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Pressed For Words

Pressed For Words for PC and MAC

Is a Word game developed by Words and Maps. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Word game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Ads are short and gameplay is challenging. Out of approximately 300+ rounds we have only 'cleared the board' less than half a dozen times.
Pressed for functional would be more accurate. Worked until the ads. Then all hell broke loose. Dumped.
What's with the "UPDATE" blinker. Not for me to do your work on my phone. Update it, then I'll install.
This game is one of my favorites. I'm surprised at how many words I actually know how to spell. No matter what time of day it is, or if I'm stressed out, I can play "Pressed For Words" and relax.
fun game, helps you to learn new words. However, it kind of cheats. When you type in a word, it buzzes for no. However, when the time has run out, it will show that same word in Red, showing as a word you missed. 🤔 Otherwise, i enjoy it very much.
Fun game, but alot of words that you should be able to play. You can't, which I think this game needs a super big update asap!!
Does not give option to control the time limits, and difficulty. Also, color scheme too high contrast and hurt my eyes to look at.
I uninstalled it and only gave it 4 stars bc there's a timer. My anxiety would get up everytime I had to race against the clock. You should make it be a choice whether or not we want to time ourselves.
It was fun and interesting. However, a bit frustrating as it was not consistent round to round with acceptable words. Also, some "made up" words; for example "deers" is not a word...that happened often.
It sat among my apps for a few months before I really started to like. It was addicting! I just uninstalled it because it was tskibg up way too much of my time. So fun though.
Has many unconventional abbreviations and sometimes rejects correctly spelled words only to show you that same word at the end as not entered. Also the scoring seems random.
Update. Ads have broken game again... can't get out of ads. Timers break at 1. Going to find a decent replacement and uninstall Ad bugs seem to have been fixed. Enjoyable game again
Only moderate. There are no explanations of words at the end and no repeat option. In appearance it is a copy of the game on Windows phones, but the Windows one is much better.
I wanted sd one thing relaxing. Sadly, it only allows 2 min to think of all the words. There is no way to disable the timer. Uninstalling.
Good game but inconsistent. No way to know when you can potentially beat your high score. some times you pass with all words and get 150pts, the next time you miss the big word and get 300 pts. I wish there was a system in place due to this being the only game of this nature on google play.
Best game ever!!! Honestly, it's fun solving this word puzzle. No Wi-Fi needed, no others to play against, just a relaxing game. Been playing this app for 6 or 7 years now and realized I didn't rate. So here's your 5 stars, thank you for this great game.
This app's data base of words is so limited. I'm uninstalling based on this latest word the app did not know of...screed.
Love this game..am addicted to this game BUT.. there's this one ad that will not go off!!! I literally have to restart my phone when it comes on! It's called Panda Pod..they give you no option except to download it which I don't want to..so I close pressed for words and the music is still playing! Please fix this! I don't want to delete this game..my rating would be 5 stars otherwise!
Has a lot of potential! Would love to see more options, such as choice of number of letters, word difficulty, how much time allowed per game. Also would like a level structure, perhaps with increasing difficulty. Or better yet, an option for increasing difficulty or not. Thanks for listening!
Nice design and somewhat challenging. Incl words like "Sis", not recognized in other word games. Downside ... Typically, not enough time allowed to finish game board --> As such, the more you play, the less you enjoy playing.😒 Developer would be wise to allow players the option to select a longer playing time.
would like to be able to shuffle the letters and have more combinations of letters..... Other than that its fun
Your platform sadly has a LOT of updating to undergo. The words Dom, Emo, Lem, Boi, and Mod, are all legitimate modern words this game does not accept or recognize. Yet it throws in unintelligible words when the clock is up, like Ibi, Etho, and Emi. SMH
Not bad, passes the time. Many common words in the English language and dictionary are not accepted as valid words.
it makes me boring when i play this. i will give 5 if there's other exciting levels or options to choose from and if there is competition in this game. its like i am doing the same thing again and again.
What were those STUPID buttons that just showed wanting to know if I wanted alerts on or off or pause etc. They interrupted play used time from my game and repeatedly flashed. HATED them!
I don't win very often but I LOVE this game. It's definitely challenging. I like that there's no "clutter" on the screen.
I like this game however I think it should be called Pressed for Words and Abbreviations. I am noticing abbreviations as entries and not just words.
A fantastic word game. But some unknown words I have to look up in my dictionary. yet I miss playing Word Chaos.
Great, simple, word game to keep mind sharp. Google or marketers, please stay out of this app. Developer, if you are attemping to update, it is messing up royally. The screen is too big and the ads, which used to be annoying but okay, are now bigger than your screen so the X doesn't show up. I have to shut down my Chromebook and restart to get out of the ads. Since I don't know if the developer or google marketers are screwing up the app I still give it 5 because it's a simple mind sharpener.
Addictive but not all words input are accepted. A larger choice of words in the databank would solve the problem. I have often entered a legitimate word which is not accepted. Therefore if the grid shows input for five four letter words an there are seven possibilities, any of those seven should be accepted.
Not for children!!! If you download this for your children, note their is soft porn cartoons as advertisements with men groping women in maid outfits etc.
Cool game. Sometimes I type a word which is rejected but appears as one option at the end of the game. Some words are American and so are unknown to me an English speaker.
Great app, play every day... only issue is it won't upload my high score... my all time best is third all time according to the site but won't add my scores! FIX THIS DEVS!!!
Love this game because it keeps my interest after many repetitions. Unfortunately I am retired and have no desire for timed games. I wish you gave a choice between timed and untimed games. With that feature, it would merit 5 stars. Thank you, anyway, for a near-perfect game.
It's a good time filler when you only have a few minutes to kill. The ads are unobtrusive as they only appear between games and are brief. I love the challenge it provides.
It would be great if there was a dictionary added to this game to check unfamiliar words. Also game has been magnified, which is annoying.
Only played it for about 5 minutes. Impossible to win when you have abbreviated words that you have never heard of and couldn't possibly know that don't make any sense.
wish you could play untimed would be more relaxing can't just go at your on pace. there's a game like this game but you can turn the timer off a lot more fun
Very nice. Helps pass the time quietly . low mb. Works without wifi. Great for people in rural areas. Great since I moved to the city and have to wait on doctor appointments and ride the bus.
Was fine until the ads kept freezing the screen and you had to back out of the app to start a new game. Uninstalled.
why can't we have different ones as one gets used to the old words and it gets very boring indeed. please select new words so it's a challenge and interesting aswell. Thanks it's pressed for words puzzle game lm talking about
After the last February update, I can no longer play this game. I've Uninstallerd and reinstalled numerous times to no avail.
Terrible new Lending Tree ad won't let me back to the puzzles. I have to close the game then reopen. I used to love this game, but now I refuse to play it.
It's ok. Would be better if it kept track of your score (% of words found compared to max). As it is, just shows max score which is irrelevant - each set of letters has a different max so comparing plepas to seorgan (apples to oranges). Fun for a while then the novelty wears off.
simple easy game with no dorky story or characters - straight play. would be nice to be able to adjust time limit
It is a fun game but it has many unconventional abbreviations and sometimes rejects correctly spelled words only to show you the same word at the end as not entered. Also the scoring seems random.
Entertaining. Is this really English Appears not to be written by native English speakers:. game doesn't recognize real English words but does recognize some that do not exist! Would be more fun if there were variety of word length, levels or some objective. Fun but not nearly as good as the similar game on Delta flights.
Time limit should be adjustable. The key is to be able to solve the puzzle completely not to do in an imposed time limit. Ruins the fun.
Ads ads ads. Ads even cover the settings icon. Lot of words aren't recognized while some slang is. Ok game for bathroom time.
Although it uses some unofficial spellings and foreign words, its challenges with genuine dictionary words are insight openings.
I really enjoy this game. The only problem I experience is sometimes when an ad plays it doesn't give a way to 'X' out of the ad and I have to restart the App.
I really enjoy it. But the timer is too fast. It stops the game while I'm still playing. And it doesn't always record my correct entries.
best one of these types of words in words games I've found. wish they would expand the dictionary though. there are words that exist that arent accepted which is frustrating.
I put in words and the game doesn't record them and it also has answers that are not words. BRR is not a word, for instance.
i like this game but i dont want to be pressured because of the time so i give 3 star.please make no umtimed for this game and i will give a 5star.thanks..
Some words are complicated, almost Russian at times... The timer is too short a Time... But my biggest issue is when the ads pop up the sound overtakes any other sounds that you may be listening to at that time, i.e. Pandora..... Extremely annoying, so annoying that I'm about to delete app.
I hope everyone else enjoys having the puzzle covered by an ad while the clock is running so you can't do it, because that's what you're going to get+ a lot of American English words aren't recognized it would appear as though the provider of this app does not use English as a first language ugggh
Dictionary needs a serious update for American words. I find words that it does not recognise. Other than that, not a bad app.
Always have loved this timed word game. Helps keep me alert and I do enjoy trying to beat the timer. Plus I learn new words.
*update - increase in unacceptible ads. dumped it. Recent unacceptible app ads knocking down rating for free one.. some "adult"ish card game "backs". if they stay on or more pop up I will dump game. Otherwise- Helps pass time in checkout line or at home, but odd word list that leaves out some common US words & has some off the wall & archaic ones.. more Brit. Having prob with words I know I put in right not always acknowledged. .. Get robbed of 1 or 2 words a game pretty often.
I have enjoyed this game for years. However, ads pop-up in the middle of the game which affects the time and is VERY annoying. If it continues, l will stop playing.
Playing since 2015. 5 star game. Now uninstalling bc too many ads too often and no way to buy without ads. Too bad . Gonna miss it
Like the game but hate there is no way to turn off the time mode...would love just to take my time and see how many words I could get!! Put that option in I may try it again!! UNINSTALLED!!!
All was well until a Biden for President ad appeared. No way! I have played this game for years, but when THAT ad appeared, I deleted this game!
Love the game. I can handle the sometimes-odd words and the ads, but clicking on the settings to see high scores and other offerings NEVER works. The webpage doesn't load. Why can't this be fixed? I would give this 5 stars if the settings section functioned.
Would be an awesome game if it used any known dictionary, many common words not accepted and that is frustrating.
really dumb because you have a timer but no reason to go fast because you just start again. The other game I played like this, if u didn't get the main word which is the longest you lose. Oh and since when did HMM become a word hmmm?
I really like this game. Haven't had any ads (yet.) No sign in for info. Basic access requests. And so simple a word game. Love it. It doesn't look flash but it's simple and I like that.
I am so hooked on this game because I try to break my score each time I have the opportunity. I also learn new words at times. The game just keeps my brain at work.
Loved the game up to the current version. I hate the new graphics that changes the color of letters that have already been used but leaves them in place. That is unnecessary and distracting. The prior version is better. I need to figure out how to roll back to prior version since there is no setting to turn off the behavior.
This game would be great if their database was complete. alot of times the game does not recognize words that are in the dictionary.
I really like this game because it forces you to think. However, I wish the scoring was easier to figure out AND I would like to be able to tap on a word and get the definition, especially since some of the words are uncommon.
I really love the game, but since the last update, like half of the ads cover the bottom half of the screen. Specifically the Toon Blast and Facebook ads. I'd give you 5 stars, but the ads just ruin the experience.
I would enjoy this app more if the letters could be mixed while there were letters in the input boxes. I want to be able to mix 5, 4, or 3 letters with some letters already chosen. Also some kind of displays after I win would be great, fireworks or confetti would be great. Thank you, I use your app everyday.
I love this game. I don't always need all the complications like increasing levels. This game is simple, like me!
Amour is Spanish. Why are some non English words allowed and not others? The concept of this game is fun. But where do they find the words? Makes it frustrating because some words aren't even in the dictionary.
words don't always register and sometimes letters need to be hit several times to get the to show up. Not a well programmed game
This is one of my favorite games and it has been for years. It's a straight up unscramble the words game without flashy graphics and nonsense "prizes." Yes, there are ads after most games, but those can be eliminated in airplane mode. In fact, one of the best features is it can be played in an isolated cabin in the woods while off the grid.
This passes my time. I play this every night before bed. It relaxes me and keeps my brain from traveling. Might I suggest a word count (how many words found) and possibly how many word puzzles you've mastered by finding all the words. :)
Great game but dated tired layout. Beware, pure AMERICAN words be warned! UK version? Cant change the wallpaper or dull background! Good little teabreak app, but very dated. Would like an incentive ie cash rewards, tokens or points! No incentive and it gets real boring! Needs an incentive ie coins or tokens! And needs levels! No bells and whistles. Much loved! Only eats 20 kb of my pricey UK DATA! Too many American terms! UK review
It put an ad up of two people having sex with sex sounds and I was playing this with a nine year old child... deleted the app. right away. I was so appalled. disgusting.
This is an old game. Nice to see it in an app. Fun to play for a little while then gets boring. But, a few times a day, I always come back for another butt-kicking. How about a timer option for 3, 5 or 0 minutes (for those who want to play without a timer)? Also, I don't mind the letter color changes. Maybe you can make it an option to have the letters change color and remain or to be removed when selected. Thank you, Pressed is one of my favorite games.
Awesome game. But I want to be able to change the time limit. Why can't I have infinite time to find the words? Score be damned
In common with other apps today this app keeps crashing. Have uninstalled and reinstalled twice but after one use it crashes again. Please help as this is my favourite game.
If you're looking for a word game with few ads and no in app add-ons, this is the perfect option. Just mind numbing word game fun
Sort of a strange review for this app but, it really helps me fall asleep. And I've been using it to fall asleep for over 5 years. So thanks for that. ^¬^
It's OK but I dislike the timer and no way to get rid of it. And timer is to short. Other then that if you like fast paced timer games it's pretty good.
I love word games a lot! this one is a great one foe everyone, too! come on and approve you can spell any word from the random letters you're given, too! I dare you to play, too! great fun for any age and anyone , too!Uninstalled and reinstalled. then Uninstalled to slow for me and ignore her r, too?? goodbye ll!
Fairly entertaining but the developers need to use the English language properly if they're going to put together a word game in that language. Very annoying. For instance, you cannot just turn any noun into a verb and call it a word. "Skying" - what is that? Not a word in English. "Nae" - Scottish for "no," not English. Is the game for English words or not? Make up your minds when developing these things and for crying out loud, stop making up words that don't exist.
I really like it, but when the ad for the dragon game comes up it's difficult if not impossible to get back to the game. It used to be you could just hit the back arrow. Now you have to wait for every ad. But Empires and Puzzles doesn't work that way. You have to play a round and then hit bzck, or close, or back twice. It's really irritating.
This is indeed addictive! Works well enough to get four stars. Bugs to fix: occasionally misses tapping on letter, occasionally fails to "enter" a perfectly good word, sometimes crashes out to home screen (and "finishes" the game) if I tap on the lower left somewhere. Features I should like: adjustable time limit.
Love this Game --- It is highly Addictive. Once you get started it's so hard to make yourself stop. You've got 2.05 minutes to come up with as many words as you can. I look at it like it me against the computer andI LOVE it whenI can get All the words... yea I beat the computer... Go Me!!😇 The Only thing that I do not like is that there is NO pause button..
I really like the game. BUT since it is timed, why do the ads appear during the game? It would be great if it was not timed.
Some words. Make no Sense, like Raga? It s an ok game if you don't expect to guess all Words in each game.
After update, when finished playing this game, it wont let user go back to home screen. Have to restart the phone to exit, used to be a decent game. Update: it's good now, but too many annoying ads
Doesn't seem to have been created by English speakers. Recognizes some random abbreviations, but not many legitimate English words. It's also annoying that there's not an non-timed setting, which there was in earlier versions. The ads every two games are annoying, and make it not really worth it.
I love this game its very addictive 😍 the only reason I give 4 starts in stead of 5 is because I feel that it would be nice if there was a hint botton for when im stuck nd cant figure out the last word or words... i feel thats needed! But as a want or just a thought for your next upgrade maybe you could make it so after you finish the round you can click the words nd it give you the definition of the word!( like I said tho thats a want not a need) but beside that I think this game is awesome
Interesting game that expands your knowledge of words but some words are never heard of which other games don't accept. But a intelligent way to pass time
I've have several different phones over the years and with each new phone I've downloaded this game. I have a love/hate thing goin on...I don't like the lack of time yet I love the challenge of it... I think if I could either turn the timer off or add more time to the timer I'd be a happy camper...
I use to love this word game I was always able to skip the ads and keep playing . Now there are non skippable ads. I wont be playing anymore .... Its to bad because i really like this game and have been playing for a couple of years .
A Great challenge ,Easy to play , Difficult to master Nice to have an adult orientated casual game.Any game is for all really but there arent all too many that adults may prefer It's lingo isnt really on the structure for kids so par having said the previous.