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PS2 Emulator - DamonPS2 64bit - PPSSPP PSP PS2 Emu

PS2 Emulator - DamonPS2 64bit - PPSSPP PSP PS2 Emu for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ DamonPS2 Emulator Studio located at Unit 04, 7/F, Bright Way Tower, No.33 Mong Kok Road, Kowloon, HK. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I paid using ingame payment, that means I already have pro version. Fyi All, to be honest, this emulator is not good for your emulator. I am using Pocophone, and that's it. Playing final fantasy xii and it so laggy. The game rarely gor over 55 fps, and so it is very rarely to get 60 fps. So my suggestion for your sake, don't pay for pro version.
4 stars, cause I'm a fan but I wanted to bring attention to one flaw. I've tried multiple games, and I am impressed by the library I've accumulated. You'll get your fifth star back if you can give me the Jak series. I'm disappointed it won't load all of the navmesh, the eyes are black and there are a ton of artifacts. I run a LG V60 ThinQ. Help me, DPES. You're my only hope.
I paid for the pro version and then it told me I had to pay again after paying for the first time so now I just wasted like $8.49 or whatever it cost on the game for pro version because I wanted to play dragon Ball z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 but it wouldn't let me use a controller so that was a letdown and then I'm using my phone and it's just lagging and apparently now to use the best combat ability in the best frame rate I have to pay which is really dumb I would not recommend this
If EA made an emulator this would be it. Instant ad at the start. "CrAcK vErIfIcAtIoN". Yeah right. Just get rid of your free app and just keep the paid app. Oh no, but you'll lose the free bait app. Go download Play!. It's 10x better than this dumpster fire. Maybe I will search for a Crack to your app out of spite.
I love the emulator and it's easy to set up and use and works great! However it's a 1 star rating because why the heck would you restrict the settings? I understand ads literally every time you do anything, but we should be able to adjust and edit the system setting to be able to play the games. How do you expect me to fork over $10 if you don't let me experience the true potential of the app? Not very good marketing or business strategy... I'll change the rating to 5 stars when this is changed
To me it is a great app even if money is paid for it. I don't blame the developer for making it paid and online to generate money for the development of the app. But there are graphical bugs in all Naruto ultimate ninja 3-5, pls can u fix it.
My phone ๐Ÿ“ฑ is note 10+ and from the first game it didn't work right ๐Ÿ‘Ž if the demo version like this why would I pay for something doesn't work not worth it๐Ÿ‘Ž
It works but it's lagging game play. It doesn't load fully with some roms. Its glitchy so I can't play the game fully, I'm using Remi 9 phone. Sounds are working well. To many ads. Games disappear with every load of the app so I have to reload game back on.
When I first downloaded this app everything worked great with the free version. So I decided to buy the upgrade. You can see the difference. Everything works great. Here comes problem. Every 30 min to 1 hour an ad pops up in the app. Even when I exit the app an ad just pops up occasionlly and opens up a google tab to some random site. This was the only new app I downloaded recently that's, how I know it was comming from this app. This is the only issue I am currently having. Please advise?
most of games very laggy i have note 9 but and proversion but all in vain ...hope demons extract games in playble condition.
Pls don't spend money on this emulator , emulator is just of ads for free . Emulator doesn't have better ui . They just want money ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 
This was a disappointment. I did everything downloaded a ps2 game and it didn't work. I even have the best phone for androids and it still didn't work. You even have to pay just to do the same stuff that psp has. Its stupid and a rip off. This is a great disappointment and I would not even recommend downloading it. It's not worth your time and its a rip off. Honestly it deserves 0 stars for everything.
Seems stable so far. Played a few games, not had any major problems. Using an Oppo Find, genuinely happy with the app so far.
I played a mortal kombat game armageddon game on a 3GB ram the game is still slow, should add more frame skipping
This app is a closed source project that steals code from the PCSX2 emulator project, in violation of the GPL license. They have delisted this to avoid DMCA takedowns when filed in the past Please do not support efforts like these that lack transparency and steal code from other developers. Help out emulators like PLAY! or others grow by showing support for their projects.
Too much adds. In the attemp to make you buy the PRO version, this game use a coins system that makes you watch adds for LITERALLY EVERYTHING. Don't waste your time and don't make the mistake to watch the adds only to give something they don't deserve. Btw it uses too much stollen codes from PCSX2, if you can't trust them to write their own damn code why should trust them to not add things to the app to steal your info?
You get 5 stars for developing something I've wanted for a while. I'm excited to play some old favorites on my downtime.
It's a decent enough emulator but the ads and the "coins" are very annoying and tiresome. Not to mention you'll have to PAY just to enable a game controller. I'm really giving it 2 and a half stars, not worth the 3
I buy pro version with account facebook after this update i cant log in via Facebook again. My account and my pro version is gone. Please help me.
This app shouldn't be labeled as "free". It needs coins for each game startup. And you need real money to get those coins. Well it says you can get free coins if you let the ads play, but idk why when I try to get free coins it always says "failed to load ads from network" while my internet connection is just fine.
Can't login, it says 2 devices already logged in. You can't play offline. Developers does not respond on e-mail.
It runs, but the dev forces you to watch a 30 second ad to launch a game, start the app, or even EXIT THE MENU. The emulation itself is still so so (ie yugioh capsule monster has glitchy cutscenes and huge seemingly random framerate drops, but it's indeed playable being turn based)
This is hideous! You might as well not make the emulator free, strange permissions that don't make sense, coins being required to play yet the ads don't work so I can't even play in general. This is just abysmal!
Plays certain games well. Having some issues playing some square enix games. Keep getting a internal address map error 485, I think that's the code. Anyway, after messing with debug mode it helps on certain games but some games still do not work properly; so3, vp, ffxii, dq8 and some other RPGs.
I've purchased the pro version but after purchasing a new phone it's saying that I've exceed the limit of login into 2 devices. I don't know how to remove it from the previous device as I don't have it. Please help me I've mailed the service team as well but no action. Kindly help me to remove the previous devices from the database so I can login to my new device.
DECEPTIVE AND PREDATORY every button press leads to an ad then they want you to make in app purchases to play your game. They let you watch ads to play but they conviently dont work when the ones constantly getting shoved down our throats run just fine.
Greedy and stingy developer. Anything need coins. Even saving games need to buy. Please be like ppsspp. They are really good.
The worst ps2 app I have a data connection but there's no network I can't click free coin what I happened after update
ONE star only because (1) It needs internet connection all the time other wise you can't play any game. (2) Showing ads all the time even for starting the app and starting a game. (3) Games are not even playable. (4) You deserve one star because you were being honest in the description that the app is not working well. Atleast remove the ads or make the premium version free and show ads then.
So if I get it right, free version represents idea, not more not less. But what's the use of it if performence is way under expectation. Mostly interested in this just for 1 game and it at barely gets to 30 fps. Since speed improvement is locked under pay wall, cant test it and wont pay for something that is useless. Would suggest to throw yet another ad for let's say 10-30 min. of full speed session.
Ads ads ads ads just to dang run the game how much bs do we have to tolerate before we can actually get somewhere
I bought the professional version then i save the account in the facebook and now the app refresh and now i cant login the app linked in my facebook.
Tested it in a redminote 9s with three games, contra, Castlevania am dirge of Cerberus, contra and Castlevania worked flawlessly, dirge of cerberus a few graphical glitches and slowdowns, keep improving this emu please. Update: issue with controller, the L2 and R2 triggers keeps pressed making some games unplayable the controller is a 8bitdo SN30 pro
This rating is like a roller coaster. Right now, I can't reach the licensing server for some reason, so I can't play. This app has the most ridiculous DRM ever. The game play is almost perfect, so I love this app, but I get real mad when it NEEDS to check for my license. When I'm camping, no luck. Right now when their server is broken, no luck.
Amazing work!!! Runs only slightly slower than full speed without freezing or freezing up my phone. You "guys" are geniuses. Thanks for the time and effort put into this. Some of my best (definitely longest) video game experiences are from back when I had a PS2. It's amazing that I can revive some of that entertainment on my phone. Great, great work.
Thank you devs...you've allowed me to revisit a game I became so close too. I understand the need for charging and I'll pay for it soon and I hope it's worth it. If so, I'll give the full 5 stars.
So bad ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž so many ads and i download game ๐ŸŽฎ and start to play it but ads comes and the game closed don't download it
This is one hell of a scam along with the pro version i got it thinking it was ganna increase the fps it did not at all this is a terrible app and a scam this should be taking out of play store
Absolute garbage. Spent $2 to play a game and then hit a paywall, because apparently using a controller is a paid feature. Also crashes pretty frequently. Never again. Edited to add: requires 4 video ads to even get to a main menu. You'd think the incredible amount of advertisements would make a paid version unnecessary.
I don't want give any stars but without giving a star I can't write my opinion the emulator is good and good games but you have to optimise it more and more at a level that processors like snapdragon 660 or exynos 9611 mediatek helio p60 or p70 get 60 fps and smooth gameplay so please optimize it because in my device I only get 30 to 35 fps. And please provide us everything lock in this free version
My Phone specs: Realme 5 (4GB ram)(SD665)(ADRENO610) For the free version: -Lots of ads -Most features are locked - Stable 40 fps on low res - needs Internet every time you open it. Conclusion: If you can endure the ads every time you click something then you should get this. I got the paid in-app purchase cause its better.
One thing i hate about this app is that you need to connect to the internet even if you already paid for the pro version everytime you open the app. Especially when you're in a province where there's no the data signal, at least do 3 days or 1 week internet authentication if you really are strict to your app.
Asks for my location, camera, and phone access. Don't download this app there's no reason it needs your location or phone access, they're up to mischievous activities
Glad to have ps2 on my phone. A real shame the emulators original author didn't bother but many thanks to this guy for porting it over.
When you keen how to do it right, and with patience, you're rewarded. There are games I'm playing now that I didn't think I would EVER see again. It's surreal. Here are the current cons: At least one game I'm playing right now has an odd filter that will not go away, The Suffering, an old but classic ps2 game. Second,I'm currently trying I figure out how to KEEP the games in the library. First time I closed the app and came back, the games disappeared. I'll update the review later.
It's really good. Sometimes the graphics gets a little blurry, but it fixes quickly. The real downside It's the excessive ads. Just to start, it forces you to watch 3 ads, literally one after the other. And if you are not careful, and press the back button and by mistake exit the Emulator, when you get back again, there are the ads again. To play, it forces you to watch two more ads... i mean, i know you guys need them to earn money, but it's too much.
A lot of artifacts Free version doesn't let to play most of games normally because *this part of sentence costs 2 coins* This whole authentication thing is a huge problem, due to need of internet every second
Some games work, some not. Surprisingly big titles like Def Jam and onimusha have many drawing errors. Def jam becomes unplayable. In debug mode you can make it work , but it then runs at around 1/8th speed, so neither that is playable. I payed the upgrade fee for the pro version. I'm regretting that now. Please fix. Samsung galaxy tab s7plus android 10
Not great... not at all. If you NEED to play PS2 on your phone, I guess this is worth it. I would recommend Dolphin for gamecube and wii, and Citra for 3DS
I'm not sure if my S8 is underpowered or if it's just that the emulation isn't that good on Android yet but I can't get games to run better than 13fps, so they're unplayable at present. I'm reluctant to spend money on the paid version as it may have all the same issues (I suspect it will). I think the price for the paid version is a bit steep.
I recently bought the pro version and it was working great, but this morning when I tried to use it again it didn't connect with the server. My question is: how can I solve this and why this is happening. I really expected something better than this
I just want to play Persona 4 but it seems its a little bit laggy but I'll be giving 4 star. So i hope the developers make their best just to improve this emulator.
This app requires internet to run. The stupid intrusive authentication won't let you play unless you have internet. So when I'm on my break at work and also in a dead area, the idea of playing the emulator is a joke
App wanted permission to make and manage phone calls. Wouldn't let me open the app if I didnt select yes. Why does a emulator need to manage my phone calls? No thanks, I like my privacy.
I buy the professional edition a month ago but when i open it today it says buy the app I don't know why it happened please help me I can't buy it again
Don't buy pro version inside the app! I paid once but after a while the app doesn't remembers that, and there is no way to restore purchases... Also the app cannot play ps2 games like NFS-Most Wanted on satisfying frame rate, also it always crashas, on my Oneplus 7T. Dont waste your time and money.
Decent frames on certain games but need more graphic options cause my fav game Beatdown & Final Fight has some graphic bug choppy sounds...
Game is free but buggy, contains ALOT of ads and wont open. "FORCED" to watch 5 ads before you can get to initial game selection screen upon initial startup. After going thru hassle of downloading games and bios, then watching ads to earn "coins" to play game for first time, it opens then closes right back asking for coins since the coins we taken but not used. Don't waste your time. If not fixed within 24 hours uninstalling buggy software. I have watched 20 ads and never got to play rom 1 time.
It works fantastically! Since the previous update its smoothed my game out alot. It still needs some work because it still quite laggy on my Samsung A10. But so far, great job team! Keep it up!
Okay this app is not that bad but its still online because i have paid the pro upgrade So if the pro upgrade is offline i will give you five stars
please make an option to remap the buttons for gamepad. dont be stupid ok. i cant use start and select button on my Asus rog phone 2 gamepad. The emulator didnt recognize my start and select button. i already paid for the pro version. why ppsspp emulator can have more features than this? is it so hard to make it posible??????? Please add options for remap button.
This emu is great i can play yugioh capsule monster without lag and the movie played are smoothly although the graphic need little improvement.this i use poco x3 and the paid version Went i used redmi note 4 it's lag a lot
I purchased the paid version, then accidentally deleted it. I tried to install it again, but it attempts to charge me again...it should say "Purchased", because I already paid for it. It runs my game, but it still has some flaws that can't seem to be rectified.
I paid to unlock all features. After the update my account was logged out and I'm unable to log back in. And am asked to pay again. Please help.
While I was download jurassic Park operation genesis ps2 and then all is unclear word also I can't see any word please repair it please
I bought PRO version performance is good im playing God of War 2 on Nova 5t (Kirin980) with no issue and FPS is on 55~60 Im tested God of War 1 and Mortal Kombat Armageddon they are all ok too i didn't see any graphic glitch yet the only thing that i have problem with is the Online requirement Every thing need to be Chek online to make sure you have license so you cannot play completely offline when there is no internet PLEASE MAKE IT OFFLINE SO WE CAN PLAY IT ANY TIME ANY WERE
It lags a lot in certain games like Dirge of Cerberus. It needs optimization for mediatek chipsets. Max payne 2 doesnโ€™t work at all. Ads keeps annoying.
Good app but super slow and you need money for a fast one and you need to watch so many ads for coins and when you open the app but wish they would be a fast version for free but I'll keep supporting you because the games in the app is great!
You can't really blame the Roms for not working. The problem is the app will randomly log you out of games before you can save. There's an issue with emulator profile updates and it will log you out within 15 seconds of the game loading. This wouldn't be such a big issue if not for the fact that you need to watch a 30 second ad to load the game and then another 30 second ad to load your save point. I just spent 10 minutes watching ads and being kicked off over and over.
It's work but would you mind to review FPS games , it's still lagging while I'm trying to playing dynasty warriors 7 PS2
I paid for the professional version thinking there will be some difference in speed. Well, it doesn't.. it just unlocked some options & remove the ads. Another thing is, it should be always connected to the internet. I am really disappointed and I mean it. hoping for your updates to fix this
Please Disable the online check for licensing and enable a fast forward button. Other than that, its one of the BEST PS2 emulators out there! Awesome work!
Worst experience ever. Cannot get a single game to run! And full of adds in each screen you go. Don't download it!
Afrer update, It says I can't connect to the server even my internet is working fine...please fix. I have paid version edit : okay, it's work fine now
Way too many ads and the option to pay to remove the ads seems a little extortionate considering the devs already got a pay day from the on slaught of ads you sat through to get to that point. On the positives it is simple to install and run. Also Its performance is smooth but overall the amount of time playing is hindered by the ads, especially at initialisation when you are jumping throught setup menus.
itsa good emulator, i could play some game at poco x3 nfc (sd732) , but really, license checking at first launch at everytime opening the app really pain in the ass, especially when we cant connect to server thingy occurs, i bought the pro version btw
So I gave this another try since upgrading my phone to a LG V60. I ended up buying the paid version of this app. I have only played Resident Evil Outbreak so far. It works, but there are 3 issues that stand out to me most. 1, There are constant vertical lines on screen when cutscenes are played. 2, My PS4 controller works with this, but it lags. And 3, I get drops in speed during certain areas of the game even though I'm getting a pretty constant 60 FPS. So it's playable, but still needs work.
Primary experience is with FFX, i get constant 59-60 fps. Some graphic have trouble but nothing to hamper game experience. Running on Galaxy note 10 plus.
Worst app ever The entire game is like a slow motion can't even play properly and u have to pay or watch ads EVERY TIME for continue playing just because u pause the game.
Some games work but most don't or have game breaking graphical bugs. I'm dying to play the gran turismo games, please can you guys work on bug fixes and update the app!
What about the free version nobody cares.. It's 3+ rated and they think everyone could afford high end devices.. And everybody got money on their plants to buy the pro version.. It's ok with the ads but ads for continuing the game or load savedata.. Yes u got that ad feature go and try now.. Maa ka bhosara ( it really works for my satisfaction).. Tnk u and take my... U add it..
I tried playing Persona 4 but my game always gets stuck. The game just completely froze except for the audio. Paid for the "upgraded version" but it didn't fix anything. Fps also drops from 60 to 24 then stays at 24. I know this app is still in the early stages of development but please optimize this app for Exynos chipsets.
I previously gave this program a 5 star review because it did everything I expected. I upgraded to the paid version because I enjoyed it, but ever since the latest Android update I cannot even launch the app. It just hangs on the screen and then moves to a black screen and closes out. I would gladly change my review back to 5 star if I could actually use the app that I paid for!
I download this apps, and buy professional version inside using facebook login and get full function of all the setting.i updated the recently update and try login using facebook but its said feature currently unavailable. Please fix this
The only thing that I don't like is that you cannot play offline other than that I think the app in the emulator is great but needs more optimization
ABSOLUTE TRASH! Falsely claims to run most of the ps2 library with minimal issues. Free version is basically just an ad spammer to force you to buy pro. Tricks you into buying the "pro features" by offering a discount, but leaves you stuck with the free version of the app that is OUTDATED and not likely to be updated. This is one step above a straight SCAM. DO NOT BUY! Also, its copyrightes in China which means its BACKDOORED AND MONITORED BY CHINESE GOVT.
I decided to upgrade to the pro because the were ridiculous. The intro to the game loads and then nothing after that. I want my money back.
Normally I'm not bothered by ads or pay walls, but in this case it's just too bad to let slide!!! There's WAY too many pay walls and WAY too many ads. I'm not kidding when I say 90% of the features are locked behind pay walls. And with nearly everything you do like loading a game or just using the settings you have to watch 2 unskipable ads or it won't let you continue. EVERY SINGLE TIME! This app was clearly intentionally designed to be as annoying as possible to force you to buy full version!
I only downloaded this app so that i could play call of duty 3, but somehow when you start the game a window opens and tells you to press the x button to continue. But no matter how you click the x button, it doesn't continue! You get stuck there and the game is basically unplayable! I tried all graphics settings but its still the same! Please fix this! Hundred thousands of people wants to get this fixed! Version of the app is v3.3.2.1 and using galaxy A51. Also, fix lags on exynos chips!
It actually works pretty good!! But it is pretty laggy in low end devices. I reccomend you guys to use a minimum of snapdragon 710++ phones to run the ps2 games. And only buy the Pro version of you guys have the minimum requirement. Most of the games works above the minimum requirement. I would say just feeling the nostalgic games of PS2 is pretty dope!!
Requires constant internet connection, crazy invasive permissions, ad riddled UI... I'll pass and wait for something else to come up. Be willing to pay for it if I didn't have to constantly validate the license and it wasn't data mining my phone.
WOW what a joke of an app. i watched 13 adds before i could even load the first game and all i wanted to do was see if my game pad would work with the game i wanted before buying the full version but no. thats a paid only feature. If you want to watch loads of adds and not actually play a game this is the app for you
Didn't get past the initial setup. I was aware there'd be ads and I'm OK with that. The problem is that every click to do any thing in the app requires you to watch a 30 second ad. App requires too many permissions invasive permissions to work properly. I'll be trying other apps. Chill out with the dang ads or you'll not have a very big user base. You lost out on money from me. If I like the free versions of emulators I always buy the premium. Your loss for being so aggressive.
I understand devs have to make money, But the amount of ads you have to watch to use this app makes it plain unusable on the free version, In addition to only running half the games i have tried, I feel it's not worth the download at it's current state
If your gonna have a free app, do just that!!! Why keep pushing ads before and after playing games? And why the stupid 'buy coins' thing?? You dont want to give it away free isnt it?? Because its seems just like that!! Dont trick people on downloading advertising its free when it isnt And if it were just the ads a few times you see, but its constant and its anoying, so as the buying coins' advertisment
I like it for nostalgic value but everytime I run soul nomad I play for like 3 minutes and it just freezes ive tried alot of things, i even purchased the pro thru the app but that didn't change anything it would be super cool if you could help me troubleshoot with it that would be swell.
I tried this version first but i realize that is there are many ads then i switch to pro version just clicking the UPGRADE TO PRO. Unfortunately it is not working still many ads and i just wast my money on this. Please resolve!
So this app is advertised as free, yet literally won't even open the first time the app is started unless I buy the full version? There's literally no option I can find to even trial run the app. It demands I pay for the premium version. If I'm missing something, it isn't obvious at all what that might be. The app literally says you have to "unlock" it before it will run at all. What a crock. If someone can tell me how to use this "free" version, I'll edit this review. Otherwise, dishonest AF.
Well it's not the worst ps2 emulator or the best ps2 emulator for my galaxy a10e phone, but in my opinion, it's a good emulator overall. I like it so far. All it needs is an fps boost (would very much like all the ps2 games to run on this emulator at the 30 to 60 fps range). That's all I'm requesting, nothing more. And like I said before, it's a good emulator overall, and I'm quite enjoying it so far despite the slow frame rate.
I play Tekken 5 using this emu on my rog phone(SD 855) it works its almost perfect when i play tekken 5 with 40-50 fps is good and 30 fps below is the bad but please make them smooth please make them stable at 40-50 fps and up thats for me. SOMETIMES THEY ARE LAGGY SOMETIMES THEY'RE NOT. Please make them stable and make them off-line when purchased and before i purchase it too. And please give the full potential of the app on free versions I hope on a better updates and keep it up
So I purchased the everything on this app. Not the pro app. And all was good I was able to use my ps4 control and play my game fine (re outbreak) but for some reason now I need to buy pro version again? That's why 1 star . Unless you can fix. But I bought the pro version now it's asking me to buy again ??! WTH!!!
It should be zero star. I buy pro using Facebook account. After few months now i cant log in. Too bad.
Works ok, not enough to let the devs rip you off for $10 just to play an emulator. Also require dodgy permissions like making phone calls just to use a ps2 emulator, scan written all over it.
This emulator does everything it can to dissuade you from using it. constant ads some of which may be malware. "coins" needed to play the games(gotten via purchases or ads)...not a great interface. I wish they'd had just made it only work for 20 minutes and called it a demo and skipped the garbage. On the other hand PS2 games play it seems, which is better than some of the other "PS2" emulators I've seen. If they got rid of the garbage so that people trying the "free" version got a good sense of what the developers did well instead of a bad experience of ads, I bet they'd sell more of the pro version too.
If you want to watch ads everytime then this app is a must for you. As for my experience,this garbage doesn't belong here as it is a stolen pcsx2 source that the dev use as a different name and they will keep taking your money shamelessly. If you don't want to regret your purchase,don't download this trash plz because one day this might be taken off on the store and your money will be gone too. So im warning everyone who is reading this,try to stay away. Have a nice day
Left trigger button gets stuck. I've been using my xbox one controller to play and the left trigger button gets stuck. It makes games unplayable. I check the controller and it works perfectly fine when I've played cod mobile
App still request unnecessary permissions, and it's not optimized for the Nvidia Shield. And it's not working in Android 11
I am not fan of Play Station except for Simpson Games and Sonic franchise, but I can barely even play Sonic Unleashed the behinning fine, after that lots of texture glitches, it gets 2 stars cause I can boot up the game and play some of it, controls aren't weird or anything.. just the ads and paywall is annoying I cant just play the game I got jump over hoops just play so ya... But considering its the only few PS2 emulators thats not a scam...its alright in its own right.
The games run fine on high end phones, lots and lots of compatible games, ads to start a game is only 30s same to search for bios or roms, if you really get annoyed by the ads, the pro version is offered in the app for about 10$, oh yes, you only get 2 save slots in the base version, which considering the size of ps2 games(1gig-9gig) unless you have an SD card with a bunch of space, 3-4 games at a time on phone storage is rather reasonable, all in all i like it and recommend it, good job
JUST HOW SINISTER ARE YOU?? You put PAYWALLS on BASIC EMULATOR FEATURES. This would've been great if it were like PPSSPP, which has a pro version but the free version has everything essential and is not gimmicky for the sake of money, might as well remove the free version and only have the paid version on the Play Store, what a joke.
This app just has too many ads... they're tolerable but you need to watch 4 ads just to startup and play the game that you want to play... also the left joystick has a weird issue so you may just be forced to use the D-pad to move around properly (I don't know if that's a bios issue but it's most likely the app)... I will give it a 3 star because the games that I play run decently on my phone but it does also drain your battery so be careful of that
The app was good. Since it's free, I don't mind having ads in it but I hope you can make some features accessible not only for paid but also for free. Few more save slots and a little less ads would be really nice. The app's performance was there but still needs a lot of improvements. I hope you can provide us a better ps2 emulator in the future!
The emulator is very good. Because some of the games are 8 gb like god of war but still its run very well and in some games it needs improvement like EA sports cricket games.
Slow, awful controls, buggy, and you dont even get to play a game until youve watched 20 minutes of ads, the worst thing is if you exit the app to go to your browser, the emulator resets qny progress, and you have to sit through another 5 mins of ads just to start the game again, 100% unusable, ridiculous, do not touch this app. If youre moving the sticks,, and you hover over the dpad or any other button, it presses that button instead, and vibrates constantly, how can emulator be so primitive?
nice emulator... although sometimes there's crash that revert save file... but i think that because i play using codebreaker
it is not free, because when it is said it is free, I can play any games I want to play for free but when I open it I need a fee to play, it means and it is not free and no one can play any games that have they are on their phone if they do not pay and so many ads from the beginning when I just opened the apps
Thanks for this my favourite ps2 games are now playable on my android device thanks to you. But please let the free users change control scheme 1 time please. Buttons like L1 R1 L2... Are in weird position make them go top. And there are ads But I dont mind the ads as you guys need money to keep working on this app and I got nothing to give. So ads are fine but please, just add ability change controls, restrict it to 1 time per user but please add button customization for free users.
WORST EMULATOR EVER!!! besides that studio is violating the GNU General Public License which PCSX2 is protected under, it is full of freaking ads.. and full i mean realy full - ads are popping out after almost every click in app and i cant even close them to return to emulator!! YUCK -_-
A not user-friendly app, you are forced to watch advertisements before you open the app and play a game. This app may be better if the ads are remove because the advertisements are so annoying.
Playing Ar Tonelico 2 with this app. It works well so far. The feeling of being able to play a ps2 game anytime anywhere on phone is great
Testing it out. Hoping it will play smackdown here comes the pain since all the new wwe games are total trash
Ignore 1Star Reviews, because their mobile can't Support the games & complaining about lag and when it comes to ads. I just bought pro version. It's clean and smooth UI with pro version. Not an single advertisement and all pro features unlocked, which runs the game more smoothly. I even completed god of war 1&2, resident Evil 4, god hand, devil may cry 3 in this lockdown.
I can't even open the app after installing. I have a Google Pixel 4 on android 11 with a Snapdragon 855 processor. I should be able to AT LEAST open the app. Lol. Good thing I didn't buy the paid version. And yes, I've tried restarting my device, reinstalling multiple times, nothing is working. The phone can not open the app for whatever reason. Also, I'd like to point out it didn't open it on Android 10 either.
Dont buy this. I have purchased this app but now when i tried to reinstall ..it is showing to buy it again
Good emulation but you should develop it better so that it can run nice and fast on low end devices and mid range phones. I hope you will fix this and we call all enjoy the gaming on all the mobile phones. I hope you do it.
My reason for 3 stars is because although this is a cool running emulator. It finally got a game I've been dying to play. What I noticed is I don't have full control of settings to fine tune or tweak for better play
I have a suggestion, maybe add a button to watch an advert in order to see another advert to access menus :)
This app is a work in progress but after numerous hours of testing, it is the best PS2 emulator for Android out there. I recommend a phone with good RAM and processing power and a bit of technical knowledge on how emulation works before giving this a try. It isn't for everyone but I'm having a blast playing blitzball on my phone in FFX, 60 FPS, occasional tearing and frame drops, and awesome graphical adaptation for its time.
This emulator is best to the ps2 games. And I like it. But some improvement need in this emulator. Some glitches is in god hand game. I request to damon ps2 team plz improve this emulator specially god hand game.
Very good no lag. Need to watch 2 ad to play but worth it for an PS2 emulator only take like 1 minute to get in
Go for pro version . It really amazes me how well it handled even in free version. Sounds disabled with 1ร—ps2 graphics helps a lot.
installed, paid 9.99 to unlock features, only to get blocked out from game months later, asking me to pay more for the same features i paid 10$ to unlock, RED FLAG! ...EDIT: make sure you remember to login properly, to retain the unlocked features. They deserve, 5 stars. although i thought i got scammed, i still have paid access.
There are some text glitches that makes games very difficult since the instructions are barely visible. And the ads are very frustrating most of the good features are paid. And no games without internet because of the ads. I am not ready to pay for an app with some glitches. Multi-player is also paid. Edit: don't play on mobile this app is garbage Shows me silly non existent error such as out of memory on 8gb ram mobile when the game is running in background. Better get pcsx2 on a budget PC
Tried to load MGS2 and crashed. To be truthful, it's filled with Ads and you practically have to pay to play. This emulator wasn't made with the intention of letting people play PS2 games, it was made with the intention of making money.
Festering with ads, you have to have coins to play the games, they want your location and the ability to make phone calls. Really got to make it extremely annoying just to start up one game, just to get people to fork over that $10 you're asking for the full version. Thought this was an emulator? Do not download this trash, download retroarch, or just wait for an actual emulator that wont cash in on you
Despite all it's faults, it was working. But after the latest update, it just refuses to open a game file (which I was playing with previous version), saying that it is not a ps2 game file.