up" option n take a fail. Otherwise I love it.
The game used to run with minimal problems. Now I can't even open most of the time any songs before it crashes. I've tried Uninstaller the app multiple times to no avail. Please fix your game back to how it was!!
updating to say the ongoing maintenance is really improving this game! still work to do, but definitely looking forward to future updates
Unplayable. Two updates now and you (the developers) have not fixed the extremely slow loading of songs. It literally takes almost 30 seconds for the song list to populate, after you've finished playing a song. FIX THIS. The game is completely unplayable until you do.
This used to be THE game but with the latest version it is no longer playable. It force closes as soon as you select a song.
Now the game has more paid songs which requires 3980 shoes or 128 gold shoes than the free songs. Every update always not with free songs. We're lack of free songs. I have paused from playing this game for about 1+3 month(s), and when i returned, there's no reward for returning players, that is non-ethnical and disrespectful to the returning players, compared to another online games. At least i can download the songs, Let's see if there will be no returned player reward after 10 years. 😡
first of all everything is good and the same as the pump it up machine. there are just a few bugs that need to be fixed. after playing 1 song and go to song selection. it takes a while to load. and after a few songs that I played it, the picture of the song and the sample audio is not working anymore. but it is still playable but we can't see the picture in the lobby and hear its sample music. also the sign in bonus rewards keeps popping up every time I open it. it should be adjusted every 24hr
The idea for this game is great but the execution is bad for a game with a legacy like this, instead of going mobile which makes no sense you should see how djmax evolved trough consoles and steam, get us a full pc version and i dont mind buying all the dlc with bgm and the full game experience, not a watered down version of a classic.
It is a great game with great songs but is very annoying that after playing a couple songs, the app crashes and kicks you out. Please update the game more often to fix those bugs
So far so good. Still has the loading sample audio and images on song list but that's fine. Not all the songs are in here, please add all of them in the near future. Only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because of that, missing plenty of banya and kpop from Exceed. The controls are great btw, excellent idea to have 2 pads.
What a perfect game... If only portrait mode actually shows you from the very bottom which button to press down, and please please please add the video background option! That is actually what always have differentiated this franchise from other since decades ago.
Want to give 5 star but app crashes every second song I start. Also for those that like portrait mode can there be a way for the entire ui to be in portrait so I dont have to keep rotating my phone.
Really bad, just played 1 song and always force close when start the next song. Fix this bug or this will be a dead game.
I need to admit that the game needs a lot of improvement, it is certainly good, but it feels a little bit basic, because i have played games like Love Live School Idol Festival, Muse Dash, DJ Max Technika and others and the interface seems better in that apps. You need to work in the tips and menus, its seems that if a template was placed and you not replaced the text in that buttons, tips and options. Some images look a little bit pixelated. The game play it is not bad but it would be better if you did it on a vertical format in order to put only one "step mat" on the screen, i know that the players can use the two of them to simplify the tap with two hands but it seems that a lot of people doesn't know that, thanks for that. I hope that a big company like Andamiro improve this game, because i am a great fan of Pump it up.
I really love the app and I am hoping that updates will be uploaded soon. It's just sad that there are some of the pump it up songs in arcade shops are not available in the app. Other that that, I am hoping that they would also upload new songs from anime movies/series. Jebaaal let this be heard!! I really love the app because I've been addicted to this game since before but due to the pandemic, all of the arcade shops are closed. Updates please, thank you!
Terrible controls. Unfathomable amount of input lag compared to every other android rhythm game. Just buy a pad and play stepmania instead
A great way to play Pump It Up while on the go. The game looks fantastic and the sound is pretty good. I would rate it higher if there were some improvements, such as better controls, easier ways to unlock content, and the addition of a Doubles mode. Otherwise, it is a fun and addicting game.
The game plays great, you can customize the pads for better comfort and the selected songs are nice (just 47? well, the app is new, this should improve overtime)... but man, this game is grindy! Just to unlock a song, I have to play like 65 songs (assuming Im scoring over SS). Thats why 3 stars (also, please answer in English, you're an international company. The great majority here doesn't speak Korean.)
It's okay now! Changing my rating to 5. It was the phone's fault. BTW please include Kpop songs and more free songs pleassseeeeeeee
Too many paid songs. I have to play the same free songs over and over which is boring and annoying. Give us more free content to play so it will be more worthwhile to get bonus songs.
Nice, but still full of bugs. The shoes counting is not correct, songs don't start, and there is something wrong with the input, it doesn't respond sometimes. And PLEASE remove the stage break! Give the option to leave it on or off at least cause that is really annoying! Each time we go to the end, we learn the steps a bit more and it motivates us to keep trying. I also didn't like the fact that I have to unlock the songs, so for now I'm staying with my old Pump PC.
After today update i can only play 1 song, then it just keep crashing, try to reinstall but still the same please fix this bug.
There's a lot of things need to improve and arcade features like PUMBI (USB-OTG Support), User Custom Step (UCS) and Account Sign-in from the PIU Website (With Facebook or Google Integration for Easy Registration or Linking to an Existing Profile on the website).
I like the mobile app because I am a pump it up player but there are some feedback buzzing noises after some songs are played. Please fix this soon because for a moment, I thought my phone had an issue until I tried it on another phone and it is still there.
I really like PIU, played a ton on arcade. But it has a poor performance/freezing unable to play on my OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition. Hope you guys will fix this, then five stars 😁.
Loved it! But I can only play one song and then if I want to play my 2nd song, the app crashes every time. Wish they can make it work smoothly!!
Guys if anyone has been having trouble with this app recently then it's not the games fault but delete android system webview. If you can't delete it from the app store go to settings and force stop it and then go to settings and the apps and press Google. When you press Google press the 3 little dots and press unistall updates. It'll return to factory version. Reset your phone and then the app should work.
It keeps crashing and force stoped, i played it on samsung note 20, hope you fix that quickly because thats so annoying, i cant barely play it cuz its crashing a lot
Wasn't a big fan of having to unlock songs, the controls were touch (duh) and it was uncomfortable. This app crashes during updates, and doesn't work with Bluetooth for some reason. I eventually switched to ddr emulators like StepMania (which I highly reccomend) and PCsx2 (ps2 emulator) to play the DDR games from 2002 to 2009. Both options are light years better. If you really need pump it up, you can still use the pump it up mode in StepMania. About anything is better than this app pretty much.
Its good game. But more problem than arcade, that is: 1. Come to Me charts and Miss S Story S19 broke 2. Big games is ok but when I played on old tablet, its like too intolerant even though my space or actually not full. 3. What I actually complain is, from yesterday evening, my PIU M broke. It cant connect to destination host even though my old tablet connected to wifi and that wifi has quota. Plus, unknown error shown. Clear data doesnt work but I dont want to reinstall it. Fix this problem.
I love this game so much, I was so excited to play this. Problem is, whenever I press the buttons, the game lags all of a sudden (maybe it's because of the shining effects on the arrows?). I was wondering if there are video settings here and lower down the graphics, but turned out there's nothing. I hope you guys have this option, and can fix this the lag for the next update. Also, can you guys please translate everything to English? I thought this game is international.
Love it... so glad this game is back (used to play it at all the time at the arcades in the early 2000's) and playable on my mobile device! Minor gliches, but well done on the setup, selections, and settings!
samsung j4+ user here, this app is good but there are some problem such as password button in sign in menu that covered with username form (i dont know what to touch when sign in, it looks confusing) and there's weird sounds (like buzz) every time i load the charts. hopefully this can be fixed soon
As a huge fan of Pump It Up, I loved the game. The controls are a bit weird at first, but It'll get better once we played more. I loved the selection of songs, even though I can't find some of the songsfrom the arcade version, but that's okay. Personally, I would really love to be able to view the songs by their series, and if I can favourite them as well as a segment for personal favorite songs, apart from that I'm looking forward for the future updates, keep up the good work!
Good game! I felt nostalgic as I really liked Pump it up back in the 90's and also Kick it up! However I really miss "Run to you", my favourite song in this game!
Performs worse on a flagship-tier OnePlus 7T than an old mid-tier LG Q7+. This is kinda pathetic. I can't get a playable (or constant) frame rate.
Amazing game and up. Unfortunately it crashes very often after selecting the level, so it's barely playable :(
The developer is too greedy. From all the songs displayed only 33 are free. And to be able playing all songas, it will took an eternity (just like spongebob said... One eternity later... 😂). You will never be able play all song unless you buy using real money for all the song. Optional grinding for shoes only by watching ad video every 15 minutes with very ridiculous amount of reward. Really really greedy. After I give this 1 star and review I uninstall this game. I prefer to play Cytus