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Blue Ninja : Superhero Game

Blue Ninja : Superhero Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Comic Book Reese located at 56 Hinemoa Ave, Normanhurst. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ (Explicit Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its great but make it more um Add more missions with different styles not just the same two Make it possible to trow your enemies into the air and beat them up Add better suits with different attributes Make it possible to use a super power that will kill most enemies in the area Make it possible to get inside buildings Make it possible to edit ur suits and home and weapon Make it possibly to go inside cars Make it possible to become a villain then add super heros
It is a good game but with a few glitches. Also, why can't Deadpool do anything more in his house but sleep. If you add a little bit more I'm sure you'll get more downloads.
I LOVE this game only thing is is when your swinging the webs and you go high up and you let go you dont ascend you just descend from where you stopped holding the web
This game is amazing😍, just like spider man ps4. Please try to make this game portable for PC . Just improve some swinging physics. SUGGESTION: And please try to make an Iron man game exactly like this with real Iron man powers. Make best superhero games with realistic physics and graphics. GOOD LUCK Reese (Quick response)
I love this game but i want a few changes. Like Power Spider to get momentom in the air when he swings. And the gane speed is bad and good. I have to stand still and wait till tje game goes to normal but otherwhise its a good game.
I love this game i am just rating it 4 stars because maybe in the new updates you can add this thing where he has a closet and head turn into peter parker and therefore becom a normal human but change whenever you want it will be cool
This game is amazing i just wish there were more things to do instead of just swinging and fighting but one flaw is fighting its not so in sync
Can U Do The Spider Man PS4 Moves And This Game Glitches It's Like My Internet Is Not Fully Connected And When I'm In The Living Room (that's where my internet is) I Played The Game And Then This Happened It Glitched
Pretty good Although it can be better if The Developers add some story or pvp or better yet! Some power skill or ability based on different suits of characters. On the other its a great game
This game has improvements in the type of swinging, movements, day and night compared to power spider 2.. but the technical team has to put in effort because the game has glitches and sometimes it freezes too. But a nice attempt to change features from power spider 2. Hope to see the better version of this soon
WOW!for a spider man ripoff this game is amazing!but u could make the graphics a little better and also give special powers for each characters too.
THIS is the greatest mobile game ever I was like a Spiderman 3 for the psp type of thing and the web swinging animation is just beautiful but when I let go of the swing I feel a little abrupt stop so if thats fixed it will be amazing but besides that it is awesome its like spider man ps4 on mobile
Really good game Can you, add challenges,free-play and make different suits to make the game stand out.
The game is really good. I wish there was a short storyline for the early access. Also I want tricks to be added into the game. When you're in the sky and press and hold the dodge button or jump button you would do a cool trick. If you can I will be glad for that update in the future. Great game.
Nice game. Love this. The grafix are not bad not good. But for mobile the grafix are good. Love it thanks for making thistipe of games.
Fantastic, the lag has been fixed to the point of bearly noticing it. The only problem now is the web slinging, the web slinging looks and feels stiff and unfun to play with, maybe use the web slinging mechanics of spiderman 1, it's not like they care.
Although this has some ads that randomly popped in this gamr actually has potential at being a real spiderman game! Although yes sometime the web swinging gets a little wonky but still the web swinging is fun. I never thought id actually say this to a ripoff mobile game but its fun you should try it. The web swinging is what seals the deal though
This game is really cool and nice but can you ad impact to web swinging? Thats all i needed, thank you for reading
this is a fun game, i like the animations when fighting and swinging too bad my phone sucks cause it doesent go as smooth as the trailer if the only problems i have is there is no story mode and the when you pause the mini map is still mini (if you can could you add air tricks or finishers can you please do that, that would be awesome).
Bro I love this game so much thank you for this game very much πŸ˜ƒ but why did you put 3 web swing button? And can you update this game. It should be add boss powerful boss. Give some boss some defreat super powers please?πŸ™ And add a Web abilities that we can buy pleaseπŸ™πŸ™
Super game I loved it bro next level your game bro make the same game with iron man it will go so many downloads ok bro pls super game bro I will play your another games also
It's nice and all, but it lacks things like story and super villains . It needs freedom to customize and pls at a mode with freedon to do everything
dont waste your time download this game its boring and so many ads sometimes you will miss click so dont download it πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
I have to give this 3 stars because, there's no story to it and there's also no way to switch to a human look also the design looks a lot more like deadpool then a spider if those issues were fixed I would give it 5 stars.
I love this game but you have to add some more graphics and remove the dead pool suit and make Spiderman suits and also add white web and some talking in the middle of swinging and also add a mission to save people's.
Great game awesome graphics but one thing add more weapons to make it more interesting either than that it's a really great game
Pretty good. It surprised me. It has the same mechanics as spiderman ps4. And, it is packed full of missions. But, the controls sometimes lag, that's why its 4 stars. And it doesn't have that many ads as other games. The only time u really get ads is when you exit the game. Good job.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Its the swinging that I have a problem with, When you launch off a swing, you don't gain anything, so it doesn't feel really nice to swing.
I love this game 😍😍 but I have to say that If you can make games like spider man ps4 then why don't you just make The Spider man PS4 for Android free If you can.😁
I loved the game but i think the web swinging could be a little smooth because everytime i swing the momentom is broken so plz fix that...otherwise the app is just super duper chuper amazing
Best of spider man game i love it skill and swinging make that more super update like white web and skins😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😎😎😎 best spider man game
this game is amazing but you have to update the hospital for treatment when i was playing there was very less health for killing enimies
I like this game I almost got all the skins I need more money but I love it so much I can't stop playing this game it means so much to meβ™₯️❀️🀩
This game is so cool, the fighting animations are so sick, I like how the character is a fution of Spiderman and Deadpool, but the skins need a lot of money to buy but everything else is pretty good
Pls add a superman power or dc power spider 2 ia good but only spiderman or make a game were we can pick ur powers pls i hope u see this cause im not the only one who think this pls i really want a game that u are wvo u want like a naxeex game ty for ur time
The game is awesome it's graphics are very good I will recommend to download it ! They worked hard very good game I will give 5 star 😘
This is my favorite I would hope to see few more updates like boss fights and stats like power spider 2
My dream come true yes thx for the game very much the rope animation is good and the skin are good and one thing plz add upgrade so you get stronger but is really good I really like it and you worked hard!and make sure you had friends to make games with is hard making games you know😊
It gets boring, the first impression was awesome but then you discover you have nothing else to do so it gets boring. Overall nice game !!
The skins are very cool but the game is very wired and it is very hard to use the joy stick and I prefer power spider 2
very nice game but have to make some improvement in the game like to take missions take cars bikes and more and a background music plz plz plz and I like the game
Yess no longer has the power star in the world of the game but he is not alone in this situation but he has been in a good position for the past few weeks now as
I like this game very much. But have some suggestions to improve graphics of buildings and cars. The animations are super cool. And nice gameplay.
wow thats amazing so good I LIKE THAT SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much please more high graphics if this thing add then this game be SUEPR DUPER POPER COPER game spider-man/dedpool game but please add same thing in Power spider 2 and improve the graphcis some more details and make night bright i mean some street lights please add this things please..........
Really cool game but when you quit all your missions will restart but its okay i like the swing its really cool.
This game is good!!! I can really swing like a real spider man(my most favorite hero,and that's the reason why i download this game).but why 4 stars? Because even this is a good game already it needs more impovements...i hope the next update i can buy more weapons like guns,and more,like riding on cars etc. ,just for fun and also make voice lines pls.....I know it takes a lot of time(if you make my suggestions).but I hope developer read my commentsπŸ”₯.(quick response)pls...
I love this game it's really like spider-man miles morales it's one of spider-man game but the graffic's could need an upgrade and the lag but besides that it's a very fun game.
I love this game, I had first started with power spider 2 which is also amazing. But in my opinion, I believe the first one is much better with better graphics and mechanics. This game has serious amazing gameplay and much better than the other cheap knockoffs.
This game 8s awesome and also you can turn your wifi off and see no ads but I want the power spider to web enemies and take somebody cars
I must say one of the best superhero games of playstore..not like the other trash ripoffs here I really like your game big thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘..but please make it more optimized and it will be even better if we can ride cars as the ragdoll effect is already very good just let us use some cars and enterable places.. nonetheless a very good game
The game is great as I wanted plz add some boss fights and some resque missions as character is superhero so he must save people
Really like this game but please calm down with the graphics, manny bugs i am swinging around inside of buildings πŸ˜…. Do more to swinging, loving it and why is he shooting whebs out of his gun πŸ˜‚ take out sword . Please please please fix.
This app is one of the best this is like one of the best apps ever this is like the original Spider-Man that the PS5 version but this one is much better it's not better at this PS5 I give it a five-star because it's a good app and it's just like the one on PS5 one thing I don't know about it it's at the ads I don't like the ad that always come on when you're getting so good in the can but anyways it's a good app
I like it better than spiderman 2 its got better run better walk πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜β˜Ίplease add more games like this one but your weapon is a gun pls.
I can't stop playing this I play this every day 8ts just so great I wish it would have a story like the ps4/5 games and I hope the buildings get bigger just like the ps4/5 games like if the creator is reading watch game plays of the ps4 and 5 spiderman games and pay attention to the building and see how big it is
Incredible. For a while, I have been searching for a good spiderman game but they all have the wrong type of web slinging and there are no criminals. But this one has great web slinging and epic random encounters. I'm hoping that there will be a story mode or missions as the existing cuteness are great! Overall, fantastic game. The only problems I have had is that when using the web, there is an awkward bit before you go where you are just in the air. That's all my problems.
I love the game. Can you make it were when you swing you go flying. Not stop in the air. And can you ad bosses.
One of the best simulator games with high graphics but you can't get into a vehicle which kinda takes away half the experience. That's why 3 stars.
OK now this game has potential to be a good mobile game just needs some improvements like better swinging animations and swinging style, better controls, better optimization, story and an original hero idea. Like I believe in this game but until you improve it I will keep my review at 3 stars. also one cool Idea is to have an option where you make your own suit and you gotta gain materials from tasks for the parts in the suit
This is the best game of power spider in the world, I played spiderman ps4 and the movement of this game is like marvel spiderman on ps4. I love how when I swing, it does stunts automatically.i wish they could create games like this🀩
This game is so cool I couldn't stop playing it plus it is cool that the swinging animation is like the PS4 Spiderman game and not like other games where you climb like an frog on a wall and you can't swing just go to on direction when you use the rope
This game looks like I am playing any spider man game in PS3 πŸ˜‚ but add superpower to every suiz not all suit should have the same power different powers
Just need more to do besides beating bad guys. Also... Make some bad guys a lil stronger towards the boss level...
Good game l have played a lot but 2 session are under development power spider 2 has completed but why not this one? I I will only give 5 stars if the two patients will complete.
I used to he able to play fine but today it's just not working I get stuck loading the kicked out of the app it's been like a month since you have updated the game this update better be good or else I'm completely downing my rating now the loading is fixed but I stand by what I said about the update
The Game Is Really Good For A Mobile Spiderman Game But To Make It More Better. You Should At The Real Villians To The Game Such As Venom,Goblin,Electro,Dr Octopus,Lizard,SandMan,Vulture And More And. You Should Put A Real Spiderman Suit Instead Of This Deadpool Like Suit But OverRall This Game Is The Best. And Also Its Not Like The Other Games That Just Covers Your Screen With Adds Adds Happen Like 1 Every 2 Hours So The Web Swinging Where Do I Even Start Its Smooth And Accurate To The Movies!
OK if you are a ninja fan then you just bummed into the right game. because your abilities are marshil arts, the sword, graffile hook, webs and some more .so that's all the information I'm giving you guys if you are reading this right now so see your other reviews and see them later.
Ok let me just say all the BEST things about this game! I love it! The graphics on this game are incredible! And unlike other rope hero games this game goes through a "day and night" cycle! And it has interiors like the safe house that's very well detailed and you can go to sleep and save! And another thing when you use your rope you really do swing like spiderman! You swing through the air and its amazing! thank you developer! It even has the miles skin! Thank you! You clearly worked hard!😊☺️
It was a really nice experience. Usually superhero knock-off games are trash but this one is great! Download it trust me. Its web slinging mechanics are awesome. Kinda low on the do stuff thing though
This game is so cool like really really cool this is just like the Spider-Man PS4 game not Miles Morales the reason why I gave it a four star is because sometimes there is this common glitch that happened to me and my brother were when you're falling it like stands in mid-air while you're falling that's weird if you can fix that I will really appreciate it and probably make us five star
It's a little glichy every time I walk it gliches fix this bug please other wise great game I recommend it I recommend power spider 2 as well PS happy new year
Wow my God. It is an amazing game that you will want for yourself and if you can't find the real spiderman game, I guarantee you will have fun. Yes, it might not have the best graphics, but is great for everyone. Wow. Just wow. Such an Amazing game.
Really fun only reason I put 3 stars was because every time I fight Stuparman I always die . Please make him easier to fight, that's all, otherwise,it's good.
I'm only going to give this 3 stars because it is a good game but the bosses have glitches and sometimes you can't punch them and lose a lot of health which pisses me off
I love this game the combat and skills movement are good the graphic of characters is good but the background city not really good and no story happened and no voice talking characters if add all that I will spend a real money purchase
Ok so the game is fantastic, but the combat needs some work, graphics kinda sucks, the night looks weird, needs a story, but the swinging is really good
NOW WHEN I SAY I GOT WHAT I WANTED FROM POWER SPIDER 2 I MEAN IT THIS GAM3 IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD, simple 5 stars from me. Edit: I know this game is still under development but if you can make an option in your room for you to change into normal people clothes and be able to go to your job, wait that gave me an idea what if you can make your apartment better and plz add bosses back
I really enjoyed the game and this so much better than power spider 2 and I love that option to enter into house it would be more enjoyable if create option to change to a normal person so he can be played as normal life and superhero Life I just loved this game
This outstanding game but I have one problem when I first play this game when I'm on building when I jump then my go low
The swinging is very realistic and the fighting is so nice it puts me on a challenge and I like those games YOUR GAME IS AMAZING FIVE STAR RATE
Omg the best spider man game ever so good it's a improvement of power spider 2 super But I don't know why you put three swing Buttons lol but such a good game πŸ˜‰
This game is great makes my day everyday but can you add when you jump off high building like can i get the miles morales suit in the game and do the backwords dive and the flexing in the air and stuff lije that
Its The best game I ever played but pls add less ads pls its annoying but this is the best game I played
Hi, just changing my rating review, good game! I'm LOVING IT... I play it every day, but can u guys make swing mechanics like cling to a building something like that?
This game is for people that like spider man games , if you love super hero games like me you are going to like others games. l love how they made an animation like the PS4 game spider-man and you can be realistic spider-man. 5 stars out of 5 because it makes me wont me to make my own game like that game and you from any age can play that game.
SO MUCH FUN it's a never ending game that is fun espically if you like spider-man like me recomened it
A best Spider man android game. But i would like to give you some advice, please add some of the missions and bosses missions, and short missions like bank robberies, car chase. This will make the game bestest.
It won't even let me play the game because ig will lose homescreen then when I press play it put on some ads then take me back to my phone's homescreen
This is a great game and I can't wait for the updates dont listen to the haters....but this new update made it lag more than making it smooth but here is a idea each suit should have its own super power
I love this game. Its just like the updated Power Spider 2. The swinging is so satisfying and you have a house you live in. Only thing I would change is that the people are not interactive i.e. you can't fight them. I would make it so you can interact with people by shooting, punching, slashing at them for example, that you can drive cars, and that any crime committed means the police come after you, much like Naxeex's Rope Hero Vice Town.
I love the game it feels like I'm playing the real Spiderman game but there is one problem please can u fix the graphics and make it look a little better in both of your games please. But please make another game
This game is great just there is a glitch were im stuck in the sky i also liked youre old spider man game it was fun i lioe how you can naruto run up the walls But if you do fix a couple glitches put any wing suit please
This is a awesome game! The graphics are great, the animations are pretty good, one of the best games I've ever played!
This is better than any other parody games, heres a problem is control glitches and enemies are just walking and if I only go closer to him, he is attacking or else every villains are like same, try to give them some powers
I think this game has the potential to become one of the best spider man simulator. It needs some improvements like in the swinging and climbing physics,maybe in some of the npc. They must do something to make the game more fun but in overall it's a very good game. Salute to the creator of the game.
It's good but if you can add the villians from the video and give a marker in which you can change and also create a part where Anderson creates his suit so you can create the suit and make it that when spidey gets home, it will automatically switch to story mode then bath,brush eat, sleep. Then he he has the weekend to himself and Sunday's he attends the power spider group and they review the most saves among the power spiders to make the month leader.
Really good game The swinging it is amazing all the other Spider-Man like games does not have this swinging this game is beautiful that's all I have to say.
The game is really good...but the missions are limited and there are no boss fights..and i wish if the sword is removed , add white webs and a more spidey like suit rather than like a deadpool one,add some car chase ,boss fights and some more different missions please... overall for a rip off this game is awesome like for real