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Primrose Lake: Twists of Fate

Primrose Lake: Twists of Fate for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by iWin located at 180 Sansome Street 4th floor, San Francisco, CA 94104. The game is suitable for Teen (Violent References, Use of Alcohol, Language) and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I have completed all the levels that are available and every single one of them can be beat without spending money. The only lvl I haven't 100% completed is lvl 22 and I had to beat the 1st part using a power up that I purchased with the gems they give you for free. Love the game, and thank you to the developers. πŸ˜€
My countdown clock for receiving lives starts at 20, counts down to zero, and repeats over and over again without giving me any hearts (lives) so it has become unplayable. If the bug isn't fixed- I guess I'll have to delete it. I liked the first Primrose Lake so much better from Gamehouse, it was much smoother, less glitches, and there was no long wait times for levels to be added. You could pay for the game straight out, instead of being charged to buy things to get you to pass the hard levels
At level 58. Finish the level and it just stops processing. The characters stand and flip their hair and it doesn't go out to the menu and give credit for finishing the level.
Damn near impossible to move on from certain levels even with the upgrades and power ups. I loved the first primrose park, but this just doesn't even come close.
I really wanted to like this sequel but it's lackluster at best. For one, the gameplay is dull. The first one was quick and a bit challenging like the OG Emily games and that was fun! These levels are bland, even in the cafe. I also hate the episodic angle they're going for where not all of the levels are released at once. Plus, a refresher on the events of the 1st game would've been nice.
like the game, love that this is another primrose lake as the first one was one of my favorites. however I hate that game play is so different. liked the version by gamehouse better.
Was working and thoroughly enjoying, till app decided to not open with an error message Update: Game is now working great. Waiting for next update!
They've Completely changed the entire game the story is the same, so are the characters but now you have 5 hearts like in a match 3 type of game, I didn't mind watching ads to open a new level, so why change it? and then there's the episode's? They've split up the game into episodes and once you've completed one episode you have to download the next one to continue the story 2 stars because I love the story but downloading each episode is insane and an of put. Sort it or lose fans. That is all.
I recently started playing this game on my android (loved the first one for PC!) and all went well until the 2nd star level of Episode 14. The character just stops moving after gathering the goods for the first customer. Once he gives the items to one of the customers at the counter, he JUST WON'T MOVE! I have uninstalled and reinstalled, cleared cache and data...nothing is working to get this level done. Please help! UPDATE: I found that when I stopped saving to the cloud I had no more issues with this.
I was playing the game which is sometimes ridiculously difficult unless you spend lots of gems. The problem now is my hearts are not getting filled. Each time i login the timer counts down from 20... So I'm stuck... After all these levels. Sometimes the notification shows that I have a heart when I get in again it counts down from 20 and there is no heart. Ultimately I'm unable to play and if it's not set right I have to uninstall...
Episode 6 has been added and it is truly ridiculous! If you think Episode 5 was hard to get past 6 is impossible unless you use several boosters for 1 levelπŸ‘Ž! I don't mind spending money on games that are worth it but this Episode was made to be so hard to line the locker's of Gamehouse! Don't waste your time to download it unless you are rich! I can't believe we were made to wait for this rip off. Truly sad that we the consumers are thought about in the least wayπŸŽƒ, Trick or Treat(Trick)
Really enjoyed this game until,its stuck no lives,and counts down from 20 minutes then just repeats back to 20 minutes with no lives added,please can you look into this,thanks.
This game is abit hard and does not explain how to do the tasks and the person I am on the game is really slow and I don't understand it but having a learning disability I'm doing fine and enjoying it very much but that is the only problem. I'm having
casual simulation game at its best. i absolutely loved playing. you dont need to spend money, or gems even, just relax and enjoy. when will the next chapter start?
Im on level three and im winning, but the game is not moving to the next level. The boat shop owner just sits there when the timer runs out. Very disappointed. I ended up deleting the game from my apps. Keeps glitching and not moving forward. I guess you get what you pay for.
Was really enjoying this game, but suddenly lives aren't refilling. Have been at zero for over 24 hours.
The game is really good and I'm progressing ok. Problem is I'm on level 27 and when I finish a level it doesn't add up the points and proceed to the next level. This is a bug...please fix this!
Wow, so disappointing. You should have stayed with gamehouse. I loved the first one, but this is not good. The gameplay is really slow and boring; there isn't a challenge at all, and yet still you can't beat it.
Waiting for lives to refill and their not. Everytime I check it says 0 hearts and the timer just keeps restarting without giving hearts.
I started the game yesterday , played some time. Today when trying to return it won't open the game. First logo, second logo, black screen and it kicks me out. Restarting the tablet doesn't help as well πŸ˜•.
I really really love love this game! But it gets harder later in the game. To the point where you have to purchase diamonds more than once. I'd rather pay for the full game and be able to play it to the end. But I don't think I'll be able to get to play it till the end because I'm not going to purchase diamonds over and over.
Game has potential, but until a certain level it becomes impossible to win without exhausting all your power-ups or spending on gems.
I keep getting a black screen while playing. It happens randomly what is going on? I paid for the game and unfortunately I keep getting a black screen. Why is it so difficult to get 3 stars? Also, why do I have to pay for diamonds when I have already purchased the game in full. Why are there in app purchases? I don't get it. I'm not happy and I'm very stressed playing your last two latest games. I am Uninstalling, If I could get a refund I would. Not happy at all.
Lovely game, but ever since the latest chapter 6 update, the levels won't end. You'd finish with all the requirements, the customers would be gone, but the shop would just be open. Can you fix it?
I enjoy this game.... The time management serving the customers and the storyline its good to play the second part.
Episode 4 level 25 there is an element to take behind the french fries. Unable to catch no matter how I try. Game blocked. => the element is not above french fries but sausages. Game unlocked.
Love this game but unfortunately their is an issue with new levels. Once level is completed the shop won't close to move onto next level
Ruined with In-App purchases! Allow users to purchase the full game without in-app purchases. The first game did not have these & was more fun.
I love this game at first, but they're ridiculously slow in releasing new episode. I mean, if you're only gave update of episode 6, why tease us with option until episode 12?? I'm trying to get achievement (beat levels daily), but there's not enough level available for it.
The problem was solved. It was a slight glitch. And now I've got so addicted that I'm desparately waiting for the next episode.
didn't enjoy this version as much as the 1st one. can't open episode 3, level 15. episode 2 level 14 showing completed but level 15 states 'locked. you haven't made it this far'. about to uninstall if can't play.
LEVEL 35!!!!!!!!! I finished level 35 and for some reason it is just stuck. The two characters are just there staring at you and nothing is happening. It want let me collect my coins and move to the next stage. I don't want to uninstall because I like the game but why keep it if it want let me move on to the next stage and or level.
The levels are impossible to beat. They make you buy diamonds to beat each level. The mini games are a joke, I stayed on one for 2 days until I figured it out. I even used speed shoes to beat a level and I still couldn't, and trust me, I am good at these games. UNINSTALLING !!!!
I am very much enjoying this game after mastering it's predecessor. However, in between every single level the delay is absurd and frequently freezes, causing a requirement to restart the app. This level of disruption in game play is aggravating enough that I'm seriously considering ununstalling. Primrose Lake is very resource heavy, ditto for this one, and much worse. Please fix this ASAP. I'll gladly change my rating if I see a fix. Don't respond with links...please fix it.
I opened up my game to realise that my hearts were stuck at 0 and 20minutes! Everytime I closed a window (the episode page, the diamond purchases), the timer reset back to 19:59! I am not going to waste my cash on buying lives when I am supposed to get them for free after waiting!
I love that we can focus on 1 or 2 goals at a time, so that it's not confusing. The early levels are playable without diamonds or boosters. The later levels are quite difficult to be completed in one try, but it's possible to be played without boosters. Players just need to upgrade the equipment and choose the right strategy to win the levels. The storyline however just goes around and around in the same place, not much development even after completing all the levels.
I'm trying to reconnect to cloud save, but its saying on Facebook that the app is not setup and is in developer mode, and to switch to a registered test user mode or ask an app admin for permission πŸ€”
glad i found this game. it cant get me bored.! hope there would be more exciting features on this game.. really enjoyed it..
Please help. Lives have glitched. Every time I go into game the lives reset to zero and count down timer to new life restarts. Really don't want to reset and restart