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Pro Rated Mobile Golf Tour

Pro Rated Mobile Golf Tour for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Mobile Golf Tour LLC located at 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd. #200 Scottsdale, AZ 85258. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This could be a great game but the way the ball bounces is unrealistic. Iv'e never seen a golf ball change the natural laws of gravity. Controls could be better also. Power of ball hits should pretty much be the same or close to it. And why is the driver club only useable at the start of each hole and not after? Could be a great game but it's not. Unistalling...
So far I like it one of those, you get addicted too. I will rate again in a couple weeks.I just downloaded it.
The competitive aspect of the game could use some tweaking. In the last 6 months or so I have noticed that instead of making improvements or enhancements to the game it is in reality the excact opposite. There was a time when this game would allow me to challenge up to 3 players and play as a foursome match which is hard to arrange but a lot of fun if you could. Today I cant even challenge 1 person. I lost interest not because I dont like the game. It's because it's been allowed to fall apart.
Only playeable, will not accept email to register or syncronise with face book, in its present state its just covering odd periods of boredom!!! Without the email facebook connection its nothing to write about!!!
Great game , But.....Every time I want to do a long putt, it will only allow about 26ft, which is frustrating when you are going for a birdy or less
this is by far the best golf game ive ever played theres one flaw that should be fixed when you land on the green 29 feet max on a putt isnt enough feet many times ive had to three putt because the putt is over 70 ft other wise theres no golf game better thanks for your feedback
Thr game at times will release the ball early without me initiating a release. Also it counts strokes against me that I didn't make. Not speaking of penalty strokes either. The GPS is not accurate either. I played in a few of the tournaments and was able to "buy" the premium driver, however after playing in the tournament last week the game will not let me login and because I can't login it hasn't rewarded me the skins for my placement in the leaderboard.
I like this game. Its just strait forward golf but i keep coming back to it over and over. Great controls, great courses, i really enjoy the weekly tournaments.👍😁
it's more like real golf, club selection, yardage etc. still want you to buy stuff though. Overall pretty good.
Fun, minimal ads, courses can be difficult. Still fun to play. There is a problem logging in though. Either email or facebook it says its invalid.
It's generally a good game, BUT has flaws, namely you can't putt over 29 feet and hole 16 the islands is almost unplayable if your first shot is off. If the games owners would like to make that hole doable then I'm giving it 5*. Otherwise it's a 3
Played lots golf game this fun I enjoy playing single! But they should work on the software on 3 things? 1 alway putting up to 50' give more golf courses to play and work on the graphics more realistic but this can be the best golf game!
Almost the BEST golf app ever. 1) Cheeky anouncer great, needs to be more accurate in his comments. 2) Putt aiming ability needed, but need more putting power!! (25FT MAX) Unfair if u land on green in 1, but need to put 3x to the cup. After that, then wow. I still LOVE THIS APP. BRAVO!!!!!!!
I have been looking for a decent golf game for a while now. What a surprise when I found this one. After installing and uninstalling so many different game this one blew me away. I played happily for a few days and then figured out how to change courses and now I have uninstalled every golf game but this one. This is the Holy Grail of golf. Thank you for providing me with the opprotunity to add this game to my collection of favorites. I just can't stop playing it.
Good graphics, occasional wonkiness, nothing major. Becomes easier once you figure out the mathematics. I play it daily.
Too many glitches, needs sorting. Wind speed doesn't vary as much in real life as it does in this game, how can wind suddenly change from 0 to 18 from hole to hole unless it's stormy, then I wouldn't play. Also brick walls on greens stopping ball or jumping (obviously a cheat mode) proper greens are well looked after so this would not occur. Islands course is a joke. It's time this game was properly sorted and played like a real game of golf. Passes time though when nothing to do.
Great game for golfer gamers, but could use more interacting with online friend's an better vision/views at the green area. Otherwise love it. Very addicting just bored cause I can't interact with online competition with Facebook friends
Not a very good game. Needs an overhead view to see where you aiming, putting is impossible, not knowing what percentage to hit a putt. I've played much better golf games so I am uninstalling this immediately.
Terrific game. Anyone who likes golf will enjoy this. 4 courses that are quite different and it really is like playing golf! Club selection. Wind variances. Rough. They all come into consideration and you have to adapt. Would love to see an update with a few more courses but this is a fun game that gets a little addictive.
Great game... BUT please fix it so when you putt from over 29 feet, you stand a chance of sinking it. . The amount of times I land on the green and have to 2 or even 3 putt it is ridiculous.. please sort this out then it's worth 5*.
Fun golf game for shooting one hole or all 4 courses. Bad part is no "terrain" on the greens. They are all flat and easy to put. Otherwise it's pretty fun.
2/24/21 After winning over 10,000.00 skins upon trying to play since yesterday at the start of a new tournament the game has a glitch that it keeps cycling for connection. It allows me to play in the tournament, but it won't sync my premium club purchases. After repeated emails to the developers, they haven't corrected the problem. They keep insisting that something must be wrong with my internet or phone. Neither one is the problem. I uninstalled permanently b/c of their indifference!
The island course is stupid. No sense in even giving yardages. Island course is still too difficult. This is only a game. Need to change putting. Only 28ft is dumb.Cannot log in to tournaments,so I am deleting this app. People shooting 45 is dumb. Not possible. Same people win tournament. Must be rigged. Still need to change putting. It is restrictive. Why rate it,nothing changes. Nobody responds on your end. Still same people winning tournaments,with stupid scores. Need big changes.
Frustrated, the wind is always at your face. The fade and draw dont work as on a real course. What really kills me is when putting every once in awhile the ball hits a rock, peebles or hole but stops on a dime. Need to show it so it can be avoided.i think it's there to purposely to mess up a good scoring round. Also I been having problems with game just logging off during round. In the past week I didn't get my skins for finishing tourney...wth?????
really great game until you reach the green and your left with a putting experience that totally sucks can't put the ball over 28 feet or so when max is applied and because of this you can't really take to heart your score it really sucks as a complete game, whoever developed this game has never ever played real golf
Great game I would of given it 5 stars but the putting is terrible if you sorted that out I think it would be brilliant
This game was great in the beginning and then it has taken a bad turn and cheats you just like every other cellphone app!! Took forever to get 54 skins watching the bs videos! It is just horrible playing it wind and fade is ridiculous off, your ball gets blocked by imaginary stuff, premium balls are worse than the regular version. There is no function to allow you to quit your game, all you can do is just push the home screen on your phone just plain and simple sucks! I am uninstalling today!
Game is good. Wish i could play against other people. Every time i go to multiplayer the screan goes black. The putting meter is flawed. Cant make long puts. Fix these problems and you have a great game.
Loads of fun. Relaxing, rather than so hard as to be taxing. The clubs play like they say. One drawback is that the wind doesn't always do what it shows. On the whole, a great game.
Quite a good game just needs a bit of refinement greens are a bit on the rough side with a few little jumps every so often and there seems to be a step around all of them, if those little irritations were sorted out then it would definitely be worth 5 stars and if not then it's safe to say that the developers aren't really interested in the user experience.
It's really great coz u get to know different clubs and there average distances en plan better. U can employ the same strategy on course en see the difference. Only thing missing is golf attire 2 choose from. Gd job guys . . .
I would give five but for the putting and the club not being strong enough and having to drop a shot just to get close to the pin, 🤔 why, the game is perfect in every other way I've waited a long teto find a good golf game and this was the one but the putting is a big let down and the amount of skins and tickets you need to upgrade is a bit excessive. Please fix the putting.
I'd give it 5 stars except if you're on the green, and more that 29 feet from the hole, you cant change to an iron for the shot. And worse than that if you're more than 58 feet away it takes three putts to get it in the hole, which pretty much guarantees you at least a bogey or more. Other than that its one of the best golf games I've ever found. FANTASTIC game except for that club problem once you get to the green.
It's fun! Sure it lies the distance , the draw and what club is best. plus you have to buy balls if you'll ever go farther than 25ft on the green, but it is fun! Got an update and everything stopped. Had to reinstall and lost all my cash so I'm back to scratch.
Great game, the only complaint is the putting. As long as you land within 25-30 feet, you can't really miss. No aiming on the putting green. The only other thing missing is ability to . apply backspin or roll..its all dependent upon the club. But over all its a great game and I really enjoy it
After playing a couple weeks with no problems, the tournament server does not show me as an active player. The response was a little slow in coming, but the problem seems to be fixed for now.
It's a cool game! It would be nice if you could customize what the golfers are wearing and if you could play an opponent(s) at the same time you are playing. Like two golfers or three on the screen playing each other instead of having to wait for who knows how long for your opponent(s) to play. But otherwise, yeah its a nice relaxing game of golf!⛳
Great for challenging your mates. Course reaction to ball is good except for the odd peculiar ball wig out on some greens. Tournament top scores mean you need around 12 birdies and 6 eagles which is dubious in my view ?
Played lots golf game this fun I enjoy playing single! But they should work on the software on 3 things? 1 alway putting up to 50' give more golf courses to play and work on the graphics more realistic but this can be the best golf game!make 18 hole course! Or change different course
great game. But 2 things. Needs undulation on the greens. Not just a straight putt everytime with a puttter than only goes 29 feet if your lucky. And what are the tickets for ? Movies? lol.
Easy to play if u have some time to kill. Simple but realistic graphics. No messing around having to dress your golfer and buying fancy clubs before you can hit it a proper distance. Would be nice if they could give you a computer opponent to play against. Could make aiming easier too. In all though love the simplicity of it compared with other golf games that clutter the game with stupid & unnecessary options.
I've been looking for the perfect golf game and i think this is it. Not impossibly hard, not all about wardrobe, easy on the ads and game moves at a nice speed. My only complaint is i don't like how my girl slams her club on the ground when she looses. Perhaps i can change in settings, but otherwise good game.
It has gotten worse. I purchased a driver which is supposed to go 15 yards but instead no change. I was awarded 1 skin and on the next hole it was gone. if I do get a skin it has been 1 or none per round. I do enjoy the game itself. what a RIP off now I get 1 reward for each round. I'm trying to get an upgraded driver. I have been cheated out of at least 110 skins. please fix and reply