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Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution

Primitive Brothers : Endless Evolution for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Gamecafe located at 133 New Bridge Road, #08-03 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Moderate Violence, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Okay what I want to see more is: ‐fishing to have a low chance where you find treasure with 1 to 5 brother stone/totems.Can even put fishing talents. ‐slot machine should have ticket winning for pvp/challenge tickets ‐roulette should have jackpot like 15‐20 stones. ‐guild to have hunting as pack 5-10 caveman boss that is every 24 hours like the rune dungeon getting harder after each raid. ‐filter to not see white names in chat. *If some of this things get changed definitely 5 stars from me😀
lots of fun, and the community overall is very nice. I'd really like to see "guilds" in this game.. guild bosses you take on with your friends! I think it'd be an amazing add on to the experience! other then that, game is generous when you watch the ads, and gives you surprise gifts daily. great experience so far. keep up the good work guys!
Its a very good game i played it for 2 hours already you should really get this game its awesome you get armor by opening chest and you also get turrets the graphics are good but when i try to get more diamonds by watching a ad it crashes my game
To a point its fun, but the profit for battles seems unbalanced to the point if you want to advance you have to spend gems, fair enough the game provides you with enough gems you can earn to advance, but the upgrade system isn't great you have to unlock dozen upon dozens of chest levels to reach the level your at, its a real grind game, it's to busy there's so far to many extras like dancing and fishing aren't worth while to do for the very small reward. Upgrades are to much money
I've been playing for a few months, and I have reached a point where everyday its the same thing over and over again, its just really grindy. It isnt fun anymore, and there is nothing new to do because of how high I have to go in the levels. The only thing that has been keeping me going in this game is the pvp mode, hoping to get higher up on the leaderboards. I think im going to take a long break from this game and return when they do another update that actually makes the game fun again.-Bruce
The game has great potential. However, the game really needs some optimizations: the loading time is really long which kind of ruins the experience (both at login and when changing scenes ingame). Also, the game does not work on Bluestacks for whatever reason. If both of these issues were to be fixed/optimized, I would definitely switch it to 5 stars.
This game, as many others, gives you the option to watch ads for in game rewards which is fine as long as its telling you you'll watch an ad and what you'll get. But there's also times where it gives you forced 30 second ads with no skip option which is an absolute nuisance and money grab. Was enjoying it too until these became too frequent. Moving on.
Don't get me wrong the game is good but what's preventing me from giving it 5 stars is that everytime I do a ad to get either a wig or mask the game crashed every single time.
It is one of the best games when it comes to leveling up it is one game that makes you lvl 1 to lvl 100+ real quick. It is one of the best games in playstore :D.
Intresting take on the tap tap games market... Fun game with lots to do and see I can't stop playing can you beat all the monsters from stone age to the modan day.....? 4.5 Fun game that keeps you coming back for more.
It is very fun but there's like an endless loop sometimes and that makes it easy but it just when you're done with the game salt easily you will not have nothing to do I'm for real I did it once
Not really an idle game. You have to pay to make it click for you otherwise you're tapping all the time. Also, it's very repetitive. The only good thing about the game is that they provide plenty of in game currency. But for the most part I wouldn't reccomend.
Game crashes on Galaxy note s10 plus I can't get any farther than the language selection screen please fix.
It is an interesting game the cartoon like Graphics are pretty ridiculous looking but it's a fun game so far I have not encountered any problems. You really don't need money to win the game good job keep it up
Fun idle game. You definitely need to spend to have fun progressing, but they have a wide range of available micro transactions for all ranges of spenders.
In general its a good time waster. I am experiencing a flaw, or mechanic that I don't understand. My energy seems to burn out really quickly in boss fights and my character sits down. It says to upgrade the girlfriend, but she is the same level as the character. You can gain a little time via totems. But it seems far too short entirely. Anyone know how to fix this?
Worth the play. Good time killer Edit: new update has random ads. Most are unskippable and open the play store on their own causing the game to need to be reloaded. Almost makes me want to uninstall. Changed from 4 to 2 stars. Edit: ads even more frequent, open play store nearly every time and have to reload game.
Not that bad of a game, people are complaining about ads, but yet I haven't gotten one in about a week. The ONLY issue I have with this, is it forces you to delete your autoclicker if you have one, that's litterally it, the mechanics are fine its just that, and I get it, but come on, really???
We have to click like hell this game is good but we cannot use auto clicker😭 we have to click like hell
Very fun, reminds me of the Princess in one punch man, doesn't take itself too seriously most of the time, but its serious when it matters XD I dont know what, but it feels like there's something missing to it. Will update when I work out what it is
So this game is not that hard but it is fun the first day I got to the t rex and the only thing ring it is kinda too easy but hardly any adds and you can watch a add for like a 3 minute higher damage this is why I give it a 5 star
Game won't start because it detected a clicker. It was way out of line to search my device at all, and then you had the gall to say I can't play the game? Bye.
Was enjoying it so much that i spent money on it. Now it just crashes at startup and wont open at all... im giving the devs 48 hours to fix the game or i will charge back my transactions.
Too many forced ads. I don't mind watching ads voluntarily, but game shows you ads all of a sudden (not triggered by anything), then the ad takes you to playstore. If you have a slow phone like I do, you know that it will shut down the game. The game also asks for too many permission (like microphone access), it also checks other apps installed in your device.
I'm not gonna lie, this game is looking good. The diamonds boost at the start is huge, I really can't see myself getting stuck any time soon which means no need to make in-app purchases. It's definitely a time consuming monster. Progressing in the game is a bit overwhelming with a lot of features being unlocked, so there are a lot of checks to do on a daily basis. I would just recommend advancing with stages(bosses) and research and only worry about other stuff when you get stuck or bored. Enjoy
I liked it up to a point where I am forced to watch ads on this game. I don't mind the optional ads we can click on to get rewards, but forcing ads on us without rewards is a recipe for disaster. I don't appreciate that nor will I tolerate it. Either get that fixed or until time you get this fixed I'm not playing it. Clicker Heroes does a better job than you can with no forced ads only optional ads. I don't get what the fascination is with forced ads...
Pretty fun game, what makes this game stand out above others is the developers. While you can choose to watch ads and give yourself a boost this developer had chosen not to shove those annoying ads down your throat every 15 to 20 secs. The choice is entirely yours, Yes you can buy stuff if you want and show your support for the game or you can choose to play for free and not be forced to sit through ads. A developer like this is rare and honestly a true gem.
i cant play it sense i have a auto clicker i only use my auto clicker for roblox and other games besides this. i broke my finger while playing this game no lie its really broken i cant move it for like another year i will never play this again
it's a really enjoyable idle/clicker game. i've been playing for the past hour or so constantly and will be playing for longer. if you see me on the game, feel free to say high. my screenname is Consario
Fun as an endless upgrade game. Very much p2w which is fine. I paid to remove ads and that alone helps with progress so much. I would advise having a little bit of time when you first sit down to play this. And if you enjoy it remove ads and grow.
This is a fantastic idle game that rewards you just for playing. Unlike other idle games, you can just keep progressing at your own pace without being stonewalled. My biggest problem with the game involves the upgrading of accessories. They, unlike the other items, have a chance to fail during the upgrade and consume the stuff without getting anything. The rest of the game is great, but this one thing does kinda hamper the experience overall, especially when you're just trying to get everything.
I think this is my new favorite game. The only downside. The longer I play it. The battery life on my phone. Burns down. 😂 😂 😂 😂 Just shows u how good. This game is. Addictive awesome work!! 👍🏽 👍🏽 👍🏽
It's good game fun and having good concept. The game gives you good amount of resources so you can get powerful which very few games do. This game cares about the people who playes it. It deserves 5 star
Earning the special in-game currency is easy. It's a good have to pay for a few hours at a time or for when you just have a couple of minutes.
Game is pretty fun but the failure rate of upgrades is absolutely ridiculous and makes me personally not want to waste anymore real world money on this game.
The thing that made me rate this 5 stars is because of the art Quality and the gameplay. For some reason it Glitched when I held Level Up . But it's still working currently.I just wanted to say that because it needs to be fixed.
I really like this game the aspect is so simple but yet so fun I haven't reached the max civilization yet but can you plz pls add more civilizations this game is so fun.
Was fun until the update, just yesterday made it unplayable, i try to open in it for it just to close on me. (S21 ultra)
The games progression is so inconsistent that I lost interest. You play for a bit, hit a wall where you aren't progressing at all, and then suddenly you go through levels ridiculously quick, only to suddenly hit a wall again. It was inconsistent and not very enjoyable.
The instant an idle game requests microphone control I'm out. As the game progresses it begins to feel more like malware you get tricked into agreeing to, 'download these additional files from our servers bypassing Google's security checks', 'enable your mic so we can check for bad breath' totally not because we want to always listen to and record you for marketing or whatever. If that's not what the dev's intended, maybe they need to think of how it looks to a careful user.
This game is great i don't normally rate game, but this one I want to let everyone who haven't try it out to download it. The game is great no random ads that will annoy you while gaming. I downloaded the game today and I'm pretty i used more than 7 hours on it already.
I wasn't expecting the game to be so fun. It's got a basic upgrade gear, get stronger playstyle but also a lot of humour and a lot of it is down to luck. It has overall a helpful community who can guide you to the best way to get stronger. Some of the chat is slightly toxic but better than an extreme heavy handed moderated system. I have spent some money as I don't like ads but you don't need to spend a lot.
I thought "oh boy another game that makes me buy gems to have a good time" but that isn't the case! The way the game is designed you get lots of gems just by playing. Level a character? Gems. Kill a bad guy? Gems. Collect gems? GEMS. Plus they send you daily gifts for free, no ads to get them. They send you gifts for the weekend ad free. In fact, you could beat this whole game ad free. No forced ads. I like their style. Thank you. I'm having fun with your game.
Five stars for sure it is amazing it is hard to get to a new level like no adds in it which is the best you can unlock a lot of stuff I would say to install this amazing app
Could be so much better it is already a fun game but BIGGEST issue is the upgrade they are impossibly hard u have to use a ridiculous amount of resources just for a chance to get anything thousands of hammers and eggs and meat i used 157 totems at 1 time and didn't get a single point change the upgrades system so once u get a certain amount u could trade them in for points ithas been weeks since I've gotten a upgrade just a whole lot of failed attempts
Fun game, fairly addictive but lost all my progress randomly overnight. Because i cant backup i will not retry the progress if you fix this let me know
The game is very enjoyable the first 11 days but then it gets boring because all it is is tapping maybe if you run into random encounters like a boy lost or something and you get stone coins if you do it and you can't really upgrade you're comrades appearance they just stay in their starting rags also at some level you should get a pet that you can evolve and maybe even start your own town or something like that also you should make the game less tapping and more exciting
No adds so far, fun content, you won't run out of stuff to do quickly, and they aren't pushy about supporting anything.
One of my favorite idle games. Doesnt break the bank if you want to spend and if you dont you can still progress fastly if you know what youre doing. Guilds should definitely be in the game in some form. Maybe call them bro-thels. Reason why i only put 4 stars is because the enhancements success rate values are not trye to what they say. Anyway its a good one
This game is not working every time I open the game it closes :( please fix it then I will rate 5 stars
Good game, bit the hit box to close the ads is so small and if you miss it or it registers wrong, you can't back up like in other games. You get the black screen and you gotta reset the app. Wait 1 minute and watch the ad again to get the same reward. Not bad, but they need to lower the price on the ad free version and I'll buy it. Half price and I'll buy it. Inb4Imaskedtogotoanotherforumtosaythesamecomment
Love the game, but it would be perfect if there is additional upgrade buttons (x2 / x5 / x10 / x100 / max) like any other idle/click games. To be more details, if we change multiply button on Brother's upgrade it'll applied to multiply button's turret and all. Will be easier playing,ust my opinion. Anyway 5 stars.Thanks
Played this 2 month# aho, was perfect, nothing wrong, installed it again, it won't even open, every time i open, it closes it all together
Honestly the most chill laid back game. The graphics and the whole look of the game is oddly awesome.
Fun clicker with pvp, you don't have to spend money to be high ranking, plenty of gems given out daily
This game is pretty good but it seems still new so here are some suggestions: 1.The heads in game should change your characters skin color as well 2. You should be able to customize your other brothers 3. I should be able to fight bosses in town 4. There should be a friending system Those are all of them for now. Once guilds are added I'll change this to a 5 star
So far been playing about 30 min. Bought the 8 dollar pass. So worth it. Having to tap non stop is annoying, the pass clicks for you (rather quickly too) and this game will not let you run it if you have an auto clicker installed on your device.
Super slow unless you pay to win, but its expected for a mobile app. Not bad, but you quickly run out of things to do.
Nice graphics and some funny sound but you hear them enough and just a little much but background music nice. The game is good for free to play but some of the purchases are not a bad price for a game to be no adds if you like it but pleasant game nice combat and there's tons of options for how to build character. But wish the would player had choice of after you get higher or say you liked a skin for the main, turret, hut you could pick but not effect power.
Sometimes feels like a slow burner but other games often get boring slowly so I guess this prevents that. Pretty good time killer so far
This is a good game. Just be ready to spend money on needed purchases ad free, clicker and 2nd totem. Despite the rating I do enjoy the game it just needs some quality improvements to the accessory upgrades and totems. The fail rate for accessories is 33% but when you need a t37 accessory and collect t26 it depends way to much on rng. I'm in the top 1k of players and have been stuck for over 2 weeks trying for an upgrade with no progress due to the failures. Rating will improve with fixes.
Good game, I hate afk,idle games but this one has a few nice touches Edit: devs, please jump on onday soon, you need to see how toxic chat is.. seriously you need to do something!
Low level the game is great. Once you hit the higher stages the odds of upgrading anything are really low, even when the odds appear to be in your favour, its more like their favor. Its very frustrating as you spend thousands of gems for nothing to upgrade, and even more so when you brake accessories 6 times in a row when you have a 65% success rate.
It's a very entertaining game and the satisfaction of getting a new civilization feels but anyway if your looking for a good game that doesn't get boring you could probably play this for months it's just a generaly fun game.
I like this game but when you reach a certain level on you're character then it gets intense so it's not really a relaxing game
very good game but the bosses are really hard i never get adds or bugs this game never glitches I hope this helped you 👍
The game is good but you have to pay weekly if u don't want to watch a 100 ads a day. when u get to a certain level with totems its impossible to keep upgrading them as you have 5% chance rate
Slightly different than other apps of this type. Takes a little longer to unlock areas. I paid to remove ads and much more pleased.
Way better than what I was expecting from the still images. Intruiging game all and all. Paying to remove the adds is almost necessary but overall, good game play and fun art style.
Very fun and entertaining game. Light and easy to play and get used to + well made beginners guide which nicely brings you to know the game even faster. Lots of stuff, very f2p friendly, plenty in game currency given for free. You can watch Ads for even more. Ads are entirely on your choice - no face slapping ads which is the best part. You can 100% play without watching single Ad. There is only one thing that I don't like and that is that sometimes when I run an Ad the Ad itself freezes so you have to re run the game. If that gets fixed honestly one of the best games in the Play Store. Worth the time, effort and even the money if you want to spend some.
you really need to make it so that you lose all your progress when you uninstall the game because I still had data from 2019
I will not have some mobile game dictate my possession of an auto-clicker. If playing your game requires that I delete my auto-clicker, then I guess I'm not playing your game.
New update cause game to crash instantly i have tried to uninstall and reinstall it didnt work got in contact with the devs very unhelpful
This game is super addicting. Upgrading equipment and level up is streamlined and there are a lot of quality of life unlocks as you progress. It is seemingly endless progression and there is always something to upgrade. The art is great as well and every level has different enemies. The ads aren't bad and don't just pop up, you'll only watch ads when you choose to. I think his game may be worth the ad removal in the long run though.
Played this for a few nights now really enjoying it helps me relax to go sleep. Easy to pick up and put down starts slow but there is alot more to this game as you progress. My favorite feature witch is rare is there is a small chat box down the bottom left for global chat with other players if your an unsociable git like me there is a tick to turn it of not alot of games have that feature.
It's OK. The graphics are quite fun looking and I feel like the devs want to make a fun game. The English translation seems a bit wonky from time to time, but the game plays surprisingly well and cosmetics are a great way to sell stuff. That's also why I don't understand the forced ads. I don't mind watching a few for boosts, but I always close the game when a forced ad pops up. Also can you get rid of the red dot when you can level up bro? It's useful for items, but not so for levels
Genuinely a great game. I want to sit down and play for hours. I can, and I can still exit and come back to my exact home screen. Very neato art design, and even cooler story. Not a pay to play. For that I wish every designer on this job the best sex for the rest of their lives
Good gameplay, everything is easy to find and access. Overall great game to play on your down time🤙 maybe a bit too repetitive for some but distracts the mind from a stressful day.
Game automatically closes because I have an autoclicker on my phone, which I use for other things. Absolute joke that this game can decide not to run because of an other app I have, without even having asked permission to scan my phone. Would've given 0 stars if I could
This game has funny messages, cool graphics and so many things to do, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a 5 star game at all, so go download and join the fun!! >:3
Succes rates are FAKE. It says you have a 66.7% succes rate but after 5000 upgrades I've only managed to succeed 430. The rest were all fails. Absolutely ridiculous. Devs are nothing more than liars.
it's a great game truly amazing is f2p and good concepts, but it has a major bug from the the day before editing this on the 23rd mar 2021, where if you close the game for any reason to play it I have to uninstall and re install, is game breaking and needs fixed to be back to 5 stars.
Unable to play (detects auto clicker, when i go to the folder is says for me to go to. It doesnt exist)
I like the game so much to levels are not so hard I pass all of them the upgrades are good but the graphics are not so good but I rate it 5 stars
Easily one of the most unique afk games in the market. No forced ads for starters, which this day and age is hard to come by. Progress at your own pace no need to purchase stuff but you can to support and help yourself as well
Accessory upgrade system is beyond terrible. At the start of the game, waiting 6-8 hours for a failed ring upgrade added some level of excitement to getting a successful upgrade. However, having to wait 4 days, after the 4th upgrade fails causes stagnant and repetitive game play. Could release an update that improves the integrity of the game, rather than trying to gouge more money out of your player base. Edit: little content past 3000, game forces you to leave it open to collect full rewards.
Will not launch because I have an auto clicker installed. The apps I have installed on my phone are absolutely none of your gd business. Unless I'm actively using it in your game it isn't your concern. This is an incredibly problematic practice. I won't accept it and anyone else with half a brain won't either. Get bent
Ive only played 30 minutes but i really like the game. My only bad experience is the game crashes when i try to watch ads for bonuses. a bit frustrating
I find it to be a fun game but recently i have been experiencing a glitch where i can no longer log onto the app it just shows me the game cafe logo and shuts down