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Prison Break: Alcatraz Escape

Prison Break: Alcatraz Escape for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Amphibious Games located at Estonia Tallinn . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was a fun game. Not overloaded with ads. Needed a couple hints but not to hard. But..... What does going through 9 cells and breaking out through a wall make sense.you walk into an unlocked cell only to get locked in and find a way out. Ok no sense but fun game the same.
It was way to easy if you can't beat this in 20 to 25 mins your slow I beat all 9 jail cells and beat the game in 20 mins ha
Liked it but would be nice if more levels and a ending saying youve escaped rather than just taking you back to start of last level.
Pretty sick game , just good and addicting as the first one. I strongly suggest to try the Prison Break: Lockdown as well.
It's ok to try out, easy to beat but I absolutely hated the end when you get out. It doesn't say you escaped or won or anything. It just takes you back to original start screen.
Amphibious game designers are true artists!!! The detail is phenomenal! From seeing every thread in blankets, defined wood grain, nooks in every brick and also the small dollar bills!!! This game was great to play on an afternoon. Though it was not very long to play, the graphics were a wonder to watch!! There was also a game save button. Unbelievable!! Love your work!! The only two things I wish you had was short games and you could create less redundent clues. FABULOUS!!
I love this game just as well as prison break. Please do not stop now more levels and games please. Maybe this time the prisoner escapes but have to get out of the prison yard. Or escape the police car. Please something new soon.
Great game, but it just ends on level 9. Did I escape? Not even an escape scene at the end. Kind of a let down.
This game took me 1 hour to beat its way too easy and the game itself is far too short 9 levels long i mean come on. The puzzles were obvious the rooms were easy . Believe me, save yourself the pain of going through this, because i have done it for you and it hurt trust me.
I like the game but I just hope they would indicate that u would have to buy the rest of the stages. The free version ended up short and kinda annoying.u dont realize ure done and need to purchase.
And calling people slow comment below mine cause it only took you 20 minutes my nephew beat it in 10 and he's 6 lmao. So think about that.
I had just struck in the 5th level I had just broke the bottle and take the paper out and then I don't know wat to do. Plz reply me as soon as possible
I beat it in an hour, fun game so you get 5 stars... but.... Uh is that it? Anticlimactic ending if so. Bummer.
مرحله ۶مدادوبرمیداری رومیز با قاشق میزنی روورق شکل میاره بعد رو روزنامه شکل هست روجعبه به ترتیب شکل ها رو نوشته تعداد شکلا روزنامه رو مینویسی زنجیر بهت میگه زنجیره به بقیه زنجیرا وصل میکنی بعدش رو اون پوستره نوشته زنجیره چجوری باشه . دیگه بقیشو خودت برو . بازی عالییه نصبش کن
This is the best escape game developer I have played. Love how challenging some of the cells are which frustrates me but I know I will always find the way out lol..
Not bad at all didn't take too long to clear the 9 levels, i really like the games by these developers
The game is too short. It was quite enjoyable even though much of the next steps were predictable. Graphics were great, but it is just a click puzzle game. Finished the game which has only 9 stages, now it has no replay value, so I'm uninstalling.
The other mode is rupees and this is free so this I like this and thia is a mind game so this is nice
I love this kind of game, not too hard, not too easy...just right for spending a quiet afternoon. The music made me wanna dance, soothing and not annoying (for me). The only problem was it was too short and don't have any closure/ending. What happen after that? Isn't Alcatraz was on an island or something? I'm not American, all I know is that movie with Nicholas Cage in it. If the developers make a sequel, I will definitely download it.
Pathetic joke. Do not waste your time downloading this garbage. Solved levels 1 and 2 in 10 minutes, level 3 doesn't work at all. Done wasting my time and will be uninstalling this junk as soon as I finish this warning to others.
One of the best in all prison break games but only 9 cells not good it could be atleast 50 oor 100 overall best one
All in all a decent escape game for free. The graphics, controls, and music are decent but the game play is very short with only 9 levels? The whole game can easily be completed in less then 2 hrs which is kind of a disappointment. Oh, and also level 5 is very buggy!! I had no issues til I reached the 5th cell, but now im having nothing but problems, and i cant beat the level because of them!! The first issue was with the dominoes even though I was placing them in the same order as the piece of paper I found in the glass bottle that I smashed open the box just would not open (I got so frustrated I even went on YouTube and looked at a how to video of the level just to make sure I was doing it correctly, AND I WAS!!) So, I closed the app and re-opened it to see if that would help, but it didnt... instead now I'm putting the number that is written on the wall (the lines 6284) into the box that has the dominoes inside of it, and now that box won't open either!! Like seriously, what gives? I can't move forward with either of these issues occuring, so please fix them, or I'll have no choice but to uninstall!
awesome game me and my frnds r living in bording so we uslly get bore but beacause of your game we have enjoyed a lot and it makes our selves ginius and improves our IQ level by playing this game we have just use our mind to the onother levels thanks a lot and please add more levels please and thanks again
Decent game. It was a little short, and I wish you didn't have to go back to the main screen between every single room instead of just taking you to the next room/level automatically. But the puzzles were pretty good, and I actually enjoyed the background music which is kind of odd because I usually mute all the games I play.
I just reached level 9 and it ended. So was that it all? Anyway, the game was ok but the graphics could be much better than this.
Nice game but No hints in this game and wich person play this game first Time he don't know what we doin this game j also face this problem
excellent game but tad a bit on the short side. could do with more cells to escape from. good game though.
Very good game but it's very short. Apart from this it's excellent, the graphics the trickery involved in it. Its just f***ing excellent,5 star rating well done.
Boring! There is way too much clutter in each room that is not used. The only way to find out what is used and what isn't is to click on ever object that you can see. This makes it a random clicking game because your not thinking of solving the puzzles and instead just blindly clicking around. Combine this with the fact that each level requires you to do the same crazy shitb like cut the pillow to get a safety pin so that you can open a suitcase that contains a rag with which it can wipe some other object just doesn't make sense to me.