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Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Prey Day: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pragmatix located at room 2, suite 22-H, 14 A, Sotsialisticheskaya st., St. Petersburg, Russia, 191119 . The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
So far it seems like you can play and get ahead without the pay to play being a requirement. I've played several games similar to this and so far this one seems to have the fewest issues. Five stars.
Only thing i ask for is that when you start over you restart at the hospital and also when you go to your base it has a few resources and a stone axe if you don't mind adding that. I think it would be helpful for a new player. And a useful thing for veteran players who restart. Im nont going to be mad if you refuse to add what I said. But i hope you consider my ideas.
I have a major problem. Apparently after the update I can't access my car to build it. I have spoken to my clan members who haven't build car yet and also they have a same problem. Pls fix it coz we can't get mutagen or go to other places where car is needed. Ty
Take caution when playing this game especially if u decide to spend money on it. I was a subscriber who has spent a lot of money and lost my level 35 progress. For some reason this game doesn't save your progress with google and I was placed back at level one even though I'm linked properly. The developers do not return emails or help you in anyway when reaching out to them. So disappointed...watch I bet you won't even see them reply to this to help me out. SMDH
Game would be amazingly fun if my weapons and armor didn't destroy after going to ONE area only. It absolutely ruins the game experience. Alongside that, you are hounded by ads after each raid trying to get you to put money into the game. Increase the durability of items by atleast a 100% and reduce your ads. It really grinds me how DEV's can create such a nice looking and smooth game. To then ruin it by destroying the experience. Also, don't reply with your copy and paste, fix the game!!!
So far this is a fantastic game. I've played many of these and this ones close to the best. Keep up the good work and with updates maybe you'll move to #1!
Getting weapons or items to play in more advanced areas are impossible to find unless you pay for them. It immediately ruined the game.
It's a great game but I have to admit it reminds me alot of a different game like the last day on earth or something and the notes sometimes they sound sad I like that tho don't change that
I think this could be a very great game. I will give 5 stars if the amount of food didn't depleat so fast. We should be able to be safe at home base, not having food depleating there. There are many glitches right now. I've lost resources due to game error with data syncing. Sometimes when picking up resources, it won't pick up. I will give a 5 star when these issues are fixed. Great graphics though. Development is on the right track. Great job
It unfair because I used money to buy weapons and if I used them n die ,I'll lose all of it..and also monsters respawn is way too quick ,I had never finish exploring buildings and had already ran out of weapons due to that problem..I lose more what I take than bringing loot home..it really sucks
Nice graphics, game play is similar to last day but there is problems that I don't like. You can't make tools while away from home, you can't get back your loot after you die its all gone even if you return to the same spot you died on, only if your at home you. This makes it not fun or fair, it killed the game for me. Add those features and I give a better review and maybe think about playing the game again and spending real money.
Remove the research thing it would be so much more fun and faster to make 10 things at once I would play a lot more, instead of coming back 10 times to only make 1 material instead of getting resources and forget and stop playing for 3 years like I just did lmfao, you're lucky I remembered ur game... remove it, last chance.
Its pretty fun only thing is the weapons and armor don't last long enough for me and the health and food is kinda hard to find sometimes and not enough. And need to have a shop to buy and all goods cheap to expensive goods. Other than that its pretty cool.
Really fun game but can be frustrating when trying to progress you die from another survivor and it puts you back to square one...
It's very similar to another game I play which makes it easier for me to start the game. But it has all I love In a game. Looting and crafting. I put 4* because I'm waiting to see how it is later ingame
Still working it out! Got killed early on and lost everything. Taking forever to make clothes and weapons and they don't last long. Can't see me playing for long. Too Hard!
Best of it's kind, in my current opinion, I have played games similar to this one and it's not complicated for me to use, it's fun, and the fact that you need ammo to use guns (unlike others) is good attention to detail. I suggest this game and hope it is enjoyed by others like I do.
It can be a fun game, but it becomes too difficult to find weapons and armor and it goes quick. Working on getting stuff and someone at a high level pops out and guns you down before you can run... now the good gear and pack you worked for is gone.
Pretty good and easy to handle. Wood love for it to have an offline mode for those moments when there's little or no signal, that way I could continue playing without worrying of losing anything or losing progress because of a bad connection.
Game is all right could be way better the auto button doesn't always collect everything and the video option for extra items takes too long to load or doesn't load at all
I see plants I'll eventually use I'm sure...but can't pick them up because I'm the beginning it's limited through gaining phases in guessing. I've played alot of survival games and this one doesn't let you freely pick up supplies as well there should be some kind of guide or walk through for newbies who don't have a clue.... Graphics are great by t seems kind of slow with the zombies....love the way they move and drag in their zombie movements!
Love this type of game and I'm enjoying this one as well its defo more difficult than some but that could just be my lack of skill. I love the way you interact with characters and get sent on missions. Doesn't seem to be pay to win so I'd suggest it's worth a shot :)
The game is visibly beautiful, but it's too much of a p2w cashgrab clone of others like it. I would recommend this to anyone whose ready to open their wallets.
So far so good love the options need to bring in a way to control a group of people instead of just using one person but expand and make it were your a group of survivors and learning to craft and build small community of survivors
Pretty cool game to play... Waiting til I lvl up enough to play with friends... Hopefully it's fun when with friends bc that's why I downloaded it to play with my friends. So I'll keep updated!
Gentlemen: Your game has some nice potential, but while it is on the inventory screen, autofight is not possible ? And lord forebid you get stuck in low wifi, because you will be dead. I spent $6 on a long fight the other day, only to die because the game will not pause off screen. Whilst I was spending money, the stupid game sends attacking mobs in the background when I am trying to do the 100 buck revive purchase. I hope you respond and make good. Gear works. Put some gear in my mail.
By far a way better survival game not so far into it but I like the idea of the crowbar use and the option to get more look from each stash!! I hope there comes a pc version of this game I would love to see how it is on pc
Is not bad so far I like that there is no energy to spend when moving from place to place. But I dont like that when I'm full of items I can only delete an item instead of replacing it
It's alright, I do like the graphics and music. The game is truly well done, clean and it is entertaining don't get me wrong, I just don't see originality. Games are just a business nowadays. Games don't feel like anyone is having fun making them anymore. It's just copy and paste.
Game play is not plagued with ads. Crafting is easy once resources are found. Would be nice to zoom in as needed but still a fun time.
Ok so far great graphics, I'm also playing another survival game and there isn't energy just to travel,I believe you should do away with that feature and plp will play it more,no energy plp stop playing.
27th April 21 You need to pay for 'bucks' to use in game. With the bucks you can either revive yourself with gear intact when you die and 1 buck allows you to sleep if you are out of juice. The buy your bucks page isn't working and hasn't been for around 2 weeks so can't buy the bucks. 11th May 21, still waiting for the Bucks buying page to be fixed. I noticed the pay for gear pages have the same issue. They must be losing a lot of money.
Good game. I just start to play so not going to give a 5 stars yet till I play little bit more. So far I am happy and enjoying it. Good details on the game, smooth, nice graphics.
Kinda fun, what sucks about this game is, unless you make a bunch of in app purchases you can't advance in the game very quickly. Very slow pace, unless you spend a bunch of money. The in app stuff is very expensive. This game isn't worth the time and money!
Just have spent about 3 hours with the game. So far, it has kept me interested. Relatively unclutteted, grind seems like it will be on the heavy side which is fine. Graphics are decent, sound could be MUCH better. If you are willing to grind you can get quite far without spending much if anything. Loosing all loot when you die might be tough (hasn't happened yet) We'll see
Great game devs! The game play style is great. I wish you could retrieve your items as long as they're not broken or the area hasn't reset. But it's an awesome game. I would change the fact that you can only reset once in three days, because if you exit in the beginning, it puts you in your house without the starter stuff. Overall I would recommend playing dispite the issues.
I'm rating it three stars for now..it has potential..and unlike most of the survival games..no energy required to travel..and some other features that may make this my favorite survival game..one thing though is.. sometimes when you watch an ad and close it after it's done..it keeps spinning while your character is getting killed
So far easy game. Bummer when you did you dont get your wepons back if you revive or go back to the location. Especially when they actually cost as much as they do.
I love the layers in this game its really nice being able to binge play it due to there is no energy...the best survival game like this i have played it is a little bit of a challenge but that the best part
Great game!!! The graphics are awesome. Game play is very straightforward, no confusing obscure maps and objectives to navigate through. Overall, well worth playing...
Many bugs equipment degradation is too fast just another last day on earth clone why are mobile developers so lazy it's sad make an original survival game if I have bullets then why do I have bad gun durability furthermore the development company is detached and unreliable just read review section and let them go under
Similar to Last Day of Earth. The graphics are better in this game. Zombies are a bit easier to kill in this one and there isn't such a huge jump in difficulty when going to a green area vs a yellow area. Bandages and good weapons are hard to come by though and guns need bullets, to make it a little more difficult. It's an ok game to kill time.
Still checking it out but its decent. Only major problem I've had was its very glitchy when watching an ad for extra supplies--it takes too long to load&you cant move but the zombies can&will attack you. Good thing is you keep all yiur collected when you revive. Will update later after i play more
Best game of this genre hands down. However don't die. I bought some stuff with real money and my game glitched out and I died and lost it and my bag was nowhere to be found. So yeah other than that tho game is great
Well, this game is fun...when it's not crashing. Seems like every single 'event' crashes the game and I can not get into the game til after the event is over. Such a shame...was a good game but frustrating...fix your bugs guys.
Love this game, only complaint is weapons, tools and armor don't last long, and there so much you want to pick up but can't because your backpack is too small.
New locations require more ammo armor and resources than all others combined, so we need more but you took away ad based crafting? But we can earn free crafting by being top clan to collecting mutagen. Where is mutagen? at new sector Z which requires you to get the collection cannister from new military base. New locations kill resources, no ads to quick craft, new reward is quick crafting that was free last week. This circular pay to play scam is the least nail in the coffin what was the best!!
Very addictive game. Great control and game play. Love the fact that u don't use energy or need to wait for it to full again before continuing playing
Its better than before ...the game plays much smoother when it came out its not so laggy can't wait to play more of the game to see where it has gone from the last time i played it
Love the gameplay! Could have cheaper play to win options. Seeing as you can only progress if you upgrade to the max!! Otherwise game to waste a few hours a day with.
This survival game has been much more rewarding, for my effort, than LDOE and the like. Game play is not as smooth; and death is brutal. However, neither of these facts outweigh the convenient NO ENERGY travel system, coupled with a successful leveling system that keeps the player engaged. I would have to say, though, the crafting system is a bit frustrating; both in time spent and recipe discovery. I've put two machetes on the blueprint table with 100% chance to discover and they both failed.
Excellent game. Fun. You can play solo or go to multiplayer areas. A lot of quirks in similiar games seem to have missed this one. No need to pay. Though i have. Just to enhance it a bit. Maybe make research parts more frequently aquired would be my crtique. Still. 5 stars. Thanks for the game yall!
I just started, however unlike other zombie survival games this one I'm enjoying the most. I like the hardcore realism too it. And most importantly no energy. It takes time to do things but not too much time at all. You can grind your way up unlike others where you need to spend constant money. You can spend money to help yourself get ahead and a boost, but it's just as enjoyable to grind and earn your way up. I will probably spend some money to support the game in hopes it will get a boost
This game been lagging so much telling me the game experience a problem and kept me from being able to respawn where I lose all my inventory. This is a real money hungry game especially since it tells me there was a error on the game end and still no one reached out and has happened 5 separate times
Can't get the game to load for more than 30 seconds before it crashes. Shame, had great potential There's tons of space and ram on my phone, it's brand new.
Decent game. It's kind of slow progressing. Makes it boring better than most survival games due to not starving every second and constantly searching for food
Good game, very similar to others like this one. Room for improvement. Needs a gimmick, hook, something to draw you in. Less copying, less contrived story, starting gear and knowledge.
Crafting system isn't that great, takes 2 hours to make a wrench that breaks in 10 minutes. Research material drops are too scarce for the amount needed. Gives little to no warning if you're entering a mission area you could potentially die in and if you do, no way to retrieve your gear you just lost. However the multi-player aspect is pretty cool, not cool enough to save this game from the other though. Will be uninstalling.
Games great, but lots of connectivity issues. Lagging, having to restart the game cuz of no connection to the internet. My internet is awesome, 5g or wifi. Please fix this issue.
A decent post apocalyptic zed survival game, minor gripe the backpack for extra storage is essential, and they offer the premium max slots version, straight up. Overall for more patient people probably doable without it. Biggest advantage is that it remembers the progress when you have to reinstall. Some "hardcore" games in the genre dont even do that.
For as hard you work to play the game and stay alive, this game is quick to snatch away everything you've gathered in your backpack as soon as you die. I play a game called Westland Survivor. Similar game to this. I'll be going back because the amount of frustration when you die is already enough. But to add insult to injury ,literally, by stripping me of everything I had on me when I died is infuriating. Deleting immediately! Idk if I can even give you 1 star!
BEWARE. The game does not tell you that if you die you loose all of your items permanently INCLUDING ITEMS YOU PURCHASED. I really wish this game was a full on pc or console game without the mobile game ptw and wait times and stuff. I still like the game but the fact that you loose your items with no way of getting them back really pisses me off especially since it doesn't tell you that will happen. Make this a REAL game not a mobile game and it would be *fantastic*!
This is a good game to play in your free time. Also I can see a game like this evolve to be more enjoyable. But it is very addictive so that might be a challenge. But over all game styles like this I personally do like, also the crafting, hunger, and real enough logistics of it are good.
This is a fun game but however one thing annoys me with the lock picked area's i don't get how it says easy when their is like 100 zombies there and on top of that is the fact how i die in the leaving area in the lock pick area trying to get out because their was so many and i died keep in mind i was in the leaving area so zombies shouldn't be able to attack and then i could not find back my corpose because i glicthed when i died as i was leaving my corpose despawned so i did all that for nothin
One of my favorite zombie survival games for sure, i play this and Last Day on Earth: Survival on my phone and its hard for me to pick which one is my fav, i like playin em both a lot but i probably like this game the most! Keep up the good work
I've been playing last day on Earth for a long time and I love that game but this one seems smoother and I love the fact that you don't have to wait for energy to keep playing
So far, I enjoy the UI and game infrastructure very much but am finding the storyline and micro-operations confusing and ultimately un-addressed when seeking direction or assistance in actions as simple as "Where do I find potatoe seeds" for the first mission. These are possibly things that are/were addressed at some point but as a mobile game I a often interuppeted by calls or texts or emails or someone in the world arround me requireing attention and every moment of "gameplay" does ToBeCont..
Terrible!!! Ive spent a fortune on this and still haven't achieved much. You go on a mission with your best gun and Ammo and OTHER PLAYERS KILL YOU. You then end up back home with all weapons and everything you had GONE! Its a good game but just wants money. You can't get far without paying for it. Don't waste your time. I may even ask for a refund!