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Press to Push

Press to Push for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Popcore Games located at Rheinsbergerstrasse76/77 10115 Berlin Deutschland. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I am having an issue with the block skins, I unlocked the sandwich and the cross, and then I unlocked "happy", and now it just loads happy again as the next to unlock, so I will play until it's at 100% and then I just get happy again which I already had. If I continue playing, instead of working towards a new skin, it just says "unlocked" with a picture of happy after each level. Until I restart the app, at which point it starts working towards happy again..
This is very fun! The ads are not as frequent as "other games" I've played. Which is amazing! The graphics are simple yet good! It's a very calming and satisfying game! But one thing, please don't make it to when you unlock a new skin it's not a duplicate of one you already have. Other than that, amazing game!
Kay, this game doesn't seem very hard yet but I'mma rate this again and check the actual rest of the gameplay.
This is a really fun and polished game, but there are two problems. The levels aren't at all challenging. I have played through over 270 of the levels and not one have I had to retry a level. When you reach about level 250 the levels start repeating, which is kind of annoying. One positive thing is that there aren't too many ads.
The gameplay is kinda boring but I still play just so I can finish all the upgrades for the houses. They also did an update out of the blue, the added some new skins so it's good to see that theres more coming
I saw the advertisements of this game and it looks cool, (And it is.) And this is going to be really easy for me, (I'm not saying you have to make it harder) because I play Minecraft a lot and this game is like a bunch of Minecraft Pistons. And I rated this game before I even played it.
Simple game. Levels appear to begin to repeat very early. The app functions well, though are are alot of pop ups, every other level at worst. About level 50 it appeared the levels were the same, and I stopped playing at level 90. Not bad, but very quick to get through
Its a nice & great game, I like when it slowly falls down in the hole perfectly I just find it so satisfying!! The controls are easy to remember/know and it's a pretty decent game though there is way too many ads. I like it but not obsessive or addicting as I thought it would be. But still a pretty good game. ( `•w•`)_/ ! It's nice to play if you're really bored, though it's not really challenging I also like the present/gift idea.
Honestly, a really fun puzzle design and the additional mechanic of the houses that give coins over time is fine and looks nice. Playing this game however is nearly unbearable because of how many ads there are: almost one every level. It makes you not want to continue playing and beat the levels because you know you have to sit through some laggy, dumb ad afterwards. Edit: Levels haven't gotten any harder and I even saved some because I thought they were reusing levels and they are. Now 1 star
The game is way to easy I'm on level 113 and I haven't even been playing for an hour. There are way to many adds I counted how many levels are in between each add, and its 3 levels. Those leveled include redos the game is so easy that I had to try to fail to prove my last point.
Very thought provoking. Have to study for solution. Makes getting the answer right worth it. No cheap win.
Wonderful and absolutely fun game!! It keeps my brain going and is also a great(and really fun) time waster for when you're waiting for something but don't just wanna sit there and stare at a wall lol. Overall, awesome and VERY VERY ADDICTING game. Which, is all i want in a game. Install this game, if something goes wrong, something close to glicthes, it might be your device. Some people think it's easy, just means your more advanced than others. Some levels i had to redo. Maybe just me though.
Fun game, but the absurd number of ads makes it nearly unplayable. I understand the need for some ads on a free game, but being made to watch a 30 second ad every two or three levels is ridiculous. Deleted the game for that reason alone. Sorry.
Fun game but will unusual it, due to, I say no to watching an ad to get double points, so it plays one anyway. So sad
Well, it's a great app. But if you really really hate ads (I do) I recommend you to turn off your wifi or Data then there will be no ads at all. Try it.
The idea and basic concept of the skating are very good, however where it falls short is it's EXECUTION of the idea and concept. I think they should stop while they were A HEAD. The game is not challenging at all, there is no artistic style, and worst of all is just plain boring.
Well where do I begi- it's boring beyond all belief, there's not a single glimpse of challenge 50 levels in, the assets are plain, boring, and getting new ones are locked behind either a paywall or watching ads. And this is the same for every game made by this company and others too. Stop giving them money, people, there's better games on the app store.
played to level 100 and never hit a challenge that required more than a second of thought to solve. Game is so basic it might challenge a second grade student
Interesting idea in concept, executed badly. 1. way too many ads, if you say no or deny something for an ad say for example a skin, it still makes you watch an ad. The only way I could find playing this game slightly enjoyable was by using airplane mode. 2. its very straight forward and easy to the point where you get bored. Some levels are more challenging than others and some are just freebies but they aren't scaled in any way.
I love it! Levels are challenging but simple. When are you planning to update and open up the next building area?
I really love these kinds of puzzles. I really HATE that the thing kept robbing me of ad credits. Repeatedly it would say no Ads available for the 200+ bonus and then, seconds later, give in at the 100+- level... I feel CHEATED and, quite frankly, DESPOILED!!! This is not the first popcorn thing I've uninstalled due to misbehavior FYI. And, as previously stated, I do NOT mind the ads - in fact I try to amass them - but i do mind the ABUSE!!! Signed: Sad and Sorry...
It is a fun game when you start, but as you go up the levels repeat, so it does get boring after a while. It would have been nicer if there where different levels instead of having a certain amount repeated all the time. I made it up to level 1700 and memorized the levels, so when a certain one popped up i knew how to solve it.
This app harbors no challenge whatsoever. I played through one-hundred eleven (111) levels and was only slightly challenged once. The graphics are boring and everything is locked behind an adwall or paywall. There are add coming from every crevice of the app, and you cannot escape them. The "Minigame" of building a city is also plastered in add, with certain buildings being locked behind an adwall. This is not a fun game, not recommended.
Not a tough game but I enjoyed it for the fun. I was on level 1872. Finished that level and the next level came up blank. I hit retry - blank, hint - blank, and finally skip. After skip, it went to level 85 ... what the heck? Oh ... and level 85 was blank. Oh well. Not worth worrying about. I just thought I would share my experience.
Well advert says not many get to level 1000 so I just complete level 1001. I did work out along the way why not many get to level 1000 and that is because it becomes so boring, not hard, no skill required. Next time a game says that, I won't play it assuming it's the same as this. Shame as at the start I did enjoy the game, I just kept hoping it would get harder.
The game is okay, there is a unskippible ad every level, that is almost always for the other games Popcore has made, that always has a fake X button that sends you to the app store. Getting the daliy reward isnt hard to do ether, just hop out of the game and boom next day rewards without actually waiting. Its a interesting idea for a game, i think the little town you can build is a little out of place though. Art style is very familiar to the other ganes with the small town. All in all, decent.
Like most little games that have the potential for being fun, the ads are too frequent to for it to become so.
The game has a lot of bugs which make the game very confusing at times. One bug is where you've completed one level and then that level merges with the next level. Another one is where sometimes after an add it will reopen the app and the app thinks it is the next day and give you the daily reward. Lastly, some of the level doesn't appear. These all happen after an add. The rest of the game is fine though.
Too many ads. There's banner ads at the bottom. There's full screen ads every 5 rounds (which is exceptionally annoying when each level only takes you 3 seconds to finish) and then "optional" ads to get extra coins or to get skins and the sad part about the "optional" ads is even if you say "no I don't want to watch this ad and get 10x the coins" it STILL plays an ad AND DOESN'T give you the coins
The idea behind the game is good. Buy unfortunately it's another game made by popcore. The levels are mainly guiding you threw how to complete them, the true challenge is trying to activately Gail a level witch I got at 15, but the next 10 levels where given to me again. Not to mention the adds! I wanted to skip one of the prizes (need to watch an add to get it) and it played an add right after it dispute me saying no. Anything made by popcore is an automatic no from me.
Game is okay. Its decently fun but the amount of ads is frustrating. The game is also too easy. I'm on level 50 and I can solve almost all of them with one try. I want a challenge not mind-numbing boredom. If they fix that and add harder levels I'll change my rating to at least a 4
Your ad isnt helpful, what? "Harder than it looks 😅" it aint funny nor hard, its an easy game thats for kids.... Too basic. You want downloads? Just wait, patience is the key and not making stupid ads that makes us believe its hard. Some games even waited over the years to get downloads. Man.... I just dont understand games these days, even nintendo is better than this.