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Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Lion Studios located at 849 High St Palo Alto, CA 94301. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's okay. Surprisingly not as satisfying as I thought. The graphics are fine, controls are no good, it's actually quite boring. I also felt uncomfortable, as if the game had an aura of uncomfortable gameplay. I didn't keep it for very long but, it's fine.
This app is fairly well. I love how it actually has water droplets. But the reason I did not give this a 5 star, is because when you wash the items that it gives you, the dirt or mud, it looks sort of weird when you wash it off. I would really like if you could make the washing dirt or mud off more realistic. Thank you for your time in reading this. I would not delete this app based on how satisfied I was, Thank You.
No. Unless you pay, there is an ad (mind you sometimes an unskipable ad) after literally everything you clean. It's actually ridiculous. I understand ads every now and then, but the amount that this game has is insane. No! No.
I love the game, I find it really satisfying and it's pretty fun but there are way too many ads. Sometimes the ads are longer than the actual level is itself and I find it pretty annoying to have to wait through them just for a few seconds of gameplay. I hope something happens with the amount of ads soon, but other than that it's a pretty great game
Its an ok game, good for passing time. But there's an ad after every single level, no exaggeration. I get you have to have ads to keep the game free but it'd be nice if it wasn't the same ad and not after every level.
Very fun and satisfying but the problem is the pop up ads. Within every end of the level there's an ad and I don't like it. If yall could please reduce it to make the game more fun and easy Thanks
I recommend this to anyone in the world! It's satisfying and realistic! Have a fun and joyful time playing it. The reason I didn't put 5 stars is because there is too many ads!
πŸ‘Please. πŸ‘Don't πŸ‘. Make.πŸ‘ It.πŸ‘ VIBRATE!πŸ‘!πŸ‘!πŸ‘!πŸ‘! And there is way to many ads for this or any game! And the graphics really sent that grameat on some levels so I can't give this any more than a 2!
This should be entertaining (I bet it is) but it drains a lot of energy and my phone heats up a lot when I start the game (making everything impossible to play due to how slow it becomes) My phone is probably half the reason of this issue, but I think that in order to play you have to own a really good phone.
Water graphics aren't nearly the same quality as the objects and it gets in the way of seeing what else needs to be washed off. Reads 100% when there's still gunk on the object. The game leaves a bit to be desired.
Super laggy, making it impossible to be fun and enjoyable. Even if it wasn't laggy, it would still be boring. This is one of those desperate games where the developers dont think and throw something together, wanting to get a few dollars off of ads. Its ridiculous. I have a lot of games like this.. you know, the ones the devs throw together? Some of them I actually like. This is so not one of them. And it's annoying because I hate all the ads for this game on other games.
Ads, i like the game, but when their is ads after every level, it does get frustrating, i do love the game but the ads all the time are a major turn away for me
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Very laggy for me, the graphics were inbetween cartoony and realistic in a sort of uncanny valley state, and wasn't very entertaining. Plus, used the term 'OCD' incorrectly, so I uninstalled after the first level.
Just letting you know, I love this game. It's so satisfying! But there are WAY TO MANY ADS. I almost want to delete the game because of it. If you are the kind of person who is patient, this is something that people need to be patient with. But it is a great game.
I enjoy this game, i dont have any problems with watching an ad every so often. But my problem is this game has a bunch of bugs that need fixing. Some examples being the game soft locks itself after 100% washing sometimes, extra coins levels have a tendency to just soft lock as well, water graphics are messed up a few times i run the game, but it does fix itself after i leave and come back. Another problem i have, which is also a suggestion, make our phone vibrate when we hit dirt.
This is a ripoff game. You can clean stuff so there's not any dirt left, and they still won't give you 100%. Plus ads between each level.
Would be better if you could turn the vibration off Also, no need for so many ads to be played! I understand you need sponsors for the money but you don't need them popping up every 10 seconds! Deleted after 3 levels because ads and vibration annoyed me
I would have played this game long but the fact of the adds after every level is frustrating and to expect me to pay to remove the excessive ads is ridiculous. Played one day deleted the next. Wish you developers would take your users into consideration. Good luck with your future games hope the ads don't trash them
There are these annoyingly unskippable ads that are trying to get the money out of you that just bug me. My phone was also vibrating, and that annoyed me. It was literally on my chest the whole freaking time while playing like 7 levels. It's not the best, but it ain't realistic to me. The developers need to work on "realistic" items. The toilet level didn't look... well with the gap on the seat, it looked unrealistic. I'm sorry, but it deverves 1 star. It's quite boring. Honestly, I'm sickof it
Glitchy. Laggy. Hateful. This app really stinks. And it's not even a good idea. I got it looking for a satisfying app and I thought this was the one, but it's NOT. I will NEVER play this hateful game ever again. Uninstalled it in the first 10 seconds.
i really like to play this game as it teaches you how to keep your room or house Clean and tidy . plus it's a lot of fun
Game was ok at first, but lagged a bit further in. Ad after every level which can be annoying as some levels take seconds to complete. Game got repetitive and a bit boring after a while, plus with the ad overdose, so uninstalled.
I saw the reviews first before downloading . I didnt find a glitch but the adverts after every round is true . Very annoying but the gameplay is as it says to be . The item rotates you soap then wash then watch an advert . That the game in a box
This game is really fun but there's an ad literally after every level its very unfair to the kids who cant buy no ads and they're parents wont i hate that with a passion hopefully you guys make an update soon to where there's at least not as many ads if you update it to where there's only an ad like every 3 or 4 level ill change my rate from 2 to a higher rate
Well I can say before downloading it I was a lil hyped and I thought I will be satisfied but no the graphics are bad the controls are bad and the gameplay is just bad because every time you finish a level they reward you with an ad instead of coins Everytime I finish a level I get an ad I still didnt finish a level and did not get an ad Fix your game and dont use it just for money..
It's pretty fun but i hate how my phone vibrate when i play it or go on to a new level. There is NO option to stop vibrations and it's very annoying.
'You are limiting our ability to maintain the game'. Why block off half of my screen so it's covering the game just because I choose not to have device specific ads..... If you're going to do that then why give me the choice???? Stupidity at its finest. I would give the game a 0.1/100000 just on the basis of whoever decided that was a good idea.
It was a cool and kind of satisfying game but that didnt cover for the fact that after every level there was an ad. Also when it asked it I wanted to tripple my money it had a "no thanks" button that brought me to another ad. Over all it you dont mind waiting for the ads to be done you might like it, it does function as a cleaning game just annoying ad placement.
This is dreadful. A zero effort game with 10 seconds of not even satisfying pressure washing of random objects, followed by an ad EVERY TIME. Even worse, it then peddles the "no more ads?" Buy options after each round because they KNOW you'll be sick of the constant ads - literally more ads than game content, and the content is dreadful. Stay WAAAY away from this dreadful piece of trash.
As far as everything is good easy game to play. But there is 1 thing wrong! witch is you may ask a item being a Ghost?. What Ghost well if you come across Rug to wash it you are washing a invisible Rug the only way you know you have cleaned it is when it gets to 100%. So that's the only 1 problem I have noticed otherwise definitely a 5 star game.
I only gave this 1 star because u cant give it zero stars if i could i would give it a zero this game is horrible it is laggy the graphics are bad and whenever i press on to go on another level it shows me an add horrible game i reccomend that you dont download it.
Its okay-ish, wayyyyy too many ads though, and in the advert I saw, it showed you in a room (like a garage) cleaning objects, where as the actual gameplay is just a floating, spinning object, was a little let down by this.
Another Ad Revenue Trashcan!! I have a rule that basically causes me to instantly uninstall when broken. If I'm asked if I want to watch an advertisement to double, triple etc. rewards for a level and I choose no, then getting slammed with an ad anyway is bs and enough for me to trash the app. Don't ask if you're gonna push the sh!+ on me anyway. 1 star cause I have to and the other cause the game was kinda satisfying before the ad bashing.
Terrible Ads pop up every level it's annoying 😑 And terrible Cost for the ad remover $7!!!!!! This is a stupid game and I don't recommend buying it it's stupid
I don't understand why this is an 18+ game, It seems like a game for 7-10 game in my opinion, but it was also Horrible, Extremely leggy, way too many ads, and it's a lie for the rating
This game would make somebody want to commit suicide and the only reason why i gave it 1 star was because i couldnt give it 0 stars ITS SO LAGGY and the graphics are trash and then they have the nerve to have an option to buy no ads NO ONE IN A MILLION YEARS WOULD SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!! If you have a death wish this is the game for you and DOWNLOAD NOW!!
This app is boring. I like the concept and idea but honestly, could you be anymore unrealistic? This app has no realistic features, it's like every other progressive game, do this, get 100% and then watch a 30 second ad so the developers can make money off of you watching these unskippable ads. This is genuinely annoying, I hate how many ads there are, I just played for 30 minutes and I'm already sick of it. I completed like 6 levels, the ads are annoying. This is absolutely ridiculous.
Its a very nice game, completely, but the ads have to stop. You are wayyy to money hungry. If you change that ads, ill be happy to do 4 or 5, thank you if you take this seriously. :\
Pretty relaxing, and a way to get over boredom. I don't really see the ads yet, but so far it's a good-functioning game. 4 1/2 out of 5, would reccomend, although i might one day delete it. XD
Wayyy to many ads. Dont wanna be sitting there for 30 seconds watching an ad after every single level. Also The graphics are awful. Nothing like the ad I saw for it
Complaining wont do anything. They will not take ads away it's the new age. If it doesnt profit we wont make it. Turn your data and wifi off then play the game. Just not long ago we didnt even have internet. Try surviving 1 hour without it while playing a game. Trust me it's possible
It's a rlly fun game but things get pretty gross and I can,t look at dat stuff cause I have like something wrong with me and I think this game is not meant for everyone
This game is satisfying. I hate how many ads there are. You will finish a level and a ad comes. It is unskipable and it sucks so much. The graphics arenice and I get the idea of it just being a simple game to get over your boredom. The ads are about 30 seconds and I hate it. You can't even play the game. I only got 3 levels in and I know I hate it. The controls are simple. Witch I like no problem with that. I would recommend to NOT play this game if you don't like ads. Thank you for reading.
I found the game fairly laggy. There was WAAAAAYY too many adds (at least one after each level) and if you do not like a game with vibration then this is not the game for you.
A really fun game but ads are literally EVERYWHERE! Popping up all over the screen and after every single level. I'm all for supporting games with ads but this is a whole other level!!