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Project CARS GO

Project CARS GO for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by GAMEVIL located at 131, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Shallow to the point of being nothing more than a terrible interactive cutscene. The driving, such as it is, feels so unrewarding regardless of how good or bad you play even though you're hard pushed to tell the difference between being a good or bad player. This is the gaming equivalent of having loads of leftover ingredients in the fridge and cooking them all quickly to use them up and hoping it tastes like food. It doesn't.
The Project Cars series has always been known for cutting edge visuals, handling and incredible sound along with a racing series at the pinnacle of realism... this mobile game amounts to a press the screen when the game tells you to game. So boring, so dull and utterly terrible. And the game is rigged for you to lose. Even if you get perfects across the race you will still lose until you get better cars. Do not play.
It was marketed as a "One touch racing game", and it lives up to this. It's much better than Forza Street. Haven't progressed really far into the game yet, but it's quite F2P friendly, race rewards are generous and much better than what you get in any of it's rivals. Overall a well made game, and really fun to play, for how it's been marketed! Edit: Have made more progress, and it doesn't fail to impress. Really fun to play
Game has no tier check, so after finishing easy mode where you compete races one by one you need choose race manually, because game every send you in tier 1 races, because I still didn't beat them on hard. It is very annoying. Animation of car moving is actually stupid, because it just flow across track. I think you need change effects of mistakes on gear change, braking, throttle points. Now it is looks wierd at least. Maybe add some engine failures, offtracks scenarios. You need more tracks
I will be honest I can see where everyone is at with their opinions on this game. A game with the Name Project Cars and not being able to control you car besides braking, shifting, and acceleration. But I will say the game itself is not bad and runs well. Ive tried a lot of racing games for mobile and a lot are horrible but I will say this game isnt bad.
After this update the game is crashing on loading the track,it did not crash at all until this update.
Disappointment. Maybe I put too much expectation but seriously I thought this game could dethrone Real Racing 3 as most realistic and intense racing game on a mobile platform. Turned out this game is just a "TempleRun" kinda game but with a car. Straight up boring after playing for 5 minutes. I've been a Project Cars fan on PC for a long time and seeing this kinda game just made me felt so sad, no real race, not intense, no competitiveness, not a single taste of what racing should feel.
Hey devs,I think the game needs lot of improvement. I'm not saying it's bad but as for console/pc we don't play the same way as we played in mobile. So pls add something like we can control the car manually and the graphics are top notch and the fast cars are really cool. Pls do it ASAP.We don't want to wait too long,ThanksπŸ‘
Nice and d controls are quite different but its handy to use. I never get bored playing and quite addictive to play. Try it!
Completely useless and tacky compared to its competitor, REAL RACING 3. A game with only it's main function, one touch racing could barely get you anywhere. In Real Racing 3, you actual get to have the effort of driving while there are most times you confused and stressed out by when to release, tap and hold. 3/10. If only the game wasn't touch and go, everything would be a few points higher. 2/5.
Tapping game with Racing as the theme with great graphic and sound but nothing else. After the update, the bugs still making the game unplayable. Unable to claim rewards or start any race... It's getting worse and worse with lack of update or bug fix... Have to give up this broken game.
More arcadey than Asphalt, with none of the fun. Even after Project Cars 3, I had expected more from a game with the Project Cars/Slightly Mad brand on it. Surprised it took 3 years to bring this to market. Grid Autosport, Asphalt 9, and Real Racing are all more enjoyable and less cartoonish than this game. Car is on rails and the gameplay consists of a series of quick time events.
Absolutely terrible. Not for anyone interested in racing games, or even for anyone interested in casual games. I have never played a game that disrepescts the player's intelligence this much. The only gameplay involved is "hold or tap the screen when asked to do so". There is no skill involved, there is no nuance to the gameplay, and therefore this holds none of my interest. I'm not so naive to expect this game to hold up to is simulation roots, but this is a disgrace. Play Real Racing instead.
Boring, no content, just your typical "tier 1 car play some races get to tier 2 and so on". Getting to higher tiers feel unrewarding, the time trial leader boards are global, which means with a garbage car you will be on the same leader board as players with fully upgraded cars and you have no chance of winning at all. Gameplay feels boring and unfinished, lots of room for improvement but the game seems rushed for release with no content. Shame.
One touch racing? Tap to change up a gear, press and hold to brake - but only when the game tells you to. You can't use or develop your own driving style. Acceleration is automatic. Steering is automatic. Fun is minimal. Very basic tune and upgrade system. It does look good, but that's all.
It is a good game for what i can see but it does not complete my expectation from the game, considering the game is created by slightlymad studios, even the graphics is not appealing like its counterpart on PC this android version has a lot of room for improvement like for the controls, like giving the users an option to choose want type of control we like to use and then the graphics and sound of the cars should be close to its PC version, but great work to the team created this game 😁.
The game is poorly optimized, none of the menus will work, any reward box I get is lost to the ether because this game locks up and crashes the moment I attempt to open one. The customization is a joke, and the racing is just sad. Project cars has fallen low, especially from where it stood previously. Please, stop making one of the best sim racing IPs in recent years into a laughing stock
Really Awesome Game!!!! The only thing I'd change is the he amount of energy you get to use per race, Unlimited would be awesome so you don't have to stop playing it! Ha Ha... Otherwise No whining and crying from this guy... Bet that's a First... Most people are probably like... it's good but... blah blah blah and some other nonsense.. but won't complain it's free... Keep up the good work!!
Really cool game, bit of a challenge with some really cool cars.. I dislike the combo counter as it resets everyday, pointless
Despite the rating is very low, the game itself is fun to play and the control-wise need to get used to one-touch racing (can be done) but what attracts me is the graphics, the 3D environment, the cars, etc. Thanks GameEvil for this wonderful game. Will recommend my friends to try it out. :)
-Too many bugs, too many crashes. -Unfair game mechanic. -Pointless & not worthy rewards. -Broken economic system. -3 - 5 admins in Discord, only 1 active. -And so on...so on..... I feel like this game is like project for intern. And I think the dev rushing the game to go global, with all that bugs & crashes. Right now, I just playing it for fun. Not even think to use real money. If the dev fix everything, then I'll change my review, until then....just 1 ⭐
So, I did what I say before about reinstalling the game again. I managed to get inside the game again. But now, I discover another problem.β€’)The game still manage to kick me out of the game sometimes. Luckily, after I finished an event and after returning to Main Menu, so I didn't lose any event progress I made. However, it just a matter of time before the major one hit. Please do your best to fix this!
Really fun game, simple but once your cars are upgraded it picks up a lot of speed so the game isn't just one tempo. There are a few bugs tho, when collecting boxes from races or achievements sometimes the game won't load the box so I have to exit the game and don't know what prizes I got. Overall I think it's a fun and simple racing game, more cars and bigger differences in stats for cars in the same tier but priced differently would be nice though
If it weren't for the fuel gauge this would be a 5/5. I don't mind any of the other payment options, but needing to constantly pay just to play the game is crazy. Other than that it is a very fun game. Update: At my current level fuel is no longer an issue. However, every time I finish a race that has a crate as a prize the game crashes. If that is fixed I will update to 4 stars.
This could have been one of the best mobile racing games ever. Instead it's an absolute piece of garbage. First, it's not fun to play. I know it's marketed as one touch racing, but it is the most boring thing ever. You tap whenever there is a a giant arch telling you to. Half the time the car shifts anyway without you tapping and all of the breaking zones are far off from where they should be. Second, the graphics are surprisingly bad. I would rather watch videos of cars racing then play this.
I don't mind the tap controls. For mobile is okay. If I want to race I'll play on Pc. Still only giving 3 stars as the in game money is too hard to earn after Almost completing World tour. Only - $1500 - $3000 for replaying races and 1 upgrade can be $80000. With energy be 3 days for 1 upgrade. Slowly getting bored after a week.
a game with good graphics, upgrade system and decent customisation for cars that is being led down by the actual gameplay & mechanics. project cars GO is literally just the very very slightly better version of forza street (which is honestly horrible gameplay wise) sad to see that the developer went down the route of "cheesy kiddy gameplay" instead of the automobile sim genre that real racing 3 takes. real racing 3 once again wont ever have a competitor in the automobile sim.
I'm changing my post from 3 to 5 stars, and attempting to delete previous post. I always hated the "touch" driving games, untill this one! I highly recommend that you give this game an honest run through, it's insanely intense! I definitely have changed my mind, it's surprisingly addictive!
Great racing game....if you're not really into racing. No, it's an arcadey, timing game for people who like cars but don't care for steering or acceleration or braking or...you get the idea. On a positive note, if you just want to hear cars going vroom vroom without the pesky game play of racing. This is the game for you
I have been running this on a OnePlus 7 Pro with Android 11 and besides the WebView bug causing a crash I've had no technical issues. The game runs great , no frame drops and looks decent if you crank the graphics settings. However the biggest issue with this game is that it just isn't fun. I'm new to one-tap racing concepts so I might be missing something but spending 2 minutes watching a car drive itself round a course whilst you occasionally tap gets old incredibly fast. After seeing the tripe pushed out as Project Cars 3 I should have lowered my expectation for a Go version. Overall: Not a bad game but far from a great one.
Great game. It is advertised as a one touch racing game which it did really well. The idea for the controls is pretty unique ans makes you learn racing lines for actual circuits. My problem is and why it is a three star is because once I closed it then reopened it later it crashes everytime it starts up. After this problem is solved or I can figure out the problem is it stays as a three star. Great game! But the crashes just takes it down a lot.
Really disappointed, from SMS the creators of the amazing projects cars 1 and 2, they release a game that requires no skill and everything is basically done for u, and it's basically just another car game like forza street's
Game isn't bad for what it is but some of the car sounds are way off from what they should be. The Camaro ZL1 and the corvette C7R sound like a V6 and not a V8
Project Cars is the title of realistic sim-racing title of PC/Console, yet in here, it did the opposite. I was expecting u guys to be more like Grid or be the PrCars that we know, not some one-tap stuff, it'll get bored real fast (FS for ex). The game itself in release already have some major bugs, beside of bugs and the gameplay, everything about this game is great. And if this game was meant to be the racing sim and on racing circuit, then one-tap will turn this game into FS clone)
I don't know why but my phone has started crashing after I have downloaded this game. Once I played pubg on Max setting with screen recording being saved and screen being recorded (without lag). Now after I have downloaded this game.... My phone has started lagging. Today my phone shut down and powered on in recovery mode with only 2 options: 1. Try again. 2. Factory reset. I was planning not to uninstall the game even with the lag but now I have no choice I had to uninstall it.
Don't even know why we have tap controls when the cars just float into place and don't actually drive in the track. You can tell it has a pre-determined line. The car will glide unrealistically into place. Dumbest controls on a racing game. And the dumb fuel system. Its only their to make up for lack of content so you don't fly through it all and they can make a quick buck.
What am I playing? Okay firstly I'd like to say that the UI isn't calibrated properly so a lot of icons and options are overlapping. Secondly when "racing" the car seems to glitch? Like, it'll unnaturally go sideways on its own which leads me to my next question... Why can't I actually race? This "click and let's go to break and shift" is kind of a bummer and doesn't actually qualify as a racing game. Quality is great, but needs some refining. 2 stars till revised.
This is not a SIM racer, not even close to the actual project cars series. The game run smoothly and looks great (at higher settings), but the gameplay is just dull. It's just slightly more interesting than Forza street, which its gameplay isn't even remotely good. The progression is too quick, basically do a few races and get a new car for the next series. There's not enough things to do, I can't even play online, only with bots. Cars handle like they're on rails and the speed is inconsistent
It's better than that forza mobile game. Racing animations are terrible and unrealistic. The car sounds are generic and make no sense sometimes. It's basically a rhythm game which is fine because it has nice cars and tracks. Would like more tracks. The drag racing is terrible. The fuel and gems seem to be somewhat generous and you can get through the whole normal mode career without spending money.
This game keeps crashing, crashing, and even told me that I have violated something. The game slow as hell and it feels broken
It's sad that so much potential was just wasted because of the devs underestimating the gaming capabilities of mobile phones. Admittingly, the visuals and audio design of the game is great but the decision to design the overall game into a casual tap game is disappointing. Mobile devices are capable of playing triple A titles with complex controls, and even emulate console hardware. It is a big shame that you underestimated this platform. Real Racing 3 by EA is superior compared to this title.
What the heck was that? What happened to the brutal racing sim? I thought i was going to get proper driving mechanics or at least what works for mobile but tap racing? No thank you
Amateur grapichs, silly movement of car. Perfect ride doesn't affect performance so much. Worst in mobile racing game industry car lwl/rarity system. Trash AI, your and opponent cars just flying around instead smooth driving. Mostly pay to win the game. As far as now I don't recommend spending any money on it. Install, try and unistall.
Had this on my phone now for 4 days now and tried to like it but it's not for me, I know it's one tap but I thought you would be able to steer the car but no you can't even do that. Graphics are fantastic and the cars come straight from the PC game so they sound and look fantastic. It will appeal to alot of people and no doubt will be a success but as I said it's not for me. All the best with this game Gameivl.
Why even partner with gamevil? Surely the project cars team could've done a better job doing it themselves. The designs of the interface in the game just doesn't stand out, looking like those random small drag racing or simulator games. Furthermore, no control over your car is no fun, honestly disappointed to see such a great series get absolutely ruined. No project cars feel at all.
A strange way to make a racing game. Gameplay is incredibly repetitive and becomes boring very quickly. All you do is either tap, or tap and hold the screen. Nothing more. Cars and graphics look good but the game bares absolutely no resemblance to any other project cars game.
Hey devs,I think the game itself is not bad but need to add lil bit of improvement. I'm not saying it's bad but unlike forza street there's a gas pedal like we would love to play this more but if you guys can add that it'll be great and it'll attract more players to play this game.pls read my review and hope to see it in the update
Game not for me. It's more like rock band than a driving game. Im not into driving games where you don't drive, just tap or hold your screen and the game will do the rest for you. If you tap perfectly than you win. If not, it's because you need upgrades. There is no driving though
Anyway the game have good graphics and the scenes are beautiful. Also cars used in the game is well detailed. Engine sounds feels adorable. Though it's a racing game, but I don't felt so. There is nothing for a player to do. Just tap the screen at the right time? Is that for what this is made and named under racing genere πŸ˜‚. After few races, the game get bored and uninstalled.
I have tried the game yet, just installed it, but the fact that the only two answers on feedback here is there was a problem with Google webviewer or that you are striving to improve the app. The latter is the LEAST I expect from any developer. The former reply is also useless, how can you know the cause of a crash, based on some review comments. Maybe instead you should outline the actual changes you are working on, or ask for further details. I'll come back when you get some better reviews
Looks great, graphics on the cars is very good. But for gameplay, it's just meh. I'd rather just watch the car drive through the tracks and not be bothered with taping the screen every few seconds.
I've been playing this game since it's release. There hasn't been any problem so far until 3 days ago. The game wasn't proceeding when the crew races were attempted. A day later, it isn't going past the signing in screen because of which I cannot play. I would love to get back in the game soon as I've already missed the goldbucks.
Control is so bad πŸ‘Ž This game should be like GRID But meh πŸ˜• not even close to Asphalt πŸ˜’ Really boring 😴
Horrible! Theres always something blocking half the dialogue bubble, menu buttons are overlapping, I need to find the place where to touch buttons on the menu (I got my first car wrong because I was touching get but somehow managed to switch the cars then register to get the wrong car.), I couldn't pause mid-game because the touch wont register on the pause button. Got stuck on options menu because I couldn't hit the X button. Very frustrating, I hope they fix this.
Fun game, nothing new. But still a good time killer. The app crashes at start about 1 or 2 times each boot up, and I've probably lost a dozen lucky boxes due to a car hitting a milestone. At the end of the race, it shows I won a boxes but then take me right to my profile and there's no way to retrieve the box. Still buggy, but has potential. Ignore the cash shop, I don't ever buy from apps, but just looking at the store looks like a rip off.
Excellent game, played it for weeks decided to go a different choice of cars, so i have reset the game but abit gutted that i cannot have my name again as it says user already exists, but if i could give it more stars i would excellent game all round
Won't let me past the sign in page. No clue if it is a good game or not. I get to the sign in page and as it starts to sign me in it freezes. I let it sit for about 15 minutes to see if it was downloading more content but it was clear that it was just frozen. I am using a Samsung Note 8 so maybe the game wasn't designed for my phone?? Was looking forward to testing it out but looks like I will be uninstalling instead.
Ok, game works now, but honestly, what's the gameplay here? Stare at RPM and tap screen when needed to. You don't control the car. For what this game originally comes for. This is a big downgrade. These phones are powerful enough to run a good version of project cars. This isn't it, who in the conference room decided that this is what people want to play?
I like the idea of the game, its cool. But i hate the rpm sound of the car... it acts so weird especially at high speeds.. i want the shifting patterns to be more realistic. Its the easiest thing to make a racing game better and you failed that.. fix it please EDIT: the game is fixed, its playable now.. but perfect shifting, braking or throttling is much harder and it seems not accurate.. the previous one was good. Btw i liked the new interface and speedometer style.
Glitchy at best.customer service is the worst experience overall.i loved this game...gave it 10/10 ... But when trying to report bugs they ask for alot of info but do nothing or never respond and when someone finally does respond if you have missing rewards or accomplishments they don't replace them which is bulcrap because they ask for pictures and times and act so interested I've got several rewards and whole cars that just disappear and they either act like you're lying or do nothing anyways.
I know the game just came out, but we where expecting it to be much better than what it is. In the store thr first pictures look great, but the last one shows what the game actually looks line which is not so great. It is,....different, but not in a way that makes me want to play. The cars look bad, boring game play, blah
It's a decent game but I wish they'd stop slapping the project cars logo on stuff. Project Cars is/was a sim game and a really good one. If it didn't say project cars or was less of a tap to control the car I'd rate higher. Just wish they would've named it something different or made it more of an arcade racer since it's a mobile game and I don't expect a full on sim.
Ofc it's a tap game where u have to time stuff perfectly, and have no control over the car, can't steer or actually use the gas pedal or brake. No we tap instead. Severely disappointed as I bought the first and second game but didn't buy the 3rd due to it being a arcade. You built your games on simulation, now it's this. And even then there's a limit system in place so if I run out of gas, I either have to buy more or wait. I cant just play through the game regularly. Severely disappointed.
I like the idea of the game, its cool. But i hate the rpm sound of the car... it acts so weird especially at high speeds.. i want the shifting patterns to be more realistic. Its the easiest thing to make a racing game better and you failed that.. fix it please EDIT: the latest update just broke the game too bad.. DO NOT PLAY IT NOW
Wow, this game is terrible. Having the Project Cars name on it, you'd think it would be a racing game where, you know, you actually drive the car. Instead it's just a car automatically racing around the course while you occasionally tap the screen when you come up to portals. Graphics are decent, but that can't make up for a terrible concept.
This game was very disappointing for me. It really doesn't live up to the PC title. I thought this game would be a RR3 rival but with more realistic physics and better graphics, but no, its taken a forza street route which it definitely doesn't feel like it should be. I think you should add 'pro controls' a bit like ashfalt 9 so it suits all types of mobile drivers, no matter skill or age. Also our phones nowadays can run a very slightly downgraded version of PC3 which was what I was hoping for.
Its a rhythm-based + racing game that best for light play during your lunch break. Deeply simple but takes skills to master timing. Updated my review: Seems like that problem was solved after I restart my device. However it needs to be fixed to avoid inconveniences when someone installed this game and they don't know how to solve this. It's a nice game and needs more contents and bug fixes. Thanks in advance.
The graphics are awesome and the cars are also amazing, but the controls are very simple, which after sometime, it feels very boring, there should be an option to change the controls between one tap controls and manual controls like manual acceleration, changing of direction and many things like these, also if the developers introduce the fpp, then it would be an amazing experience to play, overall awesome game just the controls are very easy and I expect that manual controls will be introduced.
This is not acceptable. People know project cars because of the realistic and simulation racing. But what is this. People did not expect a tap racing game to be pasted with the project cars branding. Really disappointed ☹️. You do not have any control on the car. The graphics are average, not really good like other established titles like asphalt and real racing. And also we have the perfomance issues and frame drops. These are the reasons why this game flopped badly.
THIS GAME IS AMAZING !!!! It looks stunning and plays stunning. The graphics are beyond any mobile game I've ever played and I've played them all. At first I thought the tap, tap & hold mechanic would bore me sooner or later but here I am still playing and having even more fun than when I started. The cpu and gpu utilisation is also great but I did found that just when a race ends and the first achievements are displayed the frame rate drops. But still, I can't recommend this game enough.
NO STEERING INPUT... this is the essential of racing... free will of movement. otherwise nice graphics and cool game
The down side is not being in full control and not being able to complete a full track on multiple laps.
This game is a simple, time-waster. This is mainly for car enthusiasts as it offers nothing more. The story is almost non-existent and quite basic. The gameplay is simple but can be addictive. The graphics are nice but nothing mind blowing. In my experience, I was able to earn good cars without having to spend a dime. I have no performance issues like others mentioned but I received the bug where you lose a crate due to a milestone.
This game Is like using a sledgehammer to put a picture up. Yes it's will work but it's just not quite right. 1: you don't get anything for leveling up, so why level up. 2: it needs some body modification options. 3: nice collection of cars but I doubt a chevvy zr1 is in the same class as a Ferrari F40!. 4. colour mixing don't like it if you find a combination of colours it don't like, just get the far bloke going "failed to connect with the server".
The game graphics is good. But as an Android release of the pc version project cars, I thought it would have some realistic physics, control, gameplay and braking strategy as well as gyro control. But alas! Nothing is in this game. Everything is poor except the graphics. Please add some more camera view including cockpit view and put some physics and gameplay like REAL RACING 3 to make it more professional. All the best.
I don't mind the tap controls. If I want to race I'll play on Pc. Still only giving 3 stars as the in game money is too hard to earn after Almost completing World tour. Only - $1500 - $3000 for replaying races and 1 upgrade can be $80000. With energy be 3 days for 1 upgrade. Slowly getting bored after a week. Dropping back down to 2 stars. Finished t1 - t3 Extreme. Few races left on others but no rare mods in sight. Game lacks content. Just the same daily time trial races. You have a road map??
I expected much more from this game as project cars 1 & 2 are my favorite racing games but this one in Nothing but disappointing.The tap controls are just boring. It would've been nice if they made something like real racing 3 but this one is nowhere near it
Very poor graphics and controls. Not even a racing simulator or drag race. Had expectations which werent met at all and even couldn't beat Dr driving in terms of controls. Braking zone is rather bad for a race track and can't really control much of the race. Just tap to shift brake at odd times that's it. No steer controls. Got a really long way to go for now.
i'm really disappointed i don't know what happens to project cars , thay used to be making some of the most realistic sim racing games and now it's just another arcade game like project cars 3 , the control is so bad can't play the game like this , i will wait for the next update and give it one last chance to fix the game control and make the game physics realistic , if thats not gonna happen I'm deleting it for ever.
Not the best...was expecting a lot more outta a project cars game. I feel the worst part besides the one touch racing (that's very disappointing) the cars floating to to place and having a very rough race line and magically making the most awkward turns on some corners. This problem should of been tested and looked over before release..I do get its a new game I'm no game developer or anything but I feel like this could of been worked out easily. I do like the game tho im still playing it.
Great, simple game with great graphics and easy controls. This game needs live racing added otherwise the game get boring 😴
Why is the drag race mode is so difficult? It is very hard to warm up the tires and i upgrade my cars so mad that i cannot beat even the one star? Please fix..
Wow! I can't believe this game took an extensive amount of time to finally register and install, but the outcome is unsatisfactory. Before the application could even open, almost instantaneously after I opened it, it froze. I couldn't manually press any controls or even exit the application. I had to power off/on, it took over 10 seconds to turn off. I was very enthusiastic about this application, and it certainly has lots of potential. Uninstalled.
If you can get past it being a tap game. It's actually a good game. I wish I could take off the ding noise when I hit a perfect. Sometimes it looks like my car is skating. And the events do not give you enough to make you want to do them. I also wish I could customize my garage or buy new ones to show off all my cars not just 5 of them. It needs some work but it is an addicting game. Give it a shot.
Well, game is worse then i expected, i actually thought that it would be better then Forza Street or No limits.. but, the one touch system broke that game, i know that yall wanted make something special, sadly it ended bad Graphics are good, cars, races At start of race the car feels like it would steer so... Unreal, like magically turning right or left after start of race. Hope this game will get better, yet i will play sometimes
Game hangs up while in a race BIG TIME! Even losing a race because it hangs up that badly! And the graphic elements also is very inconsistent, buildings and other stuffs vanishes during gameplay worsening the lag. Using a S21 Ultra. Please fix.
I had high expectations for this game. I only give it two stars because the graphics are good. But you have no control over the car when playing the game. You can't steer, overtake people, use boost/nitro. All you do is tap/hold whenever it asks you to. Disappointed.
Horrible game. People comparing this to CSR I don't think so. Just keep winning the same thing over and over. Upgrades are horrible can't change tires or anything. Don't ever give out silver or gold mad buck for boxes. This is a cool game for beginners but nothing else.
I was expecting more from the slightly mad studio but all it turns out to be is another forza street. I was expecting the game to require the user to steer, brake, and br able to push the car to its limits. It's not that it's a tapping holding game where you tap and hold when you pass a certain hoop. Well is it good? No. I am very disappointed with the outcome of the game. I do not recommend this game.
I love the game but I think there is still a lot of potential. The thing I would like to see most would be the car following a more of a racing line rather than planting the car in the middle of the track. Something I would've liked to see is a more in depth customisation, such as making your own liveries, etc. Maybe another thing that would be nice to have is also downshifting, yes it defeats the purpose of the game being a one touch game but it would be interesting for that niche of players.
Need to add to my review and hope it gets read .. 1. There needs 2 b some type of incentive when u level up it would b nice if u got some gold mad bucks or silver mad bucks. 2. U need to make it some way to sync the screen with the game some screens r touch is lighter then others some r in the middle ages and have to press hard. I love this game one touch racing is the way to go only problem I have is the touch and release sometimes isn't working but other then that it's a great game!
While the graphics is a bit of an eye candy and runs really smoothly, the gameplay itself makes it like a racing equivalent of idle games, or auto battle turn-based rpg games, or even a damn rhythm game, we basically just watch the cars race, we time the shift and with one touch and that's it. You guys should realize how many of us you dissapointed with this. It's nothing but a glorified interactive racing cutscene.
Givving it 2 because it is a tap tap game and when it comes to racing we need the full control on car , but this gives only tap to change gear and tap to break and rest the car will go by its own , graphics are ok sound is ok but main problem tap tap
simple touch and hold game. it isn't a good gameplay for such a racing game, come on this is Project Cars! how you can make a game like this? you see that Drag racing games? its like that, just touch, touch and touch!(also game has a drag racing mode)good graphics, but isn't enough, fun but not enough. I'm just giving 2 stars for the name, "Project Cars"! P.S: the good point is you can play with just 1 finger :D or a pen if you have one
2 stars only for graphics and sound which are good, but come on make a real racing game not this tapping simulator...
This isn't another gameplay complaint, personally think it's quite addictive, but everything outside of that is just bad. For a start, the UI is dreadful. Want to see your list of cars? Oh no, it's not the button that says 'cars', it's the tiny little icon right at the top. Fuel takes so, so long to refill. Why do I have to wait over an hour just for one race? Sp. paints have zero explanation, factory tuning can't be done if you only have one car in that tier... and more Simply put? Avoid
Another generic mobile game that plays itself and has energy and gems. This was disappointing, just like the Forza mobile game. I see no reason to play this. Shifting up apparently gives you a speed boost, and the car doesn't even follow a proper race line it just drives in the middle of the track. Expected better from SMS.
Wow, this turns another disappointment like Forza street where you just tap, tap, hold and tap some more without ever actually controlling the car. I still don't understand behind this concept of 1 touch racing! 1 star for the cars selection and Sound 1 star for the graphics and performance. Those who are looking for racing sim, go play RR3.
The cars never crash but the game does, 4 times in an hour. Updates are slow. Bug fixes are not a priority. I play every day and I enjoy it, it's upsetting that I can not give it more than 2 stars and I am being generous. Club and solo leaderboards needs more variation with the points. You can score full points and not advance to the next tier.
What a beautiful disappointment. Graphically the game looks nice and the cars sound great. That is all I can say positive however. For such a company to put their name associated with what is essentially a timing simulator is just sad. Press one button on the screen or press and hold at certain times to complete the race. Nothing else is needed. Developers obviously don't understand what kind of games us customers want our $1500+ phones to be able to play.
project cars was one of the greatest racing Sims (besides forza) however this app isn't that. the gameplay just isn't what you would expect from the series. it doesnt live up to its name sake. I had assumed with the rapid development of hardware in phones maybe this would be the one to take advantage of my Qualcomm snapdragon 888 and my 8 gigs of ram but nope, instead we get a game that consists of occasional taping and at one point holding. seriously who thought this was a good idea? slap them.
I've been playing games from a very young age and also a lot of genres too. With games such as real racing 3, nascar and many more already out, project cars coming with such a game is just awful. The game itself made me believe that this android game would be something great, but turns out it was disappointing. You can't just focus on graphics of cars and not on the the environment and surroundings. Atleast should've given manual controls to drive. Hope we could see some good updates.
Very disappointed, I was very happy to see a new high-graphics car game on the play store, but I was disappointed when I opened the app to find it was a mediocre game that was a tap game. Meaning you just tapped to change gears, you couldn't change direction or increase speed, I didn't like the game so I didn't even finish the tutorial. It's not like the pictures.
Was doing good for a bit but now when I go to race I get the load screen then it goes back to race select.
After PC3 plus the "GO" in the name, I should've known better. Graphically looks good, although a bit too much blur, and run quite smooth. The gameplay, however, is basically a rhythm game. Yes, it's already stated in the description, "One Touch", but you won't even steer the car here. Do you even race? While I had already expected that it'll be a casual game, the least they could do is to make it like Real Racing, right? Even Asphalt Nitro is better than this. Go play RR instead.
Decent game, maybe not a proper Project Cars game due to it being an arcade-like take on the series while the mainline games are simulators. Similar premise to the Forza Mobile game with minimal controls and timing being one of the main things that could result in maxing out the medals with upgrades being the other reason. One of my main gripes with the game is the mix paint feature only doing one or two combinations before it starts saying the server can't be reached.
I was waiting a racing game BUT the developers needs to introduce a tapping buttons with cars that don't have a good realistic graphics, no steering wheel, wasting the battery usage and make it in a high temperature for no visuals!... That's not Project Cars that we know it, that's a trash app for new born babies, tap it little kid!... At least make something attractive, make something competitive like Real Racing 3 or at least Need For Speed No Limits!... Very bad, totally bad!....
Graphics is OK. Some cars are nice and rare in mobile games too. The biggest downside is the game play. Let us fully control the car. We dont want lines to tell us where to brake, and or accelerate. Make shifting gears option as auto or manual. Im uninstalling it for now coz this is not worth the space in my phone.