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powerline.io for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Profusion Studios located at Caminho Velho dos Reis Magos, 2.o andar, J, Edifício Vista Atlântico. Distrito: Ilha da Madeira Concelho: Santa Cruz Freguesia: Caniço 9125-121 SANTA CRUZ. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This game is A LOT better on pc or laptop so im revie2ing about that version. Just type in powerline.io and the website for it comes up. This game is so amazing. Its probably the best io game there is.
This game is really fun! I like how it doesn't have the "daily streak" thing and competitiveness that makes me spend WAY too much time on it. The only thing is, recently, it's been glitchy a lot. It's like my screen freezes, and the next thing I know, I'm dead. I've checked my wifi and all that, but it's not that. It's sort of inconvenient, so please fix it. Other than that, it's great!
Probably the closes to a tron like experience. It has huge lag and control delay problems, the game suffers from ghosting were actions from other players cause reversing to what's displayed on the screen. Think of playing a game over a dial up modem.
It has an immense amount of lag, but it works fine on a laptop. If you have a computer/laptop/ect. then it should be fine. The game is very fun and addicting, but I would not recommend it on mobile.
It is such a fun game the one let down i would say is that people get to choose their name and sometimes there really good names or sometimes there really bad other wise this game is really fun!!!!!! You can play it on any up free on coolmathgames or you have to download it witch doesn't take long i am really happy but maybe just stick to the names of what you choose first
I love the game! But, tbh, the game could be a little less laggy. And i do not like the innapropriate names. Like please make it were if they are gonna do a cuss word do this *****
The amount of lag that is in this game is stupid. There is so much! And I have Great Wi-Fi. Not including the lag this is a pretty good game. I'm always on it but the lag is always getting me. Pretty good game.
I loved it,Its so much like the computer version i just whoa felt amazing ,GG and GL to all the players and thx you for making a phone version possible
Good controls! I Love this game! Although too much lag. The lag is incredible,. I Go straight and I instantly die. And there's a bug where you just go anywhere it lags and it teleports you somewhere. Although I hope you enjoyed my review!
The main thing missing from this version is the ability to have keyboard controls. For tablets keyboard are pretty much standard so at this point it just makes sense to enable them, especially when keyboard controls give PC players an obvious advantage over mobile players. You could also not have the mobile browser shunt automatically to the Google Play store, which would solve the issue on its own. The game itself is fun, just inconvenient to play on mobile.
Game has good graphics and I haven't encounter any bugs buttt they need to fix the control's it's horrible, do controls like the PlayStation things ⬅️⬆️➡️ ⬇️
I love the game on tabs for chromebook! But the reason im giving it one star is because it has mobile features on a chromebook. It wants me to tap but its not touchscreen or anything can you add like a computer version for this please? I would really enjoy that.
I love powerline .io because it's another version of slither.io but way better. The only not so great thing about it is that sometimes when you're moving around you get zapped to another place and the just randomly die. One other bad thing about it is that when you pause it you're still moving forward and you don't stop and then you end up dead.
Great game, last week has been lag central though. Will update when it doesn't lag so much, not my connection or anything. One of my favorite io games though
Well I am not going to say it's the worst or bad game but it was better before, so whenever I start playing powerline.io things start to get very laggy and it's very annoying because when the lag happens I get a bit of a glitch instantly which is kind of something that you guys need to improve on but the updates you guys made was good and nice but what I want you guys to do is to fix this lag (Because it's annoying).
The mobile version is amazing! The gameplay is smooth, and am loving the new local turn input system. I'd even say the impact of the controls on the gameplay of powerline.io make the app better on mobile than PC!
I am having problems Recently. Lag Glitches. And this needs to be fixed. I dont know if this is the game or my phone. I have the Samsung Galaxy note 9. I recently installed an update called Android 10. So Creaters. Please Scan for anything wrong with your game.
A fun game to play you can see your friends like I did. I can play it on my phone and computer. Really fun to play download now!
This game I played is not laggy like the website and is good quality. Everyone will love this game.❤😀 Whoever made this game did a great job keep it up. You can also use more emojis in names on mobile.
So bad the game I try to swipe but can't work and after 2 games it start to have adds...............computer version is better
Use to love this game.. extremely laggy now.. cant even play the game without dieing because of the lag.. and I have perfect internet connection.
Extremely fun game. I played Snake on the Apple IIe decades ago. This game is definitely more fun. I just wish that the website wouldn't force you to use four buttons. The only real way to play this game well is with two: left and right. It's too complicated to do complicated weaving using up and down buttons. I have to play the game on Android/Bluestacks in order to make it so that I can use only two buttons. It would be a simple fix: let users configure keyboard settings.
It could be better, controls are ok in comparison 2 the browser version, still just as laggy as it is on browser too.
Everything except for the controls are great. It's really hard to naturally move your character. Other than that it's great
I find this game challenging but also fun. It isn't too easy and it's not too hard.I would highly recommend this game it's kind of addictive aswell.Much better than slitherio as it has got so much different techniques to get kills and loot
The reason I give one star is because the game has a lot of advertisements. Hope you can fixed it. Besides that, your game does lag when playing.
It freezes A LOT! This is the only thing I hate about it. I thought there's a problem with my phone so I installed it on my laptop and tablet, but still it keeps on freezing. FIX THIS PROBLEM OR else I'll........ FIXXXX ITTTTTTTTT
Everytime I tried to boost i would died and i ask you fix that or at least add a boost button when you kill someone it is also too glitchy and i also ask if you fix that too. Can you please add more ways to move your figure. please fix that when you start you at least have 20 boxes or stuff like that.Other than that the name bar is really good the box around the area is really good (i still get confused)I also like how you died you get more than one life instead you get four i think i like it.
A great game overall and in most areas, but I give it four stars because of all the lag in terms of when you hit somebody and you know you beat them you actually end up dying.
Could be good but...the game lags constantly connected to wifi on pixel 3 XL. Also wish there was a single player mode or the level had a player cap
This is the best game I have ever played. So addicting and so fun.The only thing that I would say is that, I would fix some of the gliches when people are eating. But other than that this game really good.
It's fun but when I try to get big it doesn't happen 😐😡but there is a bug that when I drag it doesn't move
Its fun but there are so many bugs i keep dying when someone else runs into me and dont even get me started on the bots named demogorgon
Overall good. Really good concept of rhis game, dynamic, but relaxing at the same time. Sometimes the game lags out, and you just collide. Please add a way to pay to remove ads.
fun but often glitchy. and users enter their own name with no filter. often you'll see swear words, offensive language, and sexual content in the names.
I'm not sure if the creators of this game are even working on this anymore due to the fact that it's been two whole years since an update. The game (both the mobile & web version) is completely flawed to an almost unplayable degree. Constant lag. Frequent blackouts after an advertisement. Dying despite not colliding with anything. It's a shame since this is one of the better "snake" .io games.
KEEP ON SAYING "can you please rate this game" Its soo annoying i gave u a review and still happens!! Also theres a glitch that if u rejoin sometimes i will be only a black screen and i die when in front of someone,and its hard to control and PLZ FIX IT cuz this game is glitchy and its super bad!! Anyways good graphics
Lot's of Lag. Even in the web version is a laggy game. I really enjoy this game and have spent hours on it, but the lag is just annoying... Even when you turn "to fast" (apparently) that you go through your own line and die when you make your next move... pathetic
I love powerline.io. I used to play it all the time on my chromebook until my parents snatched it and hid it. So I decided to start a new powerline life. I installed it on my tablet and I was able to achieve my dreams. In my opinion, powerlines.io helps kids learn geometry and discover new shapes. I heart powerline.io!
At least some lag no matter the internet strength, and it would be so much better if there was an arrow control option instead of swiping. Otherwise, a pretty fun game
Its kinda hard to play but its fun but I do reccomend not allowing bad words and stuff like that as names so if kids are playing.
It's a really fun game and I recommend it but if your on mobile then you just dont stop lagging. You could be beside the kind and get lagged back all the way across the map. Please fix this. I will rate 5 stars if you do. It's a fun game and I recommend it!! 😊
Love the concept, but I feel like it was poorly executed. I just played multiple games, and everything I either ended up killing myself or when I went to kill someone who I was a head of, ended up dieing.
The game is fun to play, but it is so laggy that it becomes frustrating. I've tried on all types of Internet connection.
The game is addicting and I think it's even more fun then the original snake game but when you play the game you soon realize that the game feels rushed and overlooked you constantly feel the lag that the game has I feel as if the developers pushed this game through and as much as I hate to say it I dont see them fixing the problems with this game which is a shame because this would be a game that I would spend a lot more time on if they would fix the very few problems with the game
The game is great But I ask you make it noticeable to players that there is a way to change controls Some people don't even know about it
The game is good. When a player chases me it becomes more interesting to beat him skillfully. I liked the colors but there should be more edition on snakes to look different. Btw blue is my fav. Add new game modes. Fix bugs.
It's a fun game on pc but with mobile not to good cuz the swipe controls not register half the time and the other ones are so confusing because your screen rotates like add button u can press and let them be customise like make one option where all four buttons are on one side of the screen and another option where they are on other side have another option where up and down are on one side and left and right are on another side also let it to be customised so you can move the position of them
The game is fun but no matter how you play it, ethernet cable on a desktop or as the app with wifi it has FAR too many glitches with the hit detection. In one case I was killed by air not a player but air and no not the edge of the map either. Also the mobile app's controls are completely horrendous. Swipe mode lags and tap mode will cause motion sickness. Who wants that?! Would like to see that fixed but whatever..game has some potential but over all not enough for me to keep the app installed.
I installed the App and opened it, but it wouldn't connect. The game just loaded for about 20 minutes when I decided to uninstall it and retry. The second time I installed it I didn't have any more luck. I've played the game on different devices before and it worked fine. But for some reason it wasn't connecting this time.
It's very laggy even more than slither.io , its just lines where does the lagg come from ??? Like there is something else , bye uninstalled
Its a really fun and addicting game although id like them to have better movement controls for mobile cause the first one is very hard to control and you can barely turn while the other one is somewhat better but the way the screen turns sometimes gets you bizzy and you cant tell whats happening. This is all i ask for otherwise the game us perfect :)
I love this game and they gave me the same exact game on my school computer this game put me off my feet and when I seen it and maybe want to download it so bad I like I'm so happy that this game is made and I worked it so hard just to get on the game I'm not going to say the name but I will spell it P o r i mean Powerline. I i l i o you would not know what he would cut me off my feet I made you a LOL plus OMG this is the biggest report I gave to anyone and I'm happy I started this i.LOVE YOU .
It's a gun game and all but people keeps on saying if using mobile is hard so just so just three stars
The lag is unreal, and at times the game is unplayable (much like the browser version). However, when it's playable, it's a lot of fun.
I give it 5 rn because the controls are honestly NOT that bad. You just really have to get used to them because its SOOOOOO effing different ot kinda screws with you for awhile. The graphics are great its not that buggy. And if ppl did know, there are 2 control settings when you click the settings gear I find that the second option is way easier but ONLY IF you aren't easily queasy. And again it REEEAAAALLLY takes getting used too because there's no down arrow (dnt add pls). Good going Dev 👏
All I want to do is play powerline.io in a my browser, but because I'm on Android, the site just redirects to this clearly inferior Android app. This app doesn't even support the keyboard. All I can do is plow straight into another snake, die, and then get showed an ad. The app's only two control options are the laggy gesture control and the interface screw. Swiftly uninstalled.