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Pretty Pet Toy Store

Pretty Pet Toy Store for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Pretty Pet Co located at Unit 417, Level 4, Cyberport 1, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 2.2 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I d/l this game to get something for another game. It does give u the diamonds for the other game. I really like this game I even spent my hard earned cash to get some tokens, after I got my tokens & spent my cash the game keeps crashing. I really like the game but it sucks getting kicked out every few mins PLEASE fix this or give me my cash back because I feel like I'm getting ripped off. Worked great till u put money into the game then it works like crap after that. Fix it or refund then 5 stars
The low score is due to the fact that whether it's running in HD or SD format it force closes constantly. Please fix and I'll give it a better rate.
It crashes ever 2-5 mom's ever since the last update. 2 stars till it's fixed. When its fixed ill give back the other 3 stars
It's an ok game. Today it keeps kicking me out and making me start the board over so a little frustrating. It would be a little better if it wasn't so hard to gain more helpers.
I downloaded it for diamonds for 'Star Girl' (I have not reached level 5 here so I don't know whether they will give the diamonds). At first the game is fun then it becomes boring when you do the same thing every level. Also, you can't earn the coins you require to hire employees that easily.
Keeps force closing on me still. I don't want to reinstall because I spent money on this app already. Other than that it's fun!
This is a great game and fun. I have had some trouble with it crashing but when I bring it back up it started the place I left off. I can progress faster on this game then I can on the other Pet games. There's also more to do on the screen during the game because they drop coins and you have to pick those up too. The happiness points don't collect as fast as the money. I wish that you could convert money or pet point to happiness points I also like the match 3 where I can get extra happiness points, points, or money. This is the best game yet because they levels are not so hard to reach. I have been playing for a few weeks and I am at the next to last level. I would give it 5 stars except for the crashing.
I absolutely love this game but it keeps closing on my galaxy tab. I can play a few games then it just randomly closes. Sometimes it does it a few times in a row. It would also be better if it were easier to get the pet points to buy the workers.
I have been really enjoying this game. However the last two days, it randomly closes. I will get past all the loading and start the "day" and within seconds, the game just stops working. Then it does it several times until I give up for the time. Seriously though, the game is really fun. Oh, my fingers get moving so fast I get handcramps, but that just means I am having fun!
The buttons to open, close or move things forward don't work very well. Buttons like the "play" or the "X out of a feature" are very tiny and it takes several taps for the game to respond. Also the game tends to pause unnecessarily a lot. This app just isn't as good it's other counter part, pretty pet salon. This feels rushed and not as well developed. It's at least very cute for the holidays.
Stage 2 starts to force close, random and annoying. Stage 5 and its unplayable. Address this issue and you get 5 stars. Besides that it is a great game and I am desperate to finish it.
Since I downloaded this game, I've been playing it almost non-stop. It's fun, fast-paced, and incredibly addicting, but comes with a few flaws. First, it force closes in the middle of gameplay almost constantly. Major turnoff. Also, in the later stages, the touch differentiation between kids at the toy station and kids in the chairs can get a bit spotty, and I often find myself picking up one when I meant to get the other. Aside from these two small complaints, the game is great.
Fun, simple,easy, easy to earn coins,that would normally have to be bought. Which is some thing i like, if a game can give u some of the extras that u have to pay for , by earning them it makes so people w/ no money or on a budget can get the extras for free, it makes it a better game in my book.
I enjoy the game, it either needs to have more characters for hire for coins instead of pet coins. And you need to fix it so we can actually play the game, it freezes after about the third person and kicks straight out. Hurry with a fix!!
Only giving 3 stars cause it keeps force closing. Thats so annoying. And theyre too stingy with the pet points. Makes it nearly impossible to hire more help. Fix and ill upgrade my rating. Other than that i like the game
It was fine in the beginning but now it keepa crashing.. I don't know why. pls fix. It's a fun game, too bad it keeps crashing. I'll wait for an update!
It keeps crashing none stop. To the point i will end up deleting all their games. Then i lose progress on top of that. I will be more than half way to leveling up then boom. Crash. Loss of progress. Fix it and I will give a full rating.
Entertaining game but it keeps crashing. Played 75 days and can't get any further as it just shuts down. Annoying!
It keeps kicking me out of the game over and over again. And not even like when I'm looking at characters, but when I'm actually in the middle of a game. Also the pet points are stupidly hard to get, the people are really to keep happy it takes them like less than 2 seconds to get mad, and they keep having 6 or 7 people want the same thing at the same time. It's really really annoying
I cant stop playing the game i love it!!!! The only thing wrong with it, is that it keeps force closing. Can you guys please fix this
A very fun game. Two reasons for only 3 stars tho, no directions at all on how to play in the beginning and now that I've played 120+ days every other time I try to play it either freezes, closes, or changes out of HD mode then forces close. When that's fixed I'll change my rating.
I would've rated it higher. This was fabulous until I updated it. Now it freezes & force close in the middle of my game ughhhhh please fix this or delete will be my next option.
great but 1 star it shuts me off on v.i.p stage ( the stage that puts you through to next level)...... there for i have to start all over again to get to next level
Love the game but needs work. it needs to give more gold coins. It freezes and kicks me out all the time. And there needs to be a way to safe the game on Facebook or something I've been playing this game for a long time and every time I change phones I have to start over from the beginning. And there needs to be longer levels too.
This game constantly crashes while in the middle of playing. I don't have this problem with any of my other games.
This game is a lot of fun and keeps me very entertained. However, it freezes, then closing without any warning. This happens A LOT!I tried notifying support of issue, and it would not let me submit my issue due to invalid email address, which is inaccurate. I entered my valid email, but I was informed it was incorrect. Please correct the issue before I end up getting to irritated and uninstalled app. I don't want to uninstalled. This is a fun game.
A very fun and addicting fast paced game. However, the game continues to force close while in the middle of playing it making it impossible to complete a level. Please fix this and I will change my rating to 5 stars... Droid Incredible
Love this game and can play it all day but for se reason it keeps force closing on me. Also, when it force closed, it took away the gingerbread helper o bought. PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!!
PROS: --its a fun game CONS: --it ALWAYS crashes --does not save where i had left off after it crashes. --it freezes/glitch when there are too many people/coins poppin up, making it difficult to move them. --the stations cannot be adjusted. OVERALL: i give it a one star, because as fun as this game may be, it frustrates me everytime it crashes. it makes the kids sad when playing it. the problem is not my phone, because i have also downloaded this game on my itouch and my ipad. it does the same thing.
Great game, very addictive. Only problem is it force closes on a regular basis, sometimes 3 times in the same 'day', very frustrating. Changd this and it wohld get 5 stars.
But it closes in the middle of game play. That's very annoying! Please fix this issue, then I'll come back a rate the game 5 stars
Will give more stars (as this app deserves) only if you fix the issue of this app foreclosing for no reason. I really like this game and will continue to play it if it gets fixed. :)
The game often crash and it really gets on my nerves! Lost many customers bcoz of that! When frog prince came and done with, the other customers stuck in the door and can't go inside.. Sometimes the daily quest can't be refreshed.. Please fix all of them. Why is the developer so focused on making new games but never care for their old games?
Game force closes in middle of stages & kicks me out. Have to keep restarting in process of stage. Therefore not getting all 3 tokens for slot. Other than that great game. Will give more stars when fixed.
I love how you get some degree of difficulty control. In most of these types of games the level just keeps going up and up whether you're ready for it or not. There is a glitch where the buttons don't always work properly, the spot is just above the button, so one star off for that. It's still a fun time killer.
All this wedding is skating keeps closing on me! I don't understand! Take someone please help me!? If I uninstall and reinstall will I have to start all over? Great game..I don't want to uninstall but if it keeps closing on me I will have no choice! :-(