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Project Makeover

Project Makeover for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Bubblegum Games. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I enjoy the game. Its ok to beat levels in order to have funds for makeover or styling the avatar; a lot of games do that. I've given 4 not 5stars because it's impossible to earn gems for playing levels; you have to buy using your real money. For gems which are difficult to earn, the prices of boosters and extra moves are incredibly high. Please reduce booster prices and generously give gem earning options like watching videos or playing minigames. I'm on level 73. Also, it's taking much data.
I love this game, while the ads for the game are pretty misleading and generic it's still a very fun and cute game, I've always loved fashion and custimazation and let me tell you this game is full of it! The game itself can get a bit tiring, having to always play levels to get more gold and it running out so fast, I also kinda wish the game had more diversity, like maybe people in wheelchairs or LGBTQ+ characters? Other then that I love this game! It's really addicting
Enjoyable until high level. Amount of "coins" you get from the matching game never changes and remains at 300 despite the cost of clothing, building, hair etc going up so you need to smash through several levels to do anything. I used to be able to have a streak going and get through levels quickly and quite a few a day but once you get to about level 200 you get stuck on the level for days on end so can't do anything makeover wise :(
I really like this game but there is not enough opportunity to earn things that might help you to complete levels. It takes forever to earn enough jewels and there are no opportunities to earn scissors. In the higher levels it sometimes takes 20+ tries. I dont mind spending a bit of money on apps, but this one has become too much. If I can't win a level without spending money at least some of the time, I will find a new game to play. Too bad.
Game is fun, but hard takes days to pass a level. It is expensive to buy things when you only get 300. Also never get any rockets, bombs nothing to help pass the levels some levels dont give you enough moves. Very frustrating. Not enough lives either for how hard it is to pass not enough money given to by the items a lamp is 1000. Take days sometimes to get anything.
I really like that some of the levels are challenging. Spending sometimes days to complete the level so I didnt just fly through the levels. I didnt spend any money and was still able to complete all the current makeovers which I really liked. The only thing is now im stuck just earning stars and im not really sure the point of it since there's nothing you can purchase with the stars. Hope theres new makeovers soon.
Well, I really wanted to like the game, but im honestly fed up with it. Its a nice concept, its fun, i like that you can customize your character and that you dont have to pay extra when wanting a specific design for a client. But the gameplay just makes me want to throw my phone, you barely have enough moves compared to the task at hand, if you fail you have to pay 300!!! gems, when you only have 600, and its not like you get any of them while playing. Im sorry, but im uninstalling.
this game is actually fun. I know, I was shocked too. but it has a lot of drawbacks. they make it very hard for you to actually progress in the makeover parts of the game. the makeovers get more expensive as you go on but your rewards from the levels don't get higher. it's unfair tbh. fun in concept, I'll keep playing, but it should be easier to actually play the game without spending money.
This game cheats. The difficulty to lead blocks seem to be directly related to the amount of moves available. What I mean by that his a bomb may destroy the blocks it touches then some has to have two more shape sequences before they disappear. This dwindles the moves to basically nothing. After awhile it starts to feel like a waste of time.
I really enjoy the game and what it is. Though I feel like they purposely make it really hard to pass some levels sometimes will. Currently on level 61 and it has taken me multiple days to get to it. Without buying the items I can be stuck on the same level for multiple days. I appreciate that their are no ads, but I wouldn't mind watching ads for gems to let me continue playing for another 5 turns when I almost win. It really sucks when I have to give it up.
No opportunities to play for diamonds. No boosters. For you to progress you need to keep making purchases (Seriously, where do we get the money?) The daily spins will reward u with clothing n jewellery that are used to dress a stupid avatar that has no place being there. The games are extremely hard. Even if you loose 50 times, you can play the same game 50 times, it doesn't get easier.
Harder than needs to be. Very stingy on boosters, coins etc. No ads to make life easier, good thing you'd think, but no, makes getting past supposedly easy levels impossible. You rely on friends for lives and then you are limited to only 5.negatives over with, it's very addictive, great graphics, funny storyline and you get to be a designer of both people and their homes etc. I do love the game but it also leaves me wanting to throw my phone off the wall.....
Good for a few makeovers. But not that worth. Waste of time. Well I've been playing for a week and 1/2 now. Made it to level 89, and more than 1/2 through the 3rd makeover. The game is alright and fun but each makeover demands for many more tasks than the previous, and many more coins too. It's just annoying when I run out of lives a lot. Also I visit people to add them as friends, but never get a response. Is there still anyone online playing. Levels get ++++++harder pls devs work on that.
Fun to play,great story line, enjoyable match game! * Suggestions for Developers: The game could be more enjoyable if you added more options for clothing, jewelry/ accessories for both the player's character and the character we are supposed to make over. The jewelry and accessories options are extremely limited. A game that's all about make overs and design should have far more options especially with how time consuming it is to earn enough points to shop for items, or in app.purchase .
Fun and addicting at first, extremely frustrating later on. It's not so much that the levels get harder, but their design sometimes is just garbage. You either have insane RNG luck to get the right pieces falling in the exact right places, or you can expect to be stuck on the same level for literal *days*. Boosts don't really help at all, most of the times you're just wasting them, because even if you have a good start, if the game's RNG decides to screw you over, there is no saving it.
The concept of the game is great. But the puzzle levels are down right RIDICULOUS. 5 lives for a level that the difficulty is off the roof, spending all your gems just for all of them to get wasted because obviously 10 tries are NOT enough to get through the level. I'm in level 3 and honestly I'm having NO fun, I'm just frustrated. Honestly the concept isn't worth the level of madness this game drives me to.
It's was fun at first but the levels get extremely hard as you go on making it less enjoyable.. you are only given a certain amount of moves per puzzle which can make levels impossible to pass without boosters. Maximum coin rewards per level won are only 300 but a couch can cost double! I feel the developers are intentional with that so users will have to spend real money to buy gems to gain boosters, pass levels and earn coins to move on. Oh! And why do we have to pay coins to remove clothing?!
Becomes really boring really fast. See other reviews, don't waste your time. Limited selections, become increasingly expensive really fast. Earning prizes just gets too difficult really fast, game becomes discouraging and pointless, really fast. I mean I like a challenge, but its obviously computer generated to fail; you see this the one time out of 3, then 5, then 10, that it is spectacularly easy to win. I assume this changes if you spend money and I don't think its good enough to pay for
I'm sorry, but shame on the creators of this game exploiting people for money. I wanted to love this game so much.The story is great, the animation is great, it seems like it could be a very fun mobile game but the robbing people blind part ruins everything! The stages rapidly get more difficult without giving you enough moves to complete its ever demanding obstacles, you only get 300 gold coins, but the purchases for makeovers are OUTRAGEOUS, with useless steps like "remove glasses". Sad...
It has been fun but as pass more levels the difficulty increases but not the moves per level nor the coins won. Boosters are near non-existent. Don't understand the reason for even having them when you can go so long without winning or earning any. And what is the purpose of the money?! It's only good for purchasing items for the players emoji. I've won quite a bit of money but not really interested in buying that many items for my emoji. On verge of deleting. Maybe use money won for boosters?!
If you like having 30 minutes of gameplay every two hours, or enjoy wasting money on tile games for nothing in return, this is the game for you. Hey developers, how's it feel knowing your game is such a scam it takes any possible enjoyment out of the game? How fast do people uninstall your game once they realize that it's nothing but a piggy bank for you? You can deleted my reviews but it won't change the fact that everyone realizes your """game""" is garbage after the first 30 minutes.
Harder levels should give you more coins but it doesn't. Who wants to pass a hard level just to only have enough money to "take off shoes". What a waste. Also, the boosters don't always go in the direction you move them to- it's happened countless times. I wanted to like this game but it costs too many coins to work forever on a stupid room demo - there's barely any choice in there either. Truthfully I want to do hair and clothing- not spend all my time trying to get coins for a room demo.
My experience in my two hours of playing was great but once I got stuck on the level 30 of puzzles I haven't been able to get off it in 3 days, so now I can't even do anything, it is aggravating that I'm still stuck on the second person and the 30th puzzle level!!! This game definitely has promise, but you have to remember that there are younger audiences playing this game, maybe make the puzzles easier ???
I really like the game. Fun and addicting. I feel, however, that they engage in unfair purchasing practices because so many different boxes (that all look alike) pop up that alternate among asking you to start a new game, continue posting, or asking you to buy certain boosters etc. If you're not paying close attention, you can make a purchase when you just wanted to start a new game. There is nothing that asks you to confirm. Frankly, I find it dirty and unethical.
The makeovers are fun, but 98% of the game is tile matching. I honestly wish that watching ads for coins were an option, because waiting for your lives to load takes a long time. Even being able to convert the in-game dollars to coins would help a lot. Also, it doesn't make any sense that you have to spend coins to remove the "before" style.
Same game different name! This game is just like all the others you get a few choices about decorating and these choices get more and more expensive so you spend most of your time playing the match up three or more game just like in fishdom and candy crush. Also once you get to a the higher levels it's takes forever to be able to complete even one. As well as the prises for completing these levels never goes up. So unless you like playing the match game don't bother with this game!
It was fun for a while, then it wasn't. I've been stuck on the same level for a while now and I've just lost interest. Boosters dont work and I've had to spend money the last couple levels just to pass them. It takes forever to get coins and when you spend them, you can do maybe 3 tasks. It shouldn't cost anything to remove stuff. Then today after an update it stopped working. Every time I leave and come back it freezes on the loading screen. Kinda just disappointed.
It started off great and fun, I love puzzles and doing the makeover projects was fun. But now this is ridiculous, I've been stuck on level 106 for 3 days now, using all my lives each time, and it's impossible to clear the level, and I can't proceed with the makeover, which is the whole point of the game. Fed up with it, lost patience and interest. Had to uninstall, was fun while it lasted but that's just ridiculous.
This game is fun but It seems they try to make me loose the levels on purpose, super annoying. They give you very little money and everything you have to pay for is super expensive. The creators should really put the players advise in perspective. Nobody's going to waste money on so little of "perks". Cool concept, horrible way of making it work.
This is a really nice game! It is cozy and relaxing and laid back but not dull. The theme of a makeover crew is sweet and the gameplay is a mindbender that gives satisfaction when you finally get through it. And the interaction with the characters between gameplay is nice, it gives a sence of purpose with what you are playing, something to strive towards. And no ads that breaks the feel of the game. 5/5 Very well made!
Aside from the game being almost impossible to play in some stages. I got to almost stage 300 and I wasn't able to solve more task (it kept saying more task are coming soon) more like I was stucked in that stage. I decided to upgrade the game hoping there would be a good change, this time around it got worst. Now u can't even view my previous stage or anything in the game.
This game is SO MUCH FUN! Until you reach level 22. The puzzle games are nearly impossible without paying money to help you gain boosters to get through them :(. I hope that there is a more well rounded risk/reward system because I feel like this game has A LOT of promise and to kinda strong arm the players to paying in order to succeed at the puzzles which ultimately you need to pass the levels is kinda a let down... either decrease the difficulty or let the players play lower levels...
This game is very hard ... and it cheats, it makes you lose levels so you have to keep trying. It takes for ever to earn enough money and gems to complete a makeover ... taking all the fun out of the game !! Some levels have taken me 3 to 5 days to beat ... and then you only get 300 coins and most things cost way more than 300 coins. Not sure I'm going to keep playing. They need to make some changes to the game!
Fun so far! I like the clothing and furniture choices and the puzzle game part isn't too hard. However the makeover stuff gets expensive quickly so I wish finising a level would give more coins. I also think it'd be cool if instead of instantly styling the hair/putting on the makeup there could be a minigame where we could do it ourselves. But overall fun!
Pretty solid game. People complain about the coin system but it's actually not that tedious if you enjoy playing the match 3 levels. Lives are also not that hard to get because the friend system supports long playtimes well. You just need patience and plenty of time on your hands. All in all I think this is a fair game as far as mobile games go. No annoying forced microtransactions if you don't want to. Maybe more room customization options might be nice. I've played all the makeovers BTW. :)
2 months after my original review (below) and still LOVING this game! One of the best things about it is there are zero ads interrupting your game! Plus, you can get more diamonds for as little as $2.99 CA. Loving the new features too! β– Extremely addictive... which is probably a bad thing for me πŸ˜‚ My only criticism is, it would be nice to have the character see and react to their new makeovers - themselves and their new space. Kinda feels like it ends abruptly and moves to the next makeover.
I enjoyed the game. The variety of wardrobe and rooms. The reason that I'm just rating it just okay is because of the gem amounts. 300+ gems to continue a difficult level is ridiculous. I realize that you have to make money and this is the way you do it but 300, 400 or 500 gems to complete a level is outrageous. Gems are just used up way to quick. I made it to level 100 before deleting the game. Would have been nice to continue but as it is now, it is not worth it for me to continue.
Quite enjoyable and very easy to lose track of time with when deep into decorator mode, lol ;)EDIT:Took 5 months to resolve a very simple matter and in the end I was given not only the run around but the shift, in the form of receiving less than half of what was owed. Given how much I spend to play...it's a wee bit money-grubby on their end not to fix things properly the first time asked...just saying. 4 stars to 2.
You spend lots of your time playing an arcade game to earn enough coins to play the game then you spend then you spend most of that redoing some room and very little time actually making over the person. Pretty lame in my opinion. Not even halfway through the second makeover and I am BORED out of my skull with this game. Graphics are good for this kind of game, which is the only reason why I gave it a 2.
I was hoping there would be a point to the makeover. If they don't give feedback to their new look and there's no opinions on my work, why play? It sucks knowing it would be the same outcome if I just chose whatever options for everything vs me spending minutes on end trying to make it look good (what I did)
This game honestly isn't all that bad for a non-paying player. No ads, which is freaking awesome, although the lives mechanic is a bit annoying at times. The one big gripe I have about the game is that sometimes it has the wrong dialogue boxes for the wrong character! Makes things very confusing in the dialogue. I don't know who's saying what line of text!
I really like this game, it's fun and enjoyable but there's 1 problem with this game. The problem is that the levels start getting hard to beat, especially with the limited moves so I really hope that you take this suggestion and make the moves unlimited because I am on level 26 and I really can't beat it and as a result, I can't earn the coins. I actually enjoy this game and even recommended it to my friend but even she wishes for the moves to be unlimited.
Don't bother!!! Main game requires you to play mini games of which become increasingly more difficult in just 5 plays. In order to complete one makeover you will need to complete 10 mini games. If you can't complete them or beat them you won't be able to complete a makeover. 1st makeover is easy as hell, the second one is 5x more work and is impossible to get through in one sitting without throwing money at the game. Developers- maybe less greed more passion? Also EaD
Initially the game was very nice, I was enjoying playing it. But know it is getting irritating, as you get only 300 for winning each game. If the levels are increasing & the price for the purchase are also increasing then the winning price should also increase gradually. I'm at level 310 now but still it's 300. Also the price for removing any old things is so expensive. You hardly get to make the things, just play the same level again n again and wait for the lives...I'm losing interest now..😑
Typical match 3 game. I did nearly uninstall the game during the first makeover when the very first thing you do is remove her glasses to make her prettier. Really devs? That is an old tired trope at this point. So far the game play is engaging although at this point the handholding in the beginning is a little annoying. Match 3 games have been around for a while now, I don't need to be shown how to play one.
As the levels get tougher, there is no option to view videos for extra life etc but expected to use gems. Other games have such feature and it would be better if there is. Liked the game and makeover, just not the feeling of needing to use or buy gems being kinda pushed to. Hope there is improvement on this.
This game was super fun, but as you go through, it gets to a point that you can't win unless you buy powerups, and you can't byt power ups without spending money. Therefore it turned from fun to pay to win. The levels get pretty hard and I'm stuck, unable to advance, and just getting frustrated. Right now I would not recommend. 3/10
The game itself is fun. Lovely graphics and designs. It's great, other than the mini game parts get WAY too hard. I've had to redo levels 3 times and sometimes even 10. I can't progress since im not getting coins (they don't give you a lot anyways) from having to redo a level over and OVER.I'm not even exaggerating it gets annoyingly difficult and there are way too many unneeded additions. They need to easy things up. Doesn't help that it's stupidly pricey to continue a round only for 5 turns.
You HAVE too spend $$ to get passed certain levels. Up to this point (level 339) I have spent a lot. I can not get passed this level. I have played it over 100 times and nothing works. Always 2 to 6 more items to collect. RIP off. Will stop payment on all charges thru my credit card company. Do not install this game!!
Too much candy crush, not enough "makeovers". False advertising based on ads for the game. It's ok, not enough to talk about. Feels like a waste of time because constantly having to play "candy crush" in order to play this game. I was hoping for a game that didn't have this as a reward for "coins" and its honestly not only boring me but frustrating me. To the makers of these games... WE WANT SOMETHING NEW! WHAT YOU ADVERTISE IS WHAT WE WANT!! I'm so sick of looking for a game to play thats diff
Short term game :/ $300 for foundation that changed nothing!? I didn't spend 700 gems on a level only for that and then get stuck on the level right afterwards πŸ₯Ί it's a good game. Much better than the ads make it look. Actually very interesting. But like- I've only been playing for a few days make 2/3 and i keep getting stick on levels 😌 i understand games are supposed to get harder as you progress but slowly. Also the in game currency is too expensive- so storyline moves slow.
Great Game but... I cannot play it anymore. The pieces won't move when I try to play. I have uninstalled it and installed it again, I have restarted my phone and I don't know what else to do. I really, really love this game! I don't find it challenging, I love the concept and graphics. It would just be nice to continue to play it.
I loved the game, although, you can only save if you have Facebook, which I don't. I had to reset my phone to fix an issue and lost my cloud save for this game. There's no way to get it back. Also I had to sit through the tutorial all over again which is very long just to be told I had to start fresh. So deleted. Please give people a way to save other than Facebook! Also don't download if you saw the ads. It's nothing like that, they just do that to please the algorithm.
At first I was absolutely OBSESSED with this game. No ads, no glitch in nothing wrong. But. I've been stuck on level 89 for WEEKS now. My lives run out and I have to wait ages to get them full again. I get extremely frustrated. I wish they could give an option for... let's say at 10 rounds of trying I get the option to skip. It's just so irritating. You'll never see this review, but please , PLEASE fix this! I'm going insane!
Frustrating that you have to play another game (candy crush) to get coins, wish I could use the cash on the game to buy coins. I wish I could play for the make over only instead of the office politics on the game. The first make over makes you want to do more but it's gets harder and harder. Not sure if I still like it.
This game is fun if you love match 3 games, I wish you could get boosters with the same cash you use for your character, not with gems, because you have to use real money for gems. This made it lose a star. Also, make it give more coins per game, or if the level is harder, give more coins, because you have to play multiple levels just to get 900 coins. Otherwise, great game, I will continue playing to see updates.
I was cool with the game for all of 30 seconds, even tho all the ads I saw for it neglected to mention it was yet another match game. But it literally starts getting ridiculous with only the 2nd customer, taking like 600 coins to get him undressed and another 600 to clean his garage (where both actions only cost like 200 each for the 1st customer). So, yeah, hard pass for me.
Would be an awesome game, if you could actually win without constantly spending real money. On sooo many levels, I have broke down and bought more lives and more turns, because of repeating levels with just "ONE" more thing to collec, but now I have decided NO MORE. I have been on level 126 approximately 25 times, always with 1-3 objects left. I have also had problems with swiping and it swipes the opposite way (happens a lot!), and incomplete explosions. So frustrated with this game!!
So, I actually legitimately enjoyed this game. Loved the makeovers and designing and fixing stuff up, and they make you feel like you're really helping people. However, I'm giving it 3 stars because the amount of grind you have to invest just to get the coins to do the makeovers is just... it's too much, it's WAY too much. I shouldn't be spending hours trying to get enough coins to do one makeover. I'm sick of being nickel and dimed. Not worth the install and time investment, play another game.
It wouldn't have been so much fun if it was not this impossible to earn coins. The makeover is so amazing but the fact that you need to play this impossible candy crush 90% of your time, it makes this game a total disaster. You should have named it Candy crush really! Why must we only earn 300 coins??
This has potential to be a great game.. but it is not right now.. the game is sort of like homescapes. The tasks are too repetitive, where it could have been one, it's divided into 4-5 with spending 200-300 for each task. The levels are ridiculously difficult. I understand that the levels can't be easy etc, but the level of difficulty can be reduced and there's no way to get additional boosters, no rewards during intermediate levels. If these are fixed, it'll be a great game
It's a good idea for a game, but frustrating that it takes a lot of time and moves to get through the levels. To long to do the make over parts. Not enough moves in levels, so you deplete your turns end of game. For people to enjoy this game more it should have more moves and actually clear the board when getting certain boosters.As well as being able to apply a booster when you want not at the beginning of the game level. Cost to much for a on line game.
It was really a fun game. Kinda gettin addicted to it too. However, I would like to suggest an additional option of purchasing gems with gold coins too and not just all gems. I also feel that the money i'm earning for winning to use for my avatar is not really necessary so why not switch it instead to money on makeovers and gold coins on the person's avatar?Just a thought. Moreover i'm enjoying this game.Coolio.
The fashion part of the game is super fun, but the coin value for completing the match game needs work. It is totally unequal to the value of things needing to be bought. The game feels like just another match the shapes/colors with a fashion add on, the focus is almost entirely on the match game. Limited lives also means limited play time as well, which isn't very fun. Also missing out on boxes is a major let down since there is no guarantee that you'll get it in enough moves. 2 stars.
Looks nice but the levels are very difficult to pass at a certain point and you struggle to earn coins to complete all the tasks in a specific makeover with no indication of how many coins it will take to finish that makeover when you start it. Tasks are very expensive and the game does not give sufficient coins for levels passed. Also the game does not play like advertised video clips not sure at what level if any the games is played as per adverts. Really disappointed with the game.
Started off quite well, 😲 went through 17 levels fast, but sets you up for disappointment as suddenly can't go any further unless pay real money (I have no intention of doing that), or else you have to wait for ages for your lifes to build up again so you can continue playing. Most Frustrating. The new lifes end too soon and again requires real money to continue etc. Not impressed, and not worth paying real money on this game. Have to uninstall it as no longer fun. πŸ˜• Very disappointed. πŸ€”πŸ˜žπŸ‘Ž
It is okay, but I thought it would be a fun makeover game, kinda like Queer Eye, but after the first person, the levels get frustrating, and it takes at least three tires before completing a level for me. It has a lot of potential. I'll keep it installed in hopes of a update, but I don't plan to play it too much, it's just frustrating not being able to purchase the required materials without completing levels.
I really love the fact that it is ad free ❀️ It is fun, but some of the levels are really really difficult and almost impossible to pass without a booster.. Which there is no way to earn, since it is ad free.. I'm starting to miss the possibility of earning stuff you need by watching an ad or two (user activated) As others have mentioned too, you have to pass waaaaay too many levels to complete a makeover. And it's nothing like the ads for this game - it is impossible to mess up the makeover..
Slow and insipid. Too much dialogue between puzzles and actions and entirely too many forced tutorials. Everyone seems to think their little match puzzles are so unique and special that tutorials are necessary for every new step. If a player doesn't know how, fine, they can use it, but give players the option of turning off tutorials and dialogue.
It's a fun game if you have patience. I'm fairly convinced that the match three puzzles are rigged. The objects move in the exact opposite way you try to direct them, sometimes colors aren't removed when you absolutely know they should have been and you're kind of set up at times to only have one or two moves left because of this that they tempt you to buy boosters to win. Otherwise, it's not a bad time killer.
I really enjoyed this game! Levels are the right amount of hard..but right now I'm stuck on "Exclusive Levels" because I've finished all the makeovers. I will happily change my review if they add more. It would also be good if there were options that the characters didn't like. Each one has a personality that you get to know throughout the makeover so it would be nice to have the challenge of picking something they would like, rather than them just being happy with whatever option you chose.
It takes a long time to clear challenges. You lose all of your lives and then the game literally has NO INCENTIVES for you to keep playing. It doesn't give you extra gems or lives for watching videos, so you have to buy them or wait 20 minutes for them to refill. This game is just trying to syphon money out of people. After the first makeover, the challenges get hard and it's almost impossible to finish the second without spending forever on the puzzles. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.DO NOT DOWNLOAD.
If you are searching for a wonderful game, I suggest this game only because it is been a month to search for a game like this. Finally I got it.. No problems or no complaints to say because I fell love with this project because which all facilities I expected in game is there and i wanted to say more facilities which I expected..Only one thing to say, when other characters are talking if there is a option to give a reply by typing is there, it will be a wonderful game. Nothing more to say ❀I ❀it
The game is so fun, great art, amazing concept... But as with ANY of these match puzzle games I've tried after a few levels they spike the difficulty so you'll use all your buffs and currency, expecting you to pay real money to even progress in the game. Every single one of the games I've played with this style has been this way. It's so disgusting. This game could be easily be one of my favorites, but naturally greed rules all. You should seriously be ashamed of yourselves. So tired of this.
So far so good, it's fun I like the makeover and the renovation, I dont like how you need to play for coins to do anything. It's like 3200 coins for each section, but then you play the games you get only 300 coins, when you need 900 to just do one task. I'm on 1031 and keep waiting for updates that lame. I think I'm close to deleting this cause it's time consuming, and I already put enough in!
Game takes too long in between tasks, it has to show the project makeover logo all the time. Very frustrating! It takes too long to get coins to do the makeovers. And who cares about the drama scenes in this game?? Have to buy coins to continue the makeovers. Each individual task you try to do takes mega coins. Way too expensive to enjoy.
This game takes FOREVER! to advance. U are only able to get a certain amount of coins per passed level and sometimes u have to pay 3-4 times before u get enough coins to do 1 tiny thing. I have played for so long and have gotten only so far. Its almost not fun anymore. I wanted to makeover a person, not a room and barely get to do anything to a person..... not sure if its worth playing anymore
Look, don't get me wrong. It's a fun game. A bit slow for my taste, but hey. I like the art style, the characters, the models for said characters. But again, it's slow and tedious. Not my style. Didn't see too many ads, but it may be the tutorial thing y'know? I'm giving it three stars because uh... It's a buy to win kinda game. I'm kinda broke, but hey. Nice game.
Starts out fun, but it's the same frustration I have with every game like this. Candy Crush started this annoying pattern and every mobile game seems to have followed. It's just another money pit. It acts like it gives you the option to play without buying boosters, lives, etc, but then literally makes EVERY level next to impossible to beat unless you buy a win. Am I buying a win or am I winning? This makes it not fun anymore, and just frustrating instead. Uninstalled.
Okay, I'll remake my review since I managed to go back and the progress was saved. However, you still need to consider, reducing the prices of the ugly items which r supposed to be removed from the dolls and their rooms, and also add more options for designing... 3 options is too limited for designing game. When I installed the game, I thought, the it is for design, not a puzzle/tetris. And the limit of hearths to 10 is quite annoying since I have more than 40 friends who play it
I would have rated a 5 star if they didn't make it almost impossible to beat some levels without paying for boosters. It is basically a money grab. I love the concept but it could have been much better if they made it atleast playable. If you like this kind of game, play gardenscapes. This game is just way to frustrating.
This review is after about 1 hour of play. Fun time to spare game. Levels to earn coins jumped quickly from easy to hard without an in between level. Already the game is asking me to spend $ to buy coins and continue playing. Starting to get a bit frustrating. Again this only after about an hour of play. I'll edit my review as I go.πŸ€”
I'm SO tired of games that become SO damned hard at higher levels that they are basically unwinnable without spending real world money!! >:( Yet one MORE game that I *was* enjoying, but will now be deleting. What a shame. I would have really liked to see how this makeover turned out. :( Oh...and also the game plays NOTHING like the ad for it implies.
I am the type of person who believe games should be really relaxing and healing for the person who play. This game is really interesting and enjoyable but they should develop the games, difficult as hell .I used to like it but now it's really stressing for me. I recommend the developers to lower the difficulty of game levels then this game will be almost flawless.
This game is really fun for about 30 minutes. Then the gold you have to pay skyrockets and the puzzles get nearly unsolvable UNLESS you spend money, and even then the amount you spend doesn't get you far unless you spend quite a bit. Also the most customizable part of the game is your own avatar, not so much the actual makeovers where you get to choose 1 of 3 options per category, and pay 600 gold to do it. Probably will keep it downloaded in case they improve the playability.
A shame for the potential, really. The same thing as Gardenscapes or CandyCrush used to be, but they eventually realized this cannot match any longer. Some constructive feedback: - add the possibility of viewing ads for boosters. Income for you, less frustration from users. - in-game events: maybe races with friends, or challenges for boosters. Keeps up motivation and willingness to spend money on gems - review booster effectiveness: if a tile is double crossed, it should work the double way :)
I forced myself to play through 1and a half makeovers! First I don't like these dumb candy crush puzzles like games they are just boring to me! What I did like was the opportunity to do the makeovers and room design, but they need to have much more options on designing the rooms and they different have enough clothes choices! But they were the most fun to do! Would I recommend this game? If you like the puzzles in the game then it for you! If you don't then I don't recommend that you try it!
Expensive, but fun....If you don't mind spending money ($8-$10/month) to keep your game going, this is a fun block game to play. There aren't advertisements you have to watch after every level you beat or start so, that's good. Graphics are great. My game doesn't pause mid-move or anything like that. And their customer service is right on the money (haha...no pun intended). Any time I have sent a message someone has always replied within a day.
The plus side is that this game has no in game ads & has serious potential to be great! But...there's some major issues keeping it from realizing its potential. One is when I start loading the game, most of the time it will freeze (otherwise it's pretty smooth running). Another issue is that some of the puzzles are nearly impossible to beat, then when you finally beat them (sometimes days later), you are rewarded with an atrociously low 300 coins. Need to increase the reward significantly
It's okay it's a good game but what I hate is that the candy crush part the moves, I feel like they put enough moves to win the level they didn't leave any like 5 extra moves, I've lost so many mystery boxes and I'm not happy, and the furniture is so expensive and we only get 300 coins per level and an amount of cash, I like the game it's very cool I just didn't like the candy crush part, like atleast give as an opportunity to win
The graphics are average, the mechanics are simple, the story varies but is basic, the characters are often inaccurate, stereotypical and rude. Lives take too long to regen and should take only 5min refill to maintain engagement. The amount of moves for each level is often disproportionate and you have to rely on the mediocre RNG to pass a level. This is just a quick cash grab, the only upside is there's rarely ads. Also, the advertisements are misleading.
Enjoyed it at first, but after awhile you can tell it's clearly pushing pay to win. Some puzzles cant be completed in the alotted move counts given, without buying some kind of assist. Either that, or its unbalanced and needs to be refined. Either way, wont be playing anymore unfortunately.
This game was fun until I started getting to higher levels. I've been stuck on the same stupid "candy crush" style puzzle level for four days, over 30 lives. I have used up every gem and used all of my bonus items. Thats not even the part of the game I enjoy! I like the message behind this game, its my favorite dress up game to date, because its more than just a makeover, you help their whole personality. But if it's impossible to win without spending money, then I guess I have to uninstall it.
I always see ads for this game. Then finally decided to try it only to find out it's a 3 match puzzle game that you can't skip on tutorials and you have to use 'your' supplies during it. No freebies. No thanks. Otherwise the makeover itself is entertaining. This game is rate as fair at best, but because this game has a ways to go to be good. I tried it, but not keeping it.
I could have loved this game but it's not really a makeover game. Basically, players have to play A LOT of Candy Crush to earn credit for the makeovers. I've had to power through 64 levels of CC and haven't earned enough to finish the third makeover. The levels get really hard! So... that's hours of Candy Crush for maybe 30 minutes of actual design time. Can't recommend it if you're playing to do the makeovers.
Okay so... I really just want to dress up the people... But seriously the amount of money needed to do tasks increases with each person but the amount of money you make each level stays the same 300. Also, the fact that taking off glasses, hats, dresses, shoes, makeup and accessories also consume money is so ridiculous... I'm at level 130 something and I'm in the 4th client who is currently stuck in a towel in her livingroom cause it's 600 to fix her hair and 450 for each of the other steps.
Horrible. Starts off by forcing me to pay off for things I didn't want to start off with. In the ads, there wasn't a single puzzle and it showed the game to be as simple as possible. The decorations, clothing and accessories are way too expensive for what you gain from a single game. Wasted my time playing this, useless app.
This is a match 3 game, not a makeover game. Like a lot of match three games, the story progression takes currency that is collected through the gameplay. This one does not scale very well as the games do not give enough coins to even complete small segments of the story. I uninstalled after playing for an hour. It is thematically interesting but it requires grinding and patience that I do not have.
Misleading ads. I downloaded this after seeing it a bunch of times advertised on other games. Turns out it wasn't like it was portrayed in the ads. I thought it was a makeover game but it's just a typical puzzle game with one extra feature. There isn't room for creativity in the 'makeover' part anyway. I gave it a chance but expectations didn't align with reality. Not terrible but not great.
Perfect game! Finally!! If I had to make my own game, this is it (Match-3 with a purpose).They perfectly combine storyline with reality makeover shows you see on HGTV and TLC/VH1. Immediately you are drawn into each person's life you makeover. The 3D graphics are beautiful as well. Plus you can create your own avatar & earn clothes! I 100% recommend this game! Great for quarantine boredom!
Loading is still wonky. I'm on level 330-something. I went away from this game to play other stuff for a few weeks, came back to Project Makeover, and was immediately hit in the face with how punishing and unfun it has become. 😭 It was such a good time at first! Now I have to play for weeks to take someone's socks off. And, for that reason, I'm out. Uninstalling right now. Thank you for the fun times, and no thank you for the state it's in now. ❀️ PS: Please add stylus support to your games!
I love this game, In fact, I'm quite addicted. However, updates and new characters take too long to create, we have to buy unnecessary things ( example...i don't want to use my coins for the girl to stretch or get a massage or get eyebrows done then put sunglasses on the characters....these things aggrevate me. Also, too much jewelery is given as reward gifts, id like to see more boosters being earned on a regular bases. I' ve almost uninstalled this game a few times waiting for new characters
Ok I tried to give u guys a chance but is this really a makeover game if there are no makeovers? Done waiting for a new level, I'm out. It's a fun game, I dont even mind some of the challenging puzzles that take a day or two to pass, but now I'm at a stage where there are no more makeovers and I have been playing extremely hard levels to get stars what is the purpose?? . It's been a week and I'm loosing intrest in the game. Where are the rest of the makeovers???
LOVE IT! This game is sooo much fun, at first I wasn't interested in playing another match-3 puzzle game, but the gameplay and animations are so interesting and smooth, I quickly fell in love. Also, the levels are very fun to play, they don't get you frustrated, forcing you to buy coins or uninstall the app like other games do. The developers really outdid themselves with this one. Thanks for my latest addiction!
It starts out great until the levels are IMPOSSIBLE to complete. I was only able to do one makeover. That's it? If you want to play you need to buy gems to try to complete the game part. Regardless of how well you do you only earn 300 coins for that game. The price of each item in the makeover goes up and the dollars are only good for purchasing clothes for your avatar. No thank you, deleting game. Make the game with more ways to earn coins to complete the makeover part fairly.
I love this game, it's got levels of differing difficultly but none are too hard not to complete. Love the avatar portion and being able to visit others and rate then send friend requests. I've a list as long as my arm of other players to request lives from πŸ˜ƒ I'm now waiting for the update to makeover more people and their places in need of the makeovers. I'm itching to get going again. I usually play match 3 games and this has become my new obsession.
The game is fun. BUT as some other reviews have already pointed out, it is too too tough. We have to pay a matching game to earn coins and the matching gets tougher and tougher. The amount you earn remains the same!!!! Now I'm just playing the matching game over and over again, NOT the makeover game. The creators should try to make it possible to enjoy the game without frustrating players into coughing up cash. I'm leaving.... looking for other makeover games!!
What is this? Same ol same ol, same frustration and it feels like without some gems, its much harder to get thru. It was easy at first, then well, the game started "buffing" the difficulty but not in a good way. It shouldn't be this hard for a game that is purposely made for people to have fun and relaxing. 2 stars rating
I really enjoy this game. However, I have one major beef that would be an easy fix for the developers: they grant you unlimited tries within a window of time periodically and don't give you the option to save it for a more convenient time. I'm usually opening the game to play a level or two when I have a break and if I open the game to be met with unlimited tries for the next thirty minutes or hour, I opt to close the game until I have that time available. A real bummer.
The game is really fun. I like the whole makeover theme. My only complaint and why not 5 stars is I wish you could use coins to buy tools instead of gems. Gems are so hard to come by and you need a lot to buy even one pack of rockets or bombs. Stuck on the same level for days. Seriously thinking of deleting soon, which is sad because I really do like the game otherwise.
3 stars because the game has no ads which is great. Love that but boosters are so inaccurate. You can make a move with a booster and it hits another booster you would think it would eliminate other objects more than once. Such as the ribbon boxes. I hit it with 2 boosters at the same time and it only takes away 1 part of the ribbon instead of it counting it twice. What's the point of the boosters?
Horrendous! This game's a lot of fun during the first few rounds but the level of difficulty afterwards are horrid! I realized it has a pattern - the system can detect when you're about to accomplish a level so it manipulates your progress. For example, when you combine a rainbow blast with a rocket or a bomb, it avoids converting the pieces that are near your target. It is rather frustrating than relaxing when you can't pass a level for days, even for weeks. Feels so good that I uninstalled it!
The makeovers are fun, and the games aren't that bad, but they become increasingly more difficult, AND things you need to purchase for the makeovers become more and more expensive, but the payout for completing a level of the game never increases. So, with each makeover you're forced to play more and more games that are already more challenging. I guess that's how they get some people to pay real money, but it should still be fixed.
Honestly I love the game although it can be annoying when you run out of hearts or can't seem to beat the levels I just play another game until they refill (should be an hour or so)I also love the story I just hope it doesn't take long for them to make more people to style.I love how much there is to the game and how much you can change and the fact that you can basically turn a dump worth 1 pound into what looks like a luxury 1,000,000 pound mansion.Ps I would totally recommend to any Friends.
I would live to give this 5 stars because the idea and basic concept is wonderful. Its VERY frustrating how difficult so many levels are but most frustrating is watching bombs or arrows go off and not destroy items in their path. This happens often. For example, i used the rainbow circle and matched with a bomb which placed bombs to go off all over the board. I had a box with ribbon and an open box with the red shoes with 2 bombs within 1 spot of them and nothing changed. They stayed the same. I
Decently fun mechanics and story and no ads between levels. However, around 120+ levels the levels of match 3 game get extremely hard (tens of tries without boosters) and the progress slows down into a crawl. If they knocked the difficulty down a bit and added a way to earn in-game premium currency via ad-watching, it'd be a 5-star game. Now there's no real sense of progress.
I like the game and the support team is amazing, however the levels are crazy hard and can take like 50 tries to beat. I think the biggest reason for that is, for example, when I use a bomb and rocket together the shirts only get hit once instead of twice on the areas they should be hit twice on. I think that is the biggest downfall.
The unfortunate part about this game is if it focused on just the makeovers, I would eat it up and spend hours playing. Instead you get brief periods of makeovers and 90% candy crush. Not to mention you have "lives" you have to fight against on top of playing the mini games a million times. And the lives burn up fast. You can only play for a few minutes before you're locked out because of them.
It was fun for the first 100 levels, but quickly becomes annoying. You only ever get 300 coins for beating a level, and unlike similar games, you only get cash when the level ends and all the fireworks go off to clear the board. Cash is only good for buying clothes for your personal avatar, and gems are few and far between. Overall it's not the worst type of game in this style. Also the drama aspect of the game seems completely pointless as you can skip through it entirely.
The game was fun, and I enjoyed the difficult levels that I would be stuck for a few days. However I have completed all the makeovers and now stuck playing the game for stars, which I dont understand their purpose.. and there have been 2 updates installed and each time I get excited for new makeovers and nothing. Its starting to get frustrating that the new makeovers never happen.