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Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game

Prison Empire Tycoon-Idle Game for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Codigames located at Edificio Lanzadera Muelle de la Aduana S/N Marina Real Juan Carlos I Edificio Lanzadera 46024 Valencia. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun enough, but there comes a point where it doesn't feel like your "choices" really matter. The prisoners seem constantly close to rioting even once you've fully upgraded their cells, seems to be a lack in consistency to how well your guards do. Overall it's an ok game but seems to reach a point where you just have to end up waiting, either for money to continue building or just time for it to reform the prisoners.
It's a pretty fun game. One issue that others have pointed out is that a fully upgraded and staffed kitchen can't feed all prisoners. No matter what some leave hungry. Another issue is that when you're actually playing the game (as opposed to opening it back up), the prisoners are happy and doing well. When I open up the game, all that is negated and they're angry and will riot. Besides that it is a fun idle game.
Almost the worst game I ever played. It seems like everything is designed to make you spend money. You have the option to double your offline money, but it's not working anymore. You have the option to watch ads to double your income. It is only available from time to time. Most of the times is not working. You just click on the button and nothing happens. If by any chance it works, if you switch prisons, you loose the bonus. And a lot more of issues I live you the pleasure to discover. 👎👎👎👎
Honestly I was overall happy with this game until they changed the ads. You have to watch ads to double your point earnings otherwise you'll be losing money(or you can earn money, but don't have enough staff to keep the prisioners happy or riots contained). Im fine with that, but now the ads are all 3 part ads that you have to keep clicking "next" on.
Good game, but right now, there are a few problems. 1. Ad-based rewards do not seem to work. Clicking the "duplicate" button does nothing after an idle period, but button state indicates it has been clicked. 2. Confusing/bloated tutorial. 3. Notifications only arrive after your prison has stopped working. 4. Currently a money grab. The 2nd cell block takes way too long to hold a user's attention. I hope this gets seen, because this game has potential. 5. Game Devs don't care about user reviews
So much to say, so little space. I love it! I was really leery of paying so much for no ads, but it's very freeing. I feel like I basically bought the game. I feel like it was worth it. No ads works for events too, and allows you to x2 all prisons without it resetting other prisons. This game is so much more enjoyable without the ad wall. On a side note, I LOVE the card system. If you want better guards, spend diamonds on the event chest, it's worth it! Keep going, you're on the right track!
The benchmark for all mobile games. Truly fantastic fun graphics, good controls and great gameplay. There are no pay walls and no need to pay for anything and it doesn't give you ridiculous wait times to compensate. Wish more devs like these would understand that I am actually more compelled to spend money on a game like this where there's absolutely no need to, you still get the full experience without it.
The game is great, however I hate that it continues while your gone. You lose control of your prison 🥴. I do appreciate the notices which informs you about the riots lol. I think a cool upgrade would be to possibly share your progress with others. My nephew plays the game as well and constantly ask what level im on and if there is a feature that allows us to play together in the upper levels.
Boring everything upgraded and nothing to do except wait for a new prison.dont spend money or you end up doing nothing except wait for the game developers. they take way to long to add more prisons. in the year that I have been playing they have only added 3 prisons which I beat in like 2 weeks if things don't change by the end of January I will be deleting
Only time I can say I dont mind ads cause it benefits you more by watching them. Fun game. Do wish you could interact more with prisoners and staff. Or take away stuff from unruly prisoners for example. Or customize solitary. But other than that. 5 stars. Great game and will only get better
The amount of gems we get is absolutely horrible pathetic when you complete task. The cost of things is way overly price to the income that is generated. Make it make sense. Spend to much time watching ads than playing the game. When prisonwra get release income becomea negative & you have to fire employess or watch ads to avoid the negative pay balance old to employees. Bus should immetidately come when prisoners are realeased. When away & come back prepare for a riot person are hungry & sick.
If you don't mind ads every minute, it's not a bad game. Once your prison is upgraded enough, you can be making enough money that you don't need to watch the ads. Oh and I haven't spent any real money so far.
Addicting game play! This game is so fun to play, the graphics are outstanding and no lagging. You can earn money by watching ads, sometimes it's a lot is money to help you along as well. The only thing is; if you actually want to buy anything with your own monetary, it's pricy. It's nice and complex for those whom like a little challenge, but if you're not playing and its idling ... be well aware of encroaching riots! I am just starting, so will be updating soon.
I have had a great experience with this game so far. I've spent money in it to have no ads, and more besides. But all of a sudden I lost all of my progress in my main prisons. I was in Cybertomb! Completely reset to zero. Despite being signed into my Google account, the only things that show I have made any progress are the temporary Iron Fortress and the cards I have accumulated. Everything else has been wiped out Edit: It has now happened a second time.
Interesting game concept and cute graphics. I like how the dark cruel prison life designed in such a bright comical way for gameplay. I always laugh watching the mini prisoners barge into the cafeteria for food as if there's no tomorrow. Other times, they just walk slowly, for example, when going back to their cell or coming out for activities. That difference gives a little sense of reality. Good balance, just nice. 👏 game developer!
A fun little game that requires constant monitoring. Perhaps a little heavy on the ad pushing, but I do like that I can double my earnings by ignoring a 30 second video. I don't particularly care for the amount of time a prison keeps working after you log off. An hour is not nearly long enough. Were it not for that I would have 5 starred the game.
None of the ads are working when you hit the button to double the money when you increase time or double your earnings. The screen just goes black. Please fix the issue as soon as possible. I have been enjoying the game and since the last update on October 29th it hasn't worked correctly. Very disappointed.
Dont bother as once you have completed the available prisons there is nothing else to do as there seems to be no game development for adding new prisons, best you can hope for is constantly spending mo ey on repetitive events which they run every weekend. Shame as enjoyed game at start now its boring...
The game is full of bugs, and you have to close out of it constantly. And anytime you're away, everything plummets even if you have everything upgraded to max, so a riot breaks out. This is just a poorly developed money-grab. Don't waste your time.
Hi i'm here to report an issue with the dining hall. Even though there are enough number seats and enough food for my prisoners, the prisoners will not enter the dining hall when the queue is too long that it reaches the door. I believe that players cannot do anything to change the queue's length so perhaps you should fix this or tell us what you think we should do to tackle this problem. Thankyou.
So far the overall game is entertaining. There are tasks that have to be performed and that interaction is fun. Yes, there are adds... Lots of them... However, if you want a prison "bank loan" you will need to just deal with it or pay the real world money to get rid of them. There seems to be another issue that I am having. I suffered through the AD's that allows you to 2X your "bank loan" only to find out... That does that not work. You end up with the orignal amount very disappointing.
I've really enjoyed the game, but unfortunately just recently, the game crashes immediately after loading. I tried uninstalling and redownloading but the problem continued. I'm really bummed because I had reached the final prison
Its one of a very good game I came across but it need to do important improvements like in 1) dining hall at a time only 19 members allowed.. either you guys slow down the prisoners rushing speed or make room for more 13prisoners in dining room.. even there is plates for everyone. Due to limited allowance everytime 13 prisoners will not get feed. 2) even when you watch ads n activate for 2hours double earning coins many times.. the pay is like 2k,7k 10k.even aftr returning 2hrs later. Fix this
I loved the game until the game began crashing every couple of minutes then I'm forced to restart and wait 10min for it to load again. Please fix the constant crashing. The other issue is the loans. I watch the ads and 80% of the time the game has to reload and I never get the bonus. The game has the potential to be great. Please fix these issues. Thank you!
Lot of ads. To earn more money this game is all about the ads. Played for several days. Did two challenge locations and 2 prisons. After you build the prison it just collects money for the one location you are in. No further buildings or activities. To sum it up monotonous build one and you have done it all. Everything after is only a slight change. Prisoners are never going to be happy forever. Game isn't going to get better. No incentive to spend money or keep playing. Dead end game.
Fun, too expensive for buy items. $32 to buy everything, $11 for ad free? I can buy full pc or ps4 games for that. Honestly though the purchase stuff isn't necessary and I've been enjoying it without the paid items. Enough I would've bought some stuff but, just can't justify it for the price for a mobile game.
The game is amazing but I would like to make a recommendation that the lines in the dinning hall be made a little longer or even upgradable so that way all the prisoners get to eat and not get turned away cuz the line is full other wise great game
Cool game but strategy is a bit too straightforward. You just make sure you can handle the inmates by beefing everything up before adding new cells. You can almost ignore the reception except cheap upgrades til late game. With ads, this game would take a long time and be an adfest. However after a while I purchased the part that makes the game ad free. It makes it more like a play at your own pace enjoyable game after removing ads. I would rate it 5 stars if it were a bit more involved
Love this game.used to play prison tycoon on pc a long time ago and this is much like it but way better.thanks producers keep up the awesome game making.***** all the way.hope you have a prison empire 2 tycoon made to play on here eventually.love to play it as well.thanks producers.awesome job on this game.
Fun game to pop on and off of. Quick to learn and enjoyable to experiment with. Only downside is not understanding prisoners needs, ie security is low even though I have full guards and upgrades maxed out. Other than that the game is self explanatory and definitely worth a try for those who don't have it.
I love this game. After buying no ads it became so much easier to be excited for progress! The only reason why I said 4 stars instead of 5 is because of how expensive no ads is. Yall should consider lowering the price, it would make me want to buy more of your games💖💙💟
Fun initially, but get really lame after a few days when you get to the 2nd and 3rd level. It's just a waiting game at that point. Nothing to do for days/weeks. It gets to a point where you have to spend money to progress unless you log in multiple times a day for months to not do anything but watch ads. Would not recommend.
couldve been better if the money from the last place can bd used to the current place youre managing... but, back to square one. and if you leveled up everything from that place. every money coming from it will be completely USELESS...
It's actually a great game, there are ads but only if you want power ups and extra money. They don't force ad breaks when you're playing which is great. Good job on this, I'm addicted to playing this game
Ads don't work half the time, even after exiting the game and coming back in a few minutes, as listed in support. Update: 11/14 - Ads now rarely work, which makes events nearly impossible to participate in. Support was of no help at all; they did not respond, and the automatic suggestion doesn't work.
The game is great fun, but i have 2 things to say. 1. It's really annoying when every single hour your prison stops working. 2. I believe there's a glitch, a fully upgraded dining hall cannot support and feed all the prisoners in one module. I've got everything updated to the max, yet my prisoners "are not fed" because they don't fit inside the dining hall. Constant riots due to this is an unfair obstacle.
The gameplay is good, it's not that pay to win, it's very relaxing. But the only thing I don't like is when I unlocked Williamson Federal Prison, I can't watch ads anymore. Please fix this. (Edit) It was my internet connection that made the ads unplayable. I'll lower it to 3 stars because it's so pay to win. You'll realize it when you've far progress on the game, you always need to watch ads to speed up your progress. Alien evasion sucks, it requires high money to win and get included on top 20k
It is a good idle game. Problem is when you have a big prison and all cells are occupied, the prisoners that can't be accomodated by the dining hall will go back to their cells hungry and soon will start a riot. Kindly fix it.
Just like all of the tycoon games, this game starts off really good. Then it comes to a standstill, because the buildings and upgrades are so expensive that you have to spend days watching ads. I get that developers need money to pay their staff. But charging 100,000 (4 or more ads) for a single building that was once 2,000, for the exact same type of building, knowing that there are atleast 20 more buildings they need to make, each of which is going to double in price. Makes the game die quick
This game could have been 5 stars, but a few things are turn offs. What's the point of accumulating 2 hours of x2 earnings, but can only earn up to one hour of offline time. The entire staff stop working after you leave the game, which affects all prisoners stress levels. Completely upgrading the kitchen, laundry, yard, modules, and lunch hall is meaningless when stress levels are always dangerous. The lunch room can have plenty of chairs, but the prisoners are too good to wait.
This game is just trash, its same as that where you have to build a tv station, its copy paste. This game is just made for money, after some days, its really hard and wants you to buy offers. This game has no gameplay, you just wait and tap so you can buy, you can't decorate the way you want. Dont waste your time on this ****, developers dont care abt the game, only thing that they care is money, and this game is perfect for it, its seems fun but its trash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This games has ads that require actions in order to finish watching them. One ad is basically 3 and it forces you to acknowledge the first one has completed before showing the second. Rinse and repeat for the second and third. This is amazing for people who throughly enjoy watching ads.
Great way to pass the time. But not all the prisoners fit Into the cafeteria line so not everyone gets food. That is annoying. I think just as how they wait to get into the bathroom they should wait to get inside the cafeteria as well when it's full
This is addicting. I love the quest and I'm so hooked right now. I do spend on games however I'm not there yet with this one. I hope we can micro manage like who goes to work on the shops. Also putting shifts on staffs as well (they are like robots now working 24/7). I hope the riot action takes a slower pace, I feel the guards die quickly. Anyways I still love the game so far.
Overall the game isn't bad but the in app purchase prices are ridiculous. I get .99-2.99 to remove ads but 10.99? Then another 10.99(which it goes up from there) for the higher bonus stuff even the then lower stuff is like 5.49, that's just crazy to me. Don't get me wrong the game runs pretty smoothly and is a great time killer but the prices are what throw me off.
It is a good idle game my complaint is although you can achieve the number of meals that needed to be delivered on a cafeteria some prisoners are not falling in line and ended up not eating at all. I know its minor but it's one factor of the gameplay to keep prisoners fed, yet they don't want to fall in line when there is a line
Uhm I bought the pack with the prison pack . You know 100% profit And people who ran the prison for you when you were not actively on the game. In have recently logged in to find that my purchase was taken away and now I have to buy it again. What the heck I thought it was a permanent 1 time buy. Why am I having to buy it again?
It is addictive in the sense i do keep playing it, but the amount of adverts is rediculous and my prison is fully upgraded has been for days, its fully staffed, nothing to do on the game now but cant move on because im waiting for 4000 more prisons to be rehabilitated, which takes too long. Bores me tbh, dont know why i keep playing, literally the whole game is a waiting game and you have to watch ads to get money you need.
I would have given this game 5 Stars because the game itself is fun BUT... More than half of the time the game freezes when watching an ad, to get anywhere in the game you must watch the ads for help in many ways. Not only does it freeze but whatever you where watching the ad for is voided and you don't get it. It also will freeze up your phone with constant glitching. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME! there are more reasons, but I'll leave it at that.
I've been playing the game for a few hours today, and am almost complete with the first prison. I have maxed out everything. But there is a flaw. With the max 32 prisoner count, every day it says all my prisoners are not fed. I found out why. There is a cap on how many people can get in line for food, so when they go get food, they overfill the cap and get turned away at the door. Also, with everything maxed out, whenever I get back onto the app, it sends the prison into a riot every time.
All of the sudden the game won't work at all. Crashes right after the loading screen every time. Sucks because I have put a lot of time into this game, it WAS the first mobile game I've ever found thats worth playing for more than 10 minutes.
It's a fun game, though I only started yesterday. I will consider adding the 5th star after I've played for a few days. And that will be dependent on the number and type of events available, and the diversity and increasing difficulty of the next few levels. *NOTE* This game is infinitely more enjoyable if you just bite the bullet and pay to have the ads removed!!
It has been pretty good. My only issue as a free to play player is that when I come back to my prison after any time away, my inmates are low, even if the standard of care is high for them. Pretty much there is a good chance of a riot when I log back in. I am sure the paid "assistants" would correct this. But there should some way for it to pause the inmates or keep them at the comfort level they would have been at if I left them. And maybe the paid assistants could give bonuses to the game.idk
This is really fun, my only complaint is that when I have 25+ prisoners and it's mealtime, not all prisoners get to eat because here's what happens - they all pack the cafeteria, and the last prisoners arrive and see the cafeteria is full and they just walk back to their cells instead of waiting in line.
The only probelms I have with this game is the amount of riots logging back into the game (after 2 hours or even switching prisons for 20 mins) and the fact that when its time to eat, some of the prisoners will stop at the doors and turn back to their cell and won't get fed. Other than those two things, I think everything is great! If you don't fix the riots, just fix the people leaving when the line is too long please!
Agonizingly slow game play. Its fun till you have everything done then have to wait a week before you can open a new prison. Also, if you pay for no more ads, your prison loans come three times slower than they did if you just watched the ads. This could be more fun if there was daily challenges or options to continue building or if you could actually help each prisoners mood individually. This game has lots of potential but fails to be what it could be.
I loved playing the game. Great and fun time waisted. But for some reason my time moves faster than it seems it should, which means my half my prisoners end up mad because there wasn't enough time to eat either because they weren't able to get in quick enough or they weren't able to use the exercise yard long enough or even get to shower because they didn't leave the last place quick enough. Causing more riots. No option to contact makers in game either.
I enjoy this game it is very relaxing. The only problem I have with it is that they show the same ad sometimes 5 times in a row. On top of that they also show 30sec ads with nothing to do but wait ot out, but you usually have to choose to watch the ads or not. You should also be able to click out of an ad if you click on reward just in case it was an accident.
I'm not big on idle games but this one is a lot of fun. Long ads aren't intrusive and totally optional for bonuses. However, sometimes ads will crash the game and you won't get the bonus. Also sometimes the prisoners won't eat. I have my cafeteria, cooks AND kitchen maxed out and 2-6 will walk in and walk out and it will say prisoners aren't getting fed. That bumps up the stress level and leads to riots. This costs extra because you'll lose COs. Bug kills the immersion. 4-5 stars if fixed.
I love this game super addicting but I brought the no ads option and now it doesn't work anymore. When I click on the option to buy it again it says I already have it. This is extremely annoying as I spent £10 on having on ads but it doesn't even work.
Pros -good game, make money and build things. Cons - All the advantages (ie. Seargent of the guards or Cards that allow yountobmskr more money faster) have to be purchased with real money. If you want your game to be able to be idle longer you have to pay real money. Suggestion would be to make some of the advantages unlockable, or free, like a basic set of cards or skins each day.
Syncing issues. Everytime I log out and back in I am loosing progress. It's the weirdest nd most annoying thing... Will be quitting game. No updates and no new content. Without new content game becomes extremely repetitive quickly. Please be aware before investing anytime or.potential money. Developers work far too slow to keep any interest down
It's a brilliant game, good to pass the time just watching your prison run, the only issue with the game is the prisoner delivery system.... like 50 of my prisoners will be rehabilitated and heading for the front door but if they are not out the bus will just pass the prison and leave me with less then enough prisoners to make profit, should really make it so they drop off even if the prisoners aren't out. Like that makes more sense. A prison wouldn't deny prisoners if they new they had room...
Been playing this game for a day and pretty entertaining. kinda boring when u alrady hit all upgrades, but not moving towards new prison. one thing that annoys me that prisoners sometimes cant get food when they running towards hall and just ended up going back again to cell and grunting. i assume they going back cuz the hall is full even tho theres still some food in the kitchen, and that is one of the riot cause lol😪
I did love this game, for mind numbing nothingness. Then I get on it last night, only to find that all of my time had been wasted. For some reason or another, the game had started me back at the beginning. I had like, I think, 4 prisons. I tried to log out, then sign back in, trying to restore it... Nothing. Still back at the very first prison. Highly disappointed!!!
I've played this game for quite awhile, at least over a year. Lately ads stopped working, then it was glitchy (no new device or connection) now the game doesn't even load for me it seems it just dwindled over a few weeks to where it just doesn't even work now. Definitely sucks I've purchased items for this recently!!
Maybe add a speed up button(x2, x4, etc.), but it's actually pretty fun and time consuming, I find myself going back to upgrade my prison more than I thought
Really solid game, but TWO major flaws!! This is a very well built game, great animations and an easy concept to get a hold of. You may watch ads to expedite the earning process but that is not pushed upon you. That being said, i still cant give it five stars and here's why. 1.) I hate the set up of the prison, make it customizable!! 2.) The game continues to play while your gone, which means you lose control of your prison immediately! Fix that!!
Fun to play but constantly rips me off when entering back in the game. It will say 50,000 earned while away but if I set down my phone for 3 mins come back to the same screen it will reload and I'll lose all that money and only earn money for the 3 mins. Very buggy
Very entertaining, I like how there is not really a rush to do things. It seems like you progress quickly, so I feel rewarded when I play. You actually get rewarded by watching ads that you choose to watch if you want. The game also doesn't shove microtransactions down your throat. The only complaint I have is that when I exit the game for a while, (Even if its only for about 10 minutes) a riot seems to be pretty much guaranteed to happen within the first5-10seconds upon startingthegame back up.
After playing for a few months I logged in and all my progress at cybertomb was erased. The cash balances at all of my prisons were off. I contacted support multiple times. They claimed to have manually restored my progress, but nothing was done. Every time I contacted them I was told it was fixed, never was. Total waste of time!!!
This is a huge "pay to play" game. What to make it better? Then in the second round, since it takes millions to really set up the place, raise the money I. You purple bag. A alien invasion in 36 hours and you want us to pay for that? NO! This would be a great game if you weren't trying to make more money than the game is worth! So I will Uninstaller, BYE!
Honestly I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this game, but I love it. I am totally addicted. You don't have to but you can watch ads for more cash and it is usually worth it. I have only been playing for a couple of days but I hardly put it down. When I do it is just to let money build up. It is worth the download. Thanks guys for a fun game.
Game is pretty great! It's a pretty fun management game with not too much emphasis put on in app purchases. The only couple things I've run into that cause issues is that every time I open my game, the prisoners are close to rioting. If I switch prisons and then come back, they're fine again. Also, even with the dining room fully upgraded, if you have a lot of prisoners come in at the same time, once the line gets so long the other prisoners entering just leave without getting food.
Good if you like pay to win events In response to the developers response every prison is the same and not much thought has been put in to this game. The event is just a money grab from yourselfs aimed at the big pay to win players with rubbish prizes can't progress any further as I have maxed out all the prisons.
For me i honestly loved the game, and i personally have paid about 22$ USD for it and it worth it BUT the worst thing about the game is that you need to spend about 3500 gem on ( alien invasion event) in order to compete.... Or forget it, and this eventhappens every week consistently, i don't mind the event but 3500 to compete on top 1000 players thats BULLSHIIIIIT I would put it back on 5 stars and recommand the game for my real life friends if only this thing been fixed
I absolutely love this game, especially the fact that I can watch ads in order to double my money earned in order to continue building in my prisons. But last night whenever I press the ad as it pops up, no videos play. It just disappears. I don't want to uninstall the game since I've spent a little money on it but if this isn't fixed I'll have to chalk it up to a loss and delete. Please reconcile this issue asap 🙏
From the name Tycoon I thought it would be a simulation or strategy game. However, you cannot create or design anything. There is only one way each prison can be build. You cannot simply hire more guards or build the showers somewhere else. It that sense it is more of a puzzle, in which you have to put all the pieces together in the correct formation. Also “idle game” here means, that your prison riots every single time you come back online. If you don’t want that to happen for 24 hours you have to buy an in-app purchase for 36 € ! Speaking of money: Whereas many games offer an ad-free version for 2 or 3 €, in Prison Empire it costs 10 €.
This game has literally the worst ads. When I'm playing a different game and there's a 30 second ad for this game that just says press to upgrade and when I press it it takes me to this page thats bull. It makes me never want to download and leads me here to do this. At least show some content or make an actual interactive game for an ad
Fun to play for a few days. Not much to do to make money except to wait and watch adds. My biggest complaint is if you leave the game alone for more than an hour a riot will start. So every morning you'll wake up to a riot and dead guards. I like the art style and it's pretty fun but it won't hold your interest for more then a few days.
Fun so far, a little slow on the action and need more things to do. We'll see how it goes continuing on to further levels. They updated so you can't watch enough ads to get the x2 bonus for an hour offline and only allowed to watch one ad per day to get x2 bonus for while offline. They are trying to 'encourage' you to spend actual money so you can progress in the game. I guess they weren't happy with just the advert money. So it makes it much more difficult. Will not be playing amymore.
It's a great game, and I enjoyed it immensely. The add free purchase really takes alot of the bad parts of free to play out, and Its a fun game to play without any further purchases, so mostly the purchases are for cosmetics or time saving. I'm excited for the next dlc, but I really wish they would give a reset options that lets me keep my purchases but start over
Currently it's going good....though will update if I hit a snag or issue. Currently giving three stars. Edit: Oh dear me no! I never said I didn't like it, I only said I'm witholding my opinion until I've cleared a few more levels (currently on second prison). Once I do, I'll list out all issues I've seen so far, and I hope this will help in developing this game further! For now, keep up the good work!
It is a fun game. Seems odd the inmates can riot and go to adseg then get released hours (in the game) later, just like real life! EDIT--- I would like to say I wish this game would update. Have not played it in over a month as I maxed out and nothing to do. It says new prison coming but not in over a month EDIT- no new levels in some time. Game has not been played in a few months. If no new levels (prisons) I will delete this application.
The game is good, and about the ad its only showing up when you need a boost for money. Which is so many people complaining about it, for me its okay. Because I know the devs need some income from the ad when they already do hardworking making this game
Its fun, and the most unique and diffuclt tycoon games I have ever played. There are new challenges, and macanics, It is by far one of my most favorite moble games. Now, there is 1 things that, dont ruin the game, but just annoy me a little. The first is that if you stop playing, your prison is almost geunteed to get a righit. You can stop this though by buying a manager with real money, and I know it sopports the game, but it just annoys me. Overal though, this is a fun game, and I recomend it.
Very good game but the a problem of this game is is the adds. So i was offline then i came back on it i saw that i had 91k then i pressed duplicate and i received a playable add. I waited 1 minute for an X but it didn't pop up, so then i decided to play the add which lead my into the playstore.. then I went back into the app and saw that there was now $971 so i thought to myself it probably just gave me the 91k but it didn't. Is it possible to get either the 91k or the 182k?
Entirely too ad driven. You're forced to watch ads if you want to progress at all. The actual $ you could spend in-game is also extremely inflated. The developers response? "Did you consider watching those ads which fit in your growth strategy? You are not forced to watch ads all the time, but at some moment it could help. That is why they are offered regularly". It has a SINGLE hour of offline support. Which, regardless of upgrades or progress you've made your prison goes to riot. Do not get
Good game in theory but needs more prisons with more goals. Charging such high prices for premium content you should provide a longer and enjoyable experience. Completing each prison in a week isn't satisfactory. Tempted to ask for a full refund seeing as 58 odd dollars in normal society means the game should be a longer and productive experience.
First impression, very nice for a beautiful idle genre game. Install it yesterday and I'm enjoying it. Not gonna complain about the ads as it helps you to progress faster and one way to help the developers. Keep updating the game so us players will not grow bored abou it. Surprise us with new contents! And if you have time I will give you a new idea for a new game... Pirates!
Very frustrating. Had massive potential to be good fun however me and my partner started at the same time. But she received a master key straight away and I have spent 400 gems trying to get mine and no luck. She has completed all tasks on the event already 80,000 reformed prisoners me however playing constantly i can't even get to the 10,000.Ruined the fun and are trying to make me pay real money which ain't happening... otherwise a good game if you want disappointment and unfair rewards.
The game itself is fun, but man... The prices are really high... To be honest you don't really need to pay anything but if you would like to speed uo some things it's gonna cost you...
A few bugs... I wish there were more control with tycoons like this. I wish you could actually adjust things like what the prisoners get to do, or how much employees get paid, rather than just upgrading everything until you're done. I also wish when they called you with a loan offer, that instead of ads, it was something a government official would say, like take this special prisoner for this much money, or pay it back with interest.
Fun Game but there are issues. You can have everything maxed and still all your prisoners will not get fed. Janitors are horrible walk past past a mess almost 70% of the time. PLUS reform of prisoners goal is high especially when I can max everything out and have to wait for 5000 more reformed prisoners. Been a week still waiting.
I lowered my review star rating. Game is good i like it and try to play it a lot.. Try that is. But when i click to get money or bonus the videos freeze the game or kicks you out. So makes it frustrating to even play anymore. I am about to delet this app!!!!
Love the game. But the thing that's bugging me is when you have full capacity and then when it's time to eat, some of them cannot eat because the line is "FULL" then they start rioting. This what happens when you have full prison capacity. Please fix this. This always leads to riot.
Fun game, lackluster service for AFK, always greeted by a riot after being away for a bit over an hour, it's like the entire staff goes on pause while you're afk, and you end up losing any profit you get, even when your prison is at the best state before leaving. Seems really iffy or possibly a bug. Hope it gets balanced out more, as it makes the game feel harder than it needs to be, or more attention demanding.
When I woke up this morning, I turned on the game to check my progress in the event. Unfortunately, everything was erased. I'm back down to 0 reformed prisoners. However, my gem count is still down where I used some before bed to finish building a cell in the second module. I am very disappointed to have wasted my time.
The game is fun, you can get money by watching ads if you don't want to make the purchase. Unfortunately there are a few problems that need to be fixed. The inmates just walk away hungry after seeing the queue in the dining hall, even though there is enough food. Then they get angry because of the hunger and caused a riot. There is also the notification that my prison stops working even though it's going fine. Pls fix these problems and i will give this game 5 stars.
The concept of the game is very good, but for some reason and out of nowhere, I was doing a special event, I was already very advanced, and it just restarted evrrything, my buildings, the money, even the restored prisioners were gone...I tried to restart the game, my cellphone, and I have no answer from contact service, it sucks because as I said, the game is very catchy....very dissapointing since I saw the rest of the reviews and I'm not the only one with this issue.
It's a addictive game and enjoy play but there is slight issues where if your not playing for a while and load its normally feed time but the kitchen delivers not enough food that cause riots. Other than this very good game we'll done developers. Just San add-on to my review completed every level to the max it's a shame as you progress the previous levels don't get the new prison features as that would keep the game going for longer, well worth paying to remove ads as well.
The ads almost never work when I accept funding! I need the virtual money rewards. Impossible to play without spending real money! It shouldn't display the ad button if none are available because you tried to get too many ads. My prisoners starve when offline! They riot even with max care! They know and only did a faq instead to FIX IT! You need 2700 gems to unlock everything in the alien invasion event, 50$, resets every week!!!??? Greedy! Your mere app isn't even worth 20$ for everything!
Great game. Has helped kill a lot of time. Only thing I would suggest is something more interactive in game play. There is a lot of idle waiting around. I seem to spend 5-10mins of game play. Log off. Then log back on an hour later just so I can use those profits. More ways of making small income with interactive play perhaps.
I've played for about 1 day or so. Built first prison and on the second. I've noticed the 2x earning timer goes really fast. Watched ads to get to 2 hrs. Then jumped to first prison as I knew a riot was coming. Went back 1 minute later and 10 minutes gone on the 2x earning timer. Yet the building timer goes forever. Been building the laundry for over 2 hrs and still have 20 minutes left. Managers to hire are too expensive for a game. You have to pay in excess of 20 bucks to manage.
So even though you have 12 prisoners and 25 ARMED guards you can still loose 17 guards during a riot. There is no option to shoot the prisoners. They will always riot no matter what. The game will not tell specifically what is wrong just generally. You cannot put upset prisoners in solitary manually. Your prison will go down hill after you log off. This game is one of the worst unless you pay to manage your stuff while away. Also the work station to make money causes more stress on the prisoner
Even if you have everything maxed in your prison when you relaunch the game prisoners will riot. I have had an amazing prison fully equipped and closed the game for 30 minutes. When I relaunch they riot. As long as I have it open they never do. This is a bug. Or intentional to keep you playing. No help from the developer. Just a copy and paste from there FAQ that does not address this problem. I want a refund.
To be honest, I believe you should download this game, great game in general and would definitely recommend. But, a big con of this game is that to get any advantages (e.g: cards, longer offline earning times, etc) you have to pay quite alot of money, like to remove ads it is around £10 and has some bugs, I know alot of people don't mind about the price or think its fine but I feel likes its alot of money and takes alot of time and dedication to do well at. Overall, good game though.
Its an alright game but you need to update and develop more prisons, I've been waiting for over a month for a new prison to be built and getting quite impatient. I brought the $60 pack to help with the games and I feel like I've wasted my money.
I do enjoy the game. My only complaint is with the special events. To progress through buildings you hit a pay wall. Some buildings are only unlockable through gems. I found this really off putting. People that actually play the game are disadvantaged compared to people who fork out money. I don't want to waste 1000 gems on a building that will be gone in 3 days.
It's a tycoon game, you buy upgrades to improve profits and keep it going. However, there are a lot of ads, all of them are optional, and they do give you perks like money boosts or skip the night, but overall, not too bad. Occasionally, it will freeze on me, or the ads wonts work, but if I restart the app then problem solved.
Been a pretty easy game to play. Still fun but needs more challenging tasks, more rooms for inmates. Maybe have a guard dog section that you train and use to catch inmates trying to escape.
Pretty good game over all once I'd realised that my guards needed better equipment rather than just having a prisoner run through them as they escape. Takes time to unlock new prisons but plenty for me to upgrade until then. I'd like something to do while I'm waiting to build up money as that can get boring. Maybe tap on a prisoner n watch a video to boost their mood and feel like I'm making the developers a few extra pennies?
If you're looking for a super buggy game look no further. This game will reset your progress with no remorse, even if you've purchased something. There is no reason to go back to old prisons once you're done with them. The only thing worth doing are the events and those are mostly pay to win. They need to work on designing this game for better cohesion between the levels.
It's fun but frustrating. Riots are unavoidable because you can't leave the game idol and the prisoners don't go where they are supposed to go. Glitch maybe? I feel the game is impossible to play with ads but it's expensive to buy (but I did). The money doesn't match the enjoyment. It would if some things actually worked properly. For the price it is to buy, you should be able to get more for your money. Edit; stopped playing after $11 and 2 weeks 😞
You earn no money, you literally have to watch ads to make any kind of money to get upgrades. Ill say it again YOU MAKE NO MONEY, YOU HAVE TO WATCH ADS. I have been on this game for nearly 2 hours and not one source of income besides the damn ads. NOPE, I'm just down right retarted and didnt think to watch the ads, you know the only thing that popped up for 2 freaking hours. The only reason I was able to play for 2 freaking hours. The only source of income!!
I was having alot of fun with this game but now it crashes after one minute of playing it. Been waiting a while for a fix and have cleared my phone of space a bunch of times. Ya it would be great if it worked properly.
The game is fairly good in itself, however every time I leave the game and come back the prisoners riot, even though all the stuff is fully done up, there's nothing I can do to stop it and they always win.. literally no chance to beat them and I have to buy all the cops again.
Would give 5 stars but even though they scatter when they put prisoners in, when they rehabilitate them they all leave at the same time. It seems like a purposeful thing. Everytime it happens I end up losing 2 or 3 k every prison hour. And since they only send prisoners ever 2 or 3 prison hours I have to off set my losses by watching a million ads. Also frustrated me that while watching ads work stops on whatever you are building.
It's pretty fun. The type of ads it uses makes it to where you have to watch them, gone are the days of clicking an ad to go do something and return when it's finished. The biggest issue is data. While on a road trip this was one of the 3 games I was playing, and the one I played the least on. The others may have used 100mb together for the 3 days. This game used 1.7gb in 3 days (yt didn't even use that much). I'm uninstalling it, something seems fishy with that much data use.
Meh... its an okay pass time if you are able to hover over your device for hours on end. Even after purchasing wardens with real money, the prisoners still riot if you do not stay in the game. Then you lose your guards and most likely your funding will go negative. So if you plan to be away for a while, like going to bed, be prepared to have a mess to clean up when you go back into the game. Having wardens should prevent stress levels from increasing while away. Otherwise, whats the point?
This is a great game. I love the way it offers good gameplay and it keeps you entertained for hours. I can have a busy day at work and come back to this game and keeps me sane all day and happy. The system is fair, just have to see some ads to get moolah but it's not that bad.
This is a great game let me say that first. But there is one little problem so far. Now dont let that deter you from playing ive spent some money on the game and am very pleased with it. The problem the game has that I've encountered is when you upgrade the cafeteria to the max and have all the chefs and kitchen maxed your still not feeding prisoners, thus you get riots and un happy prisoners while your away. I've made it to third prison and still can't wait to see more.
I love Codigames, they make most interesting idle apps. So why one star you will ask? Because they are greedy. Income boost is only 15 minutes for all of their games(or most), where the "standard" was 4 hours other competitors. They also are not making your typical "idle" games where you come back once a day to reap results of passive income. Passive income is almost nonexistent unless you pay money that will unlock this limited! feature. I usually delete their apps after few days of fun.
Very enjoyable, just the right amount of challenge to it so far I'm able to complet all the missions without being forced to spend real money (that's a REAL plus for any "free," game) I don't mind spending money on a game (which I regularly do) I just don't want to be forced to in order to advance, as I'm sure you'll all agree. In conclusion, fun game great graphics (just the right amount of blockiness to get your imagination going) no lag and very few ads that you don't click to get rewards.
Addicting game. Bought the ad free package and it improved the game considerably. It would be nice if they changed the wording from "bank loan" to "private grant" since I dont have to pay it back, and add an actual loan in the game to make it difficult.
I played like crazy the first day and got to open a second prison, then it was like starting over because all the accumulated cash was not transferred to the new prison. So it became very boring very quickly. Having to build and upgrade all the same things again and meanwhile the other prison is raking up money for nothing since there's nothing to upgrade there anymore. So I'm uninstalling
The game was going great, loved every second. Then came the aliens. When entering a name in for the whole event, it says there's a connection error, and to try again. I can't exit that menu, or do anything because it's asking for a name, that it won't accept because of a connection problem I don't have. Quite literally unplayable. I'll update this once the issue is fixed
I'm deleting l done waiting to play a game the developers can't seem to do an update that actually allows you to play once everything is upgraded there is nothing to do except wait and hope they come out with a new prison sometime in the next 6 months very boring shame because it does have potential if they just listened to people and add more prisons more frequently instead of adding 1 once or twice a year now I'm out the money I spent oh well won't install any of there games they all the same
So far I really like the app, when you first download it it's really difficult to get used to and it's going to be really confusing but once you get the hang of it it's actually quite simple. I will consider spending money on this game when I get paid. I recommend it I just hope that it's not like other games where you fully max out everything and then the only thing left to do is to login collect money and log out. This game has real potential. I really hope the developers put more time into it
I really like the game theme, graphics and the storyline most especially the goal for each event that made it most interesting and fun to play whole day, however as much as I wanted to give a full 5 stars rating, there's only thing that really bothers me the most- that is it frequently crashes while the game is on stand by. If there is possible bugs or glitches, please fix it as soon as you can. Thank you.
Good game... I have been playing for about a week. One suggestion I would have is once you have updated everything in one prison and there is nothing else you can do(but collect money). We should be able to use, at least a % of that money, on the next prison. Another option would be trading in the money for diamonds.
I love this game, I really do, it's fun, it's great. It shows you what prison is. I just want one thing from the creators and I hope to implant this into the game but. I wish we could transfer the money from our old prisons to our new prisons beacuse it's kinda hard to get money in the new prison, I had to work at least 5 or 4 months to complete the 2 jail of the game. And now on the 3 one. So Delevopers if you are reading this, please let us transfer money from old prisons to new prison please
I really enjoy this game. Prison sim games like this are a lot of fun. There are some game flow bugs that need addressing. First the cafeterias are flawed. The line gets too long (even fully upgraded) and the prisoners don't enter to eat. That makes them angry and unhealthy and riot. There is no way around this odd design flaw. Next, for some reason the idle algorithm makes your prisoners really upset. So when you leave and come back they are on the brink of rioting. Make it customizable!
Game is pieced together and very heavy on ads and micro transactions. I don't really think a lot of QA/QC went into this as at higher levels (such as Alcatraz), it is 100% impossible your prisoners all fed. Because of how the game coding work, its summons every prisoner to the dining hall all at once, but the dining hall has a maximum queue of 28 out of 54 so you might have space for it, and there's still meals available, but the coding will not allow those other 24 prisoners to come sit down.
new phone & game started working again. Love playn this game! I have a recommendation. Im at the point where I'm just waiting to get enough reformed prisoners to open the next prison. everything has been unlocked & upgraded. But im only playing the game about 20 seconds before im done. & I still have a couple more days of this to go. I need something to do with my "money". Aside from buying police. It's essentially useless. I'm on the 3rd prison waiting to unlock the 4th.
It's a good idle game on paper, but it's plagued by the pay to win mindset. You get 1 hr of idle rewards and you can pay between 3.50 to 22 USD for a single manager that can increase your idle time or income. I got no ads so I can claim x2 income at will. Even with that and fully upgraded prisons, I have yet to unlock the third location. It's a cash grab. It incorporates pay to win which, unless you spend a hefty amount, doesn't even let you win. Just a disappointment for p2w and f2p alike.
Ive been playing for 3 weeks now. The game is fun, but it's heavily axated on pay to win. In normal prisons, just the ad skip gives a huuuge boost to managing it. In events, if u dont pay you can't get not even top 1000 players. Even with adremove + 50%exta cash + 2 hr afk time, you still get 3000 rank. Whilst i have 100 prisoniers transformed in military event, top 10 have 13.000+(top1 has 28k) and the 100th place has 1500. Im better off apending AAA price on a pc game rather rhan this.
Fun! It's fun and passes time when you have it, I just hate you have to buy big packages to get the good stuff... But you can manage if you track things right