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ProDnD Tabletop Game Manager and Dungeon Generator

ProDnD Tabletop Game Manager and Dungeon Generator for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Gray Lake Studios located at Eendstraat 11, 3582EZ, Utrecht, NL. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
so far so good. I'm still learning some things about it but it seems to meet all of the expectations for an app like this, and has proved very useful thus far in my campaign.
I really wanted this to work. First time as a DM I thought this would really save me time on my homebrew but it's hard to navigate this app, some of the controls dont make sense, there is no key to understand certain symbols it already laid out. This has potential but i think I'm gonna have to try something else for now because I've spent too much time trying to figure this out. Once they make some kind of key and possibly a short tutorial mode ill come back and try it again.
this app is better than i could ever wanted. i have great plans for this tool with my group. thanks. developers, i would like to see fog of war implemented but in defined sections.example tap on room one and the fog of war is lifted from that room only. in other words, tap on a room(#1). see that room(#1). tap on dungeon path and it can be seen. next tap on next room(#2)see that room and all the prior rooms(plus dungeon path) that were tapped/visted by group.
Get the premium stuff. its worth it. still needs some tweaks just to polish it off. but overall it is a helpful app. make maps on the go
I really like the generator but after I upgraded to the $2 version it won't load past the start-up screen.
Not very user friendly with the AI and is more inconvenient than just rolling up a dungeon and drawing it on a grid paper. Even after you buy the junk, it's still mostly useless.
Great app! Even if you don't buy the things that require purchases, this is a great app for game masters! The only thing I could think of to make it better is to maybe in the dungeon format, you should be able to increase the hall width. Nice job!
It is a good app,because when i'm running D&D it could take me 30 min just to come up with a building, but this makes it to where i can take 10mins a day drawing out maps for the campain. The only thing I want is to be able to change the diameter of each square, either separately or all together.😁
Giving it a 3 star because it lacks a couple things. First, the print function doesn't print out the theme color and will only print out the base mosaic or symbol. Second, the props are too limited, I would pay extra money for more props than what is already offered. Third you can customize the paint colors outside of the palate given by theme (which, again, doesn't work when printing). If just the first problem is fixed I'd give the app 5 stars and hope you add more props later.
it was alright the saving system needs to be redone so that maps can be Updates easier instead of having to make a new map every time a way to organize maps by ways other than date made would also really help, somewhat solving the last issue aswell overall its only ok, many of the thing it can do could be optimized and improved
i love the app, i find it very helpful. i only have one problem. when i got a new device, i of course redownloaded the app onto it, but to my dismay some of my purchases were gone. its a little upsetting, but i use this tool so much in my dungeon creation that i couldnt really bring myself to be angry about it.
This dungeon builder is the best phone app I've come across including paid apps. That said, I would like additional prop options, and ability to have more tile color options once generated.
the best DnD map generator/maker for android so far. if u just spend $10 on it, u can unlock all the feature and i think its worth it for android app compare to other apps. after generated or made map you can easily put decorations and many other events too.
This is great for handling dungeon layouts and mapping out various battle areas but i have to take a star off since using it can be a bit wonky. I just really wish the program itself was set up in a more practical manner.
Without paying you get like 4 things you can do though there's a lot you can do with just that. You probably won't be using the dungeons as they are but instead generating an idea then fleshing it out on graph or some other program coz you can't do that here without paying. Otherwise this app is fantastic for that, easily the best I've seen.
Prodnd is not super easy to use but is not overly(I am good at spelling:D) complicated either. I think it is a good tool for dungeon making.
can you say "cash grab"! hits your account for every little thing you want. never figured out how to edit in free edition the maps but it SAYS you can. go free or be wealthy as a DM for this one ppls
It works, but if you don't have internet, most of the features are unavailable, even after spending the $17 to unlock them all. Makes this app very frustrating to use.
Its a neat app to supplement my d&d games and helps take away the stress of coming up will all the small stuff by randomly generating almost anything I want. Just started using it and so far the only thing I would want more from the app is S-pen support, a precision drawing tool would work much better than my fingers.
Easily a 5-star app but major issues make this nearly impossible to use for generating large maps. It takes a long time to screenshot a large map (100x75), about 2-5mins and always 1\4 of the screenshot is just a black or white box. Edit: rendering is ok now. New issue is that the map rename function doesn't rename the files even with permissions. So I'm just stuck to loading every single file to find a specific map.
A pretty good start with randomly generating maps but it needs a lot of work considering how much of it is behind paywalls. The use of more colors when editing and scalable icons would go a long way toward being a top rank map generator.
Thought the three bundles came with everything. Bought the starter set to see if the paid features were worth it, liked what I saw, bought the remaining generator bundle. Don't have most of the generators I was actually excited for. If you choose to pay for features, go straight to the big bundle unless you want to pay double, or just get the starter set and nothing else.
NOV: Haven't played this game in a long time, All I really remember is that almost everything cost money DEC: also why can't you buy packs! I hate having to buy things separately! And why where the prices so high now they're so low! Why is everything money! I will be back in January to report more
It used to be good. I'm not sure what happened but I can no longer purchase map types (store appears to be broken) and everything I actually need for my game is now behind a party wall.
I love this app it is extremely helpful in designing my games. I will recommend this to anyone who is new to dnd or wants a visual/psychical layout of there game.
A little too simple for my needs. I'm not talking props or textures, not the frills, I'm talking about rotating tiles (doors), creating rooms at angles that themselves are squared. And unless I missed it there doesn't seem to be an option to start with a blank map, you've got to generate one and then erase it manually. Seems only useful for very basic auto-generation.
Honestly an amazing app but I recently encountered an error when trying to download this app on my second device where it wouldn't let me restore my purchases on the app, when looking into the error using the faq page for some reason it also errored out on my main phone where I paid for the dlc and once again the restore purchases button won't work, loved the idea of quick randomly generated maps but the app feels a little empty without paying for the extra features, great price but app is broke
I enjoy the app and its made a lot of progress from when it first came out. But there either is no way or I cant get it to work for deleting the food icons that you can generate. Accidentally made a bunch and had to rebuild this 75 by 75 map. Also the purchases aren't saved on the app so if you buy them and interenet goes out or isnt there because you are say deployed... it's beyond frustrating. All in all I think its a great tool with some bugs to fix still.
Great app and very helpful. Can make dungeon maps on the fly in brief period of time. Trouble is that sharing these maps, because some are very extensive while others are small enough for a tablet, is rather difficult. You either MUST use Reddit or take your device to a print shop that can handle the size of your map. You're not able to utilize more user friendly avenues i.e. Discord with screen sharing, or any of the other various social media applications that involve similar methods.
The reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because, there needs to be a floor system so we can have more than one floor. Otherwise the rest is good and fun to use.
I haven't bought the app yet but I do plan to this app has been on my phone for about 20 mins and Ive already got 4 others excited to buy this as well I would definitely recommend this app to anyone the parameters of things can be changed and the amount of stuff you can do with the app is phenomenal I am thoroughly impressed with this app maybe try to add an update for muti-layered areas (dungeons and caverns and caves and such )but overall 100/10 perfect job guys thank you so much to the team that brought this app to life standing ovation
so far so good. I'm still learning some things about it but it seems to meet all of the expectations for an app like this, and has proved very useful thus far in my campaign. only thing I wish is that you can put locks on doors, or if they had an "un-do" button for when your painting tiles. I'm also having a hard time figuring out how to delete props once placed.
dumb as hell. it got rid of my perchases then said i could restore it but it wouldn't let me restore or it wouldn't let me click it.
It's good. Something that's annoying however, is that I have to be online all the time in order to have access to all the stuff I've paid for. If I'm not online, I only have the Basic-Havent-Paid-Anything version.
I think the tool is great, and it is really useful. I use it often, and so far hasn't disappointed. I give it 4 stars because it really needs some esay customization options, for exame if you don't like what it generated, you could change or add walls, doors, etc. Other than that, it works great as a mapping tool for rpg games.
those paywalls though. is it all microtransaction or can i just purchase everything in a package? Either way, the gatekeeping killed the appeal right from the get-go.
Pairs well with a gaming mat. Create dungeons add random monster locations, loot and more. Great for detailed planning or if you just need a dungeon run before a boss room.
Generates map but has a minimum size of 51 squares but most play mats are like 22×24 or 33×36. This 2ould be better if it had a more realistic setting for map sizes.
I like what I've seen so far. However I think there should be waaaaaaay more props for the scene. I'm trying to build a tavern and there are no options for NPCs, caged birds, plants, oh a bar. I do like it but I was hoping when I bought the packs, that there would be more.
This is absolutely amazing! Worth the $9.99 sale price for everything. Works perfectly for my "Four Against Darkness" solo RPG book. Try it. You will see for yourself.
It's not that bad, but not that good. The controls need to be bigger. Hard to edit. And I don't see stairs anywhere. You can't add like crates, furniture, etc. Couldn't start with a blank map. Hard to create dungeons. Overall needs some work.
Although this isn't the first program I've found that generates authentic looking dungeon layouts, it is the first one I've found that generates castle blueprints, sewer systems, and other genuine looking maps (albeit, most of the amazing ones you have to purchase). If they would only get rid of the "Christmas" and "Snowflake" maps I would give it a 5/5. I bet that it was cute during the holidays, but I personally don't care for Christmas even during the holiday season ... much less in March.
Cumbersome interface, half the features behind in-app purchase, door symbols not rotating. No better now than when i first tried it years ago
Looks super well made, cant wait to use it in my actual games that I will be starting. But it is super useful! thank you!
The generator works great, but the lack of detail options and a town template kind of sucks. Also, it's a hassle to work with as moving the map while drawing on it causes whatever mark you're using to appear at random somewhere else. There are only two colors, dirt brown and tree green, while the water option just makes the tiles slightly darker. Honestly, the colors aren't as big a deal, but the moving problem and lack of a town/city are the real problems for me.
It is not as great as some online applications such as Dungeon Fog, but in term of quick, realistic and useful maps this app is killer. The app can be used offline on the go so amzing for GM's who are always on the move. The creature simulator is also unique and an amazing help for simulating monster movement in a dungeon. Overall, definately worth the 5 stars and the work is amazing!
I really like it. Very helpful when I'm trying to create locations for my players and place notes where needed. The $10 for the complete package is hardly inconvenient and worth it, in my opinion. No complaints so far except for the lack of moster or character symbols. That would pretty much make it much better for me.
Great app for generating dungeons and such but I have to pay in order to access things like props and other types of dungeons ya no thank you
It's such a great idea to make your own layouts and what not but there isn't a whole lot of it that is free, it's extremly limited to certain things you can do, like props? C'mon, give us a little sample of what's in store if you want us to buy the rest of it, like just simple things for free, tables, chairs and maybe some basic items and some more environment options, you guys have a good majority of them taken hostage. Like I said, great idea, but not enough to sample from to actually buy it.
Great potential to be one of the best map maker apps, some interface optimization could be greatly beneficial. Giving users the option to move something that has been placed would be cool, maybe give some different creature encounter options.
Would be great. But purchasing add on material is not functional. So you're locked in to the demo app with images of all the extras that you COULD GET, if you could purchase it, which you can't. Will rate again if this is fixed. Plenty of other FREE apps that do all the extra stuff (albeit with annoying adds, but at least you can use the features they 'include').
remember to uninstall and reinstall first before complaining about the app not working guys! I left a not so nice review and realized it was just my phone having a hiccup! thanks for the app guys!
I had to pay to use a lot of the options but it was so worth it! Simple to use and extremely helpful for my campaign
Truly awful. I wanted to like this so much, because it's clear a lot of effort was put into its development. But the generation is terrible, and even AFTER I bought everything the props and events have to be put in manually. This is as good a generator as i am skilled at breathing underwater. I hope more work is put into this, because it COULD be amazing, it has the building blocks of something great, but it definitely is not there yet.
Its easy to use! So simple, but its lovely and I will continue to use it! Could you possibly have a country creator? or is that a different app?
The map generation is useful for quick maps. For that reason it doesn't seem ridiculous to pay to unlock some more of the map styles. Lot of hate for it not being free, but hey, if they want free map generators there is always donjon, but it only really handles rooms and halls... which is about what you get with the free version. I would like it if there was an easy access pc version with a nice monochrome layout, but i'll work with emulators and transferring things if I need to use it for extensive planning.
Not ideal for mobile but nevertheless a very useful tool for any dm, i would suggest using tablet over a phone, but you work with what you have. Had, and may still have(not sure how the bug is triggered/fixed), issues with purchased content, but after submitting a complaint it was fixed(either on its own or by the devs, not sure which as i never recieved a reply to my email). Had the issue while using a Galaxy S9+.
It's really helpful for generating dungeons! I've made so many uses of this app when DMing for my D&D groups. Even though it could use some more material, this is just as good as dungeons from table top rpg games or website that generates, if not better.
This app is great! You do have to buy a few things, but it only takes a few dollars to get the essentials they don't provide. It works really well, and it makes great maps! This is a must have for any GM wanting to plan a custom game, and it is also really fun to do! I highly recommend this app and hope it serves everyone as well as it serves me! Thank you ProDnD!
Fairly priced, great map and event planning for dnd campaigns. Built entire worlds using this and the basic handbooks. Really good over all
Not what i wanted in a map maker but i found it to be alright. Would recommend for minimalistic map designers.
I actually really love this app. When i need to make a quick map for either Dnd or need some insperation for lvl design. Pop it on and randomize it for some great ideas. * note i do have the paid version which i think is worth it honestly.*
This app is perfect for campaign maps, and you are able to print out maps. Which to me is a very good thing.
Great app for small scale print outs. For what ever reason anything over a max 75y/60x grid the maps are cut off. Also, the ability to make a map without "abyss" (void areas of map) AND no background is not possible for some reason... leaving black and white prints almost impossible. Other than those few points I use this app for 75% of my dungeon maps.
I love the app, it's relatively easy to use and the generator is pretty good in general, but my favorite part is that after generation is over you can manually change things. Use the generation as a reference for natural-looking terrain then edit away. The only thing it's missing is the ability to create or import your own custom tiles and tile sets. Edit: Thanks for your prompt response, if you could let me know when or if it's a sure thing, I'd be very grateful.
Too many purchasing packages. Works well, simple to use. Every unlock costs money, and there is a huge amount of content. Edit: I meant I would've preferred it be one purchase :)
Nope. Barely lives up to its name. Too much things you have to buy so if you're looking for a free game don't download this. Without the premium version you cant even edit the map to modify walls and make traps.
I loved this app. I used it a few hours a day for a couple months. I took a break for a month and went back into it today. all 300 maps i had slaved over were deleted. . . Upon some discussion with the developers i was able to get my maps back. i appreciated the prompt response to my negative review, however they never responded to emails and i had to figure out a workaround to reload the maps myself.
I had this app with my old phone for years and I be honest it did not work. but now with my new phone and it is working fully functional i have to say this app is amazing. never i have to make random houses and taverns ever again. so helpful on the spot and if they find a map of the dungeon i can just share it to them so good.
At base, it generates a workable map, if empty. Halls tend to be excessively windy, but that's fixable if you recreate the dungeon. While there is a feature to fix this issue, it doesn't do enough.
You are really doing something good, it's a wonderful tool and has amazing potential. But I'm dead broke and cannot afford to even try anything more than basic. I completely understand needing some coin but ten bucks? Or just buy what you need, for two buck a piece. And apparently even that doesn't give you everything. I imagine it's amazing once you shill out loads of cash but dude it just comes off as greedy.
Honestly i love this app. Its awesome and very well made with lots of things to add to any dungeon your create. The only downside is I think theres a bug with the props list. Occasionally the list itself wont appear and i have to reset the app to fix it. Other than that, perfect.
I found it very easy to learn, and I find it to be a very useful tool. There seems to be a current bug with printing (at least on some devices) where the map is cut off in places (the left and right edges for me) if that were working I would rate 5 stars.
Looks like a good app, but I don't think making outdoor terrain is worth the money. If I wanted to only make a plain dungeon I would use a different app. However, the plain dungeon does look nice
not bad for free. think I'll try other apps. i don't want to pay any more money than i already have on books and dice
I like the app, but the way sells each section is bad. I would have preferred just one price. I bought one thing before seeing the bundle prices. Otherwise it's pretty cool
This mapping tool is awesome. I can see myself using it for all my campaign lines. Relatively cheap starter kits, all in all, a VERY useful app. Draw backs/ downsides. I'd like to be able to randomly generate entire world maps, complete with cities, towns and fortresses as well. Maybe even through in color coded faction regions too. All so needs a few more tile painting patterns as well as what kind of tiles you can paint, IE pillers, statues, draw bridges.
Great tool to help create random dungeons. Very helpful if I forgot to plan something out or the players go somewhere I wasn't expecting. Just pull up the app, tap a few parameters and boom a dungeon ready to be explored
Graphics aren't great but definitely an app that makes dungeons quick and easy for you. Unless you want to print them out, print function doesn't seem to work.
Only problem I have is that the controls can get a bit annoying sometimes when you want to move the screen but you end up drawing instead because you can't move the screen position while in the drawing tool. This is more a problem with the limitations of the mobile platform than the app though. Still the best app of it's kind that I can find.
I love the app. It does exactly what I need it to do (after having paid for additional content while on sale). I am knocking it one star due to it requiring an internet connection to verify my purchased content every time I load the app, making it useless when offline.
could have more features for map creation in the free app like a staircase maker, also items for rooms should be available without paying. Great otherwise, love the customization of sizes and layouts