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Power Spider 2 : Parody Game

Power Spider 2 : Parody Game for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Comic Book Reese located at 56 Hinemoa Ave, Normanhurst. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Very very good and exellent game!Even it is only a parody game,I fill that I'm playing the amazing spiderman 2.
Amazing the updated version of this game is spectacular oh my. Whoever decides to install this game you are smart. It is worth your time. This game is unbelievable. Now it is way better than power spider 1. PLEASE INSTALL THIS GAME IT IS AMAZING. Thank you reese for a amazing experience.
I think you should Increase graphics,add on foot parkour, remake textures, and add suits for each character.other than that, the only issue is animations and adding web zip. But dont get me wrong I LOVE TIS GAME keep up the good work
I also like this game a lot specially the fighting mechanics, but 4 stars because the map could be more bigger.
Nice game but you cant drive the cars please make a part 3 and part 4 5 6 7 8 please and more cut senes thank you please let me no and the game is so good please ans
I like this gameplay I'm thinking if you're planning on making part 3 aad little bit more graphics and details in The Swinging and a little bit more people. I would like to see more of this.
This game is really good webswinging is better than other spiderman games but a thing inwant is that u are Peter Parker and u can go inside buildings other ys this game is really really good
The new update made the game so much better i would recommend this to everyone who likes spider man, this is by far the best spider man game ever!(p.s i saw a comment that someone asked for too add the real marvel spider man suits but that might not get in the game because the creators of the game might get copyrighted)btw love the graphics, not the best but still really good.
This game is actually pretty fun and the way you play and can dodge attacks is awsome. The swinging could use some work though.
It was nice I mean it's pretty good for a knock off but I mean this game has potential like smooth some things out and the specs and graphics can have a little more definition voices, like I said this game has potential and it can really get somewhere.
This game is Amazing I just love the way power spider swings. While playing this game I feel like I am playing Spider-man Ps4
Not bad for a Mobile game but this game became better if it had a story mode and many interesting things to do add a few details to the building and spider man colored style costume and even a sea bigger maps and many more like quick time event thanks. Edit:add peter parker too
I love this game but why I gave the game 4 stars is because I only have 1 problem the problem is that there is no actual spiderman skin so can you pls add the regular spiderman skin as default or you can character costomization so that player can change colour of parts of the skins so late and any of these i will be sooo happy😭😭😭😭😭😭
This game is actually pretty good for Spider-Man fangame for mobile I wish we had stealth missions in this game but other than that it's pretty good
I love this game!! I installed it last year and have been playing it since then best superhero game on the store but pls can u put first person mode back inπŸ‘πŸ€©
This game is good but there is one thing the new update was not Good so if thay could put the other old game back in it would be great and 2 the amount of ads there is just way too much so if thay would put down the ads to like a lil more then yeah it would be great
this best spider man game on play store but one problem so much ads solution off mobile data/on airplane mode. bestest game.
I like this game i like how spidey web slings and super speed but i perfer more like a huge update like where you get inside houses or campaigns or inside cars so plz make this update
At the first time this game amazingly "flexible control" and "good quality", then "guess" that, when another (update). how it's to be cool so. I'm very "happy" for waiting next "update". But now a update it's very "hanging" and "automatic" get off then also I had "downloaded" this game. But the controls also not "working". 😑😑😑😠😠😬😬😬😬😑😑😑😑 It's my "favourite" game, please fix this "issue"!!πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ 
Probably the only closest game i will get to playing spiderman ps4. The webslinging is fairly realistic to be honest.im giving it only 4 stairs because the missions are random and the flying is not realistic.
This game is epic and cool It looks like spider man PS4 Marvel spider man But make the real suits like: Classic suit,iron suit etc.
I love this game - this is the only game where you swing and actually feel like Spider-Man. I know this is a 'parody' game, but on a real note this has the potential to become one of the best games on the net. Edit: The Only thing I would change is that the people are not interactive i.e. you can't fight them. I would make it so you can interact with people by shooting, punching, slashing at them for example, that you can drive cars and that any crime committed means the police come after you.
I don't know what's better power spider 1 or power spider 2 well this is probably the the best spider man experience on your phone anyway because the swinging is cool and everything is cool
The game is good but sometime and it lags for me but it's a good game the frame is good but you just need to fix the the lag I'll give it a five star
IT'S soooooo funnnnnnn it's the best game ever it's just like so freaking fun and power spider 1 is sooo good to I just love the web swinging or should I say grapple hook anyways I love your game Reece
You might be wondering why I'd give this game 5 stars, let me explain. I absolutely LOVE Donald Trump's absolute DUMPTRUCK brand with this game I get to see his absolute CHEEKS clap with every swing. I've always wanted Peter Parker to not be spiderman and instead have Trump. Also, in this game Ironman is IronDingus which is a massive upgrade from stupid Ironman. You see, while ironman was like snapping his fingers to like save the universe or something. IronDingus snapped his dingus in half.
This game is awesome and beautiful but you have to put three things in it. 1st is everyone want story mode in the game and I want this too. 2nd is can you please put all the suits of other spiderman games. And 3th is make more beautiful from now you just have do is give it street lights, lights inside of the buildings and houses, and in real life take photos of sky while evening and morning begins put the photos in the games sky and your game will become the best offline spider game ever.
In the game spider can't sit in the car. Graphics is not well. . There is no air port. There is no helecopter Vehicle quility is not well
Can you add web ball in the game? Like power spider is shooting webs but deals damage and it can shoot webs while on the air. The one complaint for me is when you leap off a high building you take damage. I wish you could remove them like one of the Spider-Man Ps4 game. Great game btw keep up the good work reese!
I love this game this is the famous spider man rip off game the other one is cool Too But thank you for puting my suit on the power spider ultra superhero parody cuz my suit is blue and black but its different suit but its fine i rate this a 5/5 stars make an new spiderman games like this make an power spider part 3!!! And 4 make it grow and grow and grow!! I belive in you!! So much with great power there must also come greater responsibility
This game is amazing web swinging is ultimate all the moves we can dodge atacks many missions skins all super powers but I am rating this game 4 stars because it's graphics are very bad if you launch power spider 3 then please give a kind attention to the graphics and make the graphics also awesome and please if you launch power spider 3 please add a story line on it thanks ❀️
Uhhh this game is great for just swinging but not great for Fighting...its the same old boring town with same villians we hve to fight over and over again
I love the game It's super cool, but the reason I gave it 4 stars is because I wish there was more to the game like a story mode of some sort,also the game's controls are too simple in the Spider-Man ps4 game they make the controls look cool but other than that I get why you don't add updates It's a mobile game.
This game is very very intresting, but why i have cut 1 star is, the suit for spiderman and venom is not like in movie, and can u made this having story mode. I have played this for 8 year. Please update this if u update this then this game will become hit. Great game, Keep it up!!!!
I love it ut feels like you are spider man but can u fix the bugs and add better graphics a bigger map
Now this is a proper spider game the others was good but this is so awesome mostly the slinging and fighting moves and the music and sounds are soooo great! I would give it 10 stars if I could!
Great game graphics are good but the game needs more like our own house where we can change outfits etc...
This game is good but there is no home no safe house we cannot shoot web shooters like power spider 1 if we complete 1 mission we only get 49 or35 but in power spider one we get like 100 234 we need more money this is new one so give us 599 400 then i will rate 5 stars
Its a very nice game but there is a lot bugs in app especially in fighting with boss, they don't receive hit sometimes. And the quit button is not working i always have to kill the app from the recent tab. Hope you guys will fix the bug soon.
I really like the app especially when you navigate to the city using its spider webs and it is so realistic for me and also the graphics is not so perfect but I can play this game all night long. Good Job! πŸ‘
I like this game I really do I like the animatiokn and all the superpowers you can get.I can even forgive the really crappy and cheesy diolague.but there are so many glitches in this game that causes me to give the game 3stars instead of 5.for example while swingingbon a web when you let go of foward you fall power spider just teleported back a little bit.another glitch is if you even skim a wall he latches on to it which can be really annoying when your swinging between buildings.fix this plz
This is my favorite game of spider man it is better than the amazing spider man 2 but i will give four stars πŸ™ because when we fight boses the toxic web button not work pls fix this and pls update on we can enter cars 🚘 and drive like rope frog ninja hero and make the city more big pls update it is ultra legendary game of spider man game when you update pls fix this boses problem also πŸ™
I like this game very much but you should also add powers to enemies then it would be great and it would be the spiderman ps4 for free
This game is superb I have no words to tell how good this game is It is best game I have in my phone In every game I found Spiderman as criminal but in this game I found Spiderman as Superhero and thank you Reese !!!!!!
its a better game but i gave the 4 star because the reason is graphics and some features my kindly request to make this game more than super and graphicfull.
Keep up the great work still need to fix some mechanics like wall running and swing and mabey add web zip but all im sayin is youre to games is gonna be the best spiderman game on the internet u have such big details please dont give up u did great man keep it up u never know u might make billions off this game
It's a very good game of course it's improved.but in the playables alivepool is based on Deadpool. but alivepool don't have a sword like deadpool.and I checked out the previous updates in those updates the game had an fps mode and when the next update came the fps mode got removed please add fps mode.and what's eaven worse the game doesn't have a story.and make sure the game size doesn't go over 400 mb because my device only have 2 gb ram.
This game is so nice bc its almost like free spider man ps4 dont listen to haters they dont understand the game. Just off data and wifi so no ads
It's really good I thought the swinging would be improved from the first one but it's bacicly the same swinging animations, still really good game.
This is the game I was LONGING for.I could unlock all the super powers VERY easily.And I almost forgot to tell you that when I play this game I always feel that I am playing Spider-Man PS4 But ONLY the skin is different but u can take Tomato man and make your Spidey the homecoming Spider-Man.
This game feels kind of boring I would like it if you let the player drive cars and add missions like king of slime made people into green zombies and you have to fight 20 zombie crimes that are attacking the survivors and when you finish 20 crimes you will have to fight the boss of the mission and I would like side missions so when you look in your map you will see a blue triangle when you come what can happen is you beat enemy straight OR defeat henchmen and follow badguy to his lair.
Well this is android game ... graphics are good and fighting moves too ...I think this hero needs a (WEB ZIP) and I don't know why the character runs like ....girl I mean his thigs sticks while running and walking both...love this game hope we get good updates in future.
I love this game because it has all the spider man powers and it has a first game it has all Spider-Man villains I have been playing this game for 1year I started playing this game at the age of 7 and I am 8
What happened to the new update. i get that the swinging and graohics and akl that other stuff has improved but now there sre ads eveeywhere and the combat system is so.much harder than before. the previous one was perfect already and there were no necessary changes but you did. It went from a fun game that really felt like playing spiderman ps4 into just some ten button game. Sorry reesenifni offended your hard work into this particular game im just sad and disappointed as a spider man fan
It's the best Spider-Man game so far. I'm hyped for the new one. Edit: THE NEW UPDATE IS OUTSTANDING, The newest game also has a lot of potential
This game is awesome it's just like the ps2 version of spider man you all that sucks is you need a bigger city and the real look of the hero's maybe put cars and ppl,lots of ppl even on the rooftops like gangsters that will shoot u but other wise great game just need bigger city and lots of ppl and cars.
It's amazing!!!! I love It but here are some things that I would add a bigger map more costume options better graphics more control when you're swinging and a story a game without a story isn't the game at all even though I love this game from the Moon and back a story better graphics bigger map more costume options and more control when you're swinging I think this game would be legendary thanks Reese
It's my favorite spiderman game for free, but i gave 4stars for a reason because i cant defeat the bosses in the game! there's no "blockbutton" from what i know, i will try to find it and please put "Heal items" and more! Thank you if you readed this.
please I can the hero's costume, but a regular one, take off a mask, and have firemen put out a fire and paramedics carry the injured person to an ambulance and a sea in the game, and I can swim please do all this to make this game better and He removedand the pizza logo from the pizza Boy character and character and changed it to spider-man in the front and back and cut the green beast Black and improve the graphics and make it look like the Graphics the amazing spider-man 2.
Not bad but i wish you can turn into peter parker and crawl on building or enter building as peter. But still this game is better than tourney of warriors! Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I love the game but you can add wall Crawling You can keep the wall running. You can add Mary Jane, Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Harry Osborn, Norman Osborne, Villians like Rhino, Electro, Mr Negative etc You can add car chase and Sign like an exclamation mark and number like Crime 100m away Thanks!!!!!!!!
This app was awesome I like every stylus of this game and my brother will play this game every time and every day and my brother will say I love this game I will play this game forever πŸ’™ and I will also play ▢️ but the one thing is plz make this game e fast it was slow but however I will rate 5 stars 🌟
this game has been the amazing game I have ever played it is just like spider man and there are super villains ,I defeated them all by the super strength power I have been playing this game for 3 months and it never went wrong or anything there are even more characters and skins I can this is the most creative and amazing game I ever played for freeπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ‘€πŸ˜πŸ˜
Very good game it has many outfits and many super hero and many power like flying power and fighting power etc but it gives very less money when we do mission but this is a thing that I like that it has super villain and they are strong but can you add some railway station and the House fo the character where we can sleep and change the outfit and add some more outfits and make the game like the power spider 1 where we can throw the rope anywhere then I will give you 5 star ⭐ to the game.
This is a very excellent game. Thi gives a feeling of playing miles Morales. Please try to do that , we can fight with boss in running all over the city. And please increase the map
I love this game. This is by far the best mobile Spider-Man game I've played, it feels like Spider-Man ps4 and I recommend this game. But there are some things you need to add to make it the best Spider-Man game on android: Pls add 1. actual lights in street lights 2. lights in buildings at night so it looks more realistic. 3. LightTraffic lights 4.More people on the street,like a lot of people to make it look like an active city.Also a park and a human version of Spidey like Peter Parker.
This game is too lag and I played this game for 30 minutes but my mobile heats a lot must fix lag problem
I love this game and the swinging is sooooo satisfying but I wish we could play more missions like stealth or car chases for example but apart from that this is a realy cool game and I give it five stars
I think this is a great game too! Its just i have a few recommendations I think that you should make the building into things like a shop a clothes shop a school and also it would be great if you added some superheroes that are girls.Also if you buy a new superhero there own powers that they really have should be added and when you get a new character if there could be a little colour wheel that you scroll up so you can choose a colour finally is if you coild interact with things in your house
This game is good but you need to put in first person and better wall climing and you could change the other playabels skin and web zip and add sum of the suits from the movies.
I used to play this game and its good i love it but i mean no offence but the graphics can do some work but i love this game so im downloading it back because i love it it deserves 5 stars
I gave it 4 starts because the boses are so hard to fight, also, the players who rated the game 1 star aren't patient thats why i rated 4 stars. This app is better than The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
The game is fantastic I love it but some thing should be done becoz when you are going out of the game for a while then you play it again you are starting afresh the mission it's boring
I have a problem that each game that is made by unit takes me to my home screen when I press the play button, and it really makes me mad coz of the all mbs that are wasted
Power spider 2 is super game but i have not getting web shooter and i like the game.web shooter only my problem.this web shooter problem is the most of the player problem.that why i am give four Stars
I have been searching for a spiderman game on mobile and so far this ones pretty good, but there should be story mode and better suits.
Love this game its the best spider man hero game i've play so far can wait for a better upgrade and i would like if u could walk upside down on walls
Great game there's a so many enemy. Please put more enemy and put Ocean, bridge and i wanna drive a car put more animation!!! This game is good and i want to change in Spider gwen. This cool!!! I wish u can do this What i say good luck Resee
This are realy good but its copied by the fist one i wanted the original one so could you make the original power spider 2.and also just add people walking around.I gave 3 star cuz there not healing any mation and can you make the graphics even more cooler
Comic book Reese please create more games on marvel superheroes, I hope you understand my request. Please add some more cars, bikes, new maps, new Missons, new webs shooter weapons like tesar webs, Web greaned ,splitter webs etc. I hope this will be soon able on next update.
Best spiderman game of android ever irs just like spiderman ps4 other games of spiderman on android have grapple hook that is discustingbut this game has real swinging. If you are a spiderman fan , this is a best game for you
Absolutely beautiful i love it.not other games will add the same swinging style i love it and the 2 game power spider 1
IT IS THE GREATEST GAME I HAVE EVER SEEN.Pls add parkour and removing suits and more bosses and add more animations,more talking and story mode
Amazing game the game would of been betta if there story mode pls make an update for story mode pls pls pls
This game is awesome i feel like im playing the PS4 marvel spiderman becuase of the animations, this game has a potential please dont stop to make it better, always improve the swinging and combat, graphics, and add more feautures to the game. And please make a actual spiderman suit like in the marvel spiderman and make a scenes, voice acting, and story. And also buildings need some animations like lights when the city became night and street lights also make it light too. Thats all i love it❀
So, with the last game (Power Spider) the swinging was okay. When I saw a sequel I was hoping for the swinging to be improved on but it hasn't. Swinging is the best part of spiderman. So here's my problems with it: You need to be really close to buildings to swing, it's not very fluid, The city got less dense so it's harder to swing, Should let us perch and lastly. Please for the love of God please fix the direction system when you are swinging. I cannot go in a straight line.
This is the best name of spider-man that i have in my phone but the other ones are a little bit out of the theme of spider-man and 1 bug that i want fix in this game is i can't defeat the boss so i'll give it a 4 star but if you fix that I will give it a 5 thanksπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š.. and for those who can't use toxic Web just be adventurous and go to the button store them click on powers and you will see toxic web then enable it your wellcomeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ•ΈοΈπŸ•ΈοΈ
Edit: ok so its been a long time since i played this game and wow it looks better than before,so far when i press the web swing power spider is stuck in place he stuck on the ground and cant swing past which i hope will be fixed and second would be the regarding where power spider lives it be neat if u could add a suit change mechanic in his wardrobes whereyou can not only change costumes butalso characters that being said i hope the combat gets updated with moves that utilize webs and addstory
Like,Milk and butter . Thus,improve the graphics of building make the game for 200mb.it will be nice😁and give some abilities to the villians as well as it will be fun to play . One villain should have it's own ability not to every villians. Thanks for reading😁. And we should make our own suit please🀠 and how it is 16+ I am 12
I LOVE THE GAME but there's a lack of buildings and the game is a bit glitchy the detail of the game is fine but it's just well copied and pasted and also please add a story please and don't be lazy with creating a story if you're going to make a story and also make a voice actor please because I'd really appreciate if you would do all that but besides all that the game is AMAZING
This is a surprisingly fun game to play, and I do enjoy spending my time on this. However, the thing that I dont like about the game is how when you've pressed the swing button, the character stops for a second and then you can move. Now, yes I know you probably wont be able to fix that because of how you dont really have the developer's skills to fix it, and that's fine, its still fun to play. All in all, very fun I do recommend to others.
When the play store and app Store took down Amazing Spider-Man 2, I have been trying to find a game to replace it and I found this, This is an exact copy of the game and I love it! But it would be nice if apple and google bring back the amazing spider-man 2 and it will always be better but I think this game is a amazing replacement so well done to the company! The game is fabulous and I give it 5 stars! I hope that this company carry on making brilliant games!
This game is very good but it has so low graphics So I will suggest you that you will please make this game's graphics high like Power spider 1 .
Sexiest game i ever played , when I downloaded it in very first the quality was ordinary and didn't have that excitement when I was played this game at that time but now it is very nice , πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸŒΉβœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨, plz do some more changes like as you wantπŸ˜…, keep it up resse πŸ‘πŸ»
AWESOME!!!!!! this game is just Amazing and now you have even motified it like POWER SPIDER - Ultimate Superhero Parody Game and add more suits in this game and in the other game PLEASE
Please.why can't the hero take off his costume,can you be able to make his take it off. And also please let the characters be able to speak to civillian and they respond back.And the enemies should be able to use other attacks,like if i'm controling slime lord(VENOM) he has to be a villain not hero.And can't you add a palm laser,and eye laser. THANKS GOD BLESS YOU
Powerspider2 is a very good game! I especially like the web swinging feature instead of those other hook games.
This games is awesome the most best thing I liked is the swinging and suits are awesome I will never delete this game the enemies are also very strong other games so not have swinging but this spider man game have swinging other games were boring and stupid because the suits were not good spider man was fat but this games is the best the spider man is so slim the suits,graphics and swinging is the best of this game I love this game
Super app the realistic of swinging style is good But I want to fight with citizens or civilians here you can't fight with civilians like rope hero can you make the game like that and if you develop the game and it will become most realistic it will be my favourite game and can you make the spider man's skins like the real on the movie please and it's a amazing game thank you
Am plaayin this game Its great but need too add some more futures for example web shoot mode and more fighting skills and more
I love the game but i would love it if powerspider had a normal life and could switch between chris anderson and powerspider. There could also be some enhancements to the suit, like gliders and parachutes, a lab also and web shooters upgrades.
I like the game very much but I think the map needs to be bigger it would be way more fun more more thing to do like stealth multiplayer and just human time wen he not using he powers that would be cool you don't put it in the game that makes sense but it's a good game one my favorites game so far and also can you make the bosses fight better thx you for making a great game thx
Hi look i like the game but I unlocked my achievements and when I fight bosses some times the map icon isn't there so please fix resse and keep updating the game man this is a good game but bugs please remove the bugs but I still love the game peace resse
The best spiderman fangame hope for an update and i also want a story mode, health generates, multiplayer, better web swing, fix some bug and glitch and a better graphics
I love this game the web's are great . First I did not know why the web shooters won't come . But u have to be near a building for the hook to land .
This game is nice, but can you please ad realistic impact? Sometimes thr character gets damaged even tho im a inch away and i press jump, i was falling slow, thats all, thank you for reading
The suit in power spider 1 is not good. The suit is very bad(in power spider 1)please change it. Ok. And the graphics are good. But, you should make some changes in the game. Add Chris' original form. It will be amazing. Hey, Can i make the suit for the new update, please! Power Spider 2 always keeps stopping what should i do?
Its a very realistic game with different characters and abilities but graphics are not so good but ok
You realy made it like spidermanps4 Just improve the graphics Thank you this game is great 10 out of 10 Plz make it able for the player to remove the mask and put it on
updates make the game crash. its more laggy and glitchy as in alot of lag. so much it crashed. poor quality
Not bad but i wish you can turn into peter parker and crawl on building or enter building as peter. But still this game is better than tourney of warriors! Thumbs up πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Very good game but you should make the boss battles more cool like blue demon should be able to fly, jug head should jump high and smash happy should zap, doctor Armstrong should like just throw his mechanical hands into us and stuff like that.
This is the BEST. Spiderman game it's so good better than the first one but graphics are ok and there's too much adds but you can fight crime it's so good
The game overall is pretty neat. I especially enjoy the combat music. I only wish that "Termite" would be made a playable character, and that the player would not take as much damage from falling.
Amazing and awesome and Great wonderful and fantastic and every word to extremely appreciate this game .what an idea .this game fixed the problem of every other "rope spider man games " that games just attach the rope to a building and go there but this really swing .I loved this
This game pretty sick and I can beat the boss it's just punch the boss if you see the boss punch click the defend and the you know I forgot the name of the controls that's OK I still can beat the boss and this game is sick the swing it's so satisfying and walk or run and running to the wall the game is sick I gave this 5 stars good job Reese
I heard someone's problem.I also faced the same problem but now I will tell you the solution.Make sure that spiderman's power is full.Then when the boss will show the beating sign,press the DEFEND button.Then again start fighting .Keep doning this until the boss dies
Perfect one just add a story mode and when you finish crimes again again and again (aslo turn your wifi off when playing this game) it soon become boring add wep zip and story mode it would be awesome
I hate this game because in old update we can change camera and in this update we cannot change . We need old update
The game is cool but why do all the playables have the same power. So change all the playables powers so thier powers will be different
Oh my god the update is too good the shop is something cheap for now the game is super good like a real spiderman and please ADD there some real spidey suit but all of i said this very good games and the boss are more weaker and you can buy some boss skins you can do this also for you can watch your steps on the game like the sense of spiderman this is really good for me this is so realistic for spidermanπŸ•·πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ•·β™ΎπŸ’ŽπŸ•·πŸ’ŽπŸ•·πŸ’ŽπŸ•·πŸ’ŽπŸ•·πŸ•·
Everything is good and Fine, I mean Super Duper Good! But, Only one problem πŸ˜•, Toxic Web is not Working on Super Villain, Like - Sloth, Doctor Armstrong, Goblin and Other Super Villain, But Why! Why this Happing? And the 2nd Problem is, Camera, Once upon a time, when Camera is able to Change like First Person , Second Person and Third Person Mode! BUT! This game is very very very very very GOOD!!!!!!
Please improve the graphics add more types of bosses also give them abilities and then add like side missions expand the city and remove that grass wall replace it with water
I REALLY LOVE THIS GAME. I just really love it and I hope the game get better and better like the swinging. The swinging is just really good but when you fall and swing again you kinda slow down and I hope it get fixed soon 😁😁
this game is good probably the best alternative of the amaxing spiderman 2 but i wish you add a lock on grapple and and i wish you not just make a instant stop when you release the swing button with out moving the analog stick, it a gwweeeaaaat GWAME
Very good game pls fix the lag I have 2gb ram with snapdragon processor but it's lag on my device pls fix this played and have so much fun very good game improve more to get more support
It's good......... For a phone game but the only reason I'm giving it a 4 star is because of the boss fights there are only like 5 bosses and I think you should make an update where there are around 15 new bosses that's just my opinion
A actually a great game like mobile version of spiderman ps4 the webswinging is fun πŸ˜€ even the combat but a little improvement πŸ˜‰ to make it better make like a story and combat better and better suits πŸ‘Œ and more realistic and more characters and a little voice acting but still a great game πŸ€©πŸ˜€πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
I love this game when I tried at first and it was awesome but please add more skills combat combo skins and amazing graphic with out lag Thank you.
Good game it has everything, but there must be web zipping, other dodging styles, stealth missions, some secret mission and collectibles
nice game but add some police station fire station and character car please add some amazing free fall on the air and add spiderman costume please i just want to be happy im so sad because i have no game like spiderman reese you are my chance to make me happy i will see this in next update i love you reese you are my childhood games please make me happy i want to be happy ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
I gave it a 4 because of some reasons when you swing make it able so you can swing anywhere also add AI to the game and police AI so when you hit a person AI police will arrive also make the map bigger and add more power ups and one more ring pleas add multiplayer on it either on wifi or local or bluetooth thank sou but other than that loving it its the 10 of january 2021 and i am loving this new update 5 stars and i love spiderman keep up the good work
The game have the achievement if you subscribe to reese YouTube channel and I already subscribe but it's not giving me the achievement and also says I get coins
It's excellent game πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ fun to play and very nice spider man game but my problem in that add night in game so it became very interesting and improve graphics of sut and also of web swing and add sum tuff missions and also make missions Idea of amazing Spider-Man 2 game and please make buildings graphic also good then the game will be superbe so fix it
I doesn't play the because it is very inactive but when I see today there 5 star rating and also there is a update so I downloaded it now because it has nice changes the best feature is day night cycle and here are suggestions from me from now I will play this game beacuse I am big fan of spiderman and also I think this game is active now 1 . This is the important one add more swinging buttons and please be active bring atleast one update in every month then it will be like the spiderman PS4 .
This game is litrally the best phone game I've ever played It's like playing PS4 marvel spider-man with all the amazing features It's the most addictive game I've ever had! At first it was stopping but now it's a game that I play non-stop But try to make power spider look like marvel spider-man Thank you for making this gameπŸ‘
i love this game but can u add something to like make u kick people and web shoot cars and make them look realistic please. BTW im a kid I use my dads account
Developers I have no words THIS is the best spider man game litirily have no words the swinging animation the everything wow u guyz probs put alot of efert in this game well done but 1 thing plz make the map biggerπŸ€—
This game is good but you need to put in first person and better wall climing and you could change the other playabels skin and web zip.
This game is awsome but it feels like you can only shoot webs only on the road. And can you add multiplayer I would really like that people can play with others.
Really cool game and i like the update the map changes and the the combo are different i like how you can grab them towards you with web at left you can do air combo by jumping and use the web and use attack botton. You know why i rate 4 stars, because when boss fights i can't use my toxic web to stop the boss and the boss is really fast to attack and when i do use web towards me i can't hit the boss because i nide to let the boss to attack before i do the combo air. Pls fix this Thats all πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
The game sucks this game dose not have any healing animations and low health bar like the health bar is like 80% and the bosses are really strong and how we gonna fight with 80% health make a update that we can upgrade our health bar to 200% it will be easy to fight the bosses and there is no wall crawl like real spiderman. there is no first person mode.πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž pls add a multiplayer mode.and also add a web zip,web strike takedownans SPIDER ARMS! and a costom suit maker menu.