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Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game for PC and MAC

Is a Educational game developed by SMARTeacher Inc. located at 226 Wyecroft Rd Oakville, ON Canada L6K 3X7. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Educational game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
pretty fun game and an interesting way to make math a bit less boring. i kind of wish there were more places where you could buy things with normal coins though. also, i got the keystones out of order and now Gale won't fix any of the other ones besides the firefly one. if you (the developers and game designers for this game) could fix those two things or at least the keystone one i might be willing to edit my review to 5 star because overall its a cool game:) good luck with math everyone!!
I love this game so much because I get to learn more but the only thing I'm not liking now is that almost everything is a membership and it's like a lot and my parents I know they won't let me but this just now started that I'm not able to get any more pets even ones that are like not even that rare it says I have to be a membership and for my little brother he just started learning about Prodigy and he's on a really low level and he's not able to get any more pets like what's wrong
Won't let me drag and drop any items I own into my house, barely anything is available without a membership, constantly freezing, kicking us out. Disappointed.
I was on board until I went to evolve my pet and it said I have to spend the little money I have as a member of the slave class, just to evolve him. Now the one thing I was excited about I can't even do. I understand all the membership items, but come on. Allow the poor kids to evolve their pets and maybe add an option to change grade levels.
This is very good for the kids I mean my daughter Italiah got better at math because of this app she loves it she will never stop like never that's what I love about it so as my son they go crazy without it if your child has trouble with math download this app๐Ÿ˜Š
Awsome game. Math is fun and challenging.๐Ÿคฉ๐Ÿค”. Memberships are expensive but as a child I love having one.๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿ’–. Many different monsters to fight. Many worlds.๐Ÿ˜„. But once you complete all the worlds it feels like all that's left to do is start over.๐Ÿ™„ Good for learning.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿซ.
In the battle mode, there is no time limit. Many challengers turn on the battle then walk away from the screen hoping the other player will quit (from waiting) and they automatically get the battle points. Not fair!
I'm a forth grader and I love this game. I have one concern. It's a bit too grindy. But other than that amazing game.
It was awesome I love it . It so nice but only if they add pets without membership. The only defect is that my pet disappeared one time and never appeared to me overall it's awesome . If they give pets without membership I would have given five stars
I give this a 3 three star cause prodigy is making so much money because of membership because you can only buy a little bit of stuff the rest are membership which are not fun I really think that if you get membership it a little bit of stuff not like a lot but the rest of prodigy is fun
It's a great game but I always sign in on google so when I found out that there is also a prodigy app I installed then I loved clicked google but it never happened so I have to do it on the website I give this 4/5 stars
I love this game on my chromebook but on phone I CANT EVEN PLAY IT! I use my school user and in game username and password but nothing works and if i click log in with google and leave prodigy to log in and doesnt even let me. Worst game to have on phone but on laptop/chromebook its fine.
I like I like playing Prodigy Math a lot because you can change your character's hair shoes character name and your hair in the game it's a really fun game you should download it and it's free you can also find e noot in the Puppet Master is really hard to battle so you got to get all your math effort and trying to stop the Puppet Master
This is just plain bad. I can't even log in through Google. When I press the "login with google" button, It asks if I want to leave the app to go to my browser. When I press leave, it doesn't do anything!
its fun like so fun but u should add a trading system it will bring in players that may have not played in a while and also may add new players to the game,plus i got the member ship YESTERDAY IT IS SO FUN u should get the member ship but have a parent or guardian to help u get it and ask them before doing it.
I love this game! It's so fun and you fight monsters and get rewards. You get to play with friends and do MATH also! You should get! I think you'll love it! It helps with your math skills too! ๐Ÿ˜„
I remember the old prodigy when you touched the limit of having pet that means you can't get no more so used to buy pet from the merchant with coin which was awesome but in the new update you no more. So please in your update bring it back please cos it was way better so please bring it back, if you do it will give 5 star review I promise. Thank you
I really like the game but little advice advertising being a member everywhere and only letting me evolve pets if I'm a member only makes me want to be a member less. Please let me evolve my pets without paying for it.
I am installed prodigy and I am opened app it is asking user name and password and I gave inside.Prodigy is amazing game ๐ŸŽฎ and Concept is mathematics, in that game very interesting questions, and we are playing game and after sometime I will open it is asking, user name, and password
this is a very fun game and always helps me learn mah, but im just bored now. Gale isn't fixing the rest of the pedistals he only fixed the nature pedistal and ive completed ALL of the maps. the only exciting thing is the festivals but those are pretty rare. im bored, Gale, please fix the pedistals.
Super awsome game. Me and my family and friends have lots of fun learning while playing this game. The only thing thats annoying is that you have to be a member to do a lot of things in this game. I just wish more thigs were free. But other than that, there is still a lot to do and this game is still a fun way to learn.
Hi prodigy! Today I tried to log in and it came up with an error code 84, it would not go away I really love this game but please help me out here.
I love prodigy! There is only one problem though I don't care that you have membership in the game, but I would like to have a different house my tiny one is getting boring could you maybe let the medium size houses for none members to and make the mansions and element houses for members I would enjoy it. But other than that I love prodigy! And if you change the houses I will give it 5 star!
It's a very fun game intill u have to battle so much animals. I wish there was a button that can either let u run away and don't have to battle the animal over all it is very fun play with freinds to!
Great game but the problem you didnt finish it. The Harmony Is. update is stalling from the game being compete. So many events it makes people forget that this game is unfinished. Overall its great but finish it.
I think this is a great game. But a few things. I would like for you to add the other towers ( Ice tower, fire tower, grass tower). Also, I feel that is not fair that you can not do the dark tower if you are not a member. It's a whole AREA that you cannot play unless you are member. I will give a 5-Star Review if you add the dark tower for non-Members. Thank you for taking your time to review this . I would appreciate it if you would respond As soon as possible. Thanks, and good-bye! โœŒ๏ธ
The game is educational but not boring. Some things I would change is that on a computer, the player would be able to use the arrows or awsd keys to move. I would also like to complain that about the fact that you need to pay on the website. Why can't players pay for a membership ingame with google play?
I have a big problem with the app. When you go to login using Google it says it will take you too the website to pick your account. But unfortunately it doesn't do that. I am using a Samsung galaxy 6 please fix this bug it would make it so much easier then having to figure out your username and password and trying to login with no success! Other then That the Game is Pretty good would give 5 stars just if it weren't for that little Glitch but overall the game is amazing and underrated!
I like this game but its not fair (but what I do like from the game is the fun and friends but can u guys let us chat with more specific words)๐Ÿ˜• because only members can do the cool stuff and buy cool houses and rescue pets and spin a lot of times and I also want the owners to turn me in to a member!!!๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”
I hate this game, I keep getting kicked out again and again... It's soooo annoying!! Please fix this... It's probably a bug. Another thing... EVERYTHING IS MEMBER... I know you guys need some money but the membership is too expensive... and when I finished the robot dance in lamplight town the prize was for members ONLY and I couldn't wear it!! Don't you guys know because of your silly membership thing kids won't like the game so much. You don't know how angry I am!!!
We've been using Prodigy for a while now (8 months) on our Galaxy Tab S5e running Android 10, and the app keeps completely freezing and frustrating the little ones and us. This is supposed to make math enjoyable and I'm questioning if it's worth keeping. We got this recommended through school and even the school and our Ed Board now seems to be moving away to the "Freckle" app. Still I wish they could figure things out , I like the app but cannot deal with the headache anymore. Do not recommend.
The game is great, with one problem. In the arena I find it so stupid that YOU dont get points if the other person leaves the battle. Because I'll be winning, and they will leave. So all the hard work I just did, and now they left. I find it stupid. Pleasr fix this
Great, but i should be able to escape from battles, BUT IT LOST A STAR. I changed the 4 stars to 3, because Im Irritated By The spawns of the monster.When they are Transparent(Going to respawn)After a battle THEY RESPAWN, And if they already are respawned after a battle And are in a Avoidable Spot, they Can MOVE INTO A DIFFERENT UNAVOIDABLE SPOT To Annoy you.
Hello! I love this game, it does make learning fun! I'd appreciate if you added the calculator on the mobile version. I think you should turn down the advertising to be a member though ๐Ÿ˜…
It's great but I have lots of furniture I want to place in my house on the game and all the houses avaliable without membership aren't even with enough space can you allow everyone to be able to get the medium houses without the membership it would be really great if everyone who don't have the membership can have medium houses because the small ones are so small it's not much. Please help fix my issue and I would be gladly appreciative if you do
Prodigy is a good game, but the member stuff SUCK! You pretty much have to be a member to do everything! And dont pay for member ship like I did. I wasted 7$ for evolving pets ร—2 chance of geting a pet. So dont buy member ship! And the update? I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like the old update better! Change the pets back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The games so fun. I personally enjoy it myself, you can battle monsters and in order to attack, you need to answer a question correctly. It's a MUST download.
So......the game itself is awesome, cute accessories, fun animals, MONEY but I really don't like the fact that you need membership to do stuff that are cool or to wear ร nything. I get that you need some sort of premium but like, 59.99 per month is a bit too much. Especially if your paying for a whole year. That's $720! And if you're paying for 2 children its $1440! Lower the price you maniacs! I'd save a lot of money, get member for 1 month, buy everything, then cancel membership. SMART IDEA,PPL
its very educational and fun, i jsed to play it when i was in 3rd grade and i played with all my friends! I loved it so much, very educational and fun, adventurous and exciteing scenes!โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜
This is the Best game I study on but I would give it a 4.5 if there was trading this could be like the best game to study on but also like if you can get extra items even if you are not a member cause member I have it and it gives you extra items and for people that don't have that they would be like this is not fair I have 30,000 coins but I can't buy anything cause everything is for members only and you should make it like more competitive for people for people that are really smart and they could be like only one server to people that are really competitive and the other server's just the same and you could choose to play from home school online offline or play with friends this game would be a 5/5 if all I said had all I just texted or said or written and this is a 4.5
Its a good game but when you get so many stuff and you can't use them all you just want too use it but u can't.So can you add a trading system so we can get new stuff for our old stuff like one mans trash is another man's gold or something like that. So can you and do this and i will give 5 stars!!! thanks!!!
I really like it. This app in a nuthsell: Educational, but also a very fun way to learn math. Now, I'm not sure if THIS was the game's fault or not, but at a point it wouldn't let me get any more pets. If this was a bug, having no Membership or simply the app's restriction to the amount of pets you can have, I don't know. But it kind of upset me, and if it was a glitch, please fix it. If not, that's fine, but if it wasn't a bug please consider letting us have unlimited pets.
It's a nice app, but whenever I battle, the screen trunk into a blank color, it could be peach color or white! No matter if I restart I tor close it, that glitch is still happening! So please fix it
So let me say this once and once only the game is good and all but I hate the fact that the membership is 59:99$ PER MONTH!?!? and the fact that the whole game is member only items and it honestly is terrible i like the designs of the pets and the math curriculum but changing shade and cloaker design like why they were perfect the way they were! My math was suffering without prodigy but when I got it my math sky rocketed!! Please please please remove some stuff from your membership
I luv playing prodigy but ever since it changed I can't evolve my pets anymore and peeko can't evolve to rack-rack๐Ÿ˜ž. A lot changed and some of the animals looked worse than the old version like Pompricle, etc.
Love it. It is so fun to play with. You can play with your friends. And can help you with ypur math if you are struggling
Why will this game not allow me to sign in from Google from the app on my phone? I can allow my son to play from my computer but never on the go. If we pay for the membership then we need to be able to access it anywhere we go.
It's so fun and educational but you get member things and you cant wear them even though you got them out of the chests and also you cant get potions or make involved pets but if you do they automatically make them Involved and I think it's not fair for people who dont want to waste their money on the memberships.
Membership sucks before you could evolve pets now everything is membership. The things that are not membership is horrible. For instance there is this wand. I found out that it's only +5 damage bonus. Before you could also evolve pets. Now you can not evolve pets at all. Prodigy just wants money.This game... the members is what you need for 60% of the game. I know video game genres, and this is a PAY-TO-WIN MATH-BASED MMORPG (NOT POKEMON-STYLE). Most of the leaders have members/toys.
I really love prodigy I really do! it's like why is almost everything for members? Why do you have to be a member to evolve pets? Why can't you just evolve pets for non-members? And in the store most of the buddies are for members of course I don't believe that! I hate that but I like everything else about prodigy!
Great game and good strategy being able to learn while having fun but the membership overwhelms how you need it or the dark tower is useless or that most pets cant be bought without membership and evolving them it would be nice if you coukd change it so membership is more optional rather than controlling 80% of thd game
Great game! I would have given it a 5 star rating but I don't like the fact you have to be a member to do a lot of the cool things like climb the dark tower.
I love this app and everything in general, but im still waiting for gale to fix the ice pedistal, and i only have the skywatch quest to finish. I dont want to end up having nothing to do in-game. I dont want to sound picky, as the app is very good, im just getting bored thats all. If gale could fix the pedistal then some of us might have something to do. Overall, great game and app.
It's garbage, it sucks, it's horrible and extremely frustrating. The first time you get into it and your child starts learning with it it's very fun and exciting, and makes learning fun! But then, when your poor child is looking forward to seeing what's going on with her pet and the math adventures they're going on, it will NOT allow you to log in! It says you need your teachers passcode, but she isn't in a class, and didn't need to be when they let her play it the first time. Really horrible!!!
I suggest u change this when I try logging in with Google it doesn't take me to the website it says it will take me. It's annoying ๐Ÿ™„
I LOVE this game I do not like learning but this game makes it fun because there is avatars pet and you can play with friends!!!!!!!!
I really love Prodigy, I really do! But, I just HATE the fact that we have to be a member to evolve pets, and climb the Dark Tower. Also, can you at least make the rescue pet option for free after wasting other pets on it? It's annoying, and unfair. I play this at school sometimes, and other classmates can agree, some of them even quit because mostly everything needs membership. I understand you need to make money, but, if you want to have more people playing your game, make it fun and free!
I like the game, its just i hate it when monsters are CONSTANTLY spawning and darn near everything is for members....back then people were able to buy a lot more, wear a lot more, and actually be able to evolve pets for free. Now its like coming back and thinking what if eventually everything will need to be in a membership.
I used to love this game, but now. There r problums First, bugs. It goes into pets screen, then out, then back in forth over and over again, then it freezes and kicks me out the whole game! Second, membership. You have to have a membership to get ALL the cool stuff like evolved pets, hair, clothes and everything, and some things that weren't member only, are now only for members! . Third, New pet update. I don't like the new pet update. It's to cartoony-ish for me, I like the old one better.
This app is very good I just wish you could be more specific in some things and more specific on where to go when you have something like an ice crystal because for me it tells me but when I go to the miner it tells me my next award is at 5 thats the thing I dont understand but in other cases this app is great
Really cool game! It makes learning a little more fun. My son, who's in another state, and I play together and do "battles" together. And even at 34, I've actually improved at math since playing with him lol. You forget a lot after 22 years! My only criticism is it's too easy to avoid doing math problems by using the game more as a social media type thing, or play around with other people on thr game. Simpler math problems should pop up every 5 minutes IMO.
It was good a until they changed the graphics. Now they look all cartoony and they used to look like anime. Pls change them back!
Awesome way to make math fun! My son loves this game. Unfortunately there haven't been any levels unlocked for a while & he is getting bored with it :(
Like it, but to get ANYTHING you must be a member. I did the free trial thing, and i opened my member box. I was still on trial during next month, but i COULNT open the member box. I was sad. Now i am playing right now, and im stuck on the harmony island. Litterally. It wont let me leave it. I tried EVERYTHING, restarted it even. It wont let me go on the path AT ALL, the screen just stops. I CAN NOT leave the stinken hormony island. FIX IT NOW! Also, i dont like how the pets look change them bac
Iove this game but i dont know how to get back to the ice monsters i was fighting one and i went to town to get my free spin but then i tried to go back and took me back to the taverns place and i wanted to kill that monster so maybe add it to ware people can go back they dont restart please and thank u
My kid loves the game but can you bring all the epics back and not for a limited time only and can all the members get the water eipc the dragon one please it's not cool that only the new members get him plz fix this
The game is pretty fun. I have been playing for like 2 days and it just keeps glitching. One day I played and it logged me out so its a fun game but don't waste your time it will probably log you out and just keep gliching.
Not a bad game but I play it everyday, but without the membership it is the worst. I mean if your ready to pay for a membership then don't get it.
I love the game. It is like a mixture of pokemon and math altogether in a game. But the reason why I put four stars is that there is some downsides to the game, like only members can evolve their pets and not the non members, which it's kinda not fair to the non members to be honest. Other than that, it's a great game.
It keeps logging me in as a child. I want to be able to log in as parent account. Instead of using browser .. or is the app only for child log in thanks
It was a good game, but I hate how they updated it. I liked the old pet designs and stuff, now it kind-of looks too childish. But it's an okay game I guess
I love this game because you can do cool things like change your hair color and get cool pets. The only reason I do not like the game, is because you have to have a. membership to own anything. Such as a buddy, and you can't use the cannon polt to launch and fight the titan. To name a couple things. There are many other cool things too only if you didn't have to have the membership. It a cool game but would be awesome if you could get some of the cool things without a membership.
The kids really like the game, it is hard to incentivize them to use it, even with paid subscription. The excitement of "being a member" wore off quick. It's very nice that it works at the child's grade level. The option to listen to the question was very glitchy though, so my not so strong reader in gr 1 got very frustrated that they had to keep coming and asking for help.
THE MEMBERSHIP SUCKS!! AND CHANGE THE PETS BACK!! 99.9% of the game is just membership (an exaggeration but it is most of the game). It makes it no fun. Over half the game has to do with membership. And the pets look dumb. The old versions were so great and I have literally stopped playing or associating with this game over these reasons. The old version of Prodigy was just great overall and now you have ruined it entirely. I feel sorry for people who've come recently. It was so much better.. :(
I really love it because you can learn so much! Also I'm a 3rd grader which I can learn so much and I have so many pets and I'm level 12 and I'm learning new stuff and it's good to learn in school online this the only game I had play to learn also thank you so much bye have a nice day
Back in 2018 you can actually evolve your pets but now almost everything is for members and I really want to evolve mermina but whenever I press the evolve button it's always like "Get membership now!" Please make it so that you don't have to get membership to evolve a pet.
I give 4 stars. I probably would give a five if you didn't have to buy the membership for so much stuff. I love getting pets but the fact that if you get so many pets it won't let you get anymore unless you get the membership. I realize that you need to have in-app purchases so you can succeed with your creation but could you maybe change it so that you can get as many pets as you want? Other than a little lag at times it's a great game! I love that it asks questions of your grade level! I โค๏ธ it
It's good for education but there's no way to sell junk and they're constantly plugging their membership into everything which for a game for grades 1-8 isn't good a child if their playing on their parents phone they could accidentally make a charge little kids don't understand that it uses real money instead of the in game money and that's not fair to them or the parents
I love it me and my friend play it all the time it really sucks how you can't tread in it umm my friend doesn't have the membership in it umm so i feel like bad and I wish it was free but yeah best game ever you make math so fun and have a great year Stay safe and be warm enough that's random but do you
Fun and education! What I needed! Thanks! I gave you give stars but then I turned it to only 3? Wanna know why? It's because you have to be a member to do almost everything!!!!๐Ÿ˜  I know you need money but at the shop it is annoying how I have to be a member to almost buy everything!!!! I want to be a member but I can't right now!! Fix please!!!!๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ญ
My 4yr old's math has absolutely skyrocketed the last week! We had Math Tango, also really well executed, but he figured out how to only do easy questions. Here he definitely spends time running around or decorating his house, but there's a lot of incentive to battle and he can't "cheat". Parents, if you get and account and stay around 10-15 levels behind your child, they can beat you in a battle if they do well, but you'll win if they miss too many. My son loves beating me, but it's still chall
My granddaughter love this educational game and it reinforces learning at school their teacher got one started at school and l signed up the other one up too. I got them memberships and they love the monthly gift boxes and the stuff they get when they reach a goal. Highly recommended.
I used to play this when I was younger, but now it appears to have gotten some pretty bad updates. Its still somewhat good, but it's not that impressive anymore. But is still one of the best math games out there, so it's worth a try.
I used this app in school and Im trying to make a new password and it's not letting me. It was so fun but I can't log in! Fix this please!! This sucks! I don't know if it's just me, but fix immediately please!!
I love This game 4 stars because it's super glichy if your on a iphone for me idk because it's not glichy for my sister she plays on a android idk if it's glichy for ipads but if you have verizon it might just be verizon its probably just my phone because the iphone 12 is new but other than that this game is awsome
Good game but you need to be a member for EVERYTHING, like climbing the dark tower, rescuing more pets, half the items are members only, free houses are small af, and evolving pets. Please fix. Also the newer pet models aren't good, please change to the origianal. Thank you.
Really like the App for my son however it seems as though we can not play on his laptop anymore? Is there some sort of bug going on? We have never had an issue in the 3 years we have been using Prodigy. Luckily it works on the tablet still.
I love this app but I also don't like how you have to get a membership but I understand this game is really fun you can get up to 8 pets before you have to get a membership or just not get anymore pets and there is so much to do in this game WOW I haven't wrote a review this long before.
I like playing this game with my friends at school and it's free to play. A member ship only cost 4 dollars a month. Its educational and its easy to convince my parents too. I really see nothing wrong with this game no bugs no glitches or no scams. But... when a year goes by I don't see a way to change your grade like if I'm starting to play this game in 2nd grade and year goes by now I'm in 3rd but it's still giving me 2nd grade problems but I rate it 5/5.
This is an amazing app and i have to say that it has fun math skills for my students. The only thing i must complain about is the memberships. I wish they were free. I have been trying to find free memberships for my students, but none of them work. Some even throw fits about it. Prodigy please require making memberships free and keep up the good work! ๐Ÿค—
The game is good but now with the new update you cant even evolve your pets EVERYTHING YOU REQUIRE A MEMBER like bro just take the member out its annoying because whenever you go to a shop mostly everything you require a member and theres like only 1 thing that you dont need a member like fix your game and then its always giving you adds of becoming a member and also put the thing to sign in with google because i had my school account with level 100 and now i had to restart
Its a great app but u need premium for a lot of things (evolving,collecting pets, buying certain items, etc)
I'll be honest. I've been playing since near 2016 now and the game is a money grabber now. Everything is membership and it sucks. I remember when updates and events meant something, but now everything's given to the members and the f2p users are given a few garbage items and we can only get so much. And if a f2p gets a membership item, let them use it. Its not gonna hurt anyone. They earned it. Yall need to chill with that membership pushing.
The kids love Prodigy! And I appreciate the nods to classic video games. It would be nice if the app would save the log in details, we have to enter these each time we play.
This is a very good game, but the membership thing is like if you are not a member, you cannot do the special things members can do. This game makes learning math fun and the rewards are fun even if you are not a member.
This is totally a great math game, you can rescue pets, change most of your avatar, explore areas and have a certain element you support. (My personal element for my prodigy account is Storm) I really want the Epics back, and please bring back the old starter pets like Dragic, Peeko, Creela, Soral and the others, and can you make the player's wizard have a cartoon-ish look like the pets and looks of places on the map? Thank you if you did.
I love this game. It improves my want to do math. I play it all the time. I can get pets that are in my dreams and I can get a hair color of my choice. I play it in school all the time. My teacher even allows it. The only problem i have with prodigy is that there are the cute and other things that I want on there and I have to get a stupid membership format that costs over 5 dollars a month. Otherwise the game is the best. And the best part is that I can play it without internet.
Great game but there is a glitch sometimes it does not let you spin I have member ship currently but it's not that bad of a price when you want to buy 6.95 monthly membership it does not let you so I bought yearly but I wanted to the monthly one
This game is top quality pretty ok graphics but if you are reading this review for seeing the quality of the game its 4 stars becuase there is no way to skip encounters and I think that there should be
Just remove membership. I dont even know what you people are using that money for and it better be good or else i could consider you "greedy" Just remove memberships once again for a while. We all want to learn but also have a better gaming experience. At least let non members evolve their pets. once membership is removed or we can at least do something like evolve our pets then I'll glady put 5 stars and talk about how wonderful this game is again. And 4 dollars a month? Are you crazy?
This "Prodigy" is very addicting, and by that I mean alot! I've had it at school multiple times and enjoyed it very much! 5 star rating given. Reccomended for all children. If I were a teacher I would always let children use this app. - Courtney Pearsons / Ruby Pearsons
This is a really great game to play if you can handle the relentless member ads everywhere. The fact that basically half of the entire game is locked if you're not a member is extremely frustrating. I understand that the people who made this want some way to profit off of it, but the amount of things that are restricted if you aren't a member is ridiculous and kind of takes the fun out of this game at times.
this is a good game not much wrong with it besides the fact that you get kicked out every once in a while but I can deal with that the thing that brought this down is everything in the game is membership I can't even evolve the monsters
This game is nice but, whenever you get a question wrong,it takes away the full power thingy.and I worked hard for full out attack.so please,fix this.
it's good and all but you should add a flee button so then you don't have to worry about going into wizard battles you don't want to and add the evolve button for people who don't have the membership so they don't have to worry about getting the membership
Just poor you need member to get everything its not fair this game is a pay to win math game and copied so many games like pokemon and wizard 101. They dont even respond to zendesk messages i loved this game but they change everything from pet art to the new map. This game is very poor dont play it!!! IN WARNING YOU!!! Edit: You cant even trade nothing is rare there is hackers in the game also they take away everything like almost every year so yeah im warning you it was a fun game but now bad!!
I like the game because it is making online learning for people fun and all they need is to get rid of memberships because it unfair for the people who can't get the memberships
I really love this game it helps me learn much more things. We can play together with friends. BUT there is one thing that me and my friends do not like about MEMBERSHIP we can't wear cool clothes get body if I can I would buy all the pests cause I have a lot of money but that membership is in the way if you could change that this game is gonna be PERFECT ๐Ÿ‘Œ SO PLEASE FIX THAT. I have alot of cool things but they are member so yeah. I am sure many people are thinking the same. PLEASE DO IT
This is such an amazing app . I don't really care that u have membership coz I don't really need cool clothes and houses I just need good knowledge which I'll get from prodigy freely I love this app it makes mathematics so fun,after using prodigy mathematics is neither boring nor hard for me now my favourite subject is mathematics โค๏ธ
This is an amazing game but you should add a time out feature because if you are battling in multiplayer (arena) you have to wait like 2 hours until they finally answer their question, this is not enjoyable for me and everyone else who has this problem, give them a 2 minute timer or we'll be sitting learning nothing!!
This program is cool, and my 9 yr old enjoys playing. The problem is that he cannot play it on his own chromebook. When he tries to log on through his google account, it provides an error message (error code 403 access denied). I have tried to list it as an approved site, but that still does not work. He logs on through his google account on his school computer just fine. HELP!?!
Its the best game it helps with learning and is fun at the same time you unlock new worlds you battle monsters and they can become your pet prodigy is the best app you could get i play it all the time its the very best no scary things its the best game in play store that I found I love it a lot๐Ÿ˜
Its a good game.. but i think they should add if you want to fight a monster because when you go near a monster it makes you fight it thats SUPER ANNOYING
So I made a review on how I would like you to add an "Invite to house" button, but I would also like you to add a button where you can see if your friends are online and join them and invite them because there's no point in having friends and a friends list if you can't join their world or invite them to yours. Please look into this because this stuff is very important to me. 1 star under because of my suggestions.
Good game and fun and you learn math only problem is the membership thing and when you collect al the golden papers some times the spinning wheel glitchs and you don't get the reward
Amazing app. This is a great way to learn math. Select from Aaron to Zyxicial as your name, and there are so many fun events. Battle monsters, spin wheels-the fun never stops!
I played in my school and I think it's mostly pay to win because of the member thing I recommended to other people but I think you need to make it more like do stuff to get more stuff not get stuff because you pay monthly for "a better experience"
I love this game but I bacame a member 3 times! first the card wouldnt connect,now it got rid of my membership and I payed for it again and the same thing happened! I think you should earn membership by doing quests not by buying it! and its not that fair that you have to be a member to evolve pets because you've levelled it up to evolve.
Omg I love this game! One thing tho, please make a trading part because then I would play it even MORE!!! Also, I don't like h a having to pay REAL money for the membership. I get that you need money, but it's unfair for the people who don't want to. Please people!
This games is the worst. Some times my mom or dad wants me to play it on the weekend and night but we should get a break from learning. We all get stress from school. I regret downloading prodigy. Remember this when u have kids. And on your ๐Ÿ’ฏ year on the world.
It's a good game and all, but I give it a 3 star because of the pet's newer models. The Neeks,Callers,and Creators look too odd.. please change the pet's designs to the original, like the neeks looking the same, Aquaster not looking like a epic, and the hob, puck,and scally along with rascal looking like the original counterpart. Another thing I hate is that the fact you need membership to climb the Dark Tower, rescue more pets, and evolve them, all and all, it's a pretty good game.
Fun but I can't put the crystals on the pedestal and it gets annoying when you have to go through all the Dungeons and then you get a stuck ๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ˜ช
This game is very fun, but it is getting annoying that even rescue pets are only for members now. I tried to rescue a pet, it's not evolved or anything, its a small and maybe weak pet. Last year I still can rescue pets and now? What?!? Please stop making everything is for members, this makes the game less fun.
I have had this on computer for like a month now i am getting it on phone. Its a really great game and it helps learn new math thing based from your grade. Its very fun and the membership is cheap and it has alot of stuff on it.its really a good game and i love it. I dont know why people complain about membership because its so cheap. Plus the 5$ is really worth it. And the stuff in stores are great too. I love how you get prizes for each battle you win. You can learn math. I would reccomend.
It is a fun game but when you get to a certain point then you cannot rescue any pets so you cannot have a larger pet collection when you dont have a membership for Prodigy
All the time, my cousin keeps getting annoyed by how you need to be a member to EVOLVE a pet or climb the dark tower. We just want this to be fixed... Oh and what I mean by we? Yes, I also think it's annoying. I'm being honest here. I also see the reviews and people are having the same problem about membership. Please don't ignore this.... I'm sorry if this sounded rude by the way.
It's a good game, however I just hate the fact that you need to become a member for almost everything. I know they're trying to get money but just tone it down a little.
Dude cool game but can you make a fortnite update with the avengers as cloths and make galactus a titan and make avenger weapons and make it JUST LIKE FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a rally cool game and all makes math a lot more fun and this game made my grades go up high too! But the bad thing is that I signed in with Google, but when I tap sign in with Google it won't let me so I can only play when I around internet. ( Play on Google ) But it's a RLLY good game!