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.projekt for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Stampede Games located at Petra Hryhorenka Ave 39, apt. 35, Kiev, Ukraine. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a great concept. However that doesn't mean it translates well to a game. Once you have an understanding of the mechanics it becomes monotonous. Which is a shame because it's designed well and the developers clearly put an effort into the game
The game is great and chalenging, but i wish it would have more levels, it is paid for so i wish i would get levels apropriat to the amount i paid
Great game, really enjoying it. My only recommendation is that the game gives access to a view of the blocks from the bottom, since it is a little annoying to have to build up from the ground and then delete the pillar.
I was looking for a brain teaser that I could play in spare time and this fit the bill perfectly. I especially like the min/ max block challenge. The only hitch I've found is that the next level button doesn't work from the last puzzle of a given level.
This is the best puzzle game I have ever experienced. Simple yet challenging and the AR mode is amazing. 6/5 imo
5/7, just wish there was more. Maybe 3rd plane (z axis), or other projections. Maybe 4th dimension. Maybe triangle/hexagonal projections. Maybe blend of picross and projection modes. JUST GIMME MOAR, I love it 😁.
Simple idea, some nice variations for each level, easy to play when you have 5 minutes spare. Was fun to complete and I hope more levels come soon!
The nature of the puzzles doesn't actuall allow for variety. The method to solve each of the three types is the same, regardless of what the shapes to fill are. Basically, it's fun until you figure it out, but kind of a one trick pony after that.
When I first saw this app, I thought it was just another wannabe gimmicky game that had no appeal beyond the puzzle aspect. But I decided to give it a try as it is "free" with Google Play and was surprised to find myself hooked instantly! This is one of those games that makes you go "just one more level" Great Job, .projekt!! I look forward to playing more of your games!
HELLO DEVELOPER, HELLO!!!This game is Gorgeous!!! The. AWESOME. Game grows on me. The soundtrack is reminiscint of 3AM Airport(google playmusic). Hey dev! More beautiful levels and get your music from the aforementioned. Thank you for the best possible puzzler. Did i mention this have had Gorgeous Graphics!
Too easy. Once you realise each layer of the cube is independent and the minimum number of cubes per layer is equal to the *Maximum* of between the two projections, it becomes trivial to solve. The maximum number of mini cubes is also trivial. It is basically set multiplication.
Finished all levels 100% and got all the achievements , first time playing a game like this but I really enjoyed it. 17 hours of playtime and I can say it's really worth the price. A great minimalist,spatial puzzle.
This game is a rare gem. Gameplay is smooth and fluid. The graphics are simple AND beautiful. The levels look deviously easy, but after awhile they grow challenging. Tilting your device even changes the view slightly (a larger, adjustable change would be nice). It would also be nice to be able to set the music/sound separately, but that's relatively minor for such a good game. I would rate this a rare 5 stars, had it not been for the rating nag popping up in the first ten minutes or so.
Excellent!!! Really fun, makes you use your mind! I just wish it had instructions, essp for the numbers. Took me forever to get that!! 😁
Okay, so the game asked me to review waaaaay to early. Literally every complaint I brought up was then addressed like two levels later. Controls are simple and intuitive. The optimization challenges are good. Puzzles solutions allow for player creativity. Great puzzle game that I highly recommend for anyone who likes the genre.
Very interesting brain game. Something for technical people. You have to put blocks together to match 2 shadow projections.
I wish the game have a sandbox where we can create our own levels, Because I just finished the game and, I can't think of any puzzle game that'll be better than this. I will change this review later on if a sandbox feature will be added on the next update!
This game is beautifully presented and nicely implemented but very simple. You have to play about 40 levels before unlocking "Picross" mode which is a more interesting way to play. Min/max targets are quickly solved and become repetitive. There are 100 levels, but with no new mechanics after unlocking the modes, so this game is more of a time killer than a thinking puzzle. The game could do with an artificial floor you could raise to be able to place blocks higher instead of "place and delete".
I've played lots of puzzle games, and .projekt is unlike any of the others. It starts you off easy enough, so you can get a feel for the controls and rules. Tap to add building blocks to a 3D grid in a way that matches the set of 2D grids displayed. After the first chapter, it adds another rule. Match the 2D grids, but using either the least cubes or most cubes possible (or both, if you're a completionist like me). The puzzles have really made me think, so I'll be kept busy.
Interesting game, but there is one really annoying thing, CAMERA! That would be awesome to rotate camera freely, without it, looking for empty places in max mode is really annoying.
Amazing puzzle game. It will challenge your ability to think in three dimensions. The puzzles seem simple on the surface, but the min/max challenges are where the game really challenges you. That "Aha!" moment is always satisfying in this game.
will simply not start on my phone. upd: tried that. game started once, and I played it for a bit, then closed. now it won't start again, even after clearing cache once more
Best money I've ever spent on a mobile game. It has a great soundtrack fun gameplay. I usually hate mobile games but this is a very chill "thinker" game.
Entertaining, nice visuals, solid puzzle game overall. The AR mode is totally broken though. There's green distortions and other visual artifacts when using it, rendering it unplayable.
Arghhhh! Love this game but it's too short! Please add more levels or make a sequel. I really love devs like you because I'm happy to pay for good quality games rather than sit thru crappy ads lol. Thanks for this game I really enjoyed it.
I am a 3d modeler by profession, this game really takes me back to my spatial reasoning training back in college and view projection. Thank you for developing this game, it is both relaxing and complex in its own way. Probably my favorite game on mobile in a long time.
Best puzzle game I've ever played! I actually deleted the app data just so I could play through it all again. I really hope more levels are released!
Pretty good. Not a ton to report, it is what it appears to be. Gets a bit samey after a while, but is still challenging.
HELLO DEVELOPER, HELLO!!!This game is Gorgeous!!! The. AWESOME. Game grows on me. The soundtrack is reminiscint of 3AM Airport(google playmusic). Hey dev! More beautiful levels and get your music from the aforementioned. Thank you for the best possible puzzler.
Was good. Doesn't seem to work any more tho. Just presented with completed games with no option to start a new game. The AR option seems to do nothing either, with no explanation or prompts to intimate how to use. I used to enjoy this game. Disappointed
This is an app that is more than a game, it's wierdly challenging and has an ability to draw ur focus inward. I feel very satisfied when figuring out a puzzle and it gives me a sense of accomplishment. Thanks !
Fully finished every level and really enjoyed it, the controls are easy to grasp and the level get harder as you go on.
Unexpectedly fun and interesting. I like the idea of different challenges for each level . The controls are cool and friendly. Recommend to everyone who likes pazzles.
It seems one of the game out there. Beautiful & Stylish. Music is also great and meditative. Great for Your mind and 3d-thinking. Just try it!!!
Once it starts to maybe get interesting or challenging, one can figure out how to solve any puzzle mechanically, and then there is no challenge at all. I didn't like all the bright or flashing animations either.
Really love such geometric puzzles, the game is really responsive and fun! Also like that there are no ads and the price is reasonable!
Super easy for anyone with knowledge of drafting/projection, but definitely gets more difficult as you go along. It would be an excellent teaching tool for an intro CAD class. My only gripe is that you cannot rotate the puzzle on all the axes, just the Y.
Great thinking game. Unique concept also cool features like a dark mode which inverts the already awesome simplistic look into another eye catching option. Chill soundtrack as well. Love the fact that they have a minimum/maximum to beat the levels which adds an additional challenge to the already challenging gameplay.
Love the app! But Ch III Level 4 is glitched! Update: the walk through video is nice thanks. But the levels on mine are different than what is shown in the video :(
really nice stylish isometric 3d puzzle game. i really like the asthetic and music, nice learning curve. addictive and relaxing. will keep this app
A simplistic and beautiful game. I would play 1000 more level if they were offered. Not too difficult but achievements offer a nice challenge to replay levels differently
Game is fantastic puzzler and well worth buying, only reason I give 4/5 is because you have to progress past level 20 to unlock min/max values, I wish these were unlocked from the start, or an easy option to instantly turn them on
Love this puzzle game. The only problem I have is with Chapter 3 Level 15 there is an error. On the top level of the organized structure on one of the corner pieces the numbers in the squares are wrong and because of this error, I can't progress in the game...
This game is awesome. Its certainly unique. The puzzles have an excellent variety and the controls are smooth. I recommend this game for anyone looking for something good and different.
Gaming zen. Clean, minimalistic graphics, soothing sounds and challenges that will have you focus on the task.
Switching to AR mode then back disables dark mode. Moving the structure more freely while not on AR mode would be useful.
It's ok, but not very deep once you understand the trick to reach solution type. I think building off the picross mechanic could be more interesting
I'm not usually one to play a mobile game for hours but I couldn't stop playing this until I finished the entire game. I hope there'll be more levels at some point!
A really good and innovative game. I've been looking for a new one like this for long time. Sometimes I feel so stupid, but I finally maxed out all the scores on the three modes. This was a really lovely game to play.
Honestly, dissapointgly simple, you just take the intersection and that's kind of it, not much thinking, a small python script could complete this game.
Absolutely love this game. I enjoy mental challenges and this a unique spatial challenge which I've not really seen on other games. Great work!
Requiring access to my personal drive account just to play the game is ridiculous. This app is an invasion of privacy and should not be installed. In response to the developer, the drive access is for cloud saves. You do not need to access our drive to have cloud saves. There are plenty of other apps on the play store that do not need this access and cloud saves works without any issues... please fix this. Once fixed, I'll use your app. Thank you.
One of the best games I've ever played. For those like me who love spatial games, this is the best available. As a suggestion: complete 360° rotation in every plane (not just the horizontal one) would be great to better understand the shadows cast by the model. Brilliant piece or work!! Well done!!
Well designed, fun, and interesting game. As a bonus, you can play it with AR. Please add more levels